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There couldn't be a more appropriate day to start this thread, seeing as its the anniversary of the 1st ever publication of Superman in Action Comics. The Capeshit that started it all.


Seeing as the comics thread has gone in a more high brow direction, I think there is room enough for a thread specifically devoted to Superheroes. DC and Marvel. And these days comics are just a minor aspect of Superheroes; as there is so much more exposure through the cinematic and animated universes.

We can also discuss more off beat aspects of Superheroes, such as the Real Life Superhero movement.

Comics, films, cartoons, TV shows, toys, action figures, lore, old time radio, costumes. Anything associated with Superheroes at all.


On the topic of being a Real Life Superhero


Batman and Robin, Episode 9: "The Wizard Strikes Back!" (1949)



What do you think of the New 52? At 1st I thought it would be a great opportunity for a comic noob like me to jump in without knowing all the DC lore and arcs. But I find that it leans too much on hard sci fi as opposed to classic superhero. Dini's Detective Comics stories from the mid 2000s are like the Animated Series, but in the mainstream comics. Much better than anything to come out of the 52.

I'm interested in eventually looking at Grant Morrison's Action Comics, where they turn Superman into something of an Occupy Wall Street agitator.


I wont be watching Suicide Squad



I quit capeshit a time ago, but this one is one of my favotites. The bad guy turns good after the good turn bad



Why would helping the Allies in WW1 be noble enough a cause to get Wonder succubus out of retirement?




it's a David Ayer movie you ngrfgt.




Have they ever done a Bane story where Batman can't break his tube?


Normies can't even leave Aunt May an Old Lady they have to make her a succubus





File: 1463883410015.jpg (136.64 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1463796503461.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Watchmen is now canon DCU. The New 52 was created by Dr. Manhattan.

If Alan Moore were dead, he'd be spinning in his grave


In a way Watchmen was always meant to be canon. DC just chickened out because it would ruin those characters forever.


File: 1464316245358.png (7.28 MB, 1680x2582, 840:1291, 1464238515956-0.png) ImgOps iqdb


>The New 52 was created by Dr. Manhattan.


I just finished Gotham Central 1. It was ok. I was getting tired of the more far fetched scifi Batman stories. So this was a chance to get back to the more "street" Gotham, with Batman just lurking as a mysterious shadow in the background, which is what he was always meant to be.

It was OK. I wasn't blown away by it. But it was solid for what it was. IDK kinda Law and Order, police procedural with supervillians.

I'm yet to read a comic that really delivers a good detective story. Usually its just random coincidence. Theres never a brilliant logical puzzle to solve.



File: 1465175101343.jpg (168.29 KB, 600x896, 75:112, 675191.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wanted to read thoroughly at least one major cape comic book title so I picked X-men. Started yesterday actually. I'm planning to read every edition of Uncanny X-men from 1 to 544. It covers almost 50 years of X-men stories. So far I read the first 6 issues and I'm really enjoying it.
You can easily find it all the issues through torrent btw.


You're really diving in head 1st. Should be interesting to see the evolution over time.


Have you ever thought of becoming a real life superhero?


Is General Zod a hero for trying to crush Zor-El's Normie Rebellion?

Krypton is an ideal Platonic Utopia. In which sexual reproduction has been entirely abolished and outlaw. Offsprings are created through rational sexless science.

Jor El is sick of living in a cold pure rational world. He wants to feel and live like a Chad. He wants sexual reproduction.

Zod wants to retrieve the codex and return to the world of asexual reproduction. He needs to kill Superman, the 1st Kryptonian born in generations to sexual intercourse so that he can restore a planet of sexless Wizards.


And those thoughts informed me that it is a super bad idea. Unless you want to be a mascot type community service dude. Which is dumb, but harmless.


This is how it would turn out



The entire 1940s Fleitcher HD Superman cartoons which was the aesthetic inspiration for the Bruce Timm BTAS and STAS in the 1990s.



There are some half-decent Gotham scenes on youtube. I watched the full 1st season, but gave up early on the 2nd. If Gotham just decided it wanted to be a shitty young Batman show instead of a shitty police procedural, I'd watch it. And it might not even be shitty, since the Bruce actor is decent.





As I was watching this, my mom came in and asked what I was doing watching something so immature, and I said actually its Rated R.

Funny she said the same thing when I borrowed the South Park Movie in 6th grade.







Interesting to compare the real version with the imitation from 7 years ago.





File: 1469976465826.jpg (4.29 MB, 2062x3131, 2062:3131, Unbeatable-Squirrel-Girl-1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What is this and who coud read this shit?


File: 1469976620518.png (231.9 KB, 494x500, 247:250, I m tired of ur shit human….png) ImgOps iqdb

>kek fedorah amirite?



is that movie worth watchin?


Nothing is worth watching.


>angel has a bazooka
Good ol times


Is RLM wiz approved?


I heard its not that great but the characters are okay.
So essentially, no, its not worth watching unless you want to waste money or you particularly enjoy going to movies.
Absolutely. They're funny and enjoyable.


But Mr.Pickett says he has multiple ex-wives


No. In the last Wheel of the Worst Jay Norman and co. were in hysterics over someone they considered a loser omega basement dweller.


Part of the IRL Superhero genre




>A mentally handicapped young man who leads a very thorough fantasy life as "Batman" tries to help Clarissa, his childhood friend who acted as "Robin," get away from the evil influences of her drug dealing boyfriend.


What went wrong with DC films?



How isn't this a shitty youtube series?


DC just doesn't let a director get on with it, they have to have a board of directors, marketers, market research, etc all have a shit on a movie before they release it.
It's a too many cooks kind of problem.
While marvel tends to be a little more hands off- letting a director have more autonomy and trusting a complete product.


At 1st I was thinking that its good for Marvel that their rival is crashing so bad. But now I realize that DC might sink the entire superhero movie craze and ruin it for everyone.


They basically let Zach Snyder do what he wanted to. Suicide Squad was only fucked up because the studio execs panicked over the failure of Zach's grimdarkness, and wanted Marvel fun


I really don't see anything wrong with that.
Marvel Studios is just as guilty of fucking with movies. More so, I would say. On an order of magnitude that puts DC to shame. Just because their board of directors, marketers, market researchers, etc. are good enough at their fucking jobs to manipulate public opinion, doesn't mean they are any less of a shitfactory. They fucked Ant Man, they fucked Iron Man 2, and they have consistently hired literally no-name directors that they could control. Anybody ever heard of Joss fucking Whedon before the Avengers? No. The Russo brothers? From "You, Me and Dupree" to fucking Captain America 2, 3, Avengers Infinity War 1, and another unnamed Avengers movie? Fuck right the fuck off. Joe Johnston? Honey, I Shrunk the Kids to Captain fucking America? Kenneth Branagh, from Much Ado About Nothing to Thor. Okay. Alan Taylor? Shane Black?

The only reason this bullshit studio hires these nobody TV directors and failed filmmakers is because they know they can control them, and they can have a name on the box that isn't "the studio boardroom". Nobody fucking directs Marvel movies. I would bet money these fucking directors weren't even on set half the time. Just studio "consultants" that tell everyone what to do (including the directors should they choose to show up without an ounce of self-respect, which they always do).


I'm not really into Marvel, all I know is that they seem to be extremely successful box office wise with their "fun" bro films as opposed to DC's grimdark


>Anybody ever heard of Joss fucking Whedon before the Avengers?
Your trying to make me mad aren't you?
Then again, all the stuff he was mostly know for was TV stuff so I guess you have a point, movie wise. Still, don't act like he did/does not have a massive following from his work before that point.


>DC might sink the entire superhero movie craze

No, Marvel's going to do that when normies get sick of their seasonal movies.



I swear to God I dont understand why people love that shit, is sworst than the yearly Assasins Creed game, I am not defending DC but the fact Marvel crap is rated much higer seems sketchy as fuck.


Its "fun"


File: 1472965879464.jpg (1.44 MB, 1379x1749, 1379:1749, Ditko-Splash-091.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've made several attempts to get into capeshit in recent years, but nothing's really stuck.

Hoping that my current attempt- the much-recommended Lee-Ditko run of Amazing Spider-Man- will be the one that finally does it.


idk if starting from Day 1 is the best approach for getting into comics. I mean if you like the classic stuff, then more power to you. But the Spider-Man of the 1960s is a whole different world from that of today. So you might as well start from a specific era or storyline you're interested in or from the recent era. It depends what you're interested in. But you might as well start with what you'll enjoy most not chronology.


"Get the hell out of my way LITTLE man".




Not him, but I've been thinking on taking on Ditko Spider-man, and also I know how following capes from day 1 looks overwhelming. It's probably what makes them hard to get into for new people, especially since capes are the most well known genre.
I guess one should treat it like I treat anime. If I like the show or movie, I'd like to check out the manga. In cape comics, if you like a specific arc or their other essential stories, then feel free to get into their original histories. Ditko and early Spider-man after him does interest me in particular, though.


Well I hear its the best version of "nerd Peter Parker"


File: 1473477944743.png (1.78 MB, 985x759, 985:759, angryxmen.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Hoping the Lee-Ditko run of Amazing Spider-Man will be the one that does it

Aaand nope- had to set it aside after three issues.

Wasn't bad or anything, to be clear- I just lost interest. Happens far more often than I'd care to admit, truth be told.

I'll probably come back to it later at some point, but I'm moving on for now- read a few Tales from the Crypt comics to clear my palette, and am currently on the third issue of Claremont's Uncanny X-Men.




JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK looks cool. I'm sick of the Demigods, so I could go for a gothic occult mystery




…I don't understand what I'm listening to.




New 52 costumes look like shit


I think they were designed to be "translatable" for potential live-action movies.
We all saw how the classic costumes looked when you put them on the big screen, so I'm sure the executives from on high decreed that all costumed look "realistic" and "edgy" to suit their marketing needs.




Do you think DC Rebirth will fix all the shit from New 52?



I really like the imprints DC has now. Young Animal has been good and I hope the new wildstorm comics are good too.


way back i remember hearing about this upcoming series about norms living in the DC universe and now its here


See Ed Boon's twitter
I2 2016.05.16





Is this trend part of a backlash after all the dark gritty adult superhero media, people want more light comedy campy superheroes again?



>light comedy campy superheroes again?


Movies can't decide what they want to be nowadays. All those "funny" moments feel incredibly out of place in that trailer. Either make it a light hearted action movie or go completely super serious. You can't have both without ruining both.

I won't even go into why the fact that they are superheroes makes it even more silly.


welcome to movie hell


I found this kind of cool, that the NBTAS Poison Ivy looked so plantlike because she was actually a clone.

Although the deeper 'word from god' is that TNBA Poison Ivy was the BTAS Ivy getting more infected by plant toxins. But by the time of the final comic series (2003) she had retired and the plant toxins are all drained from her so thats why she looks human like in BTAS series again.

A lot of people, including me before, interpreted it as the entire TNBA ivy being a clone and so changing canon. And indeed without reading the online comments of the author, it would be very reasonable to assume that.


There is really no clue in the comic itself, that clone ivy only began at the start of the 03 series.


I think this is my fav DCAU Batman comic series btw.


Its the solo adventures of Justice League Batman. I think they got a really nice balance with JL Batman in successfully carrying out "going darker" that they wanted to do with the WB Batman, but also keeping some of the aesthetic blue tones of Fox Batman


David S. Goyer really hates virgin nerds who read comics


Then there's director David Goyer, who understands literally nothing about comics and respects them even less, despite writing three Blade films, two Ghost Rider films, two Superman films, and four Batman films. When asked about Marvel's She-Hulk, he dismissed her as nothing but "a giant green porn star," created by horny, powerless men and masturbated to by hornier, even more powerless men. And the Hulk.

Add to Favorites

If you're into comic book characters, this current explosion of superhero cinema is basically an ongoing orgy of amazingness. Even weirdos like Deadpool and Ant-Man are getting movies and, more surprisingly, they're actually profitable. Hollywood could probably have Armless Tiger Man battle Snowflame, the cocaine-powered supervillain and, at worst, double their money. It's that much of a spandexed renaissance.

If you're into comic books, however, you should be pretty pissed off right now. Why? Because it turns out those gorgeous movie types cosplaying as your favorite ink-and-paper creations are ruining them more than they'll ever know or care about. Before you buy a ticket to the latest cowl-heavy blockbuster, consider that …

#6. The Moviemakers Regularly Shit On The Comics

Warner Bros.

Along with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, Bryan Singer's X-Men movies are often credited with digging the superhero genre out of the gutter by finally treating the source material with respect. This is slightly ironic, considering that Singer apparently hates that material. In fact, according to Hugh Jackman, Singer outright banned X-Men comics on set.

20th Century Fox

"Yeah, I love #137 but, personally, #142 is … Bryan! H-How long have you been there?"
"You're both fired."

Singer's reasoning? He wanted realistic, three-dimensional acting and feared reading weird, dumb baby comics would possess the actors into performing "over-the-top" and thus killing believability. Because when you're making a movie about a 160-year-old man with giant steel claws and a flying succubus who can control the weather by shouting, "WEATHER, DO THE THING NOW," you absolutely must be subtle about it. Josh Trank, who directed the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, also told actors not to read Fantastic Four comics at all, but, OK, you probably saw that one coming.

Then there's director David Goyer, who understands literally nothing about comics and respects them even less, despite writing three Blade films, two Ghost Rider films, two Superman films, and four Batman films. When asked about Marvel's She-Hulk, he dismissed her as nothing but "a giant green porn star," created by horny, powerless men and masturbated to by hornier, even more powerless men. And the Hulk. According to Goyer, She-Hulk exists simply to be the only succubus Hulk can bone without squashing her like Bambi under Godzilla's foot. There's a tiny hole in this theory: She-Hulk isn't Hulk's girlfriend; she's his cousin. And a lawyer. And a feminist icon.

Marvel Comics

And awesome, if that wasn't clear already.

Perhaps Goyer endured something traumatic in his childhood involving the color green, because he also shat all over classic DC Comics superhero (and perpetual Justice League member) the Martian Manhunter. After asking a crowd how many people had heard of the character, he followed up with, "How many people that raised their hands have ever been laid?" He then called the character's name and origin stupid and proceeded to describe a new one where he's grown in Area 51, breaks out, and "fucks She-Hulk" (who lives in another universe). We're only 60 percent sure that last part was a joke.


Kind of interesting how Marvel is destroying X-Men and Fan4 to spite Fox


That's hilarious and sad, but not surprising. No one gives a shit about comics in America, for a variety of reasons.



I'm thinking of going to Free Comic Book Day, but I'd feel awkward being around so many people and asking for free comics. Although I guess I shouldn't feel awkward about the free comic part, since they know thats what you're there for. In that sense the awkwardness of being in a crowd and the awkwardness of getting a free comic kinda balance each other out


Thanks for reminding me of this, maybe I'll waste a comic-book's worth of gas to go to the comic store, never been there before so may as well try it once.


Theres a place a bit of a drive from me that gives 5 comic books, 7 if you come in costume and free food


I've gotten kind of interested in the culture around comic book stores

Anyone go to physical comic book stores?


I enjoyed Spider-Man homecoming. I remember all the comments hating it on youtube when the 1st trailer came out. They thought Iron Man was going to dominate it.


I never go to 4chan, but I just wanted to see /co/ and /tv/s reaction to the new Batman and Harley Quinn cartoon and I was bursting out laughing at some of the comments.

Bruce Timm has really gotten off the deep end with total artistic freedom, and pursuing his fart and shipping fetishes to the max.

Its pretty hilarious actually


Did you like justice

I don't expect more. It's like the cartoons i enjoyed as a kid


Love the cartoon show, not personally a fan of the comics, not really interested in the live action movies.


I lurked the toonzone forums back in 2004 when Bruce timm would personally respond to fan criticism after each episode.

That show was basically tailor made to fan service the hardcore comic book demographic


I was thinking if they do reboot the dceu they could base it off the animated series Batman, Frank Miller has been done to death with 2 Batman series already. And btas is probably the most popular incarnation


The studio has already proven they just aren't up to the task.

Just give us more animated stuff. The DC animated content is consistently good, even when it gets cut before its time or doesen't get the attention and appreciation it deserves.
Except for "The Batman". I don't know WTF they were thinking with that one.
Shoot, give superman a new show too prove he ain't nearly as bad as they depict him in the past few movies.
I don't even like superman but them fucking up his character that much pissed me off. He is a mild mannered chill dude that most people would actually want to hang with.
He also acts like a stereotypical hero by nature.

This brooding sad/near emotionless husk that seems to only care about his GF and occasionally his family is just wrong.
He loves both earth and America. He wouldn't hesitate to make a child fans day with a picture or autograph, he wouldn't bat an eye at saving just anyone because life is worth saving to him.
And he sure as fuck would bend over backwards and preserve to find a alternative to killing in nearly every encounter.
Which reminds me, Batman using guns and killing people willy nilly displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the character.
If you want a character that is similar to batman and has no problem running around blasting bad guys in the darkness then make another The Shadow movie. I know I would love to see it, and it would fit the character better then turning batman into a asshole who using any means necessary to achieve his goals.


I mean campea is big with just rebooting a new justice league movie. But I feel like most casuals will just assume it's a sequel to justice league

I know it worked for Spider-Man with a relatively small gap. But I feel like it's easier to reboot a character rather than a whole league

Maybe I'm wrong and it could work exactly like spider man. The other thing is that spider man got merged into the mainstream existing marvel universe. You had a familiar face like iron man who they really played up in the trailer

Imho rebooting with Batman would be smarter.


I was thinking it could be a cool idea to set the dc universe in a diesel punk dark deco 1940s. Some of the most famous superhero films have a pseudo historical setting.

It works perfectly for Batman and wonder succubus. The Bruce timm Batman is set with a forties aesthetic. And wonder succubus is at her best fighting Nazis.

Superman is more neutral. Still it's cool to see fedora Clark Kent going into the phone booth. And the sci-fi superman stories can be fit into diesel punk.

Could be a problem for justice league b characters. But none of them are that popular and some of them already have golden age origins. You could also do a Batman beyond story in the future present.


Is the DC film universe dead?


File: 1520959758872.jpg (708.76 KB, 766x754, 383:377, capeshitcurrentyear.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

no one unironically still follows capeshit, right?


I wouldn't stop following capeshit just on the basis of race of superheroes alone


Yeah, but this sort of virtue-based, as opposed to merit-based, theme usually goes hand-in-hand with bad writing.


I think they have a few more flops left in the tank.

I stick to the animated films for the most part when it comes to DC. They are consistently good, unlike most of the live action movies if the past few years.



I would if there was an overly mascule, highly offensive superhero comic. One where the main character is like duke nukem at the least.


I had no idea about Agent Carter, I mean maybe I vaguely heard of the name. When it was described in this vid, I thought it was a movie not a show.

I'm kind of a history buff, and like the Dieselpunk genre of WW2 scifi, so maybe I'd check it out



There was something like that in 2000 AD



Too bad they rewrote Lobo into a boring pussy in rebirth.



Being the last human on earth would be so cozy


On your feet Mr.Wizard we got work to do!


"He is taping this right now. There is nothing bad I can say… stan lee


Intriguing vid about the influence of geography of all things, on the DC universe. Specifically the existence of giant megacities like Metropolis and Gotham in the midatlantic competing with NYC, and like 5 extra megacities in California.

As a history buff, I technically agree with him about the butterfly effects of all that. But theres a lot of Butterflying from the Marvel universe as well. Just look at the events of Civil War. So I don't really agree that Marvel gets to be our real world, while DC is totally alternative


Being a superhero is not so fun


Finally, the real trailer. I fell for so many fake ones



I miss 90s mullet Superman


In the Marvel/DC crossover, they notice the DC Earth is bigger than "ours" (Marvel's) and counts more people, which is why DC has so many giant cities.


An earth with a larger circumference would be a whole different place


I've become really obsessed with Mullet Superman 1993-7 as the Superman I grew up with, the 1st comic I ever bought, and I've started reading the old issues



I have never been a big Superman fan and always preferred Batman. There are some great Superman stories and animations, but he doesn't even make the top 10 of my faves.


Batman was always more interesting for me as he had no powers. Superman is pretty much a mary sue, where's the fun in that?


The long hair makes him more relatable for me. Cleancut Superman does feel a little too godlike to be relatable. And his New 52 design is flat and boring. Who knew that superheroes actually need their outer briefs?

I liked Lois and Clark as a kid, thats what 1st got me into Superman, but it was almost unwatchable as an adult. And the animated series is a classic.

The whole Clark Kent thing relates to people who are weak in their IRL. I was drawing my characters with glasses even before I needed them. The classmates new about my Supes obsession and were saying to each other "but superman doesn't wear glasses" and then "but clark kent does". Then they were talking about this fat succubus named Lois.

I mean I'm the kinda kid who just went for the biggest, my favorite dinosaur was the Brachiosaurus, my favorite animal was whale, my favorite country was Russia, and the bridge I'll suicide off of is the tallest walkway in the USA. So maybe the giganticist in me, just went for the all-powerful godlike superhero.

As I matured I did switch more to Batman for the usual reasons. But now I've been coming back to the mullet superman of my childhood. Hes in trouble a lot so he doesn't feel too godlike to me.


I'm reading this now, most of mullet superman was never made into collected editions, just this and the death of clark kent.


I didn't like TNBA compared to BTAS at the time, but now I appreciate it


I started rewatching Justice League. I'd rewatch the whole DCAU if I could, but there are no good HD streamings of STAS and BTAS. I was a latecomer to JL, largely missing the 1st two seasons and picking up with JLU. I did see most of the episodes. But there are a couple of missed ones. And it has been 14 years. idk its like I never forget an episode, it always feels like a rerun even if I only saw it 1 time 14 years ago. And with some shows much longer than that!

I think JLU is the greatest superhero show ever made in exploring an entire comic book universe. I'm growing to like Justice League Action in combining elements of both JLU and Teen Titans Go, both shows I like from different angles. Although I feel like they could go further in both directions, if maybe they embraced a more satiric look at all the inside fandom details of the DC Universe. I mean the Red Lanterns is a start, I don't think they've ever been referenced on TV before. idk I guess in my ideal it would combine being a straight action show with being an almost Robot Chicken like inside nerd jokes of the intricacies of the comic universe.


The red lanterns were a major part of Green Lantern TAS.
If you can get past the way the CGI looks it is a great show that ended too soon imo. Beware the Batman was also pretty good but most didn't give it a chance because the animation is similar to Green Lantern. That and the same shenanigans that CN was doing with all their action shows at that time. Alfred was pretty badass in it, which was a interesting plus.


>but there are no good HD streamings of STAS and BTAS
There literally isn't a HD version of those shows if I remember correctly. The best quality ever commercially released is in SD.


yeah CGI is awful


IMO it wasn't too bad in that show. I liked it a lot and even made a effort to watch it early in the morning during the DC block they had.
Then again because all the video games I played growing up I don't have a strong aversion to CGI when it is done competently.
Yes, I still prefer traditional and 2d animation, and I am sad to see quality 2d stuff in the west die out, but something being 3d isn't enough to make me miss out on a otherwise good show.


Anyone planing to see or has seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?
I am thinking of checking it out.


DC animation is the only time where I as an autistic friendless hikki hermit wizNEET think I could write better succubus and relationship dialogue than these grown normie men


Seemed fine to me. Then again my standards have been lowered pretty far by anime and stupid love polygons.


Well the new DC films look and sound like anime to me


The animated ones or the live action ones? because I have only been watching the animated which I am kind of behind on.
Any examples?


The new ones, Death of Superman is what I'm watching right now, the whole Lois Clark thing, and Lois' girltalk with Cat Grant. And then a little earlier I watched Batwoman and its lesbian bar pick up scenes.

The DCAU originals sounded more natural as a kid. But the reviewer was rightly cringing over the atrocious teen succubus talk between Batgirl and Supergirl "you get chores? I wish i had chores!"

I mean who am I to judge what relationship talk is supposed to sound like? But this sounds like Martians. My only frame of reference is all the other media I watch, either they are all vastly wrong, and DC is the only place to every get succubus and relationship talk right, or DC talk is so cringey an autistic hermit could write it better.


Last one I watched was All-Star Superman and it seemed fine as far as I can remember.

Been meaning to watch Gotham by Gaslight and Batman Ninja but my backlog of other shit is getting in the way.



I was watching his reviews and he kept mentioning how TNBA Batman was almost like a horror movie monster. And it gave me this idea for a horror film where small-time crooks are dealing with a Batman-type hero, show the fear from their POV



that mans autism is endearing


Col. Klink is now a mentally ill retiree living in Gotham suffering from dementia



I've been following most of the DCUAMs since Superman Doomsday in 2007, which is wow 12 years ago already. Its been pretty hit or miss for me compared to the DCAU. Most of the hits have been the Batman stuff.

But I just finished Death of Superman. And I just can't stand the animated New 52 Justice League. Its like this cringey western anime. idk I hope since the New 52 is dead in comics it'll die in animation too. After the DCAU, and adult DC animated series was like my dream. But I think its too bad a lot of its been poorly executed in this series.


Man, I work full time and don't have any real responsibilities but even I don't have enough money to be a buyfag fully with comics. And a lot of stuff is really hard to find, at least locally. I have been enjoying a lot of what I read so far but I only have so much money, time, and space to hunt down physical copies.
What are some of the best resources online to read and/or download back issues?


Is it important to have single issues or are trades OK?


I actually prefer trades paperbacks and graphic novels personally.



You going to add any context to what the video is? Otherwise I ain't clicking it.


I wonder how the movie is going to change her character to make her less of a fascist asshole like she is in the comics?


Someone recorded black groids talking about comics. That's it.


File: 1552251953061-0.jpg (14.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, _01k.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1552251953061-1.png (189.5 KB, 720x404, 180:101, _02k.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1552251953061-2.png (131.07 KB, 720x404, 180:101, _03k.png) ImgOps iqdb

I finished watching The Spectacular Spider-Man. I liked Spiderman, but not Peter Parker. Although it may be quite a realistic and 'on point' version of the guy. What do I know, even as a the 'nerd' he's supposed to be and all the situations he's dragged into due to his hero ideals that came after his uncle's death, he's quite succesful in any kid's terms. It's a short series that got cancelled, it has only 2 seasons, 13 eps each. One of the reasons I watched it was that and because it was recommended for a guy who makes reviews of series calling it 'the best spider-man animated series' or something along those lines. It didn't dissapoint me, I'd probably even rewatch it. Has lots of good moments and drama that make it a good show.


While my nostalgia makes me favor the 90s series (it is what got me into spiderman in the first place after all), The Spectacular Spiderman was great show and it is a crying shame it was canceled so soon.


This was a fantastic show and it's a shame it never went past the two seasons. People always talk about the writing, which is good – it captures the soap-opera style of the original comics pretty well – but the animation is remarkable too. All the fights are very fluid and it never feels like there are frames missing or shortcuts taken like in a lot of recent action cartoons.

One of the head writers, Greg Weisman, had dropped some info here and there about what they were planning to do in season 3. I think Mrs. Osborn was going to feature more. One plotline was going to be Peter trying to patent his web-shooters but realizing that he had ripped it all off Oscorp tech in the first place (or something like that). More villains like Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Hydro Man, etc.

The politics and legal issues of Disney buying Marvel pretty much killed the show unfortunately, since Disney and Sony are direct competitors. I remember the show moved from cable TV to an obscure channel run by Disney and that absolutely destroyed the ratings for season 2, so that didn't give Disney a reason to renew it. A huge shame.

If anyone else likes the show there's a podcast where the cast and crew of the show pop in and talk about episodes. It's very enjoyable and insightful.


grugposting irl


File: 1552347035913.jpg (702.64 KB, 1280x1969, 1280:1969, SSoC 01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So Marvel began releasing Savage Sword of Conan again, one of my all times favorite comics. I'm still not sure if I liked it or not. Story is ok but the artwork is not quite doing it for me yet. Maybe I'll grow to like it but right now I'm missing the B&W art of the old ssoc a lot. My biggest problem with it though is how short it is. While with the old one we had full stories within a 50ish pages issues, now we have 38 pages that seem to go by too fast. There's no attempt to have a more hefty text along with the art as a homage to Conan's origins as a pulp/novella character. Minimal dialogue, no ominous descriptive text hovering on the sides of the panels to give a pulp flavor. It's almost like a Conan the Barbarian comic instead of a Savage Sword of Conan one. Still I did like where the story is going, however short it is.

Another thing I don't get is why Marvel is soon to be releasing 3 separate Conan books. There's Conan the Barbarian currently on number 4 "it sucks", there's Savage Sword and they're about to release Age of Conan. Who's going to buy all that? That's one of the reasons I stopped following the X-Men they spread the characters over 10 different books with 10 different shitty stories that go nowhere and then it's rebooted anyway, but I digress. I feel like they should focus on releasing one longer, solid Conan instead of 3 super thin overly fast-paced comics. What's weird about it is that they're actually publishing a novella on the back of the issues. That's another weird thing. If you want to have that pulp, Howardish text in there, find a way to do put on the actual comic book story. It is a comic book company after all.

Anyway, I'm optimistic still. I want to like the new Savage Sword so bad. Let's hope they get things right with this one.

you can get the new SSOC and the old one for free on getcomics.info btw.


They have been using the shotgun approach lately to comic publishing, which apparently is really pissing off the comic shops around here because they clog the shelves with fuck tons of marvel stuff that they can't sell.

Personally I wait until the trades come out of stories that look interesting rather then buy single issues. I grew up with trades from the library and manga so I just can't deal with a paying that much for a story that short, you know.


File: 1552351801598.jpg (492.61 KB, 1080x931, 1080:931, Screenshot_20190311-213756….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks for responding. You mention manga, I think people are more used to b&w artwork because of it by now, they should've pushed to continue a b&w Conan.
I was going through the first issue again trying to figure out what I don't like and I just noticed one of the pirates on this fantasy iron age has a fucking gun on his belt. It just shows how they go through these not giving a shit. First issue and already they don't care. The whole pirate scene has artwork that looks totally off, like it's recycled from somewhere else. And they intend to push 3 titles like this? I feel very sad about it.


File: 1552598643831-0.jpg (259.66 KB, 1296x2002, 648:1001, Conan the Barbarian 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1552598643831-1.jpg (702.64 KB, 1280x1969, 1280:1969, ssoc 2019.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1552598643831-2.jpg (282.83 KB, 790x1200, 79:120, aoc belit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I calmed down and went back to re-read all of the Conan material Marvel is currently releasing and I'm thinking about making it a short review of every book as they come out and hoping maybe we can read them together. The comics thread could use the posting. It's a good time to do it too because it's all pretty fresh as Marvel finally have the rights for Conan again after almost 20 years. The flagship title, Conan the Barbarian still is on number 4, Savage Sword of Conan is on its second issue and Age of Conan just got out this week. I don't know if anyone here cares about the character but maybe I can convince one or two wizzies to read them along so we can talk about and have some fun with it. You can go through an issue in 10, 15 minutes and it's a cool or at least neutral way to pass the time.
Conan is sword and sorcery at its best and if you care about fantasy and/or medievalish fantasy at all I believe you'll enjoy it.

So I'll start with the flagship title, Conan the Barbarian. On this post I'll quickly go through what's going on on the first 4 comics currently out and then I'll make a post every time a new one is released. The story is called The Life and Death of Conan and we'll see him in different points of his life, different locations, dealing with different peoples that inhabit the Hyborian Age, a mythological past between the sinking of Atlantis and the beginning of recorded history. The whole thing is going to revolve around his struggle against a powerful witch on her attempt to revive an old archdemon back to life. Pretty standard cool Conan stuff. We go to fighting pits, hidden towers, zombies and little kids collecting dead people from a battlefield.

Conan the Barbarian 2 we see him beyond the savage boarder (the beginning of every issue has a map so you can get situated) fighting the Picts and giant snakes. This arc is going to be like that probably. It's going to be a sort of tour around Hyboria so new readers can use as a jumping in point for the Conan universe. Conan the Barbarian 3 we're East of Aquilonia at the city of Nemedia where Conan is about to be hanged and eaten by dogs for stealing.
Finally the fourth issue we see Conan already as king of Aquilonia, getting literally sick of his royal responsabilities and playing the vigilante to have some of that Barbarian life again. This issue is more on the sword side than the sorcery but it's still alright.

The other book they're doing is called Savage Sword of Conan and it's very different from the old SSoC. This book is short, fast passed, much quicker to read than the old magazine and in fact much quicker than the current Conan the Barbarian. The story here is entitled The Cult of Koga Thun and it begins with a shipwrecked Conan being saved to be sold as a slave. Shenanigans happens, the pirates turns out to be not exactly what they look and carrying a very precious treasure map. On issue number 2, Conan and his sidekick Suty follow the map deeper into the Stygian regions where he finds Koga Thun cultists that happen to be looking for the same Kheshatta treasure Conan is. After shenanigans, they end up finding the city of Kheshatta and in it a third character Menes, a scholar who apparently can help locate the treasure within the city.

Finally we have Age of Conan: Belit. Now, this Age of Conan is going to be a mini-series on other Conan related characters and they decided to go with the pirate queen Belit first. I don't intend to write about Belit here but if anyone decides to read and talk about it I'm all in for it, just let me know you're reading it.

And to close this post I'll be giving the links to those unwilling or unable to purchase the comics for whatever reason.

I hope you enjoy it and feel like folowing this Conan run with me. Have fun wizzies!


Next releases:
Savage Sword Of Conan 03 - Mar 20 2019
Conan The Barbarian 05 - Apr 03 2019
Age Of Conan Belit 02 - Apr 10 2019


Is any wiz here currently reading any comics at all?


Been trying to keep up with the 100 page Giant batman comics put out by walmart as they are a good value and a good way of getting a handful of stories at once, but my local store occationally skips issues because they only restock when there is shelf space.

I would read more if I could find good online sources because despite having disposable income comics are crazy expensive for the amount of content you get, along with it just being high effort to hunt down story lines and back issues.



Let me know what you'll be reading if you download anything. I'm back to reading comics again and would like to talk about whatever wizzies are into at the moment.


Apart from mangas I'm only reading Spawn, and I probably only go on because I've been doing it for 20 years. But I see some Image ads that look cook and I will probably pick one.


This site is the bomb.
Desided to check out The Maxx 100-Page Giant and Reading Batman Annual #1 online.
Never read The Maxx before but the description says it is a good intro, and the cover art looks totally different from anything I have read before so for that reason alone I am giving it a shot.


Turns out that Disney might actually be bulk tickets to Cap.Marval movie because they can't have it as a failure.

It also is doing really badly internationally.

They are also in such damage control that they broke a few review sites.

That said I simply don't care about the movie since I don't like the Character. I rather wait to see Shazam if I want my captain marvel fix (lol). I don't know why they though such a unpopular character would make big bucks and get reviewed well when brought to movies. The comic has been canned over and over again. The only reason I bring it up is because Disney has felt compelled to act so shady for a character that just isn't worth it.


Not even Jim Starling could save the character by killing him in such a good way as he did. There were many Cap Marvels but they never really work and it never sells well. The only good story people remember is him dying of cancer. That's 25 years ago. As far as comics goes, the current Marvel is ok, I honestly hope she gets good writers with all the hype build from the movie. We'll see.


>Disney might actually be bulk tickets to Cap.Marval movie because they can't have it as a failure
Source? Seems like every time corporate cape movie#53432423653421 predictably makes a ton of money there's always someone claiming the numbers are rigged.



Also a bunch of vlogers and culture war people have done their own looking into it but I rather not have the thread derailed because some people on this site get really pissy about youtubers.


No citation about Syfy shilling for Disney, someone's movie theater being empty and a quote from a literalwho means Disney's fudging numbers, and acting as if RT was wrong for doing something about a movie being review bombed before it came out. Seems like another shitty tabloid clickbait news site presenting rumors and misinformation as facts. I honestly don't understand why this mediocre movie has people so riled up.


Because it is so mediocre but they are trying to prop it up as a masterpiece while also constantly and consistently directly insulting the fanbase and calling anyone who doesn't say glowing things about the shitty movie a bunch of names. They brought all this hate on themselves.
Saying anyone who has problems with the movie or doesn't want to see the movie sexist bigoted monsters who are also probably racist is not the way to try and sell your film or deal with criticism.
People for the most part have never liked the character, but if they did things right people might have given it a chance since the studo had so much good will build up with fans. But no they killed all that good will by shitting on the fans, and now they are trying every thing they can to salvage this shitshow, including admitting to shilling and review manipulation.
Or do you not know that Disney has controlling stake in RT?
Also it wasn't being review bombed. There was a poll that asked audience goers if they wanted to see the movie and when it was negative Disney demanded they remove the poll function from the whole site. Again, because they have controlling share in RT.
Then RT and a bunch of other review sites started to mess with ratings and reviews, fill the thing with positive bot reviews, and delete or unrank negative reviews, as well as turn normally middling reviews into positive ratings just for this movie.

It is a snow job plain and simple.


File: 1553090463683.jpg (402.54 KB, 1170x1800, 13:20, The-Savage-Sword-of-Conan-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's here. Savage Sword of Conan #3. The story continues now Conan, Suty and Menes "the librarian adventurer?", meet face to face with the title villain, Koga Thun and go into the Stygian catacombs under the cursed city of Kheshatta, looking for the Valusian treasure. They barely make progress inside before skeleton warriors are brought back from the dead to try and stop them.
This is quite nice but it's so fast passed, 27 pages gives you like 5 minutes worth of fun. I'm getting use to the art by now and about the writting, well, there's not much of it so far. It's written like your average DnD campaign where the only reason these guys are together and going places is because of treasure. But the worst part is now waiting for the next one. That was actually fun.

Link to comic; https://getcomics.info/marvel/savage-sword-of-conan-3-2019/

Next releases:
Savage Sword Of Conan 04 - Apr 10 2019
Conan The Barbarian 05 - Apr 03 2019
Age Of Conan Belit 02 - Apr 10 2019



show like Gotham feels like it started just yesterday, gave up after season 1, really underscores time flying by that its had its 5 seasons arc epic and finale already



Pretty cool. Never seen something so detailed on him.


Just bought a cheap copy of The Return of Superman

really loved it as a kid


learned about uberman sleep


Thoughts on the Disney Sony split over Spiderman?


I think if Sony didn't make a Spidey movie for X years, Marvel automatically gets it back, so they could have just waited out Sony's shitty movies until Sony gave up, but I don't think Disney has confidence in this superhero bubble lasting forever which is why they initially took that 5% deal. idk 5% seems too low, and 50% too high


while it seems crazy Marvel sold its top characters in perpeuity, otoh they never could have launched and funded Iron Man and the MCU in 2007 without the proof of concept of X-Men and Sony Spiderman


File: 1567100026269.png (1.26 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck modern capeshit, I hate how ugly and bland all the new Marvel movies are. New Spider-Man is an especially bad offender, Raimi's Spider-Man 1 and 2 will always be king.


Looks like they are planning to retcon the The Origin of She-Hulk In The MCU because they want her to be a strong independent succubus with no need of the Hulk in here origin somehow for feminism reasons I guess.
Seems dumb and fans are not happy but whatever.


Wonder succubus 1984 (WW84) trailer looks fun in a retro way.


File: 1577230680528.jpg (76.13 KB, 471x705, 157:235, burger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Still think that Gal Gadot needs to bulk up more for WonderWoman.

Faora in Man of Steel is more how I envision WW.


She has had all kinds of body types in the books and toons so I am not really bother, though I tend to think the ideal type build for a role like that is similar to Xena Warrior Princess, but I am bias since that is what I grew up with amazonian warriors looking like.


I dont follow the Arrowverse at at all, but found all the cameos interesting


yeah I guess I actually like teen drama, but I dont like watching shows about teen drama, I like more cartoonish, superhero, childish stuff, in which the teen drama is in the background to it, teased, but not as fully explored and predominant as it would be in an actual drama series.


File: 1584929035927.png (1.03 MB, 600x577, 600:577, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

That time the womyn of Gotham formed a protest group over Batman being a volcel


File: 1584929092722.png (1.53 MB, 1234x528, 617:264, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


You do know you can post up to 3 pictures in one post right?


Is OP happy now?


Finished rewatching all 10 seasons of Smallville, started around mid-December. Oh boy, I love this series. Smallville is what made me like Superman. I've never read any comics, my knowledge of superheroes is limited to movies and cartoons, mainly BTAS/STAS and JL/JLU. But as a kid I always preferred Batman over Superman because he was the cool loner and I could identify with him easily, generally as a child I liked "edgy" characters better, I mostly wanted the villains to win. Some people said earlier here that they went from liking Superman to liking Batman as they grew older but for me it is the opposite. As I matured, I began to respect the Man of Steel more and more - he is just very natural and honest, a simple guy who likes to save others. He doesn't show off, he doesn't go around picking up every succubi in town, he is humble and empathetic, someone who helps even his enemies. Some people say they like Batman more because he has no powers and he is more realistic and they say Superman is a Mary Sue - well, I thought like this too when I was younger but now I think otherwise. Batman is one of the most overrated superheroes, he is basically the Mary Sue of Mary Sues. He has no powers yet he regularly saves the day from mobs of criminals with knives and guns and he is presented as someone who can predict every move his opponent will make ahead. About realism - if we should discuss such things when it comes to capestuff - Batman is way more unrealistic. Just think about it, what is more believable? A rich guy going around in a Bat-suit with zero superpowers saving the day regularly or an alien protecting Earth? I find the latter more plausible. But Batman vs Superman aside, back to Smallville…

This series has many flaws, it is nowhere near perfect. I think it is because of the multiple writers it got during its long run. However, even now that I re-watched it I found it entertaining and touching. It starts out as a slice of life teenage soap opera mainly but as it goes on it evolves more and more into a full-blown superhero series. It is crazy when you finish watching it and think back on all the adventures Clark Kent and the others went through during Smallville. "How did Lex, Lana and Clark end up like this when they got along so well in Season 1?" - I ask myself lots of times and it is unbelievable. One of the strengths of Smallville is that thanks to its length it takes on an epic feeling.
In my memories it was worse, now that I rewatched it I found that most episodes were either all right, good or excellent. Season 1-4 is like Dawson's Creek done Superman-style but by no means bad, in my opinion. I enjoyed the soap opera style and the high-school setting, kind of felt like I was watching some anime. You just can't really hate any of the main characters, Smallville is that kind of series. Every season has its weak points and strengths. I think they should have stopped calling it Smallville after S7 because most of it takes place in Metropolis from S8 on.
There is something really pure, relaxing and hopeful about Smallville. I guess that is the whole point of superhero/cape stuff. To make you feel like you want to be a hero. I'm not kidding, even now as a 23 years old guy watching Smallville made me feel like "Damn, I should be a better person". There is something really inspiring about Superman in general and this show got this stuff right. It was good to watch something where the main characters weren't try-hard, edgy degenerates but genuinely nice people.
When it comes to acting, I have to mention 3 people from Smallville: Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, John Glover as Lionel Luthor and Erica Durance as Lois Lane. Perfect acting, perfect choices to play their respective parts. I think these three absolutely identified with their roles, you could feel it when you watched them. Tom Welling is also the definitive Clark Kent for me. It is puzzling why they didn't make a proper Superman TV Series with this cast or at least a movie, seeing as how Smallville ended just when it was getting to be really good…About the Finale, I think it was rushed. For a long series like this one a double-episode Finale simply doesn't cut it, it should have been 3 or 4 episodes long. But if we learned anything from Smallville, it is that the destination isn't what is important, the journey is.
About the shippings: I'm not into these things usually but hell, Smallville has some really good couples. Clark&Lana and Clark&Lois in particular. It is a hard choice but I prefer Lois and Clark, better chemistry between the characters and the actress playing Lois is just very talented.
Overall, this is a good show but it has many inconsistencies and flaws in writing. However, it is absolutely worth a watch in my opinion. Now I want to read Season 11 and other comics and then I want to get into the proper Superman comics. Smallville made me like Superman and for that I am thankful.

Season Ranking:
1. Season 9-10
2. Season 5-6
3. Season 7-8
4. Season 4
5. Season 1
6. Season 2
7. Season 3


I watched Smallville last year but stopped at the 8th season. Maybe I should continue. It's certainly a entertaining series to watch unless you're looking for something more serious and adult. One thing I disliked was Lana Lang's character and her relationship with Clark. It was upsetting I don't like romance or at least not the way it was portrayed in the series with Clark longing for her and being obsessed with her.
Those two actors that played Lex Luthor and Lionel Luthor were excellent in their roles. They couldn't have done a much better job. It was a pleasure to watch them act, probably the series is worth watching just for those two.

Anyways, maybe I will finish it one of these days.
I think I stopped when I learnt about the actress Allison Mack and her involvement in a sex cult. It weirded me out and made it hard to watch the series. Knowing she was a sex slave and into a cult trying to catch more victims since she was very young.


Vid related Superman fighting Kane


> One thing I disliked was Lana Lang's character and her relationship with Clark. It was upsetting I don't like romance or at least not the way it was portrayed in the series with Clark longing for her and being obsessed with her.
I see where you are coming from, I hated Lana the first time I watched Smallville too. Now that I rewatched it I have to say I liked her. Sure, she is kind of plain and boring compared to Lois but she loved Clark and truthfully Clark was responsible for lots of issues they had with each other, I often facepalmed at Clark and shouted internally at him "Decide what you want already!" lol
I wouldn't say Clark was obsessed with her, he was just raised to believe that you have to find your soulmate and he falsely believed that his life-long partner will be Lana. They deluded each other that they can get things working because of nostalgia but it was never meant to be. But yes, while I like Lana I found their relationship to be quite tiring at times, especially around Season 2-3. I think Chloe calls their relationship in one episode "The Clark-Lana Opera" and Lois in another one "The Clark-Lana Rollercoaster", pretty fitting I would say.
Speaking of characters we dislike, the only one that sometimes went on my nerves was Chloe, around Season 8-9. She just got way too much screentime in that part of the series, screentime that I would have preferred Lois to have.
>I think I stopped when I learnt about the actress Allison Mack and her involvement in a sex cult. It weirded me out and made it hard to watch the series.
It was a shock to me too when I learned about that. But Chloe Sullivan isn't Allison Mack so I decided to just disregard it, after all real life and escapism doesn't have much to do with each other.
>I watched Smallville last year but stopped at the 8th season. Maybe I should continue.
I absolutely recommend you to finish it. Especially if you dislike Lana. Because she appears in like 5 episodes in Season 8 and then she is gone for good. While Season 8 is kind of a mixed bag - it has both mediocre episodes and some of the most epic ones in the series - Season 9 and 10 are wonderful. Season 9 has the best antagonist of the series in my opinion and both Season 9 and 10 are full-blown superhero seasons, they feel more like a Superman-show than your usual Smallville.


Anyone for Harley Quinn season 2?


Fuck no, that show sucked and was made exclusively to piss off fans.

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