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I've seen some discussion on it in the hobby tiers thread, and I have a gut feeling I'm not the only one who's practicing.

What do you do? Do you practice your art for fitness, for a feeling of security without having to wall yourself in? For other reasons?
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Was some dispute by the head instructor what my rank actually is.
Decided to just leave it where it was, and have me just train until November for a Dan (blackbelt) test.

Training was fun. I personally didn't learn anything new, but helped a few students have some breakthroughs with a kick they are working on.
Sparred without any gear for some reason. Since my shins are still mostly unconditioned it kind of sucked when I got kicks checked. But it gave me a excuse to practice palm strikes, which worked really well. They cover all the angles standard karate punches leave out (the style of karate I do doesn't have long hooks and overhands for some reason, and back fist kind of sucks if I am being honest). One thing I haven't seen anywhere else that I really like is the way the head instructor does knife hand strikes.
Rather then it being with the blade of the hand as it normal, his version that he taught to me is more of a very modifide palm strike using the very edge of the bones in base of the palm. Can break blocks with it and deliver a monstrous amount of power to a relatively small area on hard targets without injuring the hand after a bit of conditioning. I really like using it defensively too, as a way to counter strike limbs then briefly hold them in place for a follow up counter blow to the body.

I haven't seen it in books, videos, or discuses online, so I think doing the knife hand this way might be something unique to this line of schools, as he said he learned it that way directly from his master from Korea.
Very cool and glad to have it as part of my tool box of techniques.


God damn today was fun. Spar like crazy.
Men, succubi, children, 2 on 1, 3 on 1. 1 minute rounds, 2 minute rounds, just going until someone is too tired to keep going.
It was a buffet of combat and every dish came with a knuckle sandwich.
I has so much fun sparing today, but now I am dead tired and more then a little swore.

Before the fun had to work on a new form. Apparently this one is super old and found (with a lot of variation) in most styles of karate. Lots of moves in it, but I have 6 months to learn it so I am not that concerned.

Think I had a minor break through with one of the students.
They are a hard case, full of doubt and always complaining about everything. They also usually give up very quickly.
I more or less told them to clear their mind and focus on one thing, doing the kick then reset to do another kick.
Anytime they tried to spout some bullshit and whine about something I shut it down got them to refocus on the kick, do the kick, then reset both their poster and mind to do another kick.
There was a lot of resistance at first, but after they started to get the hang of shutting the fuck up they probably did more reps without complaint then I have ever seen of them in class before.

Overall I really needed that. Been so busy with work, and they cut the number of classes down so I haven't been able to go as often. It felt great to finally cut loose and fight until I could barely stand.
I love martial arts.
I love karate!


For boxing it's very common because you get hit in the face the most often and damage to the nose sucks. A lot of boxers that I have trained with favor those nose-bar style headgear. Remember that the purpose of headgear is to avoid damage to the face and not to protect from brain trauma. Open face headgear is mostly worn for competition, or by fighters preparing for competition.


I wish the head instructor wasn't so strict about sweeps. I want to practice stuff like this, but he insist it isn't apart of Tang So Do as he was taught it.


Did you punch children?
can you send vids?


>Did you punch children?
With control of course.
>can you send vids?
Do not post information that may reveal your real identity.


On of the best Bare-knuckle fights I have ever seen. Truly beautify.


I've always wanted to do martial arts since I was little (loved martial arts movies) and started wing chun when I was 17. But I found out I got a chronic illness that lead to having a colostomy. Doctors said I couldn't do martial arts or weight lifting so I stopped. Then turned 25 and thought fuck it. I only live once and got permission from my GP to do it as long as I didn't do sparring and took precautions. Started doing muay thai and I do sparring, I just wear a protective vest.

I took it up to prove to myself that I could do it and I'm glad I did.


Just be careful not to get the shit knocked out of you.

But seriously you are a inspiration, showing that when there is a will there is a way, including the way of martial arts.
I wish you well in your training dude.


A few people at the gym have told me I shouldn't be doing it. But they haven't been in my shoes so they wouldn't understand. I avoid telling anyone now. Most of them have quit anyway so I don't have to see their faces anymore.


That is pretty funny because I see it all the time
>yo you shouldn't do this, you will never make it, etc.
>they drop out after a few months later like the bums they really are
Martial arts are a show don't tell kind of thing. The people who make progress and become good are the people who consistently show up to train and train hard consistently.
While I haven't met anyone with your exact problems I have trained with people who had all kinds of physical and mental problems who didn't let that stop them.


File: 1563359497895-0.jpg (51.66 KB, 636x382, 318:191, Beatrcie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1563359497895-1.jpg (170.39 KB, 853x1200, 853:1200, blade.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Get swole is important to martial arts?


not really the core of it but being limber and fit will make it easier on you if you keep up with it and do some basic shit like eating healthy and exercises other than martial arts (even a little bit will help) you will get fit.
In your pic I would say some somewhere between day 31 and day 56 would be good unless you are thinking of going professional or into tournaments.


Martial arts are all about applying the attributes that you have in an effective way. When all else is more or less equal between two fighters, attributes like strength, size, height, cardio, flexibility, etc become big determining factors in a fight, but technique is still king. If you don’t have the technique to effectively apply your attributes then a more technical fighter will beat you every time. One of the key purposes of martial arts has always been to use technique to overcome the threat of attack from a larger, stronger opponent. If you are big and strong AND have great technique then you will be a very dangerous individual indeed.


OP here, I quit.
Instructor was being an unstable prick and I've been staying away from class but paying for it for a year before dropping it.


Sorry to hear that.


It's probably for the better, and I picked up some useful things while I was there.
Chiefly theoretical and spiritual, like the Dao, but it did help.


After a long time of urge, I finally decided to practice a martial art. Luckily, there are three dojos in my neighborhood, including a kenjutsu training center. But as expected I've got no money for any of them.

Does anyone here have any material, yt channels, books, etc which I'm able to teach myself a martial art? Preferably karate or kendo techniques? I know I'll miss some essential skills as observing your opponent and creating some good reflexes, but unfortunately that's all can do for now.


You will not be able to learn solo with no previous training. Currently you are better off working on your general personal fitness and earning money rather then build bad habits that once you actually start training you have to waste time correcting.
Solo training only works if you already have lots of previous experience.


>see punch
>meh it doesn't look that powerful
>try it
>"oh fuck my hand!"
Turns out it delivers a fuck ton of force and that I need a lot more time on the makiwara to use it full force.
I think I will include it in my training and daily punches so that I can get the timing and use of it down, but other then that focus more on hand conditioning so I can use it full force without it feeling like I am about to break my hand on the standing heavy bag. Like the foam makes no difference to that punch and makes it feel like you are punching the plastic pole underneath full force. That is how much it penetrates with the impact. Very nice if I can train up to being able to use it.


Maybe this is true if you're slightly mentally retarded, but if not you should be just fine teaching yourself moves. You don't learn how to punch by listening to a guy tell you how to do it over and over, you learn by punching over and over. Whether another guy is there giving you tips is pretty irrelevant. It may speed up the process slightly, but the actual experience of performing the motion over and over again is what will teach you how to do it. This won't teach you the most important part of how to fight, which is how to react to your opponent, but you can learn techniques just fine and then later you can just do a little sparring to learn how to actually fight.


That is completely and totally wrong and spoken from someone who clearly has no training.
Do you have any example of someone being even remotely competent in martial arts with absolutely no training other then practicing solo? No?
Then all you are doing is spouting ignorant nonsense and lies. Lies ether that you are a telling first hand, or lies that you have been fed by some scam artist trying to sell snake oil.


so let me get this straight, you think it is literally impossible to learn how to throw a punch unless you pay a guy to tell you how and you're accusing me of being the one who's been fed lies by some scam artist? Lol


Prove me wrong or knock the bullshit off.
That simple. No trolling, no arguing, none of that.
Put up or shut up.


alright then, but it will take some time to test my theory myself. I will report back once I have gotten into shape and sparred with someone at a place. Hopefully I can find somewhere to let me spar without taking lessons. I am a neet who spends 20+ hours a day in bed though so it might be a few months before I am in shape to attempt such a thing.


I will be holding my breath in anticipation.


I agree. It's always better to have somebody watching you but you won't fail to learn anything without that, it just might mean you make some mistakes like a certain part of the technique that could be improved or subconsciously not keeping your hands up enough and you won't have a teacher to spot that.



How is someone meant to prove you wrong on an image board? What are we going to have a Wizchan fight club meet up? Idiot.


So you are just making uninformed assumptions that you can't back up with anything as far as evidence then?
I got no tolerance for your destructive lies when it comes to martial arts.
You don't do martial arts and you don't know anything about martial arts so it is pretty clear you don't belong in this thread giving out bad advice. Your opinion is based on nothing and is worthless.
If you can't back up what you say with anything then fuck off.


I actually do martial arts though… Anyway, nobody can back anything up, keyboard warrior. That's why it is all so ridiculous to ask somebody too.


not same wiz, but it'd be relatively easy to "prove you wrong" in a couple of ways. philosophically, i could argue you may learn to "throw a punch" but the punch you actually throw isn't correct in the martial art of your choosing. also in martial arts like judo or aikido, you will 99.9% be unable to make any progress without both a training partner and a good teacher to inform you if what you're doing is even correct.


I agree with the Judo and Akido aspect, or any grappling based martial art really. Because it really require proper technique and training partners, otherwise you may do something only slightly wrong but wrong enough that the hold does not do anything.

>philosophically, i could argue you may learn to "throw a punch" but the punch you actually throw isn't correct in the martial art of your choosing.

I don't even understand what you are trying to say here.


You could post video examples of people who are competent from just solo training with no formal training background, if such videos existed, which they don't.
Or of notable martial artist that are entirety self taught and only trained solo, of which there are none.
Or give empirical evidence that such a training methodology has ever given good results, of which there is none.
The reason why you can't back up your statement is not because we are at a computer, but because what you have said can't be backed up by evidence because there is none, because you are wrong.

>I actually do martial arts though



Most people who are in a situation where they make a video of themselves doing martial arts or compete in martial arts are in a position where they can go to a dojo/gym. It's like asking for a professional weight lifter that never went to a gym, does it happen? Probably not, does that mean that excersise at home is unhealthy and can't produce results? No.


If there is anyone in doubt I think it's you. I don't think a competent martial artist who trained in a good dojo would act like a snobby brat like you do and insult everyone else who is following the path of martial arts just like they themselves say they are. It's not just here that you do this but all through this thread, it's utterly cancerous.


File: 1568257954260.jpg (485.21 KB, 1350x659, 1350:659, What-can-be-asserted-witho….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Put up or shut up.
It is that simple.
If you have absolutely nothing at all to back up what you are saying then shut the fuck up with your bullshit. Ignorant posers spewing false information has been a damaging pox in the martial arts community and I will not stand by and let your foolishness soil it any farther.
You even admit that you don't have any evidence. In fact you couldn't even conceive of what evidence of your position would look like without aid. And now you are giving nothing but excuses on using really bad analogy to argue that maybe theoretically it is possible no matter how improvable, of which you are just declaring the possibility of it without any proof.

Just like I can claim that there is a teapot in orbit around the earth with the explanation that such a thing is theoretically possible while presenting no evidence to indicate the claim as being anything other then a flight of fancy.

And without a rational argument you now resort to complaining about tone.
Unlike you I actually care deeply about truth within this subject. If you have a problem with that then find someplace else to spew your lies.


Ugh… You are too dumb to reason with. What you think that if somebody practised on a punching bag by themselves it would produce no benefit to them at all? They would never punch harder, never punch faster? I'm done with keyboard warriors like you. I'll hide this thread as it obviously has nothing to do with martial arts but rather it's just a place for your ego.


File: 1568690325344.webm (2.7 MB, 1724x720, 431:180, Enter.the.Dragon.1973.Rem….webm) ImgOps iqdb

i was marathoning some chopsocky films and i don't really understand the point of doing this?

why do they do this?


Hand conditioning. Traditional asian martial arts has this idea that the more you obliterate your hand the stronger it will be.



then why don't they crush their hands with a sledge hammer?


Look up Wolff's Law

This video goes into detail.
That particular method is more of a movie thing, but the basic concept is explained in this video in detail from people who actually know what they are doing.


I could understand how that practice could arise in Japan during the meijei restoration while they were really playing up the whole samurai warrior thing while simultaneously forbidding people to own swords. People want to walk around acting like they can kill you with their bare hands so they condition their hands like crazy. In a society where you can just carry weapons though, I'm pretty sure everyone would just do that instead of obliterating your hands. I wonder if this practice arose in China and if China ever had a ban on weapons. I would be very surprised to see that this was an actually ancient practice anywhere.


You don't "obliterate" your hands. That guy is just a idiot.
It is very slowly strengthening the hands in the direction of stress, strengthening the tendons, increasing bone density, and toughening the skin so that more force can be delivered with a lower risk of self injury. At no point during the proper process of conditioning do you actually injure yourself. Instead you very slowly acclimate and adapt the body to certain types of force. The end result being able to preform near superhuman feats as can be seen in breaking demos and the like. Or more practically, hit somebody with various parts of your body really hard and only do damage to them.
On location and culture it is common in certain Chinese styles like Wing Chun and especially Shaolin as well as Okinawan and Japanese styles such as karate, but the basic concepts of conditioning are found in nearly all "hard styles" of martial arts that have good documentation.

This article will give you a bit more general information.


How probable is it to get hand injury doing this? And what about muay thai exercises that seem to do the same for the shins? Those videos of legs snapping like rubber are pretty terrifying.


It is impossible to put a number when it comes to provability.
It relies mostly on patience and consistent practice over a long time.
Injuries happen from ether ignoring what your body is telling you and over training, or rushing things and doing more then you can handle way before you are ready. Form is also important, so injuries from bad form such as wrist sprains are a possibility. Lastly there is injury from not giving the body what it needs to heal properly (rest and nutrition).
In a way it is very similar to wight training. If you load up too much weight to fast then you can hurt yourself. If you have bad lifting form you can hurt yourself. And if you don't do recovery between sessions you can hurt yourself. But, taking your time and doing things right the risk is actually pretty low once you got the hang of it.

>And what about muay thai exercises that seem to do the same for the shins?

Wolff's law applies the same to that form of conditioning as well. Though part of it is also about lowering the pain response as well.

>Those videos of legs snapping like rubber are pretty terrifying.

That has less to do with conditioning method and more to do with maters of recovery and technique in most of the cases. Though some are just down to really bad luck, like the one involving that Japaneses pro wrestler that landed just a little off from a jump.
Generally it is just one of those very small but very real risk of full contact combat sports, or any physical sport know that I think about it. It is very rare though. Like people who break their spine and end up wheelchair bound due to football.


Training has not been going well mostly because I am not good at making myself do things. So far I have trained only a handful of times. I plan to redouble my efforts tomorrow and make using the punching bag that I've got a part of my daily routine.


Earned a black bet (1st Dan) in Karate.

Feels pretty good.


Shoot, reading through this thread I realized it lasted from when I first started in karate with the last bump post being when I finally obtained a black belt.
I have changed alot in these past two years. Going from a mediocre striker and ok grappler into a pretty good striker and ok grappler.
Learned more about instructing and the business end of things, and even learned how to instruct kids.
I still have a long way to go, but it has been a pretty cool journey so far.



Nice going, dude.

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