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I was watching this random documentary about agriculture and it occurred to me that documentaries are really easy things to lose yourself into, so I thought about creating a thread to share and discuss any interesting documentary about anything that might be entertaining.

Documentaries can get political so try to tone it down and not argue their ideological merits here if it comes to that.


The Risky Life Of Lumberjack


Trinity And Beyond (the atomic bomb movie)

it's decades worth of nuclear weapons test footage with creepy orchestral background music and shit

gives a real sense of how beautifully horrifying nukes are

I can't wait to get nuked myself :)


I'm a huge Louie Theroux fan. I recommend everyone to watch the one on autism where a guy reads loads of "Underground comics" That focus on incest.
I think its called "Extreme love Autism"



I'm watching it right now, looking interesting. Thanks for recommending it.


Seconding Louis Theroux. If you like his style, I would also recommend Terry Jones, who makes a lot of historical-themed documentaries with a comedic twist.


I really liked Crumb. It's about famous artist Robert Crumb, his life and art and family. Whole family is pretty eccentric and kind of interesting. I found it an enjoyable watch, especially the parts with his wizard brother Charles who killed himself before the film was released.

I actually found out about this doc here on Wizardchan, a few years ago and I'm glad I did, so it's only right I think to pass it on again to others who might not know of it. Whether current year Wizardchan users will appreciate it or not I can't say but I'd suggest giving it a chance if you are bored. It can be found online including a shitty version on YouTube with weird lighting to avoid copyright.

Clip is of Charles, Robert's older brother who was a NEET Wizard that lived at home with his mother until his suicide, just reading books all day.



File: 1497810629787.png (425.04 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2016-09-08-09h35m5….png) ImgOps iqdb

Charles Crumb is one of the few wizards I have ever seen media about.

"Paul dans sa Vie" is another documentary of someone I highly suspect is a wizard.


In towns and cities across Pakistan, tens of thousands of vulnerable young boys have become the victims of paedophile predators who seem to have nothing to fear from the law. It’s an open secret that few acknowledge publicly and even fewer want to do anything about.

In a society where succubi are hidden from view and young succubi deemed untouchable, the bus stations, truck stops and alleyways have become the hunting ground for perverted men to prey on the innocent. In one survey alone, 95% of truck drivers admitted having sex with boys was their favourite entertainment. At the main bus terminal in Peshawar, a makeshift hostel for drivers passing through is set up every evening with around twenty beds lying side by side. Some are occupied by men, some by boys, and some by both. Most boys have been procured by hostel owners like Hassan Deen: “When a kid is wandering the streets alone, we lure him in by telling him we’ll give him some food and a place to stay. Then we pass them on to the drivers.” In return for a pittance, the men can have sex with as many boys as they desire.

Pedestrians stroll by as though nothing is amiss and police say they’re too busy fighting terrorists to have time for the children. Forever damaged and with no hope, many of the boys turn to drugs to numb the pain and sorrow.

One of the boys we feature is 13-year-old Naeem. Having been gang-raped by four men when he was just 10, Naeem is now a child prostitute and abuser of younger boys himself. As he says: “Sometimes I wish I’d never been born.”

“It’s one of the most sad and shameful aspects of our society. I have to say I’m totally embarrassed by this” Imran Khan, world-famous cricketer and leading Pakistani Politician.


Sex truly is the root of all evil. Normalshits so desperate to feel good for a few minutes they'll ruin thousands of lives over it.


>Parents plop out kids
>Kids are forced to grab trash for foam peanuts and plastic
>Eventually kid gets raped by Muhad Al Jee and becomes full time prostitute
>Muhads still claim they're faithful to the religion that strictly forbids the shit they're doing
>"It's not our fault we're just frustrated :("

Nuke this planet, holy shit.


The best documentary series I have seen is The World at War. It was made in 1973 by the BBC, and as you might have guessed it is about World War 2.

No other documentary beats it on the subject. It takes a very non-biased and broad approach, covering fronts that are normally ignored in most documentaries. Such as the beginning of the Sino-Japanese War in 1937 and the Burmese front among others. The guests on the show are also great. Almost every other documentary I have seen on WW2 just has a bunch of old Americans talking, but this show brought in people from all sides of the war. Including officers who fought for Germany and Japan, as well as some big stars like Karl Dönitz. It had the advantage in 1973 of a lot of the wars major players still being alive.

Well I could say more, but I'll let you watch it for yourself. It is ultra comfy too.


Is it up somewhere besides YouTube? The Jewey nature of YouTube bending over for copyright shit has made it so much of the episodes are forced to do that "actual video takes up one third of the screen in the corner" shit to get past the auto detection crap, and it's bullshit to try and watch videos like that.

None the less thanks for the recommendation.


Sorry, I have no idea. I torrented it years ago.


Just watched this documentary about batteries. It was more interesting than I imagined, it shows a bunch of technologies that are developing and that I didn't know existed.


I second this. It's amazing. Download it with torrents, it's worth it to get the good quality, as the footage is phenomenal. Also, as the other anon said, you have insight from people who were directly involved with the aspects of war - Karl Donitz, Albert Speer, Traudl Junge, etc..


An interesting and depressing documentary (Vice, I know…) about the futility of the US war in Afghanistan.


>The Mark of Cain documents the fading art form and “language” of Russian criminal tattoos, formerly a forbidden topic in Russia. The now vanishing practice is seen as reflecting the transition of the broader Russian society. Filmed in some of Russia’s most notorious prisons, including the fabled White Swan, the interviews with prisoners, guards, and criminologists reveal the secret language of “The Zone” and “The Code of Thieves” (Vor v zakone).

>The prisoners of the Stalinist Gulag, or "Zone," as it is called, developed a complex social structure (documented as early as the 1920s) that incorporated highly symbolic tattooing as a mark of rank. The existence of these inmates at prisons and forced labor camps was treated by the state as a deeply kept secret. In the 1990s, Russia's prison population exploded, with overcrowding among the worst in the world. Some estimates suggest that in the last generation over thirty million of Russia's inmates have had tattoos even though the process is illegal inside Russian prisons.


>Ivy Dreams is a documentary about 4 high school seniors in 05-06 tracking their journey through Senior year and the college admission process to Ivy League universities. It shows the pressure that Asian parents put on their children in an effort to make them succeed.


Interesting documentary on Henry Darger and his life and art. Has narrated sections of his journals and other writings as well as anecdotes from people who knew him.

I know I am not alone on this site in my admiration for this interesting, reclusive man.


>Internet cafes have existed in Japan for over a decade, but in the mid 2000’s, customers began using these spaces as living quarters. Internet cafe refugees are mostly temporary employees; their salary too low to rent their own apartments.


Yukio Shige (茂幸雄 Shige Yukio) is a retired Japanese police officer and head of an NPO that works to prevent suicides at the Tōjinbō cliffs in Fukui Prefecture in Japan. His work and that of the NPO is believed to have saved over 500 lives. He is known as the "chotto matte" ("Wait a moment") man, for the words he says to people considering suicide.


This is the first part of a 1970s documentary series that captured Indonesia in less developed times. It's one of my favorite documentaries.


File: 1499357162460.jpg (814.58 KB, 1280x858, 640:429, R. Crumb's Depression Grap….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I absolutely love that movie. I've always been a fan of Robert Crumb's work, but that documentary gave me a new appreciation of his comic books. On the other hand, I have great empathy for Charles.

I've been wanting to watch that movie for years, but I can't find a high quality version anywhere. Maybe I should just give up and see it in 360p.


>BBC: Extreme Pilgrim - Ascetic Christianity

This is probably the most relevant episode of "Extreme Pilgrim" where he visits an ascetic Christian monk in the desert. The man who fronts the documentaries is pretty amateurish but I like his open-ness with the camera about how he feels and what he's thinking. There's something intimate and soft with it that doesn't always feel forced and maudlin.

Peter Owen Jones is a priest but he has a few documentary series alongside "Extreme Pilgrim", he has one about visiting 80 faiths while traveling around the world, he also has one where he tries to emulate Francis of Assisi. I don't know how academic or informative they are but I always found them alluring.

Just a quick note, everyone should try to archive documentaries off youtube if you can. I'll try to save all the ones in this thread, I've seen many disappear in recent years.


File: 1507953936778.png (221.33 KB, 480x270, 16:9, COVER-_Saints.And.Sinners.png) ImgOps iqdb

"Saints and Sinners: Britain's Millennium of Monasteries"

BBC documentary about the history of monasteries in Britain touching on the numerous types of monk. I found some inspiration in how the monks survived in their remote monasteries where it's covered. 3 x 1 hr episodes



This is documentary about good hobby, which I don't think many normals would get it. computer graphics and programing galore.

I liked it.


Just finished this, first time in a long time I've sat and been able to watch something an hour long in one sitting.

Anyone have any other good autism documentaries?


I really like David Attenborough documentaries, particularly the newer ones as they have managed to capture some absolutely breathtaking footage. Is anyone else watching Blue Planet 2?


I'm waiting to watch all of his new stuff when I get the opportunity to in 4K.


This is a documentary about the Kowloon walled city, an area of Hong Kong run by the Triads where people wageslave illegal production jobs under horrible conditions.

There's a part where an elderly succubus is shown at a shrine rolling dice to see whether she'll have good or bad luck. The narrator says that rolls can be repeated until they show good luck and one has to thank the spirits for that. I just found that an interesting illustrator of how tightly dishonesty is woven into their culture.


I have been watching these videos on chemical accidents. They are well produced and around 10-20 minutes long.


Journey To The Edge Of The Universe National Geographic


Swedish documentary with English subtitles about a 45 year old wizard. Good for those interested about wizard life in Scandinavia.


"Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery"

BBC documentary which is basically filming monks working and their daily lives in three monasteries. No talking or voice over, just 3 hours meditation of watching them work.


Benedictine Monks - Retreat - Downside Abbey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPwx4XGlm8U

Benedictine Monks - Retreat - Belmont Abbey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsSirBmAU24

Benedictine Monks - Retreat - Pluscarden Abbey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzjtJmdw2Os


I watched Who Is Mr. Putin? English subtitles seem to be on the internet. It's not Russian propaganda.


Esham Death of an Indie Label. Hip-hop artist whose brother got mental illness.


Tiny Terror — Japanese Tiger Beetle, Japan Darwins Amazing Animals Video On Demand NHK WORLD


Not wizardly at all but very funny.
This is what happens when degeneracy takes over your live.


Damn, its larva is unsettling. I wonder if such things are the source of the trypophobia condition.


>It's not Russian propaganda.

So it's american propaganda?


I enjoy watching documentaries too. I usually download them from www.mvgroup.org


the hunt
blue planet 2
frozen planet

my favourite of his series. there are interesting oddities in his filmography, a doc about a polynesian statue/icon that he had, for example. Despite the recent introduction of ecological-political campaigning material, e.g. in blue planet 2, the work is wonderful and a great gift


anyone have any good/reliable sites for watching or streaming documentaries? they seem so hard to find compared to films but on average i probably enjoy them more.



It is the main one I have used for years when I don't have a specific doc in mind.


thanks, this looks great


The cannibal warlords of Liberia , by vice. I actually hate vice but this documentary is pretty good. I'm not a polfag or anything but if you still think it's a good idea to import black people in civilized country after watching this documentary then I don't know what is wrong with you.


They used to be pretty good with documentaries and news but they let their progressive agenda interfere with even what was good about them so that they can't even do that right anymore. But their older stuff is still available to watch. Just about everything after Trump got elected has been shit from them. It is like they lost their minds and journalistic integrity the day he was sworn in.


Vice was also bought out by Time Warner


Posted ones are great !
Can anyone recommend me a quality Shaolin documentary?


>I'm not a polfag or anything
You are a p*lfag


Englands Reformation Three Books That Changed a Nation

It is 500 years since the Reformation, when England broke away from the authority of the Catholic Church. This is the story of three books at the heart of the schism


The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

tldw: cuba functions without fossil fuels


The place is more run down and messed up then certain active warzones.


are you the wiz who posts about being the cuban-american wiz all over the site for some reason? if that's you were your parents aristocrats and that's why you hate contemporary cuba so much? just curious because i don't see many people hating on cuba these days unless they're cuban ex-pats who had alot of wealth in capitalist cuba and obviously this was redistributed to the people hence their butthurt.


No but I have actually been to cuba though.
When dumbass trustfund first world commies praise cuba it pisses me off because the country has a fuck ton of major problems and the vast majority of people are suffering. Yeah they make the best they can of a shit situation but it is still a very shit situation.


Communism and even socialism can only survive for a long period of time under a strict eugenic regime, without it becomes another third world Africa shithole with overpopulation everywhere because normalscum can't be stopped from procreating unless they are forced to.


the reality of any material issues cuba currently faces can easily and fairly be blamed on the quite illegal and extremely unethical blockade. for a tiny island population, the entirety of which uses a socialist economy, 750+ billion dollars is an astronomical amount. for you to take the position that this is all because of "those commies" is a disgusting lie and you should be ashamed of yourself for doing so.
side note - at the end of the cuban missile crisis the u.s. and the soviet union both agreed to leave cuba. only one of those entities actually kept their word. again, disgraceful…

that being said, if i'm misunderstanding your argument and you instead mean that the cubans should have considered the fact that the americans hypothetically would put an embargo on them and because they (the cubans) didn't do this that they made a huge mistake which they still suffer from to this day then admittedly i might be inclined to agree to some extent.


Actually it's the opposite, the embargo barely damages Cuba's economy and what it does is actually mostly give apologists an excuse. US is only a country after all, even if its big, and there's literally the rest of the world for Cuba to trade with. I say end the embargo and let all see how communism doesn't need outside forces to create incur misery on those unfortunate enough to be under its boots. Not that history lacks any examples of such already.


>750+ billion dollars is nothing to a tiny island population because i said so. i'm not blinded by ideology, why do you ask?
>i'll just ignore that the embargo is super unethical and illegal and shameful. also it isn't relevant because of my retarded ideology but i'm not blinded by ideology.
>i'm going to bring up things that are totally irrelevant to cuba proper because i have no material evidence from which to draw upon


Please write an actual post, you're not quoting anything that I said.


okay i'll try since you were polite and i appreciate that fwiw. gimmy a few minutes to reply.


>Actually it's the opposite, the embargo barely damages Cuba's economy and what it does is actually mostly give apologists an excuse.
this actually brings up an interesting hypothetical, what amount comparatively of yearly trade does the embargo inhibit (at least to the best of our knowledge anyway)? as far as i can tell as of 2016 "the U.S. blockade cost the island nation US$4.7 billion" that year. while on the other hand they (the cubans) had "2317 million CUC" (cuban currency) of exports which interestingly coverts on a 1:1 ratio to US dollars (at least allegedly anyway). in other words that 4.7 billion they missed out on due to the embargo would've more than tripled the exports for cuba that year if this data is correct.

>let all see how communism doesn't need outside forces to create incur misery on those unfortunate enough to be under its boots. Not that history lacks any examples of such already.

respectfully this doesn't have anything to do with cuba proper. while this other stuff might be interesting to think about we'll just get way off topic and lose focus of what we're discussing (cuba of course) if we head too far down this other path.

regarding the legality/ethics/shamefulness of the u.s. blockade i can't quote anything in your post because you literally just ignore this particular point so obviously there's nothing to quote.


>this actually brings up an interesting hypothetical, what amount comparatively of yearly trade does the embargo inhibit (at least to the best of our knowledge anyway)?
That's pretty hard to estimate. If I have one pack of sugar to sell and you refuse to buy it from me because you dislike me on a personal level, I'll still sell it to someone else even if you might've bought it for a better price. "Lost exports to US" and "lost exports" are different things because the rest of the world is a lot bigger than US, especially these days.

>regarding the legality/ethics/shamefulness of the u.s. blockade i can't quote anything in your post because you literally just ignore this particular point so obviously there's nothing to quote.

Because I don't really care about it. Like you said, we'll go way off topic if we start discussing ethics, what ought to be done, from where a government derives legitimacy to regulate trade, etc.


Take it to the political thread and don't derail this one arguing about how shit or not shit communism is.


If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

tldw: shows what happens when american radicals break the law in direct opposition to the state (burn down buildings etc) and then stop. fast forward five years and one of them gets bullied by the cops, turns into an informant, and everyone else goes to prison. this film spends a good deal of time exploring what actually motivated these folks to burn down buildings and shows some pretty gnarly stuff e.g. cops dipping q-tips to apply mace directly to the eyeballs of a nonviolent protestor and so on


Oh yeah, I remember that one.
While I don't agree with their actions and do think many deserve some sort of punishment I think the punishment that they did get was a bit too harsh.
And yeah, the police treatment of non-violent protesters is fucked.


Last Train Home

Every spring, China's 130 million migrant workers travel back to their home villages for the New Year's holiday. This exodus is the world's largest human migration.



Unnarrated insects and such.


A detailed look at the evidence about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012


favorite nature doc ever thanks for posting. everyone watch!


Humans are the worst. So, I agree with their actions, but not with them.


Documentary about Shanghai, China.


There's a good documentary on weird names just come out. Hunt it down if you want a good laugh.


Interesting documentary about codeine addiction in Nigeria.


Just watched this, about a guy who caught an infection and lost both his arms and legs and also his lips, and how he dealt with it.


crab - the documentary


that shits fake as fuck



Another documentary about this phenomena of "dancing boys" but in Syria.

>Sex truly is the root of all evil. Normalshits so desperate to feel good for a few minutes they'll ruin thousands of lives over it.

They have been doing it for thousands of years if not millions. We are all descedants of rapists.


Probably the coolest docu in this thread.


This is a documentary about Kashmir and it's paki citizens fighting off the indian oppressors every day.

I may not be good at making things sound interesting but trust me I found this docu interesting and informing.


This is a very disturbing 60s documentary about Africa. I dunno if this is the censured or uncensured version of the documentary. But I know the uncensured has some really graphic gory stuff in it.


Docu about MS-13, the most brutal gang of the US and Mexico.

I personally used to know someone who was their victim.


Make any "immoral crime" legal and you will see the true face of the normscum.

"Child brides in Yemen"


Another really dark documentary on the nature of normscum.

Dont eat while watching.


For some reason.. sometimes.. I like to watch documentaries about really fat people.




A good place to die? You be the judge


Families and places where being morbidly obese is celebrated and is considered attractive. No joke.


Chris Chan the documentary


r9k - the documentary


Would you like a live silicon doll to be your partner?

Documentary about various socially inepts and their sex dolls replacing real wymyn.


Some scary cannibalistic bottom feeder society of india


Rise and fall of science in Islam


Unit 731 - a ww2 japanese secret human experiments project


The golodomor documentary. Various Ukrainian villages under the Soviet rule were cut off from the outer world and any food supply dying in masses from starvation while some turning to cannibalism.


Turkish documentary about lives of street cats. Really good one. But this is just a trailer so you gotta download full version via torrent or somethin.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Documentary about a Japanese soldier hiding in philipine island and refused to surrender looong after ww2 was over while not even knowing it was over. He kept obeying his orders decates later.


Documentary by Jane Goodal about Chimpanzees. Good material for those of you interested in Evolution and evolutionary psychology.


Creating the supercat by combining features from various felines.


wow, that was actually really sad


Cult leader thinks he is jesus


One of my favorites.


Psychiatry the industry of death


encounters at the end of the world is actually really wizardly, its werner herzog (german film maker who also did a documentary on internet culture and AI) he once threatened to shoot an actor who refused to act IIRC.

this is a comfy documentary about the people who live in antarctica at the research base (almost exclusively wizards)

other ones I would recommend would be
>afghan: the soviet experience (1989)
footage from the frontlines of the soviet invasion, the intro song is somewhat of a meme these days

>command and control (2016)

an in depth PBS documentary about a titan 2 missile silo accident where a nuclear weapon had its rocket explode


Interesting documentary on depression in South Korea, I was surprised to learn the elderly pension is only 200$ a month, even if it's a minimum amount, it's still third world tier.


File: 1534108682943.jpg (435.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1456914975900-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That was beautiful anon. I hope I can go someday.



Well I'm currently going to schooling in hopes of it taking me there.


Defending Gender part 1 - Proud Boys

basically a nature documentary of the self proclaimed "alpha males" by a biased reporter in a pro-feminist country.

It is funny to me.





File: 1534679477720.png (3.32 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_20180819-144938.png) ImgOps iqdb




This documentary is funny because all of these guys are textbook crabs. Love-Shy is such an old school term. I'm weird and I hate to go outside, no succubus could ever love mt even then I spill my spaghetti in the presenece of even the ugliest succubi.

Am I crab or simply a drifting hopeless soul, ever lonely in this ever cynical society?


His goofy drawings are somewhat hilarious because he's completely clueless to how much of a weird crab he is. I think I relate to him the most, not because he's a crab but because he maintains a macho facade in the presence of adversity


What's a crab? Every time I step out of hob nowadays there's someone mentioning crabs.


a crabisasexualymatureadultwhodoesnothjaveasignificantother





b >>44943
My at key way stuck and kept bringing up the ontext menu but im too drunk to figure it out.


Yeah he is totally a crab and when he is first shown and the camera focuses on his chin I immediately think of filthy frank character. A live caricature




yeah, its amost funny because those strangey detaed drawings are a caricature of his own insecurites.

in highschoo etc etc i was that permavirgin but weird dominant in the group like him, its strange reay.

I WAS that guy. PROTIP: if you spill a drink on a mechanica keyboard it starts fucking up big time and im not actuay this drunk.



youre a loveless soul because youre not normie enough or somethin

I just wait for death to take me


Yea in the documentary he tries to seem the alpha between the other crabs. "I also come with glasses and some cowboy hat making my practiced pua alpha noises"


me too. its beyond over at this point. its nice enough to larp but theres starving litte baby niggers in africa and I bitch about being alone like some emo pussy.

i havent seen the documentary in so ong but its so batantly obvious. Advanced the doughfaced ookihng dude is textbook crab whos hit on a 1000 but doesnt understand that hes being creepy. redfaced crab trying hard to
act cool is like me, then there's the glasses guy whos just too beta and weird for this word.

None of this fucking bullshit is fair. It fucking SUCKS.


im auch A fucking pussy but am i condemned because of it? are we not cavemen throwing about rocks and disgussing metyaurgy and crop rotation?

ook at me! am i human worthy of ove or but am i sludge in the sewer of societ?

this is indeed a cry for hep, but does an ince cry in thr forest if there is no one around to hear iT?



>starving litte baby niggers in africa

Fuck those. I believe my issues are as serious as cancer. But heck even cancer patients have it better since there is societal support and people around try to consider. No single compassion to me. I am not talking about crab stuff.. I wish these were my only problems. I hate how my suffering is constantly being doubted. I am constantly blamed for my fucked up brain like "itz cuz yo not take ur life under control bruh".

>doughfaced ookihng dude

He has a face of a fat chick. Yes. Chick. I bet thats a main reason he is dismissed. Other is his haircut making it worse.

>redfaced crab trying hard to

act cool is like me

Me too.. but I just know how pathetic I am underneath. I go to the gym and I am still frightened at the sight of seeing a group of toxic children.

>the glasses guy

He sure doesnt even look like the type of guy succuby dream of. Even when they say they want a "nerdy/shy" guy. Nah.

>None of this fucking bullshit is fair.

It feels to me the world is purposely designed to be unfair.
The more unlucky you are the more bad luck you gonna draw. Like if normies figure out youre a loser they will only strive to worsen that feeling within you. Its such dynamics.. i dunno.. its literally a place called "hell"?

>im auch A fucking pussy but am i condemned because of it?

Yes. And even if u get out of the shell you are still condemned since with humans you always walk on eggshells and need to know the "dance moves". Its too complicated.. too much headache for my already existing headache aand why the fuck should I bother wwith people anymore? Im sick of
those animalistic power games.

>are we not cavemen

Humans even barely adapted to civilization era.. which started around 10,000 years ago. Yes.. ooga booga new cellphone.

>look at me! am i human worthy of ove or but am i sludge in the sewer of societ?

I believe I am person worthy of love because im not some normie socio and still have some base morals retained regardless of all tthe shit ive been trough. But guess what.. none of that matters nor makes me lovable in the eyes of anyone not even my family. You are "loved" by how much of a good product you seem and what u offer in terms of status and other shallow stuff.

No.. if youre a chronic outcast then you are no lovable in the eyes of the world. I know the feel anon. We are the sewer rats beneath society's big ass.

>this is indeed a cry for hep, but does an ince cry in thr forest if there is no one around to hear iT?

Cry all you want… I am done crying… lately i find myself screaming internally at some mystic forces to come and save me. I am going crazier I guess.


WTF is even happening to this thread?


Exit through the gift shop, a film by Banksy about a documentarian trying to make a film about him.


I really liked that one when it came out, now it feels like a time capsule of how the counterculture of the time felt. Oh how things have changed.


is this a joke post?


File: 1535212496551.png (38.04 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1386545131404.png) ImgOps iqdb

i watched "vietnam" by ken burns v. recently

it was great. it's like 15 hours long but only covers like 10% of the war at most (mostly infantry, morale, politics) ignores for the most part the air war, unfortunately which was where the war was lost. also covers antiwar protest(ers) and stuff like that too.

pretty neat all around. the nice thing is, there is a shitload of primary sources still around, so you get to hear a bunch of guys crack up about how terrible it all was. which is both sad and very interesting.

in addition, there is a ton of NVA/VC/chinese guys in it which is something you don't see very often. and you can tell how rough it was for them.

ultimately i came away at least with the insight that it really fucked everyone up. i mean, irretrievably in some cases.


Hikikomori Loveless: What causes young Japanese hermits to give up on real life


Old one but pretty good.
Carts of Darkness.


Documentary on Orda cave in the Ural mountains, absolutely beautiful. It's interesting that in the comments there are tons of people saying they were nervous, panicked, etc. watching this, while I found it incredibly calming.
>360 degree panorama of the cave - http://www.airpano.com/360photo/Underwater-Orda-Cave/


This is great, highly recommend. I envy their lifestyle, they've created a purpose for themselves.

Probably just high.


I like to watch some of NHK's 'Begin Japanology' series of documentaries featuring Peter Barakan. Highly recommend if you are fascinated by Japan and it's culture.



thanks for posting this, absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. i know id panic too much in the tight spaces


Their diversity and hipster hires tend to be pretty shit. You can tell which ones are actually capable of being good at their job by seeing which ones have been to active warzones in the past 5 years.
Vice has some pretty hardcore true believer journalist but over time they have become bloated with useless activist that don't even know what ethical journalism even is.


does any one have the Small town monster documentaries? They're on amazon free right now but I don't have prime. They're indie documentaries about local mythology, a family's experiences with big foot kind of thing. They look really cozy but I can't find torrents of them.

if any one had prime and could rip them or has a link I would be grateful.


This is a documentary about Maria Sabina , a Mexican shaman who healed people with magic mushrooms. I took mushrooms once and I coulndt handle them because the dose was too large and I was scared of the effects. She must have an extremely strong mind to be able to trip regularly on high doses just to heal people.

One thing I also noticed is mushrooms give you a long lasting feeling of morality. When I bad tripped , I asked for water from two succubi and they just gave me their whole bottle because they were scared of me. I felt deep shame and i still feel it to this day , it felt like I stole from them.
Maria Sabina also happens to have this morality from mushrooms , when she smokes cigars, she regularly says "I can smoke , I'm allowed to smoke , I had a bad life". It's as if the shroom made her feel shame for smoking.


I would also like to add that the director of the natural museum of paris visited Maria Sabina and brought the mushrooms at home and studied them , and these studies led to the creation of LSD by another Belgian scientist.

So she can be considered the queen of psychedelics


Can any one recommend a documentary on local folklore?


there are so many, it is hard to think of good ones, most are people pulling scraps and saying "SEEE MY THEORY WAS TRUUUUEEE [insert mythical creature] exists!!!!"

IIRC there were a few well done ones on mothman that interested me a few years ago


A well told story of one of the greatest sumo wrestlers.


Isn't nearly every documentary on folklore local to someone?


>"the most brutally honest documentary about suicides"

a guy records people jumping off bridges to find out what drives people to an hero, does not try to preach anything about "lives matter", just record and reports, contains a lot of suicide footage


Good documentary, although some of the interviewees have annoying perspectives. The black guy's, who said "I don't see any reason for people to do that [commit suicide]", was the third most annoying. The second most annoying was the refrain of people saying others don't have a right to kill themselves because they had "too much time invested in them", but that one silhouetted succubus. She was the worst. "You are not in the category of people who get to kill themselves." and "I will never again not intrude, I won't respect their privacy, and I will not ever again not do something because I'm afraid they might be embarassed."

Now they're building netting to keep people from killing themselves there.


Yes, I am a boring person who is deeply interested in a half hour documentary about a metal.


You truly are boring for watching trashy documentaries on serious topics. Invest that time in true technical videos or training documentaries on such topics, or better still, read books from the technical libraries of Wiley, Springer etc. That documentary is so void of studious material isn't even edutainment.


I have been watching conspiracy stuff lately again.
I though I kicked the habit but I am right back down the rabbit hole again.


You post what you like and I post what I like.
No need to act like a jackass.


"The birth of sake" is great. Shows a bunch of Japanese guys who live in a sake brewery for part of the year working, making and drinking sake.

A really spiritual one and is a series is "The Pyramid Code".

There's also the series "WWII in colour". Easy to understand and the colour gives you a different perspective of the war.


WWII in color is pretty damn good. Just really long, but well worth the time investment.

I will check out The Birth of Sake later.


IS there a website for watching documentaries together?


You are asking that on wizchan of all places?
Watching documentaries isn't supposed to be a social activity normie.


Documentary that explores Earth down to its core.


Oh yeah, I watched that back when I had cable.
Pretty good.


Doc on the first US school mass shooter.
Thing is because it is a succubus the doc wants to spin it as still being the fault of males.


Oh the fucking ironing. But of course men are just naturally shooters and it's never anyone else's fault when they go all Elliot Rodger.


A new to me Doc on real life super heroes.
This one is pretty chill and doesn't treat them like freaks to be laughed at, so that is nice.


A short history of Western Sculpture.
Honestly more of a excuse to look at some masterful art, but still you might learn something too.


cool. ill definitely watch that tomorrow, too late now.


>"Alpha male support group"
>Says a weak framed sissy with feminine voice of 110 Hz.

what bullshit

If these guys were some roided Chad slayers, I'd understand, but these are just normie ass sissies


Call down now. I get that it is ridicules but you don't want to get banned for rule 5.




Massacre On Martin & 3rd


>The Curious Case of my Face: Children living with rapid aging of the skin desease

I really felt for the boy there.


The narrator was awful. He always seemed like he was mocking the people he interviewed. When he called the guy “big man” before his weight loss surgery, for instance.

That being said, the man and his mother at the end made me tear up. He went through with the weight loss surgery despite a 70% chance of death, just to break the cycle of obesity in his family. Truly noble.


comfy wiz living in the frozen north of russia in an abandoned coal mining town learning spanish, playing the guitar and defending himself from polar bears


Not sure if it totally fits in but it is a video about all the projects of the micro bike trailer guy.


The Son of Sam documentary.


Film documentary about a wiz-kid who gets terrorized by his cell-mates in prison.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRDRgMLfBMs



look, I'm not hating on wymyn
>Lauren Southern
but seriously, fuck that russian cunt


iDubbz made the best documentary in this gay ass galaxy.


Damn, the video is gone but it sounds interesting. Do you know the title of the documentary?


The Complete Evergreen Story (part one)

A doc explaining what happened and the attempts to give the full context of why it happened. The break down of the collage.


I gathered some insightful tidbits from his travels.


I came here to post this but you already did. That series is absolute gold.

I encourage every one of you wizards that are at least half interested in Vietnam to give it a watch.



this whole series is cool, this is the start of it. rest of vids are at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBbnbBWJtwsf0jLGUwX5Q3g/videos

there seems to be a new video every week which is nice


Idubbz always looked like a retarded zoomer meme channel to me but this was surprisingly good.

Reminded me a little of vid related. There's something extremely fascinating and comfy about documentaries following weird people living in bumfuck towns of Midwest/Southern USA.


watched a couple about Bobby Fischer. Made me wish l could play chess


It isn't super hard to learn, but it is super hard to master.



this one is a lot better on the same subject.

Nuestra Santisima Muerte Our Most Holy Death


Always wanted to learn about this, thanks for the link.


Travel & Cuisine shows are documentaries too.


D-day Funnies


I really liked how the Ghost Recon Wildlands utilized that in their game.
Irl it's scary though.


Brunei Eats by white guy practising his Bahasa






I recommend every single Tank Chat. Mr. Fletcher is just too based.



Bas 90 - Air Base System 90, Swedish Air Force (1986) [english subtitles available]


File: 1575841219422.png (713.3 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2019-12-08….png) ImgOps iqdb

i watched every episode of greatest events of world war 2 in color


wtf I love chaos now



too much filler garbage but some decent dao for a few moments


You'd probably enjoy this


In my experience, professional history documentaries are almost universally terrible in terms of accuracy and quality. This applies in particular to WW2 documentaries, which are some of the worst offenders. Many of them are an entertainment medium for sub-literate consumer audiences that can't look at a map without getting confused. I highly recommend amateur Youtubers that actually do research, look at contemporary sources, and examine the rationale behind the strategic decisions that were made. TIK and Military History Visualized are a good starting point. Not saying that professional documentaries can't be entertaining, but if you want something more serious, they won't be able to deliver.



Youtube amateur historical documentaries tend to be little more then regurgitation of a book or two that the person read.

Most of the better professional documentaries can actually get their hands on first hand footage, talk to both experts and interview people that were there, give a full context as well as events, and most of all have production and editing skills to make the final product watchable.


I disagree.

>Most of the better professional documentaries can actually get their hands on first hand footage

You mean the same clips of stock footage that are used in every other documentary?

>talk to both experts

The same experts whose books the amateur Youtubers have actually read.

>interview people that were there

I guess this can be interesting for the human element, but the people who made the critical decisions in most historical events are long dead, and those who are left are randoms of no particular significance, and whose testimony is also available in books, so it's not critical to sit them down in front of a camera.

>most of all have production and editing skills to make the final product watchable.

I disagree here as well. Other than splicing together the stock footage with interviews, narration and adding some dramatic music, there isn't much production value to speak of. It's actually laughable how little effort goes into it. They're not making Band of Brothers.

The dealbreaker for me is that TV documentaries tend to be simplistic, inaccurate, and overly-dramatic in their presentation of events. They're made to appeal to a mass audience whereas the Youtube audience is self-select among those with an interest in history, which allows for a higher level of discussion to take place.

Just remembered that Military History Visualized made a nice video a couple of years ago where he also criticizes TV documentaries.


I don't think we are going to find agreement on this subject.


A new 4 part Unabomber doc came out recently. I thought it was quite good, had some details I didnt know even though im a big fan of uncle Ted


Like what details?


If you ever wondered what happened to Phoenix Jones from beginning to end then this doc is for you.
Pretty sad if you ask me.


some of them have actually written books themselves.


oh i was just posting that on the superhero thread. it was very cool.


Mark Felton Production's Military History


Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken

Dude from supersize me is now doing a doc about the fast food industry from the other side of things, with a focus on chicken.
A little sensational but not bad.


wasn't his first doc proved to spread misinformation and more sensationalism than anything else?


Everything pushes an agenda of some sort. You just need to pick which agendas you like more.


horrible typography jesus christ


My agenda is Truth and I will accept nothing else.



Sensationalism yes, but not exactly misinformation technicly.
Thunderf00t actually explained it pretty well. It isn't that he was eating fast-food but that he was eating so many calories of fast food that was causing all the negative effects. Then proving it by losing weight while eating nothing but fast food during his trip to America.


Recall a reporter in some country did a "Minimize me" documentary after that one came out, lived off only lettuce or something like that, on the 3rd day he collapsed.


Weird since people water fast for that amount of time without anything special happening.
This being a doc thread I think it is fair to ask for a link. I tend to like documentaries about food and diets.


Couldn't find much save for some article, I don't speak scandi though, just finding that much was messy enough. It might've been a parody docu not sure, the guy who did it seems to be some sort of comedian.


Yes it was sensetionalist but you have to be really retarded to believe those highly processed fast foods are healthy, even if you eat below your calorie limit.



What is it and why didn't you embed it?


Simply amazing.
A documentary of someone accomplishing one of the hardest challenges in all of martial arts. The 100 man kumite.


Mini-documentaries like this are one of the good things I love about youtube.

This one is about the career of Jim Varney (aka Earnest)


I loved Earnest


I found this YouTube channel from New Zealand that profiles people with physical and mental disabilities. I thought this was well done. Sensitive but not sentimental, if you know what I mean.
>Sophia Malthus became a quadriplegic after being thrown off her horse just over a year ago. She’s a young succubus with sass, and we follow Sophia and her family on a journey to acceptance, and back to independence.



I mean, sure, why not.


This was a good docu thanks for sharing fellow wiz


thanks for posting this wiz. very interesting / comfy hour spent watching that


A documentary I just watched about the colonization of America. It's kind of meant for the ADD american audience in that there's a lot of cheesy reenactments instead of just stating facts. It's pretty watchable though and the 3 hours passed quickly. I really like this subject though so I might be biased.


Titanium: Kroll Method


Titanium: Armstrong Method


Holy shit, Armstrong method looks like it's a million times better and easier than the Kroll method with its 23583 furnaces requiring 100000 degree heat.


I think you are mixing up the documentary thread for the Educational Youtube videos thread that is right here



The fuck even is this site?


youtube but comfy



>Family Living with Rare Genetic Condition (My Perfect Family: Friedriechs Ataxia)
Joe Boon is turning 30. It’s a milestone for anyone, but particularly for Joe and his family, who carry a rare genetic and degenerative condition that carries a life expectancy of just 37. Three out of five siblings - including Joe - have Friedreich's Ataxia, which gradually attacks the neuromuscular system. Not diagnosed until their teens and early 20s, the family have battled to cope with the implications of the disease - each one handling it differently.
They did a follow up documentary on her a few weeks ago that was also good.


You're a normalfag which is far, far worse


Documentary about the colombian writer Fernando Vallejo. Highly recommended.


Is that the guy from Sopranos?


This guy is antinatalist right?


About to watch this, lets see how it goes. Ultra-zionists.


Please remember to ALWAYS POST THE TITLE of the documentary in the text, otherwise we can't find it


Where exactly have you archived them?


>an elderly succubus is shown at a shrine rolling dice to see whether she'll have good or bad luck. The narrator says that rolls can be repeated until they show good luck and one has to thank the spirits for that.
Sums up religiosity pretty well.


Does anyone know the name of this African documentary?
You guys don't post titles so we can't find it easily


it's actually crazy how many documentaries have gone down since posting. this thread is pretty old but still


Same with all my youtube playlists, everything is around 20% dead links.
We need a better way of saving youtube vids


I didn't keep up with archiving the thread and can't remember if I kept the downloads since 3 years ago, sorry. Even documentary torrents by mvgroup have ended up with no seeds. Sad stuff

If you download youtube-dl from GitHub, and possibly a youtube-dl GUI project if command line annoys you, it can download playlists etc.


Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance
torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8CB78416C9B757557F0AD8267B8D66AE13DF58B7&dn=Koyaanisqatsi+%281982%29+%5BBluRay%5D+%5B1080p%5D+%5BYTS%5D+%5BYIFY%5D&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2F9.rarbg.com%3A2710%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fp4p.arenabg.com%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.internetwarriors.net%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.zer0day.to%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce


>Welcome to the Strangest Hotel
Welcome to the Foxes Hotel, the seaside hotel with a difference.

At this hotel all of the staff have special needs such as Down Syndrome, Autism, brain damage and mental illness. There are 54 students and all of them work their way through a tough three year placement designed to enable them to cope in the outside world and to handle a job in hotels and catering. There are thrills, spills, tears and laughter in this bold experiment which involves a steep learning curve for kids who have often come from a very protected, almost infantilised home background.


>The 104-year old Teenager | Hayley - World's Oldest Teenager
Born with the rare genetic condition Progeria, Hayley Okines ages eight times faster than healthy people. Now 13, her body has the medical age of a 104-year-old succubus.

The filmmakers have followed Hayley’s life since she was just four years old and in this film her condition enters a new and challenging phase. Hayley’s hip joints have deteriorated so much that she must wear a metal brace all the time, even in bed at night. She is unable to attend school regularly or move about freely. Like most teenage succubi Hayley is interested in Justin Bieber, shopping, looking pretty and finding a boyfriend but her body has entered the painful decline into physical old age her family has long feared.

Hayley is now old enough to be fully conscious of the ramifications of her condition but she refuses to be beaten by it.


Messerschmitt Me 323 - The Largest Transport Aircraft of WW2


Finally a place i might be able to land a job




Nice one-hour documentary on John von Neumann from 1966.


Kimbo Slice!

I still remember in the 00s when he was the hot shit of that weird backyard boxing boom to hit the net during that time.
Hope you enjoy.


Few things are quite as comfy as enjoying a refreshing beverage while watching nature documentires.

This one is on Alpine Lakes.


>Von Neumann: Prophet of the 21st century
I liked this one a lot, too. (German with English subtitles.)


Deep Blue | Down the Rabbit Hole

Very detailed and informative video on the development of chess supercomputers and their rise to victory over the world chess champion. No added flare or fluff. Kept me interested despite me having a short attention span because of the tension and doubt from both sides of the match about their own and their opponent's capabilities


I liked this one about the austrian wine fraud, I had never heard of it but it sounds pretty serious, strangely. Sadly I have no interest for the other stories he covers.


300 Days alone… - The Movie


Are there any websites just dedicated to documentaries? Youtube is unusable and you get bombarded by UFO, global warming and pro-faggotry stuff when you search them. Looking of something more wholesome and interesting where I can browse a catalog not scrape by to find 1 video.


For torrents there is https://docuwiki.net/index.php?title=Category:Subject - which is basically a wiki of documentaries released by MVgroup. You might have to browse their forum as well.

I used to use this website a long time ago https://documentaryheaven.com/watch-online/ - it does have some low quality stuff and a conspiracy category but also other categories. I presume some of them will be old and removed from youtube now though. You can browse and find titles though.


The Making of Bambi: A Prince Is Born


I've just finished watching a bunch of those. I think it's a pretty good channel.


Doc about 3d printed guns in Europe.


The History of the Big Comfy Couch

The nostalgia is overwhelming man.


Nice long and detailed documentary about the American revolution.

Video quality is poor but I mainly listened to it so that didn't bother me.


Damn I loved this show as a kid. Gonna watch this now


Documentary about the War of 1812 by PBS. It was alright but there was a bit too much aboriginal whining.


Another documentary by PBS, this time about Napoleon (turbocrab with VERY strong pincers). It was actually pretty good.


China's Stolen Children

Doc about the human trafficking problem in China mainly due to their one child policy and generally broken system.


Decent documentary on the Ottoman Empire by Discovery History. Maybe a little short given the amount of history there is to cover, but also relatively information-dense and without any cheesy reenactments.


But I like cheesy reenactments ☹

That said you are right in that it is a alright documentary on the subject of the Ottoman Empire and was quite information dense. Thanks for sharing.


Another documentary by PBS, this time focused on British colonization in Africa. It was short and interesting but I found it felt scattered and lacked focus. I would have preferred a longer documentary which analyzed the colonization in a systematic way, instead of using anecdotes and focusing on individual people, as was the case here.


RIP Chuck Yeager
Birth name:
Charles Elwood Yeager
February 13, 1923, Myra, West Virginia, US
December 07, 2020, Los Angeles, California, US

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