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Anyone here play ESO? I just bought the base game for $6 and it includes most of the maps seen in the elder scrolls series. It seems like a good game so far, way better than World of Warcrap at least. It's an elder scrolls game with an mmo format, and I think it's the best the series has ever been. They fixed the camera and you can play with it far behind your character, like any good mmo. What do you guys think?


I'm STILL playing Morrowind, and when I'm finally done with that, I'll finally try out Oblivion or Skyrim or Daggerfall. Why should I care about ESO?


>Why should I care about ESO?
It's every single elder scrolls game in one.


No it isn't, fuck off. It's a very shitty MMO adaptation. Far more detail in Vvardenfell on TES3 than all of Morrowind on ESO.


>It's a very shitty MMO adaptation.
Ok? It's elder scrolls with friends.


It's a shitty MMO with a thin coat of TES paint over it.


stop being such a redguard


You're retarded. The multiplayer mods for real TES games are "elder scrolls with friends." ESO is more like some trash like WoW or GW2. Played that shit and it's a waste of money.


Swtor is better

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