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File: 1495327166583.jpg (29.11 KB, 250x220, 25:22, Internet_pirate.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Since torrents are in decline and Google has tweaked the hell out of its search algorithm to weed out pirated shit from search results we're still left with few options for getting things for free. This thread will serve as a place to willingly share FTP servers that are still active and have a decent amount of content on them.

Also, give a short description of what's on them so there are no surprises for the end user.


ftp://53-112.34-65.panhandle.res.rr.com/volume1/Movies/ (folders for A, B, C, etc.)


ftp://183179192249.ctinets.com/Game/ - Contains CoD 4 & 5 (both uploaded very recently)

Porn (obviously NSFW)

ftp://cpe-76-180-111-205.buffalo.res.rr.com/My%20Passport/Media/New%20folder/ - Porn videos/pics - There's porn scattered in several folders
ftp://75-129-49-218.dhcp.eucl.wi.charter.com/USB%20Portable/YouPorn/ - Huge archive, go up a directory for some professional-quality & Asian folder - Misc. (not all in English)

Misc. - Random software/documents/files (have to hunt for it)

If you have any requests post them here and I'll see what I can find (if anything) unless someone else beats me to it.


It would be nice if there was something with a lot of anime.



I have one with lots of anime and even hentai OVAs but I'm not willing to share that one just yet. If I find more servers with either/or then I might. But the closest broad collection I've found since is on ftp://pool-173-77-153-64.nycmny.fios.verizon.net/Plex/TV%20Shows/ but most of the anime is normie-tier. However, the owner did upload most of the episodes to date for several of the series which was quite generous of them to do.

P.S. You don't have to stick to the directory I linked–some have tv shows and other media on them if you browse around. And also I forgot about the porn rule BUT I did not see anything about linking to it. So hopefully that doesn't get me in too much hot water… I had posted this on another site and forgot to take that section off the list for here.



Nevermind, forgot about this first one. Usually I only save servers if I get decent DL speeds on them and this one wasn't on my list even though I have used it for nabbing Eve no Jikan (OVA) and all the .Hack//Sign, Roots and Liminality episodes since they're really hard to find elsewhere these days:

ftp://78-68-50-245-no86.tbcn.telia.com/Family/_Anime/ (decent, but a bit of a hit or miss with the folders)


Thanks wizard, I'll make good use of it. I don't have anything to contribute though. If I come across something I'll post it.


Do you want this moved to /hob/? It'll stick around longer, and pirating is a middleman hobby for many wizards.


You might find something here www.anime-sharing.com/forum/#downloads-requests


NONE of the fucking links load. What the fuck, is this a ruse???


HELLLOOOOOOOOOO WHY ARE THE LINKS NOT LOADING??????????????????????????????????????????????????


works for me


where are you finding these links?


I'd recommend a subreddit for these type of things:



what browser are you people using? I don't think my firefox allows or recognizes the ftp:// part of the link, or it's the fact that I am trying to connect with a proxy to the link, and maybe the proxy is not allowing ftp?? (no I am not posting with a proxy, idiot)


Why torrents are in decline? I still torrent sometimes music and anime, works fairly well.



File: 1495395120309.png (134.11 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, Firefox_ftp_server_example.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Whatever board is more appropriate for this would be preferred.


I've not had a problem opening FTP links in any browser I've used. That includes Firefox, Chrome and K-Meleon (this last one I prefer because you can actually sort the files by name, size, etc.). Try connecting without a proxy?
See pic for proof.


Sorry, but if I expose my source I'm afraid the servers wouldn't be able to handle all the extra traffic. When it's busy sometimes it doesn't even load. I hope you can understand my reluctance…


I prefer my source over all the shit posted to that sub. Besides, they tend to repost the same shitty servers over and over again (with slightly different domain names and horribly slow DL speeds due to all the traffic).


>I hope you can understand my reluctance
I can't
>Try connecting without a proxy?
Uh.. if what you're doing is illegal it's pretty fucking stupid to not use a proxy. If what you are doing is intended, i.e. someone set up a server for others to download from (content could still be illegal but whatevs) then you're making an even bigger risk since the dipshit could have malicious intentions.

>Downloading stuff from a random guy

You best be running everything you download in an offline virtual machine or you're fucking yourself really good


>if what you're doing is illegal it's pretty fucking stupid to not use a proxy
nigga how new to pirating are you



I don't think I've ever heard about anyone going to jail for downloading (uploading massive quantities like axxo did with movies on TPB, sure) movies/music/games illegally unless it had something to do with cheesy pizza which I fortunately have not come across on any of the servers I've gone through. As for malicious software, that's a risk anywhere you go. Some servers have notes on the root directory for visitors to read/check out concerning the server. And I've yet to pick up any malware to date so whatever (some servers will have notes on which files to avoid if the owners themselves picked something up via a torrent). Very rarely do I come across servers that are password-protected.

I consider my source one hell of a gem and I don't want to see it become unusable due to a massive influx of traffic. If you knew about the site as well you'd understand… But I understand your point of view.

I'm just not paranoid enough I guess.


These might be somewhat pointless since music is really easy to get but here are some servers with lots o' music on them.

While going through my music folder I found the hentai server that I thought was down so I'll share the moonspeak one I found the other day since I no longer need it (DL speeds aren't too bad on it):




ftp://mail.touhou-online.net/Musiques/ - Lots of Touhou/doujin-related music
ftp://miya.nipah.moe/music/ - Mix of everything, including doujin music (I recommend listening to Diverse System's tracks if you like trance-ish music (no lyrics)


I was able to enter nyaa.se via japanese IP. Numerous times. It still works for some reason.


Here's some random stuff: - Ignore everything but /mp3 & /Soft, Sounds of Nature in the mp3 subdirectory has a few wizardly albums - thousands of IT ebooks - Linux software (8TB)
ftp://c-98-210-88-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net/ - One directory is all misc. tv shows (old and new) & the other has movies (some sorted)
ftp://cpe-104-231-110-146.neo.res.rr.com/Seagate_Expansion_Drive/Movies/ - Sorted movie collection (by genre) X-Plane simulator (go up a few directories to find all sorts of random stuff–great if you've got too much time on your hands) - Shit ton of misc. Linux-based software


This has some manga but it appears to be all Russian translated.



There's a lot of servers that are in Russian (or similar) so you have to weed those out when looking through them. I tried my best to only link stuff that was mostly in English.


I remember years ago hearing about a kid being jailed for downloading one too many One Piece episodes. Apparently they jailed random people just to send a message and calm down the companies


Got a source for that? I've heard about bootleggers getting jail time, but not individual users. Just ridiculously massive (and unpayable) fines.


>Got a source for that?
None at all. Emphasis on "I remember years ago hearing about". It was before I ever started pirating, hearing people talk about how risky it is, like it was on the same level as drug dealing. Really stuck to my "better safe than sorry" mindset more than it should have, and I've mainly stuck to Japanese stuff that barely made a peep in the west since.
>Just ridiculously massive (and unpayable) fines.
I think that was more accurate. I remember talk about some kid getting sued.


Are you talking about when Fuckimation went after One Piece downloaders in 2010?


>I think that was more accurate. I remember talk about some kid getting sued.

It was pretty commonplace to see articles about the RIAA and MPAA in the states visit university campuses and serve students for filesharing on the college's network back in mid-2000s. They also went after all sorts of people in general–even the deceased.

And they obviously weren't successful in deterring piracy so that's probably why they struck up the "3-Strike" deal with ISPs that is in place today. However this only seems to affect filesharing/torrent users. I have been taking advantage of FTP servers for quite awhile now and have yet to have received a single notice from my ISP for downloading anything illegally.


Well it's to do with how filesharing is actually detected. It isn't magic.
What happens is that there are companies that sit on torrent trackers and harvest IPs. Then they send the ISP in control of those IPs notices that this IP was found infringing copyright, and then this warning is forwarded to the customer who was using the IP at the time.



You can also access some of that information online.



Ah I see.


That's…kind of disturbing. Unsurprisingly nothing showed up on my end because I don't torrent and haven't in many, many moons.

There are times when I'd like to for when I can't find what I'm looking for on any FTP servers but I don't need the ISP bothering me over something like a game. Especially an older one.


I stumbled upon this server the other night. It's got a lot of content on it. But this is the anime (subbed) folder. A lot of it is in 480p from what I can tell. There are some french subs here and there as well (more English than the latter surprisingly for a french server). Not too bad of a selection.




Some games including all of the main Civilization games. Bottom two files are in Russian so I'm not sure what else is but the rest of the titles are in English.


I think this would be very beneficial


I accidently found this while google dorking for a leaked database:


They contain hundreds of games for desktop and for xbox 360.

Not really FTP, but still.


I second this.


Oh god. How often do they contact your ISP?


The page for my IP has a load of comments on from random strangers in the last few days, I've had this IP for months :|


Didn't know anyone was still following this thread. I'm (OP) still around if anyone has any requests. I don't have much to offer but I posted this on another small *chan the other day. It supposedly contains just over 7k e-books from as of 2011 off a torrent the server owner downloaded a few years ago:




If you wish to browse the rest of the server there are some movies and other miscellaneous files but if you wish to preserve your mana then stay away from the "E - Books" subdirectory… It's all a bunch of how-to sex guides


Why the FUCK would anyone bother storing legal porn from popular porn sites and especially when the succubi are not at all even close to being remotely attractive, just washboard ladies. What the fuck, stupid people.




If you're willing to put in time and effort, private trackers have pretty much everything.




anyone has link for pirated ebooks?


If you search for intitle:index.of on google you can find some interesting stuff.


Cant open any link


Thx a lot for sharing just downloaded slipknot from
But be careful some of the music-folders try to make you click an .exe - kind of fishy


But they do force you to upload and then copyright lawyers fuck you hard -at least in europe


Do you now how to put them on a xbox?


What when 1 public IP is assigned to more than one customer of ISP?


ISP router logs tell how many bytes a certain house or apartment in that network transferred to which external address.


Do you really think ISP would really bother to check who downloaded what? Checking who connected to copyright claimant? I don't think those copyright companies give out their IPs addresses to third parties anyway.


The check is so easy they don't have to bother, it's automatic and they do it on requests of law enforcement all the time. Mostly to combat abuse such as botnets, drugs, spam and CP, but for torrents the procedure is the same. Copyright companies don't give out their own addresses, the law is such that they mass contact the ISPs with short notices by e-mail, and if the ISP doesn't confirm they warned you, the copyright company sues them.


Then how to circumvent this?


how do i access a ftp? none of them work


Download old titles that companies care less about.


File: 1549065588198.png (209.41 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2019-02-01….png) ImgOps iqdb

these sites have really slow bandwidth wtf


Dyndns usually means it's someone's home PC.



i thought we didn't like 3d. why are you posting porn?



>the law is such that they mass contact the ISPs with short notices by e-mail, and if the ISP doesn't confirm they warned you, the copyright company sues them
Feels good to live in a third world country where ISPs are bulletproof and ignore dmca/abuse complaints.


downloading movies or old animes is becoming a pain in the ass and those ftp won't work for me for some reason


File: 1558006737770.jpg (29.59 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, yandexlogo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's still really that simple guys.

Use Yandex instead of Google when you search to pirate stuff. Anything. Yandex is a russian search engine which still happily gives you piracy results. And yes it accepts english keywords. I use it often because of google's policy, have fun.


I use DuckDuckGo as my main search.
They also don't manipulate results, and apparently don't track you, which is nice if true.


DuckDuckGo is basically a cia honeypot with servers in the US. Yandex is Russian. Obviously western govs don't trade that much of data with russia. So if you're a westerner use rather Yandex. It's about your gov not having the data.


You do know that the CIA really doesn't give a shit about piracy and there is no evidence of your claims right?
I also find it funny that you are paranoid about U.S. spooks but seem not to care about Russian spooks.
Ether way as long as you aren't using it to look for terrorist shit or CP the government doesn't give a shit. If you do want that kind of thing then you probably should be using protection and not doing it on the clear net anyway.


I don't know about the CIA but DDG is suspect. The creator went from "I want a really aggressive and public social network" to "privacy search engine" Yeah right.


Searx is nicer and it supports yandex.


Searching for site:parspack.net on google seems to give a lot of results with fast speed. I'm downloading a movie that I was looking for with a pretty good speed.


Just looks like some arbic cloud host.
Is this some terrorist shit?
You trying to get people on a list?


How to do this


How do I use the Xbox files wtf


Emulator probably.


So how and why does this thread get away with linking 3D pornography?


Rule says not to post 3d porn. Not that server links are are banned.
Besides I don't think it is enough of a problem to nuke the whole thread over when so much of the other content is of high value.


How unsafe is FTP?

I mean, these directories can be filled with shitons of viruses, not even mentioning that packages are sent and received with plain text credentials.


using ftps it's really no different from https


It shows your bare IP and most server's keep a log

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