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Hey there wizfrens where should I go to buy a working Sega Dreamcast system. Ebay, Amazon or Facebook marketplace? I plan on selling my Original Xbox and PS2 and go buy me a Sega Dreamcast system after playing it at my friend's house. My friend won't sell me his. So any ideas?


what year is this, 2002? anyway the dreamcast is an overrated system imo, it is a cool thing to like for street cred


I think the Dreamcast is underrated. It was very powerful for its time and brought online gaming in to so many homes.


I heard somewhere that the Xbox was originally planned to be able to play Dreamcast discs. In a sense, Xbox is the successor to the Sega systems. Segas were really comfy, though I would almost say that SEGA would've done better as a record label or something. They have so much amazing music in their games.


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Nice Choice Wizpal, i have two of them.
one HKT 3000 and one western version that can't read discs anymore
i would probably import one from japan by ebay if i were you, but the Facebook marketplace seems a good option too


Had a dreamcast back in the day and my brother convinced me to exchange it for a nintendo 64 with a few games, I'll always regret that.

I love the DC, it's 100% worth it imo, the problem is buying used consoles with lasers, it's a bit of a coin toss. I know there are people who can replace it, or maybe
you could replace it yourself, but I don't know how well that works.


File: 1673612477640.jpg (78.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 26950Screenshot 22-w1280.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Play Jet Set Radio HD for me. Its a fun graffiti and skate game.


Op here and I can say is that I definitely do not regret getting a Sega Dreamcast. I got one off a guy at a yard sale. Best decision ever. Lots of great games such as Shenmue and Sonic adventure.


I went and played this on my PC. I love the music, it's surprisingly hard with the momentum though.


Some people still like those videogames for the nostalgy.


I don't recommend it unless you can mod it to run off an SSD or flash drive, the GD-ROM laser dies quickly. Not sure why you'd ever sell a PS2 tho (assuming it's modded), you can never run out of games for that system, unless you're one of those normalfags who only plays sports and shooting games or w/e


Shenmue was a game I wanted to play for over a decade.
From game magazines to footage to reviews, it looked right up my alley.
Then I finally got a emulator and played it.
Boy was I disappointed. It just wasn't fun to me. Not even a little bit, not once.
Maybe it's because games have come a long way or because I played games that did what it did but better in every way first, but god what a let down when I finally got my hands on it.

That said a ton of other Dreamcast games lived up to the hype and were fantastic.
Makes me sad that Sega isn't even close to a major player as a developer and publisher anymore.
Now they are very mid in the industry and a bit too reliant on nostalgia and Sonic fanboys.


it's cool how sega was spawned from ww2 literally milking american veterans of their money with coin slot machines stationed in japan. from the time of that to when they released sega genesis, that is the same amount of time from when sega genesis was relased to now. time is crazy


Shenmue was never fun, it had the novelty of being some kind of realistic sims like/walking simulator, people like was "whoa" because you could live inside the game, but the gameplay itself is boring as shit.


You should play D2. It's a great horror game. Sorta like an FPS/RPG hybrid.

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