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The actvision blizzard ip is complete garbage. Microsoft is risking to go bankrupt buying a shitty ip with old washed up games, with the only main game that is decent which is call of dooty, redundant and gets pumped and dumped. There is no way in the pits of hell that garbage is worth 70billion. All of their titles are on life support. The story lines of all call of duty are autistic cringe after bo1 no way in hell that garbage is worth 70 billion.


CoDs battle royals mode has made them incredibly successful and they keep doing remakes that sell like hotcakes.


no way in hell any cod game is worth 70 billion. They infact buy their own shit to boost sales and resell them. They barely get 200million per game release. Because their games are stale garbage now. No cod warzone didnt make them successful all the titles from black ops one to before did. Then that stupid candy crush game when touch phones became a thing and boomers wanted to spend money.


There are 20 years worth of good games already made in the archives and yet you still want more triple A garbage. Who cares man, indie devs regularly make good titles for pennies on the dollar and video games are fundamentally for kids in their 20's who want to waste tons of time accomplishing nothing

rpgmaker has hundreds of good games alone. Emulators have hundreds more. Old school PC has dozens of good strategy and rpg titles that you can sink a hundred hours into. Don't geddd it


>rpgmaker has hundreds of good games alone
It really doesn't.
The overwhelming majority of games made with rpgmaker are total shit, with the few that aren't just standing out for being sightly less shit due to lower expectations.

And then to compare that garbage to usually well polished, highly influential, legitimately good fun AAA games that sell millions for a reason is unadulterated delusion.

Simple fact is in every measurable way even the worst cod game is still far better than the best rpgmaker trash.


>They infact buy their own shit to boost sales and resell them
Got proof of that claim or you just flinging shit to see what sticks?
>They barely get 200million per game release
Did you actually look up their total per project revenue throughout its lifespan or are you just going by first week sales figures?
Hell, where are you getting your numbers from is probably the better question.


Been a while since I checked the archives but there's easily 30-40 games worth playing each at least 4+ hours in duration


Wow that is such a reduction of standards.

>100s of good games in the context of competing with cod in level of being good
>Maybe 30 or 40 that are kinda tolerable for 4 hours


world of warcraft is extremely fun, why do people seem to hate it?


Trash after vanilla


it's literally the same formula, it's just that the tech is better and there is actually challenging content now


it's bait my man, crabs love being contrarian


Because its woke trash


>soulless AAA trash is better
why are you defending triple A normie trash games? Especially cod games - the peak of soulless normie garbage
>well polished
i won't call all of that bloated buggy triple A garbage as "well polished"
>highly influential
yeah thanks to triple A trash trends, modern normie games had become parcatically a casino
>sell millions
So for a game to be fun it needs to sell millions? Typical normie herd mentality.


>It's popular therefore bad
What a bad argument.


>It's popular therefore bad
Actually yes, popular means it caters to the soulless normies, and wizards should think more independently of the herd trends


Wizened mage of sagacity.


fucking insane. for that amount of money they could fully fund 7000 solo indie game devs payign them 100k salaries for 100 years. surely that is a bigger recipe for success and way to obtain the next notch/minecraft random lottery jackpot

but no they hire a million indians to work on a single fucking title/ip

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