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Do you use drugs? Where do you get them (not asking for specific sources only like for example: The darknet (sorry if that's the wrong term), dealers, research chemicals from the internet)? Is setting up TOR, tails and getting bitcoins worth the hassle? Or will i get busted by cops anyway? Are there other easier ways to acquire substances?


It is in fact a hassle to get set up, and there always is a level of danger involved, but as long as you lurk the subreddits for the markets themselves, and also lurk the general subreddits, you'll be up to date on all of the safety concerns. From there, it's just a matter of not buying from a cop, which means buying from people who are well known, and then also buying things that won't be sniffed out by dogs, which means "not straightforward plant material".


Small quantities and first offense and even if you get busted you'll probably be good.
The only thing holding me back is where to send the stuff, I'm not sure about using a drophouse or what.


It really doesn't matter. As long as you don't fess up to actually ordering the stuff, there's nothing anyone can say, since there's always going to be the possibility that some jackoff just decided to send you illegal shit in the mail for whatever stupid reason. Having it sent to a house that isn't yours, though, and then stealing the mail from that house is actually a felony. So don't do that. Getting a PO Box would only protect you from the seller, which is meaningless, since he's not the one you'd be worried about. You can't open a PO Box anonymously, and even if you cuuld, that would be a huge red flag.

So basically, you just send the shit to your house. Use PGP (or whatever is in vogue now) to encrypt your address, and make sure to tumble your coins, if you aren't buying them in-person, and in cash. That's the most basic stuff.


>Just when I was going to make a thread


What drugs will basically make you pass out and hallucinate for a few days? I don't want to be here any more. Screw this world!

You can also make some DXM, which is online. I think you can make it from mouth wash and cough syrup pretty easily. There's also making poppy seed soup, which is legal and easy to find on amazon.

In fact, just look up "legal drugs" to start and you can move there.

>Is it worth the hassle?

Yes. It is worth the hassle.


I heard of this, and looked up an article to convey my point. I haven't read it (yet?), but it's definitely a better idea. Also, you don't need to socialize at all to get your drugs, and it's really easy to set up tor and tails. You only need tails actually.

How to set up Tails for a USB

1. Get Rufus, which will help you boot up the USB from start up.


You just need to download it and you'll get the exe file. It's totally safe, I checked it using virustotal.com.

2. Get Tails from their website.


a. Click the giant green INSTALL button on the left

b. Click the green download only under LET'S START THE JOURNEY

c. Click download under Bittorrent, which is a torrenting software. You can use any torrenting software you would like. I personally use Deluge, and I have no ads or anything.

3. Add the .torrent file to your torrent software.

If you know how to do it, just skip these parts and do it yourself.

a. open up the torrenting software (deluge for me)

b. Press file on the top left, and click add torrent.

c. There are a few options on how to add the .torrent file, file, URL, infohash, and remove (to remove it I guess).

d. click file because we have the file in our downloads folder (or where ever you put it)

e. click on the .torrent file

f. Click add at the bottom right.

4. Using rufus and the iso file to create a bootable USB.

a. Insert your USB into the the USB drive of your computer

b. open Rufus.exe

c. Use the scroll down buttons to select your USB and the other drop downs will automatically be filled.

d. Name the volume whatever you want. It's not going to affect anything but what it's called. You can call it TAILS if you want.

e. Change the FREEDOS drop down to ISO, and click the CD button next to it and select the .iso file you selected.

f. Press start, go through the pop ups (not ads, just warnings) and be prepared for your USB drive to be wiped and the USB to become a bootable disc.

5. Using Tails for the first time.

This will be different if you're on a laptop. You'll have to look that up because I never got this to work on a laptop before. I should probably try again one day.

a. Shut down your computer

b. Press F12 while the computer is booting back up, or whatever takes you into the BIOS.

c. I already start with the Boot for USB automatically at the top, but it should be there in the list to boot up from. Perhaps it's the same with you since you're using a bootable USB? Choose that.

d. Space enter for the first option that it gives you when booting into tails.

e. Press NO for no more options (I tried it, it's really nothing there needed)

You're using Tails now! It comes with tor too, so that's a plus as well!


In my country there's a bunch of sites selling illegal drugs on the clearnet. I don't know how they get away with it but I'd guess they use foreign servers or something and it's just too hard for the police to see who it is even if it would be possible if they really tried.

It's good for me at least, very easy to order a lot of different drugs. I can get high quality stuff in my mailbox in a couple of days.


I was homeless for one hear and virtually everyone around me during this time was a drug user, so I made contacts through them. If social anxiety is not too much of a problem though, in most large western cities you can simply walk up to people who look "alternative" and ask them if they smoke weed. Most people will happy to give you a dealer's phone number, and many dealers will deliver to your house. Many common hard drugs such as coke, mdma, meth, ketamine, crack, and heroin can be acquired simply by asking your weed dealer to hook you up with someone else's number.

Strong psychedelics though should really be bought off of darknet markets. Oh how I long for the days before Britain's NPS ban… They used to sell chemical analogues of lsd, pcp, 2cb, you name it.. not much more than a year ago, on the motherfucking high street in the middle of Manchester, England.



Last week I found a 20 year old bottle of cough syrup in our kitchen. The real stuff, with codeine. There was a spoonful left.

That buzz was the most physical pleasure I'd felt in years.

Now it's gone.


i began taking noopept 5 days ago and so far it feels great. it's easier to enter the state of "flow", can focus better, and have less difficulty on things i do. this is all just the short term stuff, there are long term benefits i don't have yet. but what i find the most exciting is the quality of my dreams on noopept, they are crystal clear, it blows my mind how much substance there is in the dream world. it's not advised to take noopept right before sleep, as some have difficulty going to sleep, but i pair it with 6mg melatonin and it goes well. i naturally wake up midway into my sleep to piss, and at this point i take more melatonin 6mg and noopept 15mg

i'm recommending noopept as it's very safe and more importantly extremely cheap, the cost of a daily dose is a few pennies


>I can get high quality stuff in my mailbox in a couple of days.

ahh the freedom of the 3rd world where they don't x-ray and scrutinize the hell out of mail


Recently got into vaping after years of occasional waterpipe smoking. Enjoy it a lot, was surprisingly beyond my expectations.

Are any other wizzies here into this? Will it be worth making a separate thread about it (unless there's already one that I missed)?


File: 1488460240532.png (288.64 KB, 960x362, 480:181, IMG_5324.png) ImgOps iqdb

So, anyone?
(bumping this for the first and last time)


File: 1488466537710-0.jpg (183.11 KB, 700x377, 700:377, dbd4a9c0b2c44df9108b352940….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1488466537710-1.jpg (15.15 KB, 300x199, 300:199, mflb-300x199.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, got an MFLB Vaporizer.
The Taste is much better than smoking, it saves money and it isn't as noticeable.

I never tried another Vaporizer though.
Which did you get?


The don't do anything like that for domestic packages, in any country as far as im aware. Customs screens things only when they enter country-to-country


I stopped using Tails because, years ago at least, there was no way easily to use a VPN. I don't like the idea of having my ISP knowing im using TOR and becoming blacklisted as suspicious, which undoubtedly happens


File: 1488469640331.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1-500x500.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Wow, that looks classy. I never tried nor seen herb-based vaporizers yet. Maybe will acquire one next time I have enough money. Though I suspect these must be much more expensive than oil-based ones, right?

>Which did you get?

Well, I'm not exactly rich so I asked the vendor for something newbie-oriented and realitively cheap, also mentioned that I don't smoke cigs, only waterpipe - as a result got recommended an Eleaf iJust S, because it's vapor stream resembles the one in a waterpipe. I realize it's probably one of the plebbiest-tier devices, but for now I'm pretty content with it. The only thing I don't like is that the liquid disappears too fucking quickly (practically wasted a 50ml bottle with 3mg nicotine in 4 days).


File: 1488471574892-0.jpg (10.26 KB, 300x280, 15:14, Joye-eGo-T-Typ-A-300x280.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The MFLB seems expensive at first at around 100€ but you'll save Money because of how little Material used compared to smoking.
You can Vape all kinds of Herbs in there.
I think even Tobacco, I use it mostly for Weed though.

I had one of those Vape pens (Picture Related) with "e-Liquid" before. And it's Fun but I disliked that the Battery / the Liquid gets drained so quickly as you mentioned. Liked the different Aromas you could get, especially the Desserts, Fruits and things like that but not the Tobacco Flavors they're horrible.

Also I don't like the Nicotine effects anymore. So I would only use it without Nicotine.



Finally got around to buying a vape, which cost me a little over $120. Takes a bit more time to prepare and smoke but at least I'm saving my throat from carcinogens. Sometimes I'll get lazy and give in to smoking with a lighter but I'm going to try to cut back on that.


here are some legal deliriants or dissociatives, for americans at least

diphenhydramine is what's used in tylenol pm and is taken by people when they want to sleep well, but it can be used recreationally on its own as well. was thinking of purchasing some to experiment with dreaming and sleep


I used to smoke a hell of a lot of weed, it was alright but I think once I smoked salvia for a few days in a row it messed up my brain so after smoking weed after that I got a lot more negative effects and after years eventually lost my mind and became a hikki


If I recall correctly, internal NSA (or some agency like that) documents say that just downloading tails gets you put on a watchlist for a decade.


I smoke weed once every few months. Considering how weak willed I am, I'm surprised that I've never felt the compulsion to abuse/over-use it.

Darknet is worth the effort if you plan to buy more than once, especially considering you probably won't have to speak to anyone or leave the house once it's all set up. I actually found that buying bitcoin was the hardest part as I initially had no way of sending money online.

I've seen people say the same about the TOR browser too. I guess if you're particularly concerned about it, go to McDonalds and download it.


Drugs are basically the only enjoyment I get out of life and they are what keeps me from quitting my job.

that sounds really fun anon, opiate buzzes are super euphoric.


Does this work with all herbs or only """herbs""", so far this is one of the least ugly vaporizer design I've seen (usually they look like robo cocks, plastic flasks, or 50s home appliances). However it doesn't look like it has temperature control, is it only tuned to work for """herbs""" or would it work for all plant matter without destroying it/destroying the taste?


Different chemicals in these herbs vaporize at different temperatures, so if the MFLB doesn't have a temp control, and it works for weed, it's kinda only going to work for weed, because weed requires a very specific temperature to release its chemicals. Even then, as an aside, the different chemicals require different temperatures themselves, so everything isn't always going to be released. This is why people normally use their "vape browns" to make edibles.


Ah I see, unfortunate but not unexpected. Thanks for the info wiz.


File: 1488813292537.jpg (58.85 KB, 464x794, 232:397, 1481328802563.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to use darknet markets to buy drugs up until late 2015 where I lost interest completely. I bought great weed regularly and lsd and mdma on occasion.
It is insanely easy to purchase drugs online, I was shocked how simple the process was. All I did was read the sidebar links in a few subreddits and I purchased bitcoins that day and made my first purchase. I never went all out with opsec(operational security), I would use my own wifi, no tails, localbitcoins account associated with my phone number. I never had any problems with the law in about 20 successful transaction.

It is the easiest and probably only way us wizards get to experience certain drugs. If you are going to dive in go all out with opsec, you would be a fool not to. It won't be this easy for a much longer. Law enforcement are catching up and these markets are much more well known than earlier this decade.

Other things to keep in mind
If you are an anxious or paranoid person waiting for an order will be living hell for you.
Once you get confident with it all and trying softer substances harder drugs may tempt you. I was extremely close to pulling the trigger on buying heroin and meth at several points.

I'm not a big fan of grey area research chems that you can buy clear net. There are only a few that aren't horrendous. Do a lot of research if you go this route.


Just drink if you absolutely want to do some sort of drug. Don't listen to these underage college ""wizards"" who are smoking weed (usually with their friends) and never shut up about how fantastic their life is because they smoke a fucking plant.


>I'm not a big fan of grey area research chems that you can buy clear net. There are only a few that aren't horrendous. Do a lot of research if you go this route.

I would avoid grey area research chems completely at this point. The golden age of RCs in the USA was 8 or 9 years ago. The "not completely toxic" ones have largely been banned, and all that's left is variations on variations on variations. They've all been plotted out and synthesized already, so it's not like they're making these new discoveries every day. The good ones have already had their life cycle, and now we're down to the dregs.


A long-term addiction to weed is relatively sustainable, especially if you're growing it yourself, and turning it into some kind of candy, or tea. A long-term addiction to alcohol is ridiculously unhealthy, on almost every level.


>Just drink
Terrible advice, drinking is objectively awful.


no it's not, alcohol is god's gift. getting drunk by yourself can turn an entire uneventful day into a lighthearted adventure. it can turn a hard day into a deep sleep. wizard's best friend


A single sip of alcohol makes my head hurt and once I get drunk every single shitty thing in my life is much much much worse, suddenly instead of just kind of wanting to die I end up sobbing in bed vomiting on the floor begging/daring God to kill me already.

Fuck alcohol, it's the original normie meme drug of choice.


It's not like that for everyone.

Personally, I really like the way that alcohol makes me so unfocused and disjointed. Without the ability to maintain a coherent train of thought, I'm just swimming in a sea of oppressive disarray, with little care for my immediate environment or the world around me in general. Vomiting, as I see it, is a small price to pay for an extended period inebriation. I have never been particular sensitive to discomfort, and spewing a good chunk of your stomach contents has its own kind of charm.

There are certainly times when it can go too far, and you wind up with one foot in the grave and the other somewhere that might as well be. The thing is, I don't feel much of anything anymore. Every day is like the last, a crescendo of the most mundane variety, all coming to a head when you finally lay in bed for sleep, haunted with the knowledge that tomorrow, nothing will change. That feeling of being one foot in the grave, the pounding headache, the nausea, the regret, it's almost refreshing. Days, weeks, months of nothing but the same is like a routine that you can't control. The moment you become distracted and thoughtful, you repeat that routine over and over again, and soon enough you are waking up from a dreamless sleep of mundanity that you have no idea how long it lasted. Alcohol allows for a break in that routine, and feeling shitty provides perspective.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, even with apathy. The day after I feel like shit really isn't all that bad. It's almost good.


>can turn an entire uneventful day into a lighthearted adventure. it can turn a hard day into a deep sleep.
Weed does all that way better tbh.


i have my own experience with alcohol, and you have yours. apparently they are very different experiences, but all drugs affect everyone differently so i don't see how that matters

it's also illegal so i've never bothered trying it, and i'm not going to promote something i've never experienced. i don't even know how to obtain weed or the "real drugs" and can't bother learning how to, so alcohol is better for me


I love drugs. I use them everyday in some way shape or form. My favorite is DMT, and MDMA is super nice, room


diphenhydramamine is typically dysphoric, so it takes a certain kind of personality to enjoy them


> but it can be used recreationally on its own as well

if you consider having nightmare hallucinations of spiders on your walls recreational then yes DPH is great fun


I use substances to stay functional

Could you entertain me with a list of what you consume regularly?
Would be appreciated.


File: 1489135922756.jpg (60.88 KB, 600x450, 4:3, gopnik.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to order quite a few illegal drugs of the darknet, mostly weed, but not anymore. It's not very difficult to do, the only real downside is it's a bit time cosuming setting up different account and finding a good website to buy bitcoin off,etc. You probably could get everything set up in a few hours or a day at most if you are willing to do research. Buy drugs off the darknet is better than buying off a dealer in almost every way, but I wont go into that now. The main issue many people have with using the darknet is security. From my experiences and other posts I've read on the internet, it isn't really an issue if you just don't order in large quantities, very regularly or both. Basically to buy off the darknet you just have to install TOR, buy some bitcoins, set up a darknet wallet and probably an account on the website you want to buy drugs off. After this your pretty much done. Pretty simple.



Looks like he has microcephaly.



>I guess if you're particularly concerned about it, go to McDonalds and download it.

Why do you say that?


He says that because if you download from public internet spot like MacDonarudo unsophisticated government monitoring won't be able to put your name on a watch list because they won't know who actually downloaded it.


mixing dph and dxm in a 50/50 ratio is a well known combo that synergizes extremely well


I am thinking of getting Xanax off Darkweb soon. Is Dream Market a good site? Anyone know the most reputably sellers?


Don't do deliriants. They're horrible.
You could try DXM instead but it's still shit because in my case it just made me feel weird with no interesting hallucinations, thoughts or anything


Dream Market works for me. I use it to buy mostly psychedelics so I dunno about xanax sellers. I mostly go for near-perfect rated sellers and psy (especially DMT) sellers are mostly good and genuine people that wont one-time scam you. read reviews, rating and check the forums I would recommend. You can find cheaper stuff with somewhat new sellers but its more of a risk and you might get scamed off your money or even worst they might be police.


I can get cannabis occasionally, usually from a relative for free. To "smoke weed everyday" was a meme once for me, but now it's mostly a reality.
If you had something that made you feel less bad you'd take it, right?
I can't really keep up my demand now, so I usually go through dry periods for a while. I want to start growing my own stuff, that would be the dream, no more worrying about work and money, in fact I'd not need to smoke it so much. Finding people to sell to will be a little difficult but I won't need to sell much to just live and this stuff is always in demand.
It'll be good to get my tolerance down soon too.
I really want to try some LSD and MDMA someday, will check out TOR sometime when I can be bothered.


Wish I could buy drugs off deepweb. Living in a small country where domestic vendors are non-existent sucks.
I could probably get some from international vendors if packeging and stealth is good enough but it would only be a matter of time before LE shows up on my door and fucks everything up.


Marijuana, typically edibles. I get it through a delivery service, which I'm pretty sure is intended for people who are disabled/too old to leave the house and go to an actual dispensary. I want to quit, but it actually helps my back pain and puts me into a dreamless sleep, which is ideal because my dreams are horrible.


>diphenhydramamine is typically dysphoric

all deliriants drugs are


i smoke fantastic amounts of cannabis, all of which i grow myself. its an excellent hobby and twice as fun it you're growing it illegally. pulling off a crime like that is real thrill, makes you feel even better than he drugs do, plus growing your own prevents you from smoking some no-talent grower's pesticide ridden ode to mediocrity.
i also collect psychedelic mushrooms from the wild. not as difficult as is made out to be. any real wiz with internet access should be able to figure it out with relative ease.


How did you get a hold on seeds ?


There are lots of drugs for sale on darkweb in my country, but mail to my city comes mostly by air, which means going through several airports and being scanned/sniffed multiple times. Plus who knows how many of the sellers are police posing as criminals. I'm too paranoid for that.


Not that guy, but the seeds are the easiest part. They're not controlled, and plenty of jackhole liberals just buy them and never plant them. You can genuinely just buy them off the internet. Go to the named forums for growing weed, and you'll find them at the top of the page, advertising.


I wouldn't recommend either of these. Disregarding the questionable high, diphenhydramine has some discouraging and immediate physical side effects, which won't go away for weeks or more after the trip. If you abuse high dosages you will regret it deeply. The hallucinations are legit, though. Same for DXM, except the high is pretty lame, so it isn't even worth it. Don't say you weren't warned


My country is banned on all major sellers. It seems they know that shithole I live in has some serious borders and delivery is just a flip of the coin. Either the package gets in or you get arrested for drug trafficking.


I can second this. Especially if you have an unusual body type like myself, DPH can have strong and unpredictable physical effects. I quit after having a near-death experience about 12 hours after taking 24 Benadryl pills. Couldn't sleep right for months after.


Dph is poison.
It will literally make your life a living nightmare for 6-10 hours.
I am not exaggerating. Look it up, the trip is terrible


anyone tried phenibut?

i was looking for solutions to social anxiety and a lot of normies seem to think this is the perfect cure, but i'm not convinced. every other medication i've tried has done nothing.


I can confirm the potential for this. I tripped on it once. Thankfully it was nor particularly horrific to me, moreso just weird, but it's hallucinations that cannot be told apart from reality and the majority of trip reports I have read involve these hallucinations being of bugs everywhere and shadow people and visions of demons. If your hallucinations happen to be horrific, then truly horrific it will be, and it seems to be the case for most people who try it.

It's literally temporary insanity. Never again will I fuck with it. I consider myself lucky that I did not experience anything too horrific while on it. Don't mess with this stuff.


I have never tried phenibut. It is an analogue of GABA, the main inhibitory nuerotransmitter in the brain. Other ways to increase GABA/inhibitory nuerotransmitters that I have tried and had success with:

>Glycine (acts as an inhibitory nuerotransmitter)

>L-Theanine (precursor to GABA)
>Taurine (precursor to GABA)
>Androsterone (a weak androgen that may increase GABA)
>Alcohol (binds to GABA receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effects of GABA and also inhibits glutamate the chief excititory nuerotransmitter)

Since this is a drug thread, any benzodiazepine (Xanax, Ativan, Valium) will have strong effects on GABA receptors and will definitely be very effective for any anxiety. The potential for addiction and withdrawal symptoms is very high though. If there was no withdrawal or negative side effects with benzos I would probably take them every night to go to sleep. In fact a super low dosage of xanax (.25mg) has been effective for a lot of people when they have no tolerance, though eventually you may need up to 10mg a day to function which is why its a dangerous drug. Benzos taken as needed is pretty safe and can be extremely effective as long as you do not let yourself become addicted to them.


I will occasionally use DXM but it's a hassle buying that stuff, even using the self checkout because you get ID'd and I'd be worried people would catch on.

It's like being super drunk without any side effects. Pretty fun.


can confirm benzos will kill you. I've lived through 2 week long withdrawal periods that consisted of vomiting every half hour. Not sure why I am still alive. just my wizard powers i guess.


I have lorazepam prescribed from a doctor for extreme panic attacks, I take it at least once, sometimes twice, a week and I never get withdrawals


Oyeoyeoye CUNT Chickenscratch me mum on the council est8 m8 >:X

It's interesting coming from the "british people are sophisticated" cultural mindset of Americans, and watching things like this. On one hand, these are some of the cleanest dope fiends I've ever seen. On the other hand, they kinda come off seeming like bitchy faggots. Entertaining, since they're in Northern Ireland. I know a lot of N. Irish like to brag about how badass they are, on the internet. Maybe those are just plastick paddies from Arizona, though.

I've never taken "Pregablin", but I do get prescribed its USA counterpart, Gabapentin. It's fun to play around with, and it puts you in a really nice, dreamy, mindset. You can "lose" entire weeks to that drug, if you're not careful. But when it runs out, you don't run around with your hair on fire. The "junkie" guy here is such a complete joke. His bitching and complaining is ridiculous. The music just makes it even dumber. I'm starting to understand why people think they can just show up to Britain, be total retards, get on welfare, and never work ever. They watch shit like this, and think they'd be a boon to the fucking community.

I'm pretty sure pregablin's actually a pro-drug, too. That means snorting it does less than nothing.


Careful purchasing Xanax. If you don't know someone with a prescription chances are very high that you will get a pressed pill. These are usually pretty good as the chemical that makes Xanax isn't hard to come by, but with any clandestine operation you run the risk of getting bunk pills or pills with a hot spot.

Personally I'm a heroin addict. Any other opiate users here? I feel like it's a very very easy trap for wizards to fall into.

I get my drugs from a dealer I connected with on reddit. Until recently there was a subreddit specifically for finding pill and heroin dealers.


>I get my drugs from a dealer I connected with on reddit.
Wizchan 2017


How else do you advise I make a connection like that? I'm certainly not going to wander the street.


>Northern Ireland

Britain is the Island east of the island of Ireland. People from Northern Ireland are not British.


Walking into a black ghetto and shouting nigger would have about the same effect as saying that in NI.


Irish people are a lot more civilized than your average ghetto nigger.


They're clearly Irish, not British. Part of the UK, clearly. They're as british as the welsh or scots.


My fucking psych says they don't prescribe benzos anymore because they are ineffective. I also told him Glycine was helping me sleep…i had to tell him what glycine was. I was in disbelief that you could get a PhD and still not know that. I dropped him after that.

I really think an as needed benzo would really help me. The thing with me is, if I can't kill my anxiety then i get long episodes that last a good week or more where I'm completely miserable and can't sleep. If I can get to sleep and relax then it kind of puts me in a relaxed/recovery state for a few days or until I get consumed with anxiety again.


I'm gonna try to go through my primary care physician. I know they will prescribe benzos for you. That psychiatrist was a fucking idiot. He said that benzos are proven ineffective and make anxiety worse. Thats all he said…I've never tried them but I've read plenty about them. Yea, if you abuse them and you never had an anxiety problem in the first place, then yes your anxiety will be worse off.


England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland are part of the British Isles. They are all British.


The Irish got three quarters of their country back from England in the 1920s. "Northern Ireland" is considered a separate country that is part of Britain.


Northern Ireland is the north of Ireland, it's not a "separate country." Ireland is the entire country, and NI is just occupied territory belonging to the English. NI is Ireland.


The English are West Germanic, the Irish are Celtic, the Welsh are Brittonic and the Scots are Norse-Celts. England took over Brittany at one point, does that mean that North-West France is British as well?


>Personally I'm a heroin addict. Any other opiate users here? I feel like it's a very very easy trap for wizards to fall into.

Are you that guy who spent a huge part of his money on the stuff? Are you the IT guy who dopes? Is it safe to buy it over the deepweb these days?


Heroin. I know the risks, I know it is ultra addictive, I know about the majority the shit being cut with fentanyl but life isn't going well and I just want to sleep.


You do realise the Britons are/were celts too right? Most English people are culturally Anglo or Germanic anyways and it varies by region. In West country it isn't as prominent.


I didn't imply otherwise.


I usually just mess with stuff that is available easily without the need for tor or a dealer. Kratom, RCs, supplement stacks, and growing my own stuff.


Did a good load of stims, dissoc's, and psychedelics a couple years back. Haven't done anything in the past year because I'm applying for neetbux and want to be clean for drug tests.

Normally I'd recommend staying away from rc's but 3-meo-pcp was a lot of fun when I messed around with it daily. Took a little too much one time and ended up walking around like a zombie, hallucinating and shit. Mom found me and took me to the hospital, then to rehab and she threw away all of my drugs.
I had a lot of fun with LSD and other psychedelics, I wasn't in it so much for the hallucinations but the conceptual thinking part was pretty ace.
I got most of my stuff through the darknet markets and it was really easy but I was weary of how much opsec I should do even if I was just ordering a small amount. There's a lot you can do to cover your tracks but some like the anon above can get away with the bare minimum, using home wifi, tor browser in windows or osx, not tumbling your bitcoins, buying bitcoins with identification tied to account, not using a drop house, etc.


>drink a couple glasses of wine, take a couple shots
>feel absolutely nothing
>go to bed
>next day
>drink just a little bit more than normal
>shitfaced drunk, vomiting everywhere, cant stand up, black out with a huge hangover the next day
I really don't understand



>do you use drugs?

nope. I don't have connections to obtain drugs. i probably would do drugs if i had them available to me.

If i had cocaine sitting in front of me i would be tempted to try it


tramadol everyday, got in bulk from darknet years ago

I was about to really kill myself so I thought 'fuck it, why not become an opiate addict?'. It's keeping me alive for now, but the magic is wearing off, I guess ill have to move up the chain and gradually become a heroin junkie. Have to relearn how to use darknets though, seems a lot less safe these days as it has become too popular and known


Phenibut and adderall is the wizard combo. The phenibut makes you much less anxious and completely removes the bad side effects from the adderall. There's no comedown and no jitteriness. You just feel complete anxiety-free focus for 8+ hours. Then, once you're ready to sleep you can almost instantaneously fall asleep, since the phenibut gets rid of amphetamine insomnia.

Would recommend. Just once a week at max though. You don't want to build a tolerance, or a bad habit.


i want drugs man so badly!! but i dont know how to find any connections in fucking miami without being afraid of fucking narcs. i really want lsd and shrooms man what should i do? i dont know about ordering off the darknet because i live with my parents.


LSD is literally some undetectable pieces of paper. Youll get a standard business envelope, no problem unless they actually open your mail. It's the best thing to buy online


how about shrooms?


I successfully bought some internationally in the country with the strictest customs so it should be alright. Customs dont look for them or do testing for them, unlike heroin/cocaine etc. Harder to find though, and I recommend against international buying. They seem fun to grow yourself if you're so inclined


4-AcO-DMT is a research chemical which has the exact same effects as Psilocybin (the chemical in Shrooms)as it is a prodrug which is converted at the same rate into the same chemical as Psilocybin is converted in to.

Since its a research chemical, you can buy it legally. Look in to it


File: 1512169521271.jpg (135.72 KB, 544x544, 1:1, 1505452536544.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alcohol is the best drug.


Sadly it's gonna be the same with Heroin
For me after a month of daily usage, I didn't get nearly as high anymore and just did it to feel normal and a bit buzzed if you smoke some more

I hate how our brains are set up just to make us suffer, opiates without tolerance would solve all suffering
Although to add with heroin if you dose A LOT to the point of nodding you will still get a decent high but this is how people OD frequently so be careful with that


internet is best drug tbh


File: 1512521549932.webm (488.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Tired.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I had no idea you could legally order marijuana online here in Canada. I mean, marijuana isn't even going to be officially legalized here until July of next year. Assuming the process isn't delayed again, that is. I find it a bit odd that businesses that offer this sort of thing can operate so freely out in the open. And apparently it's been like this for quite a while now (at least, as far as I know). I cringe at the fact that last year I went to the trouble of doing the whole darknet thing, with all the related crap that comes with it (getting bitcoins, using Tails, browsing Alphabay and panicking about the shadiness of it all etc.) all, so I could get a hold of cannabis only to now realize that I could've just ordered some online through normal means and avoided all that extra hassle entirely. Bloody waste of time and effort, but oh well. Story of my life. In retrospect, me ordering weed off the darknet was like traveling to another country just to get a pack of AAA batteries. Other drugs, beyond marijuana, frighten me and I don't see myself ever seeking them out.

What makes it even worse, is that, until finding this out, I was all prepared to go get a prescription for medical marijuana, which would've required one of my parents to take me to either our family doctor or a place called "Bodystream" which, from what I've heard, give out prescriptions like candy. Anyway, after asking my mother when it is we'd be going to do this she pointed out to me after a quick google search that I could just order it online and that I didn't need a prescription at all. Turns out she was right, and I was the one who was completely fucking clueless and almost ready to put myself through the torture of leaving the house when it wasn't even necessary. I'm such a god damn idiot. I'm always fucking myself over and it was mere chance that I managed to avoid it this time. I hate how fucking clueless and incompetent I am. I'm a clumsy, drooling, mongoloid piece of shit. Words fail to describe how little I can stand my own moronic company. I'm useless, I'm high-strung, I'm a klutz. It's a wonder I can even manage to find the toilet when I get up in the morning. I'm the bottom of the barrel and prime fodder for natural selection. I'm always shooting myself in the foot to the point that I almost wonder if I'm subconsciously working against myself at every turn and setting up moments for failure. I'm not proficient at anything and about as slow as a geriatric slug at understanding anything, assuming I can even understand it at all. I'm a stupid, lazy, worthless sack of shit and I'm tired, just tired of being reminded of it every single day by all the stupid fucking things I do and all the empty, worthless thoughts that flow through the vacant desert of my mind. Just an empty cavern filled with cartoon cobwebs.

Also, reminds me of the fact that I've been getting NEETbux since 2012 in the form of $1200 a month and it wasn't up until a couple months ago that again, by mere chance, I managed to find out about 250 extra bucks in benefits that I could've been getting all these years on top of the usual amount just by signing a few simple forms that were about as difficult to acquire/complete as putting on a hat. If true VR existed I would create a virtual copy of myself and then reenact the scene from "There Will be Blood" on myself where Eli lunges at his father Abel for being a brainless, good for nothing oaf who does nothing, but ruin everything.

Anyway, I ordered some high CBD, low THC cannabis the other day known as "Charlotte's Web" from a place called "Terra Cannabis". It came extremely quickly and was packaged quite professionally. A shame that the actual weed itself turned out to be fucking garbage. So far, it's done absolutely nothing for me, which is very disappointing. The weed I got off the darknet last year was a bit overpowering for me, so I thought getting something a bit milder with high CBD content would be a better fit. Turns out I was mistaken, once again. What a surprise. Anyone else here ever try high CBD cannabis? Were your reactions similar to my experience?

For the record, the weed I ordered previously from the darknet was a sativa strain called "Purple Kush" with a much higher THC content.


It's not legal, it's just not an enforcement priority for the cops. High CBD low THC weed is designed to not get you high btw. It's for people who need the CBD but don't like getting high. If you want to get high, order normal weed and just smoke less.



>It's not legal, it's just not an enforcement priority for the cops.

Yeah well, it might as well be. Legal in anything, but name only. Officially legalizing it seems to be nothing more than a formality at this point, but what the hell do I know? Not much. Still makes me a hopeless retard for going the darknet route a little while back when it wasn't even remotely necessary for something as common as cannabis.

>High CBD low THC weed is designed to not get you high btw. It's for people who need the CBD but don't like getting high.

Could've fooled me based on most of the reviews on places like Leafly. Maybe they're all just shill reviews. I don't know. Again, I'm an idiot, so I don't even know how to parse through the bullshit to find real reflections of what I'd be getting.

>If you want to get high, order normal weed and just smoke less.

That's just it, though. I don't want to get high. Like I said already, the THC cannabis was way too overpowering for me. I just want to feel relaxed. I've suffered from acute, reoccurring stress pretty much all my life and I have an extremely high-strung temperament. It's almost everyday I've been grappling with it, completely sober for the last 26 years of my life. Without video games, as infrequent as their effectiveness can be, life would be much, MUCH more difficult. I just want something, so I can relax when I'm really stressed. Something I can depend on to stop the stress dead in its tracks. Like a nice calm, half-drowsy feeling, or something. I just want to finally relax for christ's sake. A mercy that is continually denied to me, it seems.


I am very similar. I havent used weed in about a year because it makes me more anxious. I take tramadol now, a weak opioid. I also had more success with edibles are they were more of a physical couchlock relaxation feeling rather than a mindfuck. If it were available, I recommend opiates and indica edibles


You guys think it's wrong to "steal" medication from my dad's friend? He has a huge prescription for hydrocodone-acetaminophen. He went to the hospital two weeks ago and likely isn't coming back. I'm not going to use up any noticeable amount until I know for sure, but it feels kinda shitty.



And just to add context, he was living with us after having a stroke.


If he actually dies there's nothing wrong with it



>indica edibles

Thanks for the suggestion. I hope I can get something like that, but I don't know. I feel so drained and hopeless right now. I don't know why everything has to be so difficult for me. I'm exhausted just by thinking about it. It'll probably take me days before I can manage to muster enough energy to tackle even a simple search. All while suffering in the meantime. I'm just so tired.


just take it who gives a fuck i wouldnt bat an eye nobody gives a shit about me and being nice and havingmorals never helped me just grab thosae happy pills man I'd do it no doubt if I knew no one would find out I was stealing them.


indica? you mean in da couch


indica? you mean in da cat


in da caliphate, infidel!


File: 1513268649396.jpg (65.15 KB, 260x400, 13:20, 9c9aa0b94403906ba258994510….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

DPH seems to be getting a lot of hate in this thread, but when used in the correct manner it greatly enhances various experiences. By itself it causes-
>Dry mouth
>Fully tangible hallucinations

All you need to do is take something along with it that counters the negative side effects, and for this DXM is absolutely perfect. Go walk into a pharmacy sometime and buy a bottle of robotussin with DXM as the only active ingredient of course and some benadryl. Drink the whole bottle which should be 354mg for the standard size, and then take 350mgs of the DPH too and I promise you will absolutely trip your balls off with none of the negative side effects.

It's almost comparable to mushrooms. Intense, technicolored closed eye visuals, open eye visuals, new thought patterns, etc. It's just not as friendly feeling as psychedelics are, but in no way is there any of the normal doom/dread/evil sensation that comes from taking deliriants alone. Fun stuff, but not something to be done on a regular basis.


that sounds dangerous, I've taken 400mg of dph alone and I was twitching and writhing all over and my heart felt like it was gonna pop out of my chest, dxm increases heart rate too, like a heart attack waiting to happen


I've actually been considering using anabolic steroids/SARMs/related shit

I think I may buy some MK-677 soon.



Hmm, I've never experienced any oddities with my heart at all while on DXM, DPH, or a combo of the two. But of course none of you should just take my word for it, or ever just use a drug blindly. Do your own research here.

Erowid has plenty of trip reports of DXM/DPH combos.


Before being prescribed sertraline aka zoloft, I had not taken anything drug-like. This is mostly because I don't like the thought of being caught, and constantly feeling paranoid. But also I wouldn't know where to look for them. Also I probably wouldn't try anything addictive out of fear.



I get super anxious on everything (even opiates I somehow manage to convince myself I've oded when I've taken 15mg of vicodin every time). I did too small a dose to get into the good zone of dph and that was hell, so it sounds like what you were talking about.

But DXM was different. Zero anxiety or fear whatsoever and I was even able to examine why I wasn't feeling anxious or scared.


What is this guys accent? Like a weird american-australian blend


Yeah, I get them off the darknet. Actual human interaction with a dealer would be awful and probably less safe. It definitely is a pain in the ass to set up and figure out tails, pgp and how to get bitcoins, blend them and put them in your account, but its worth it for being able to get any drug you want with maximum transparency. Make sure you order off an established dealer and buy small quantities and you should be fine getting it delivered to your address. You can do your own extractions for things like dmt and codeine, but for stuff like mdma and lsd you basically have to buy them off someone else, which is a shame because mdma might be my favourite experience possible.


>using clearnet to buy drugs
Are you fucking retarded?


>using clearnet to buy drugs
Are you fucking retarded?>>34643
>Are any other wizzies here into this?


>Just drink
>uses wizchan
>drinks slave brew that weakens metaphysical abilities
Get out.


>getting drunk by yourself can turn an entire uneventful day into a lighthearted adventure
>""wizards"" who are smoking weed (usually with their friends) and never shut up about how fantastic their life is because they smoke a fucking plant
""wizards"" who are drinking alcohol (usually by themselves) and never shut up aobut how fantastic their life is because they drink rotten juice from a fucking plant



>>can turn an entire uneventful day into a lighthearted adventure. it can turn a hard day into a deep sleep.
>Weed does all that way better tbh.
Personally it just makes me feel like a retard who doesn't have the proper focus to do anything productive; can't even be fucked meditating.


>im lazy and retarded so the worst option is better for me
Occam's Razor, everybody.


>If you had something that made you feel less bad you'd take it
Take anti-depressants into context, then reconsider.

>when I can be bothered

Classic potheads.


How do you grow it without getting caught? Or are you not willing to post because it will reveal your tactics.


My state legalized medical marijuana and I think I'm going to try and get a card. I don't know if my doctor is anti drug or not though or what happens if he is. I guess maybe I can try to make an appointment with one of the doctors who prescribes it on my own if he won't give me a referral. I'm looking forward to it. Basically the only thing keeping me going at the moment.


"Medical" marijuana was always just a less controversial way to legalize it. If your doctor doesn't prescribe it to you, you just go to another doctor.


Yeah, it's pretty good, except easy to get sick on if you take too much. Apparently the withdrawal is also really bad, but so long as you take it only twice a week it should be okay. Tolerance is pretty shit as well after taking it for a while.

Give it a shot.


>ireland is british
Go say that in Ireland and have your head smashed in by some nackers who've had too few many cans in them, then get your head stomped in by the normal Irish citizens afterwards too.


>our brains are set up just to make us suffer
>implying it's not the fact that we live in a decrepit, degenerate slave-society


>vacant desert of my mind
Your post clearly proves that your mind is not a vacant desert.


4-Acetoxy-DMT is very good.


File: 1531370314477.jpg (10.32 KB, 375x375, 1:1, remoh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, I vaporize cannabis daily. I live in Toronto and there are a lot of dispensaries which sell high quality cannabis at a fair price ($50 for 7 grams).

You can get salvia in Canada and most US states.

Hawaiian baby woodrose is legal in Canada and USA.

Another decent legal drug in Canada and most of USA is kratom.

I don't trust buying illegal drugs online because when it passes through customs it could be detected which means at the very least it will be confiscated and in the worst case scenario a police investigation will be launched.


im going drug free for a while to better control my thoughts and my anxiety. caffeine is the last drug i need to stop drinking for now.


domestic packages do not pass through customs in most countries


i take morphine sometimes and gabapentin almost every day.
gabapentin is a seizure med that has some off-label uses too like nerve pain relief and anti-anxiety.
i highly recommend both.
morphine is the safest drug there is relatively speaking. it does a marginal amount of liver damage and disrupts the bowels a little. compare to weed that causes cancer and makes you retarded, or liquor that will guarantee kill you.
i have adiction tolerance though so i dont know how bad it gets when youre taking 1000mg a day or anything. i only do about 150mg sometimes, that's my max dose.
as for the gabapentin, i wouldnt be able to have a job if it werent thanks for that. it makes me really happy and i dont stress it when my managers and coworkers fuck with me.
gabapentin will make you retarded if you take it every day though so im trying to cut back.
i get both legally prescribed by doc for carpal tunnel and scoliosis and stiff neck


Why the fuck am i banned i didnt do anything WTF!!!!?


I smoked salvia a few times and it felt like i went through parallel timelines. I was momentarily different people in different context situations. Its a strong drug be cautious with it


I "steal" dxm products here and there. I dont think its wrong. I have limited funds and dxm is what works for me. Normies have their gf/bf and weed and alcohol and money. I need something to do. So i do cough medicine


Ordered some kratom. What am I in for boys?


Opi-rage and salmonella


You can easily get benzos and stimulants for psychiatrists and opiods from general practitioners if you know what symptoms to complain about. Most doctors (in the US anyway) are lazy and would rather write a prescription than anything else.


File: 1535077313834.png (18.42 KB, 300x250, 6:5, skunkwiz2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Whats a good search engine to use that wont block search results for how to use drugs? I'm trying to look up the best way to smoke heroin and other drugs, but every time I search how on google it shows results relating to abusing drugs and drug recovery propaganda shit.


Just go to erowid. Also don't do opiates or the other extremely addictive drugs. They will ruin you.


What drugs should I use then? I wanted to try heroin and lsd. Heroin because I've heard its the best drug and gives you the best pleasure out of any drug, and lsd because I heard its safe. I don't care if I'm ruined since I have nothing to live for.


*cough* *cough* try dxm


you won't get addicted but if you have a lot of mental problems lsd isn't that safe, can mess with your head. It's only good to take a couple of times, not as a regular thing to improve your life. Start with weak opiates like tramadol and oxycodone tablets, so you don't need to worry about injecting. They can be very nice especially while you have low tolerance. Like introductory road to heroin. Benzos are very nice too but probably even more dangerous in an addictive sense - I save them for special events like if i have to go outside, since they help with anxiety.

Worth trying marijuana - it's one of the few things that isn't physically addiction and enhances many people's daily lives. Good if you are NEET to enhance gaming and eating. If you have paranoia/anxiety problems try low doses of indica edibles - i dont like smoking as it makes me anxious but i really like them


I seriously hope you are trolling. Heroin is not the best drug when it comes to pleasure because of its enormous drawbacks and LSD is the most dangerous and unnatural psychedelic substance currently marketed today. Real LSD doesn't even exist anymore so all you'll be getting is 25i which is a garbage tier research chemical from china that has some of the worst long term after effects imaginable.

If you touch either of those substances your life will be irreversibly damaged. Stick a dope needle in your arm and you will never be happy again in your life while partaking in what you might think is "acid" will leave you a broken distorted husk.

If you don't think what I am saying is true I would recommend you go do more research on these two substances than you have ever done in your entire life on anything because that's how big the ramifications are.

>Heroin because I've heard

>and lsd because I heard
What idiot norman druggies have told you is not empirical or proper research whatsoever. If you are willing to listen to hearsay than take this from a wiz whos been dabbling in substances for over a decade, at no point in my entire drug escapades have I or will I ever be even slightly tempted to ruin my life/brain with either of those god awful chemicals.

Like >>45055 said if you have never experienced opiates before then you should stay FAR FAR FAAAAR away from them. It's like adding a 4th requirement to your life outside of water, food and air that will haunt you the rest of your life and it's not because it "feels so good" it's because you are rewiring the brain in a horrible way.


>>45062 is an idiot, disregard all advice

>Real LSD doesn't even exist anymore so all you'll be getting is 25i

bullshit, it's easy to get on the darknet. 25i tastes terrible so it's easy to tell if it's that. Already this shows you don't know what you're talking about.

Many people actually have self-control and research how to create a good set and setting, so they can enjoy some occasional LSD and opiates. Don't assume everyone has the same reactions as you.


Avoid opiates though. Their main problem is that they are so much better than anything else that could possibly exist. Sounds like an advert but it'll destroy what you care about right now. You'll tear up everything just to get more.

LSD is safe in comparison.


File: 1535142873888.jpg (60.22 KB, 580x729, 580:729, monoamine-structure.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>putting unregulated darknet chemicals into your one and only body
stellar idea

Let's say hypothetically the total drug novice who we are advising here magically knows the difference in taste between 25i and acid which would require trial and error potentially exacerbating any mental defects he already has. Ignoring that lets say he gets his noob hands on some top shelf leftover from the mid 1960s acid, how in the world is an accidental psychedelic product that you even admit is only safe to consume a "couple of times" something that this wiz should be starting his journey into the world of drugs with.

Take a look at this picture of natural neurotransmitters as well as chemicals that travel through the same brain channels and tell me which one looks like it does not belong. I know it's easy for you to type out an ego piece online related to your false identity of being a super cool drug abuser and not think about the consequences but saying that the only person in the thread actually telling the ignorant wiz here to do research and not dive STRAIGHT INTO THE DEEP END OF THE DRUG SCENE is an idiot and to disregard all advice just goes to show how short sighted and reckless you are. Its like you don't even know the history of either chemical and can only perceive reality through your own tiny frame of reference. All I want is for fellow wizards to avoid the mistakes that millions of normans make when it comes to substances.


I wish people would watch the phrasing they use when talking about Opiates. To the unknowledgeable it sounds like they are some kind of unparalleled super orgasm that take you into an unmatched universe of pleasure but the reality is far different.

The high from opiates is described by the most seasoned of users as being wrapped in a warm blanket while feeling extremely content. The warm blanket part is not where the danger is held its in that feeling of being complacent. The addictive nature of the drug not only comes from the physical withdrawal associated with long term use known as dope sickness but also the psychological state you enter after where you feel empty or naked without the drug because of that feeling of well being. Opiates are something you can and should live without experiencing as its simply a brutal reuptake cycle with very little in terms of payout.


Drugs affect everyone differently, and these none of these issues are black-and-white, don't miss the subtleties here. I said it not recommend your advice because it only gives one side of the story.

Honestly I think darknet LSD is good quality and easy to find. When you have hundreds of reviews/feedback it is fine. Nobody successfully pretends it is an RC, unlike on the street. He doesn't need to know the taste himself, other people will leave reviews.

I also agree that a novice should not take LSD or heroin. Someone with a propensity to mental illness should be very careful with psychedelics; avoid entirely if you have any genetic link to schizophrenia etc. I "even admit" to recommending it only a couple of times because I do advise caution… Saying quality is not a problem does not mean I advise he goes headfirst into it. Research into set and setting for taking psychedelics is ESSENTIAL, and one must respect taking the chemicals as an important event instead of "lol lets get fucked up and see shit". LSD was probably the most profound experience of my life. It can be the best thing in the world with a good set and setting, or a trip into hell.

I think the warnings against opiates are exaggerated. I must be a special snowflake that can control it without problems? No, opiates are ubiquitous throughout medicine and history. Many people take them without it ruining their lives so don't focus only on the minority of addicts. Most normies don't do any research at all and immediately start taking it everyday and constantly increasing dosage like a non-thinking rat. Withdrawals can be avoided entirely if you taper and are careful to not run out. My opinion is that if you are somewhat confident with you self-control (or regularly think about suicide), then opiates are good. Something like oxycodone could be a reasonable first drug to try, although marijuana is the typical first drug to recommend (unless there is a genetic schizophrenia risk, again, treat it like a psychedelic and start with a very low dosage; most people who have bad marijuana experiences take too much)

If someone knows they are a low IQ idiot, then sure they will fuck up their life, that much is obvious, but they probably won't take the time to read posts like this


So how was it? Full report please.


I need to kill 3 days isolated in my room while my parents have guests over. Thinking about doing DXM again. Any reason not too? I've only done it once a few months ago at 1000mg.


I used to use the darknet for cannabis which did help a lot with coping with depression. It was fairly easy as well once you set it up the first time and I never worried about being caught because the worst that was going to happen was a caution for a first time offence. Now I work in mail order though so I could lose my job if it gets found in the mail. It's incredibly frustrating because like you the idea of having to communicate with a dealer makes my stomach turn. I'm schizotypal as well so any interaction like this especially with dealer types creates a lot of paranoia and unease. I don't have any friends so no way of buying it vicariously either. Now the only coping methods available to me are alcohol and painkillers which are both far less effective and far more dangerous. The logic of it just really fucking angers me.


You could always try buying some seeds and growing some for yourself. The seeds don't contain any THC so they're legal to buy. The important thing is to get a carbon filter and set it up so that the air from wherever you're growing in is constantly being sucked through that filter before exiting. You will also need lights which is another expense, but you can get decent LED grow lights for like $50-60 these days.


Looked into growing but I'm terrible with long term projects like that. Plus I live with my parents so there's no way I'd be able to hide all the paraphenalia I'd need.


File: 1549910687675.png (208.08 KB, 417x431, 417:431, 1548782632164.png) ImgOps iqdb

is dxm actually worth it or not? any wizard here can describe the experience?


Does anyone else get packages from darknet markets delivered to vacant/abandoned buildings? I am a NEET living with my parents and they are suspicious of the packages I receive.


File: 1550128060792.jpg (94.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, h0hFvlV.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

well your asking the right question. i've done it thrice now, 2 grams each time. it doesn't get you high and your not having a hallucinogenic trip. instead its a trip to being paralyzed. any sort of physical pain you are feeling will be gone during the duration. you will be able to move, but it will require a massive amount of willpower to do so. pretty much as soon as the drug hits your going to lay down. you will have a distinctive head throb. if you took gelcaps your going to briefly puke once or twice. its a true dissociative, so you'l basically just mentally inspect yourself the entire time. it will give you a little bit of perspective on how other people see you. the best thing about the drug is it doesn't fuck with your sanity, if anything your saner after taking it. its a good way to pass time for a day.


2 grams? never heard of anyone taking that much. must be quite something. i thought of drinking a bottle of robocough. would that make me puke? i weigh 55 kg and not sure how much to take. i mean theres this site but i dont know what each plateau would give me exactly. one bottle has 450mg i think.


For some reason in July last year I decided to try Benzedrex. I started with maybe a fourth a cotton rod every once in a while but now I'm using at least one whole rod a day. Usually I use one rod and later, another half or so. Usually don't use two at once because it is very uncomfortable. At one time I could go to walmart, buy all the packs they had (usually 6) and I'd be set for a few weeks. Now I end up buying 2-3 packs a day, it seems like. At least they keep it stocked for me.

It doesn't even feel that good anymore. Makes my legs tight and uncomfortable, feel dizzy when standing, heart flutters, can't pee, balls hurt, constipated. If I try to quit, I feel exhausted, and when I go a couple days without, I think about how good it'll feel since I took a break.

I like to think it helps me "get things done" but it really doesn't. I just get really focused on an image board, or porn, or youtube videos, etc.

I should mention I don't eat the cotton, I soak it and drink the liquid.



Are you a succubi?


No. Fuck off.

Hidden packages are common, it's called klad or zakladka here. Not abandoned places, just unexpected or hard to reach.


no, im just short, a little below 5'7
don't pretend to be me.


Yeah I'm fat and 2g is what I needed to hit the 4th plateau. If your going to do dxm you night as well get the full experience and hit the 4th plateau.


Could you specify what you mean by the words in polish, Google returned nothing. Also, if it's not abandoned or vacant, won't someone check the mailbox occasionally?


I'm not pretending to be you, I also weigh 55kg, though I'm taller than most so even more skeletal. The conversation is open, so his very funny and original question prompts everyone to reply.

Delivery has no address, instead coordinates and hints. The word means treasure. People stick packages with magnets to railings, fences, pipes and so on, can bury them in a ravine or someone's backyard, options are imaginative. Occasionally rivals find it first or neighbors notify the police, then the escrow returns your money or the seller offers to deliver anew, but if this happens more than once you get bad history and nobody sells to you again.


Personally I've never done drugs. Read marketplace manuals out of interest. Saw a guy do this magnet thing when I was cutting my way across a block through a yard with rarely used garages. Heard discussions in the university all the time. Don't know if it's done outside Ukraine, but old GTA games might've been the inspiration and in turn had borrowed the idea from some ongoing first world practice.


is kratom really as good as they say?


Not him, but I tried it once and was disappointed.
1. It tastes fucking REPULSIVE and made me puke more than once
2. Had to eat a shit ton for a very small effect



I've heard that is some really dangerous stuff to do in large quantities. Try to switch to something safer like cocaine.


So, any of you guys have exp with nitrous oxide, poppers, and/or other short term low risk highs?


Or you can send it to a patsy(family member, friend of family, "friend" or if you have the balls work) house with their consent but without their knowledge of what's in it. Could still backfire as if questioned and they give you up, but their is still more of a buffer between you and the product.


How do you find a dealer in the suburbs if you're a NEET with no friends, no connections, and no reddit account?
I want to try weed medicinally. I need something now that I'm cutting back on drinking and I don't want anything harder than weed after some bad trips on sleeping pills.


Check to see if you have a local comic book or card shop



There's both game and comic stores nearby.
How do I find connections in one?


talk to them in person.


Just ordered some NO2. Will try a few balloons for my birthday. Will be my first time using any recreational drug. Hopefully it is fun and not a waste of money or will kill me or something.


Can any wiz give me some advice for taking psilocybin mushrooms?

I've already read the following links:

I plan to take 1.5g (first time). For obvious reasons I'm not going to have a sitter. Is this a deal-breaker?


Make shroom tea. It's as simple as grinding your shrooms in a mug and tossing hot water on top.
Add some lemon and honey and it actually tastes good.

If you are worried about bad trips keep some opioids on hand that can be sniffed or consumed.


I only experienced LSD but I suppose it has the same principles of set and setting.

I have social anxiety and found I was totally fine by myself, but I was very sensitive to the presence of others. Conversely to the idea of a trip sitter I had to KNOW I was alone. Small chance your parent might walk into your room and 'catch you' high out of your mind = bad. You need the freedom to be able to walk around a bit and not be interrogated. If you live alone and your anxiety isn't that bad you'll probably be fine. If you live with parents you'd best make sure they're not going to come home so you can get that fear out of your mind


I don't have anyone that can do that.


Stuff arrived and even had a free apricot pit oil sample that I didn't ask for with a ad for a website I probably will never get around to visiting. Still it was a intresting surprise.
Still have to get balloons and I will still wait until my birthday to try it for the first time.
Is it weird that I would have no trouble getting "real drugs" but I am simply uninterested and rather experiment with nitrous?


Well it is my b-day so I gave the NO2 I ordered a try.
It was pretty good. Made me numb in a good way and really uplifted my mood. All my muscles relaxed and my tention faded away. The after effects remind me of the afterglow of a good orgasm only more focused on the upper body rather then the lower body.
Seems like a nice way to start or end a stressful day. Will consume in moderation in the future.
I like it.

I am wondering what to do with the spent carts though. Seems like a waste to just toss em.


I tried some CBD today after reading that it helps people with their anxiety. It seemed to calm me down physically a little bit (that might have been just a placebo though), but it didn't do anything against my avoidant, schizoid thought patterns and behaviors. I may have expected too much from it thought. The likelihood of it turning me into a completely different person was very low. I'm starting to think I'm not anxious at all - at least, not more than average. I might just be a schizo.



Do I have to gain their trust? Join a game night event? I don't want to debase myself more than needed for this.


get drunk and join a game night event.


anyone can help me find LSD shrooms and DMT??? i dont know how to get those items. is ordering online a good idea or can someone mail it to me?


Hi DEA agent. 👋


File: 1555720763809.jpeg (75.15 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 2BCfkBKbeaWmPixwJhSVFmyRx….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


'cannabis withdrawal', not something that's usually talked about. what happens to you when you stop smoking after a while?

If I'm smoking every day (conservatively because I'm poor), say I go through 7 grams in 1-2 weeks, if I have my last small bit that morning by the evening I will be in a bad mood. For the next couple days my appetite vanishes, and I will be in that low mood. Apathy, irritability. I can't enjoy anything. After a few days I'm about starting to feel better.


Nothing happens, except more vivid and memorable dreams for a while


You can buy spores for "research purposes" and you can also buy plant material like mimosa hostilis that contains DMT and it's a simple process to extract it yourself. You just need a jar and a couple of chemicals.


where to find mimosa hostilis on google?
know any good links?


They sell it on ebay. The bark of the roots contains the most DMT.


File: 1558888201917.jpg (58.76 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1500462830916.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Did DXM for the first time ever yesterday. I only did 200mg since it was test to see how strongly it affected me but I had a good time listening to music under my blanket in the dark. I only hit the first plateau but it made the music I was listening to sound much better and I was really immersed in it. It also made imagining stuff much easier. I think I got mild afterglow from the DXM as in music still sounds clearer and better and now I'm also drunk and holy fuck music sounds great.


Have you done LSD or psilocybin?


I haven't but I'm very interested so I will sooner or later. I've been too anxious to order anything from deep web but I care about everything less each passing day so it's just a matter of time now. I could also try collecting some mushrooms from the wild this autumn but that would require a lot of research + I bet drying them would take a while.


Drying is only necessary for storage.
That said I strongly advise against wild mushrooms unless you have gotten in the field mushroom identification training. One little fuck up and it is game over in various bad ways.


I used to smoke a lot of weed and take a lot of psychedelic drugs.
Nowadays, I mostly drink. I made edibles that I take small doses of almost daily, but I don't really enjoy how it makes me so lazy.

I've done a variety of substances, such as DMT, MDMA, LSD, shrooms, 2c-x compounds, etc etc.
I got some 4-aco-dmt, which is available on the clearnet (very easily) and that's one of my favorite compounds ever.

I used to take a lot of psychs on the search for some kind of ultimate truth, or great realization. Nowadays, I sort of take it for the same reasons, but it's mostly just to get fucked up.


I've experienced appetite loss, irritability, restlessness and anhedonia for a couple days after stopping heavy use. The dreams are the only nice part about cannabis "withdrawal" if you can even call it that. From what I understand, withdrawal from just about everything else is much worse and usually includes physical symptoms of discomfort. With weed at least you're just kind of pissed off and bored and not that hungry but otherwise just fine. Despite that, it's amazing how hard it is for me to take T breaks with weed. I just love being high too much and I love vaping weed because it has so many flavors even when my tolerance goes up as long as I can get high I don't mind vaping lots of a tasty strain.


Yeah taking a tolerance break and "weed withdrawals" have got fucking NOTHING on the withdrawals of other drugs.

I was addicted to etizolam, which is an analog to alprazolam (xanax) I believe. I was addicted for barely 5 months, taking it almost daily.

I stopped taking it and ended up not sleeping for 3 days and having panic attacks and finally a seizure at work.

Withdrawals from opiates are supposed to be a living hell. Maybe I sound elitist for saying this, but I lol a bit when people talk about how hard it is to quit smoking weed. Yeah, it's hard to quit anything, but it could be so much worse. So, so much worse.

Please be careful, guys.


Im gonna buy these rc opiate and take a golden dose of You know what I mean. Wish me luck boys


Tried LSD for the first time yesterday and I'm glad I only took half a tab. It was amazing at some points of the trip when I felt happiness which turned into bliss and felt like I was a child again, if that makes any sense. Most of the trip sadly only intensified my anxiety and self hatred and I was sweating so much my shirt was wet. I'm gonna try it again some day but I will get drunk before taking the LSD since I doubt I'll be able to keep a happy mindset without alcohol.


don't get drunk before taking LSD. you're more likely to get nauseus, and it'll dull the trip so you won't trip as much.

just try it again, though. it's normal for an LSD experience to be a real rollercoaster of emotions. just take it for what it is and "enjoy the ride" as they say


take the lsd alone by itself just enjoy the ride and actually feel your emotions.


On my first (and only) psilocybin trip, taking a baby dose of 0.5 dried grams, I felt some intense anxiety and sweating, just like you describe. Is there anything I can do about it, or are anxious personalities doomed to not being able to enjoy psychedelics?


low doses are much more likely to be bad in my experience. With a high dose you are more likely to give in and submit to 'letting go' of your daily anxieties. Once you reach ego death you're no longer the person who has those life problems.
However it does take wisdom and certain situations to be able to create a safe space for yourself. If you have to hide from other people in your house or fear that they might come home suddenly then it can be hard


Ritual preparation to get into the right mindset is helpful. For me that involves cleaning everything really well, taping blankets to the walls and lighting candles. I think the cleaning is the key part. It's unusual for me to do and I kind of live in some level of filth generally but knowing I am going to take psychedelics makes me want to get my environment pleasing to me, and once I've put in the effort to do that, it puts me in a good mood to start the trip. I also needed to do it while both my parents were gone, another rarity, but I don't need to be worrying about that, anything you can do to diminish possible anxieties in your environment. I would try to go in with zero expectations and just see where it takes you. You know that the worst that will happen is you have an unpleasant experience until the drugs wear off so you have little to fear.


Fuck I just tried some salvia extract 40x. It was really strong. I inhaled some, started coughing because the smoke was hot, but it still fucked me up. I forgot who I was, the keyboard light looked like trees and the pipe looked like a giant trashcan connected to a metallic tube, it was enoromous. I felt the trees in my keyboard. I forgot I was human, I thought I was a tree in my keyboard, but forgot the word for tree. Then I remembered I was a human, but wasn't sure what it meant. The salvia, the trees in my keyboard and the pipe were all looking at me and listening to me. Like judgmentally, they were mocking me. What a weird drug. I have the 80x extract as well, but I'm pretty fucking scared to smoke it. I have two grams and it's too much for 10 people to smoke it. What a waste of money. This is one hellish drug. I would give it to my enemies and laugh at them when they get confused and scared.


I'll try taking a whole tab next time but I think I'm gonna need to order benzos from somewhere since I'm scared I'll have a panic attack or something and at least with the half a tab it made all my anxious thought patterns much worse.
Tried mixing half a tab with 600mg DXM yesterday and they seem to boost each others effects so I felt no anxiety due to the dissociation from it. The visuals were also boosted but the trip wasn't really introspective, it was more recreational so depending on what you want from your psychedelics it might not be a good idea. Yeah and also if you have no experience with DXM try it alone before mixing it with other substances.


One time I did salvia it wasn't 40x it was lower number. But I smoked it and thought i was the pink panther my whole world became me slinking around on a windowsill with a giant spotlight on me and the pink panther theme going when I came back to reality I was slinking around the room and shouting random gibberish LMAO. Strange drug. That was the only trip I've had on it


File: 1573369710471.jpg (96.65 KB, 859x606, 859:606, 20191103.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Food is my drug.

But seriously I should cut down on my Monster & coffee; all those stimulants can't be good even if they are legal.


adding opioids to a mushroom trip helps with that


>finding a vendor when no one is allowed to discuss vendors online
>dealing with real people
I have done no drugs in the last five years or so. That was last I knew a guy that'd bring it around me so I could buy it from him. He moved and I'm not keen on talking to actual drug dealers with haggling and such.

It occurs to me that cbd can cycle into thc though, and other things like extraction of lsa from morning glory I can do, so I have no real reason to care. I have no money though, so I can't make anything. I wish I lived in a better time or better place. I miss when headshops had drugs in them.


<3 coffee
Can't go back to instant…


Chilli is my drug of choice


If i buy an Amazon giftcard from G2A and then use this to buy bitcoin on the site "paxful" This would make it hard to trace it back to my creditcard, right?


You could probably buy a giftcard with cash at a store somewhere and trade if for bitcoin like that. That would be very very hard to trace I think.


File: 1576020430106.jpg (81.74 KB, 1024x757, 1024:757, oxycodone-1024x757.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 25 and I was a NEET since I was 16. I stole a 30mg Oxycodone from my grandma in April and I felt the most profound sense of happiness I had ever felt, my mood tends to stay around a 4/10, but this stuff made me an 11, seriously, that's how good I felt. I ended quitting NEETdom and getting a min wage job just so I could buy more. Once it gets too expensive I plan on switching to heroin. I fucking love this stuff.


You realize this is how people end up homeless sleeping in the back alley, right?


Stop making generalizations, sure *some* people can end up homeless, but others can be successful (just google functional heroin users). I mean look at me, I've been using daily since April, I'm up to 70mg (used rectally) a day, and I work 6 days a week just fine. In the morning I take a small 10mg dose to stop withdrawal, then a larger 60mg dose in the evening. The only way I can see myself going homeless is if my job starts drug testing me.

Sorry for ranting, I'm just sick of this D.A.R.E propaganda.


Switzerland has a state-supported cohort of heroin addicts and they are functional, productive members of society ( https://www.northcarolinahealthnews.org/2019/01/28/switzerland-fights-heroin-with-heroin/ ). It is the illegality of the drug that often makes people lose everything, not simply taking it. It's basically just another drug, like alcohol or tobacco.


File: 1576087036332-0.jpg (82.75 KB, 500x628, 125:157, 9iH5oNw.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1576087036332-1.jpg (888.77 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1024px-Drug_Chart_Color.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1576087036332-2.png (103.79 KB, 1920x920, 48:23, 1920px-Drug_danger_and_dep….png) ImgOps iqdb

Some nice drug charts.


File: 1576090312453.png (605.87 KB, 498x498, 1:1, 651561561.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

So long as you are willing to deal with the sickness when it comes around and aren't addicted to the point where you would sell yourself for drugs then being a high functioning drug addict is no big deal.

Id suggest finding a 5 day detox within travel distance so just incase your supplier runs dry or you're broke you can get through withdrawals with hardly any suffering.


File: 1579958939277.jpg (62.68 KB, 422x600, 211:300, 1418410729507.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Weird reading back on this post now. In Spring of 2018 I ordered some Phoenix Tears (pure THC concentrate), which essentially melted my fucking brain and I was pretty much panicking the whole time I was under its influence. Kinda funny because my mom actually took some herself a few days afterwards, simply out of curiosity, and had literally the exact same reaction to it. My mom has an interesting perspective, since she took LSD once as a teenager and, according to her, was too delirious to feel anything. The THC oil, by contrast, had her pretty much convinced she was about to have a heart attack and die. Anyway, following on from that I grappled a bit with bouts of derealization here and there, but it ended up fading after a couple months. I then tried vaping some low THC weed I got from Terra Cannabis, but experienced intense anxiety & dread and hated every moment of it. I threw all my marijuana related shit in my closet and didn't touch it at all, until just around the middle of last year when I felt like giving vaping one more try, but, once again, I felt intense anxiety & panic. I then threw it all back into my closet, up until a few weeks ago where I just gave everything to my brother to sell on an ad website and I ended up getting $140 for it.

At this point, I've thoroughly given up on the notion of ever being able to enjoy anything, especially weed. I just can't handle it, the same way some people can't handle liquor. Funny because I've never actually drank any alcohol either, but it's an appropriate comparison to make either way.

As an aside, I'm kinda shocked people haven't ended up dead or in accidents over weed. Yeah, I had a really negative reaction to it, but I'm sure many others will, or have, as well, potentially leading to situations that may cause harm or injury.

Anyway, I guess I'm just doomed to a life of cold, painfully boring sobriety. Weed was essentially my last silver bullet against combating the chronic & absolutely crushing sense of anhedonia I've harbored for years now, but that silver bullet turned out to be made of fucking cheap tin and exploded right back into my face. Oh well. Funny how retarded & useless I am, isn't it? Ha ha.


Tried ketamine for the first time yesterday.
Didn't take very much, maybe 80mg in 3 separate doses, but it was pretty cool.
It felt like a slightly psychedelic alcohol where I was very relaxed and anxiety free but where my mind was nearly as sharp as it is when I'm sober. Listening to music was pretty disappointing since although it sounded a little better it wasn't even as good as it is on weed.
It was great for watching a movie though, I watched fear and loathing in las vegas and I was very immersed in it, it kind of felt like I was inside the movie and that I moved with the camera. The duration of each dose was very short but I'm assuming it's longer on higher doses.
The afterglow is amazing though. I haven't felt that depressed lately but just like a 3rd plat dose of DXM would, it has removed the mild depression that I have always felt since early teenage. It will probably only last for a few days just like DXM afterglow does but it's always nice knowing that there is something that can make me kind of happy even if it's just for few days.


I have kinda wanted to try it since I like NOS but haven't been curious enough to go out of my way to get my hands on it.


Please , would you explain with great detail how the delivery goes. How is the item packaged? Was the expected item somehow hidden? What was written on it as a sender address? And so on.


If that works , yeah. I doubt it that it does. Usually they do everything in their power to make everything traceable. So even if for some reason they have missed that option the danger remains with the delivery itself. The actual real thing when you get it is the proof of committing the crime. I do not understand how the delivery goes. Are all packages scanned and screened? I can not get it at all.


The sender address is always fake. The packaging depends on the vendor, but most of the time it's not even hidden well, like a small cardboard box with a baggie inside. I have no idea how it gets through.


just use localmonero.co


The key imo is finding ones that are not considered illegal and growing them at home, these are usually commonplace psychidelics. Mescaline can be extracted from cacti that people commonly grow in their homes, you can easily get high from dried fly agaric mushrooms, etc…


Nice try FBI


The FBI doesn't care and the DEA already know how all it's done.


Does anyone know if benzos can fuck your life up like how alcohol does, been kicked out of places because of drinking, had embarrassing moments and can't do it in moderation


Pretty sure benzos are a way harder drug than alcohol. So if you can't handle liquor, there's little chance you can handle them.


The dangerous part about benzos is that they make you give no fucks. So that could lead to you doing embarassing or illegal things. Also there is a chance of amnesia (just like in alcohol).
For me, I'd say, benzos are the more dangerous drug.


I don't like alcohol nor tobacco. Some years I plant cannabis, and then I smoke weed (with tobacco) for some months. Most years I don't.
My life is shit, so adding thc makes it much more bearable, but it's the same shit: waiting for something looking at the wall. With cannabis my daydreams get really grandiose, and after some days thinking the same I end up wanting to do things - which are out of my abilities, so in a way makes me more frustrate. Although it's been years since escapism don't work for me, when I smoke I can tolerate playing lol, yet my mind doesn't escape from reality, but times passes. Eating low cannabis dosages helps me to do stuff while not getting high - writing things down mainly. But then it makes me really hungry, which I don't like (smoking it doesn't makes me crave for stuff).
The good thing of weed is that when I got really anxious, usually two times a week, a joint stops it. If I don't have weed I end binge eating, which makes me feel horrible and just keep alive anxiety for longer.

I haven't tried anything else mainly because I wouldn't know how to get them, I'm from Europe, and mainly because I don't have money nor self-control. The only ones I'd like to try some day are dxm, mushrooms and heroin - but since everything in the life hasn't meet the expectatives, I think I'll die without trying them.

One time I grew mushrooms, but doing a new thing is really a chore. I left them in a cheap hermetic pot. 3 years later one day I get in the mood for them, but they weren't well preserved, so I didn't bother and went to the trash.


BENZOS make you not give a fuck about anything pretty good for social anxiety but abusing them will lead you to have panic attacks if you suddenly stop taKING them. ALSO THEY fuck up your memory pretty badly.


How do you guys get your BTC? I ran out and apparently all the BTC atms in my country now require ID verification so if a package gets caught I'd be fucked. Same seems to be with pretty much all the websites I found selling BTC. Even the p2p ones have notes in the seller information about requiring an ID.
Benzos are a good anxiety medicine when not used often but if you have a problem with alcohol I'd recommend not touching them. The tolerance to them builds much faster and the withdrawals last much longer and are more likely to kill you than alcohol withdrawals. The post acute withdrawals can also last from months to years. I personally feel like alcohol is more addicting but benzos fuck up your life more if you really do get addicted to them.
For me cannabis is fucking amazing. I mean sure I like the way it alters my thinking, the way it enhances my emotions, the munchies and whatever but the main reason I like it is because it makes me live in the moment. No more thinking about social fuck ups from 10 years ago and no more worrying about the bleak future. Just full focus on the present which doesn't feel that bad when I have good food and my computer for endless entertainment.
>The only ones I'd like to try some day are dxm, mushrooms and heroin
DXM is available OTC in most pharmacies in most countries and is pretty cheap. I suggest starting out with smaller doses and getting a feel for it before taking something like a plat 3 dose. You can find calculators online which count the dosages for your weight.
Mushrooms are cool. Remember not to touch cannabis while on psychedelics since it will make the trip much more intense.
Don't touch heroin unless you intend on dying. Some people can get away with trying it once but you said you don't have any self control and opiates do fuck up people even with great self control and good lives.


Is it safe to take 2mg Valium with 2 beers?


>How do you guys get your BTC? I ran out and apparently all the BTC atms in my country now require ID verification so if a package gets caught I'd be fucked.
So much for the anonymous libertarian currency.


BTC isn't even private at all. It's a traceable public ledger. You're a fucking retard if you don't use Monero instead when you need privacy. Just use localmonero.co or Bisq


Should I snort Ritalin? How much should I snort? How dangerous is this?


Yes even 10mg would be fine with 0 tolerance


Does weed actually help with anxiety? How is it that some people say it calms them down and then others have to go to the ER after using it?


Is anyone too retarded/unwell to do all this dark web shit? Maybe it would be good to experiment with certain stuff to see if they'll make me feel normal mentally but I just don't have the energy for this bullshit, I'd have to get a fucking laptop because I can't use TAILS on this device etc. I'm thinking maybe just accepting if I can't find a link IRL for something it's not meant to be because it's been a couple of years and I haven't done anything with the dark web


I feel the same way, anon. Still don't understand bitcoin or how it is exchanged with real money. What if I don't have a bank account and can't wire it into one of those transfer things? I'm thinking if I'm ever going to get drugs, it has to be irl. I'm looking to travel to SF, Portland, or Seattle, US cities that have effectively legalized heroin. I want to get fent so I can kill myself and I'm sure it's easier talking to some antifa hobos than blacks who would stab me on sight. Don't have to worry about law enforcement in those cities, I hear people shoot up in the street in front of the courthouses and shit on the streets with impunity. I'll save money for a clean airbnb room, then after checking in, go hunting for some black tar or whatever and pray it kills me in an overdose.



how do you not have a bank account in 2020?

I understand it's confusing for people that arent into tech much, but I can't imagine meeting some dangerous normalfags instead of spending a few days learning.

It should be noted that most things are just adding extra security. If you're too lazy to learn about TAILS and encryption etc to the point where you'd meet dangerous people IRL, then just lower your security and use tor browser in your normal operating system. Low security darknet is safer and easier than hobos IRL


if you don't have a bank account you can purchase BTC in cash from a dedicated ATM which will deposit to your wallet (use electrum) by flashing a QR code, pretty simple. there used to be and probably still are active exchanges which facilitate in person meetings under the same principle…but i would just say don't kill yourself; instead, figure out a way to make life harder for the privileged elite. At least, that's what I'd like to see more of in this world.


The chance of getting caught by law enforcement online is higher than walking up to hobos in Seattle and just asking for a "hit" or whatever, in my estimation. Feds are evil and local cops are just stupid usually.
>how do you not have a bank account in 2020?
Never worked, all my money comes as cash or gift cards from family members during Christmas. Why would I need a bank account? All I buy are games at gamestop or steam and soda at 711. I figure schizo antifa meth hobos in Seattle don't care to judge me, especially if I show up in cheap ratty clothes (which is what I always wear since I don't buy new ones). Have the same shirts from middle school and I'm 25. It sounds way easier to
>take greyhound to a city, $20-50
>pay for a night in airbnb with giftcards, $20
>walk around looking for it
>spend $100-200 and take it back to airbnb to die
I don't know, I've met homeless before and they might ramble a lot but 9 out of 10 times they're harmless and when they aren't, they are usually just breaking windows or pissing on cars, nothing that bad like stabbing random people. That's pretty rare and I have nothing to fear, considering I just want to die anyways. Way safer than ordering online and getting it intercepted by feds and waiting for a SWAT team to smash through the windows and shoot my dog and mother.
What's a QR code? How would I carry bitcoin in my wallet, I thought it was electronic? Sorry anon, sounds weird and sketchy. I'd rather go the old fashioned route. Even if I successfully figured it all out, I'd spend weeks in anticipation, wondering every day and night if they're going to bust into my house and kill me and my pets.


>What's a QR code? How would I carry bitcoin in my wallet, I thought it was electronic

something something poe's law something


I'm 53378, I'm not from the US but idk why you think drug addicts/homeless people would be antifa, lol, but yeah, at the moment I'm an alcoholic trying to stay clean because I don't need more humiliation in my life from stupid shit I could potentially do, although I've found out that vaping while drinking seems to make me less likely to completely black out, because I've managed to drink a whole bottle of vodka throughout a day while vaping and still stay conscious, maybe it's a coincidence, I don't like nicotine while sober because it makes me nervous but maybe that's a use for it. I tried to buy something IRL once, worked the courage up to talk to a homeless person by drinking, turns out they wanted a different thing to what I wanted, still went with them to the person selling, paid for their stuff, they just walked away, basically got my money taken from me, should've paid for their stuff then got the person selling's number, but was too fucked up to think of doing that, then ended up blacking out in the middle of the street.


Does anyone know if it's a good time to look for stuff IRL by asking the homeless with the virus around, is there a drought, and should you ever go into a house/apartment if the person leading you to it tells you to go there?


> you ever go into a house/apartment if the person leading you to it tells you to go there?

If you need to ask this stuff, don't bother.


Lol I wish I never asked that shit now


File: 1590504187683.jpeg (34.44 KB, 299x168, 299:168, 5031FF8A-4258-4E00-A30E-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm currently on:
Olanzapine (Zyprexa)
Fluoxetine (Prozac)
Diazepam (Valium)
Methylphenidate (Ritalin)
Gabapentin (Neurontin)

Which of these should I drop? Which should I keep taking? Thanks wizzies.


Should I take 60mg methylphenidate? What should I do while on it?


Don't ask wizchan for your inane life choices


asking about inane life choices is this entire premise of this website.


dont take it be sober mate.


Thanks man, I just took my regular dose.


i thought it was beating off to trannies and learning how to rope yourself


well those sound like pretty inane life choices to me, so it's not mutually exclusive.




lright I'm gonna give you a quick TLDR of things, I wrote a really long post about this then the website refreshed and it got lost and I don't feel like rewriting it, sorry.

Download tor and research how to set the maximum security settings, try to use a VPN (I didn't for 2 years and ordered countless things and nothing happened BUT you can't be too careful), ALWAYS KEEP TOR UPDATED ALWAYS, never browse in full screen as well.
I use electrum to manage my bitcoins and coinbase to buy them.
I use darkfail (https://dark.fail) to find links and I think empire is probably the best site on there, but you can always do research and find the latest and greatest, but empire has been old trusty for me. It has a bitcoin wallet on it but only deposit as much as you want to buy, don't leave coins on there for longer than a day, prices fluctuate and currency can devalue, sometimes sites can go down unexpectedly and the smaller markets sometimes exit scam which is basically stealing people's money. If it's your first time try to find a highly rated vendor, it might be a little more expensive but the expertise and trust is worth it.
My final point is always be nice to the vendors when you send them message, say thanks to them as well, politeness will get you free shit sometimes ( I'm not even kidding on this one, you sometimes just get a few extra surprises here and there, remember these people sell illicit substances for a living so when someone is legitimately nice to them it probably breaks the monotony and feels good to them)

As some food for thought now you have tor installed explore the dark web it's full of interesting weird shit and general paranormal stuff. If you can't find any you can always use a random link generator till you find something cool.



Any online communities/websites I can go to that will let me know the street value of amounts of drugs in the UK/Ireland, slangs for the amounts, why people put drugs in their mouth after buying them, will I get arrested if I OD on heroin and have the paraphernalia around, general stuff you should know, etc. basically a guide for a socially inept retard to buy drugs IRL.

I feel like if I go into it unprepared I'll get ripped off or arrested, or both.


Don't buy IRL if you're a "socially inept retard", use the darknet


Thanks for the advice, 'oh you're a retard? Well just buy a laptop, install Linux, learn how to use Linux, set up a wallet, learn what PGP is, research darknet markets, get TAILS, plus another thousand steps I'm not telling you about and you'll be good to go just lift bro'


Better than being in jail


Even if you just use tor browser on windows it's safer than meeting junkies irl. Tails, pgp, linux etc isn't strictly necessary


tails is very to use, as is obtaining bitcoin

that's all you have to do


File: 1594505973255.jpg (56.96 KB, 855x606, 285:202, IMG_20200709_163602.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got my hands on some Amphetamine, For productivity purposes.

I've done up to 80mg in 20mg bumps over the course of a whole day making sure i was focused on the tasks i set out for myself, Shut down all distractions. This stuff worked like magic, I've never felt so focused and engaged in a task in my whole life, I still had my usual intrusive thoughts but it was very easy to just brush them aside and i wasn't spacing out like i usually do, As if everything not directly related to the task i'm focused on ceases to be a distraction yet i remain capable of being aware of it.
Surprisingly i had almost no hangover, I heard uppers have horrid hangover but once the last dose wore off i had about an hour where i felt mentally tired (no shit, I was reading a book for 8 hours straight) and just wanted to lie down, After which i just went back to normal.

I can see how people can get really addicted to this stuff, It does have this warm euphoric feeling to it and your motivation and confidence skyrocket all of a sudden, I'm going to have to be very careful with using this stuff because i do feel slight cravings to do more.


If you really want to buy from the streets try bluelight for the prices etc.
As >>54216 said it's safe enough to just use tor on windows. You should use PGP for encrypting your address though. It is very simple to use it and honestly you don't even need to understand it. You just need to know how to use a program that can do it for you and that's just few clicks really. I'd recommend you search for a guide on how to use one.


Another thing to be aware of is if you don't cycle the productivity effect wears off and you just get really focused on anything but the actually thing you need to be productive on.
At least that was my exp when on it for ADHD.

As for hangovers it is all in the dose and length of use. Shit catches up with you much faster then you would expect.


you could've got all those effects from a strong coffee


The effects and feeling of caffeine and amphetamine are totally different especially in how they feel and the results one gets when on ether.


alright…so how does it feel to smoke your meth and then huff ether?


If you are going to be a dick you can just leave.


what? you're talking about mixing meth and ether, why are you freaking out now? ? is it the drugs?




File: 1595080419106.png (2.19 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just bought Kratom on an website
It will arrive in 4 days


Kratom is wonderful, truly a remarkable plant. One bad thing is that the strength can vary a lot depending on the source. With some companies I've felt almost nothing at all, or just felt sick, but with others I've consistently had great results. So if you're new to it just know that you may have to shop around a little until you find something good.


Anon would you be content with opium?

If you live in a house and you can some pots and plant poppies…


Kratom was a waste of my $50 and just made me sleepy. Good marijuana is much better


File: 1596473245791.jpg (107.32 KB, 768x418, 384:209, kratom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thoughts on kratom? Any strain recommendations?


I liked it, I forget what strain I had, maybe like red dragon or something, but it made me feel alert and focused


Not convinced it isn't a meme, it gets touted for all sorts of purposes and is loved by certain Facebook moms, everyone seems to have a different report on what it does to them, which is often vague. Seems like a barely psychoactive substance that is borderline placebo and trendy. My own non-drug knowledgable/non-drug using mother got on the Kratom train for a minute because she got convinced by housewives in some Facebook group that it would be good for chronic pain issues. When it didn't do jack shit the group members who sold it would always have an excuse.

Smells like bullshit, would try it if I got it for free just to see what it can do myself. Not paying for it, and if all it does is like what >>54667 says, makes me feel alert and focused, then fuck that, I prefer the other direction if anything with drugs because a sharp mind is no good when its only practical use is endlessly cutting itself.


Tastes like shit also, gag-inducing literally


>Seems like a barely psychoactive substance that is borderline placebo
no, it definitely isn't, it's actually pretty addictive, was almost like amphetamines for me, only reason I didn't get any more is because I dont have any income so I didn't want to get totally hooked once I run out of money

you have to mix it with fruit/vegetable juice, it completely cuts the flavor of it and makes it palatable


Can you use tails and once you're done with it go back to your normal OS on a 4gb RAM PC?


yes, it runs on a USB stick


I asked because a guide said you'd want an 8GB RAM laptop if you want to run tails and windows, what is that all about?


gonna start trying to find psilocybe mushrooms on pastures
i dont get why people say it's impossible for beginners to tell them apart from wrong mushrooms
seems manageable with the tons of guides on the internet

my only fear is trespassing onto pastures and getting caught


Yeah don't die anon, and film your explorations and post back


now i know why there was white powder in my mail box one day
someone must have given my address for a dark market order
it really wouldn't be high risk since there's like 100 mail boxes in one place
they tried fishing out the coke or whatever, and while doing that the package ripped open
on the inside of our mail boxes there's a sharp thing that i think is there for exactly that purpose so that people wont steal mail, not sure though


What drugs have you guys been doing? I've been doing a lot of 3 meo pcp, its a lot of fun.

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