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Please don't do this kind of shit if you absolutely have to start writing anything new in Rust. Developing on a latest Rust release, fine, even a beta version is understandable, but writing your entire build process using features from a nightly branch of a compiler built for only a few chosen platforms that needs its own binary to build itself creates quite an unpleasant loop. You might be thinking that features from a nightly will move to stable some time in the next four years. They won't. I'll boldly name this as the single reason behind how Firefox got stuck in its current limbo state. Sorry for the rant.


I learned the basics of java and don't know what else to do now.


LibreOffice Easy Hacks.


create a video game


He said the basics dude
If he starts simple this is actually a good suggestion for a on going project to learn more.


Well it was over my head when I was in the thick of learning to code.

Since I so rarely use it I have forgotten nearly everything so it probably seems even harder then it really is to me now more then ever.
Occasionally I lurk the thread telling myself I will get back into it but I never do since I never have a good reason to push myself beyond extremely simple scripting within existing programs.

Maybe if I was into a game like second life again that had where you could add code to objects based on C# that you could play around with, I would be more likely to get back into it since it would be more playing around instead of feeling like doing work/studying.
Oh well.


Anyone here willing to take a beginner under his wing? Feed me little projects or something you need help with so that I could have direction on what to learn and be useful.


Simple scripting is the best, most useful kind of programs.

Can share an unfinished textboard codebase if that doesn't sound ridiculously easy to you. Posted my feature plan on /meta/ in the textboard general, and you'll be able to pick up whatever catches your interest. Unlikely to be of much help in terms of advice, support, appearing online or responding to messages though.


Exercism.io has small exercises you can complete in any language and get feedback on.


Coding a neural network, from scratch even, is MUCH easier than a video game.
If you don't do it from scratch especially, then libraries make it very easy


I start drawing control flow or objects/interactions with boxes and arrows. Sometimes I include (pseudo)code in these modules, but frequently I begin from a higher level of abstraction. A whiteboard is usually good for this, but I always have graph paper on hand just in case. A blackboard is the most comfortable, but those aren't very common and you have to be careful not to get chalk in your keyboard.

If I can't come up with a design that I like, then I walk through everything from the beginning. I ask myself: what am I starting with, and what are my desired outcomes? What are the high level components? And other similar questions. Basically, the idea is to strengthen your understanding of the problem and of your desired result; this understanding will help you form the high level building blocks for the solution and how they interact with each other. I usually speak this self-Q&A aloud while taking notes and drawing more boxes and arrows.


I keep changing variables that I guess might be related, and curse until it works.


idk if anyone else knows, but windows batch scripting is easy to pick up. it has some severe limitations compared to virtually any real programing language, or even other operating systems shell scripting languages, but if you are on windows it's still kind of cool

for example just open up up notepase and type/paste this, then save as runme.bat or runme.cmd, then double click it

@echo off
set yourvariable=wiz
echo hello %yourvariable%

any text-based game or interactive program can be made pretty quick. here's some descriptions of the commands i use often, or examples of the usage
set x=1 <assigns local temporary variable>
set /a x=y+z <same as above but allows simple artithmatic>
if %x% equ 1 (set y=2) & (set z=3) <using if. %variable% uses the value of the variable. "&" is a way to separate commands>
if %y% equ 1 if %x% equ 3 (echo ASFFDGgd) <if can just be stacked with other ifs to next them. echo prints out text>
goto example <makes the program go to :example>

:example <label, serves as jump point for goto>
if age geq 5 (set dog=blah) & (set blahblah=blahblahblah) ^ <this " ^" escapes the end of line character, lets commands be broke up over multiple lines if they get too long and hard to read>
(set asdfsdfsd=sadfasdf) <this is considered part of the above if condition>

if something equ nothing (set example=55) || (set example=99) <the "||" means if the previous thing fails, or isn't true, it runs the command. i think it means OR>

echo a - first choice
echo b - second choice
echo c - third choice
choice /c abc /n <halts the program, only continues if they press a,b, or c. the /c and /n are just some options i like with it>
set yourchoice=%errorlevel% <if they press a, that sets errorlevel to 1, b-2, c-3, etc>
if %yourchoice% equ 1 (echo first choice)

pause <pauses the script, and displays message letting you know to press something to continue
cls <clears the screen of text>

setx catdog=dogcat <this is setting a permanent variable, but you can only use it later, not in the current batch file>

there's a few variables and "cmdlets" you can use as well to do stuff, %username%, %cd%, %date%, %time%

timeout 600 /nobreak <halts script. after 600 seconds, script continues. /nobreak means you can't interrupt it>
shutdown /h <can hibernate computer>
cipher /w:c:\ <wipes the deleted/unallocated space on c: drive by overwriting with random data or something. basically after running cipher you can't recover deleted data. all windows have cipher>
taskkill /f /im openwith.exe <terminate tasks like how you normally would by using task manager>
@RD /S /Q "C:\$Recycle.bin" <effectively clears recycle bin>
net stop WaaSMedicSvc <can stop services>
title command shortcuts <renames the command line interface to "command shortcuts">
color f0 <sets the command line interface background color to white, and the text color to black. opposite of how it is normally>
@echo off <used at the start of scripts for a cleaner output>
type example.txt <prints out the contents of example.txt if example.txt is in the same directory as the batch file. otherwise you specify filename>

there's also CALL used for creating subroutines and functions, but i haven't even used it once. you can call labels or other programs i think.
also there's piping to output or input stuff, also haven't used that though.

in general you can use set, set /a, echo, choice, and goto for simple games without any problem. those have made up like 99% of the commands i use.

here's some other stuff a bit more complicated using other program's command line functions, but i'm not a programmer so it's not that hard. this series of scirpts is started by dragging a folder containg .png files onto the batch file. the location of the folder dragged is %1, %cd% is the directory of the batch file itself, and the programs with command line functions i can utilize are all in the folder 'scanmate' on the same directory as the batch file itself

%cd%\scanmate\advanced_renamer_portable\arenc.exe -e %cd%\scanmate\alphanumeric-to-numeric.aren -t files -p "%1" -msk "*.png" -o filename -m rename
>this uses the program advanced renamer to rename .png files alphanumerically counting up from 01.png

for /r "%1" %%a in (*.png) do (%cd%\scanmate\optipng\optipng.exe -force -v -o2 "%%a")
>this uses optipng to compress the .pngs

echo 1 - ZIP
echo 2 - RAR
choice /c 12 /n
set cnum=%errorlevel%
if %cnum% equ 1 (set archiveformat=ZIP)^
else (set archiveformat=RAR)
set /p archivename=%archiveformat% ARCHIVE NAME:
%cd%\scanmate\winrar\rar.exe a -r %1\%archivename%.%archiveformat% %1\*.png
>choice for zip/rar. prompt for the filename. then uses rar.exe to archive the pictures using the format and filename.


batch is pretty fun, that's how I started programming when I was 12, I'd make tons of stupid little programs in batch and show them to my parents



What? Most cheats hook into the game directly and track positions based upon looking at a memmory location.

Is yours really based upon scanning the screen directly?


File: 1553650189762-0.jpg (599.45 KB, 474x743, 474:743, 10 print.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1553650189762-1.png (123.94 KB, 1105x1080, 221:216, 10 print 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

output from what people now call a 10 print program/pattern. it was originally a single line of code in basic that would randomly print either / or \ and fill the screen. some people actually found it interesting enough to write a book about it. example are found online https://snek.dev/10print

the cool thing is that when rotates 45 degrees, it is like a maze, using only 2 characters. but because it's random it's not a very good maze and you can see using paint bucket to fill either side, there can be ver large sections that are uncrossable


Tired of having to make multiple different commandline parsers I've been programming a generic unix-style command line parser.

I know I don't have to, libs exist, but I code everything from scratch (and all libs have security vulns).

Nothing impressive. Just –xxx-xxx and/or -x added to an iterative AVL tree implementation, with doc strings to generate the –help output, and fn pointers to call upon encountering a parameter.


is command line parsing interpreting some input command and arguments to pass to some kind of function or other program?



Yes. It is easier and less intrusive to scan the screen, making the cheat impossible to detect.


File: 1554492524953.mp4 (3.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, archive.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

testing something using curl, ended up returning a lot of old threads like >>>/wiz/74

would be cool to get images but the text of a post is more important anyway


CS noob here but you're programming in C right?


File: 1554651586140.jpeg (9.12 KB, 222x227, 222:227, crackpairingmirite.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like most of my time programming is not spent…programming

Instead it’s what I would call “bullshit one-off IT problems.” I need a weird library and spend a day trying to track down the particular version I need because it’s not in any package manager, of course. Or I have to use some function that I do not understand how it works, nor can I track down the documentation for what the error code “E705” that it keeps popping out (c.f. the error codes hidden in LAPACK hidden in GSL), nor does ANYONE know how it works. Or I spend two days just figuring out how to get weird library X to work with my set of bullshit code, or how the library calls even work, or a version that doesn't require me to learn two or three other lirbaries just to call the one function I want to call. Or, my workstation is a Windows x64 distribution whereas the compiler I need to use only supports a Debian i686, but that’s O.K. because then I can cludgily call it if I manage to make an executable on the separate workstation—if I can manage to get the particular version of Debian the damn thing works on. Or my IDE breaks and gives some mysterious code (or I’ve even run across kernel faults) that I have to track down even though it doesn’t even come up on websearches, and I get sidetracked fixing my computer for a couple days. Or, I need to register some odd account on a website a client uses and take forever to figure out what should be a simple web-portal that instead has evolved 3 million widgets (imagine a screen just filled with more buttons that the cockpit of the space shuttle) over the past 30 years that all interact in the most obscure of ways.

When I actually finally get to the problem after a week, I end up only writing at most a hundred lines to solve the actual problem.


I wish I could only write a hundred lines to solve an issue, usually I end up writing a few thousand. The less code and the fewer dependencies you introduce, the more quality thing you create.

Btw, simple web-portal is an oxymoron.



No, it was in java, lol


Same, the second you step outside the standard and most popular libraries/frameworks you are in the middle of a gigantic minefield by yourself without an end in sight.
I loathe working with most programmers code, but reading their documentation (if it even exists) is even worse, things almost never work as they should.
Last week I spent 3 days setting up and trying to use a small library for a very specific use. The thing kept throwing all kind of errors that didn't make any sense. Found one single example of code in the documentation which was 2 years old, the only way to make this library work as intended was to use a 2 year old version in debug mode.


What language or ecosystem is that? I never have these issues when dealing with Node.js or pure C and simple focused libraries, but projects in Java and C++ and enterprise frameworks regardless of the language turn out abominable hell with conflicting dependencies every time.


Somebody in a chatroom kept pushing python as the best thing ever, I've only ever worked with C# and I think python seems like it's over-hyped and a meme.


It's never one language/ecosystem. It's whatever package/library/language that needs to be found and pulled together to get the project to work.


How can Python be overhyped when it's much less widespread? Personally I like how compact and readable it lets you script GUI and text file operations, but altogether it's huge and I don't appreciate its presence and sometimes requirement in base Linux systems in a similar way that C# is on Windows.

I don't understand, why are you pulling in those packages, libraries etc unless you're sure they work and integrate fine? Nobody should be adding languages to projects, the mention of "pulling together" such enormous third-party components clearly sounds like someone up the business chain is making disastrously incompetent decisions.


man i hated python for the mandatory indentation and case sensitivity. they really wanted every program to look the same way regardless of who wrote it. it's super popular in universities and just common usage though from what i've read


is any modern language case-insensitive? Why?

Our university had C# and x86 assembly. Python crowd here is mostly self-taught.


i can only think of ring


CS noob here again, I thought gc langauges don't allow pointer arithme


Fuck magento, what a fucking obfuscated undocumented piece of shit. And fuck this company for making an intern use it.



You do not need to use pointer arithmetic to make a screen color aimbot.


Has anybody here ever thought about writing their very own AI waifu?


You can probably make a program that gives the illusion of a waifu but we haven't figured out a way to make sentient AI yet. What's the point anyways? If you write the program then you know how it exactly works so it is impossible to fool yourself.


One of the main reasons why I got into science and programming was to make an AI.
Kinda like in the 1995 gits movie.
That stuff is fascinating.
I don't think anyone's close to achieving that though, although deepmind is doing interesting stuff.


If you're feeling incredibly irritated, anxious and frustrated at the start of learning how to code is it perhaps the wrong thing to try? Has anyone else started out feeling like this?

I am avoiding learning because of this but I want to do the course on Khan Academy before I completely give up on it


I started learning java when I was 13 coding runescape private servers, literally just doing trial and error coding until I understood what was going on. That felt really rewarding to me, I never got frustrated but I got excited because I was making cool stuff in runescape. I assume those khan academy exercises are boring though


They're not boring. Part of the problem is me so that's why I don't just give up yet.

What goes through my head is
>I'm starting this at 25 so what's the point?
>There's so much to go through and I'm an idiot

I can't tell if I'm having trouble because I don't like it or because of my self confidence issues


It seems unrelated to your interest in programming. You'd likely experience the same feelings towards any hobby or skill. Nothing else to do except push on and focus on the process. Perhaps once you observe your own self-efficacy, you'd gain more confidence and some relief for those pesky feelings.


File: 1556813212358.jpg (123.82 KB, 540x762, 90:127, essense.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is what I was thinking. Ill go through the classes and if I still don't like it Ill move on. But I gotta push through the starting pains. Thanks for the input anon.


I'm 2 weeks into a codemonkey job and starting to hate programming.
I used to like messing with the computer, writing small programs, understanding how things work behind the scenes, configuring my system etc. And now after this short period of being _forced_ to write code I'm actually adopting the idea that computers should "just work" and considering switching back to windows and using bugged, resource heavy spyware because it's too much hussle otherwise.
How to I prevent this process from going further and revert it back to normal?


Jeez I'm stupid I can't even force myself to learn math or programming for shit.


File: 1565545489784.mp4 (1.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, game1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

was playing with idea of a vn kind of engine yesterday, this is what i got so far using autoit. the script part looks weird like a batch script right now but it works at least


I don't know if it's qualify as programming but given the fact this is the best place to ask I'll give it a shot. Do you guys know any good places to learn html? I've done the codeacademy course but you don't learn much in there. I was looking for something a little more extensive.


There really isn't much to learn, in html you use tags to specify how a document is structured. There's a lot and even web developers don't use most of them. It's pretty much a learn as you go thing.
Best thing you can do is learn the basic structure and tags (html, head, body, a, p, div…), try to write your website/document and google whatever you don't know how to do i.e html embed audio.

The mozilla documentation is usually good for html/css/js. I haven't went over any of the tutorials but if I need to check how X thing works I check here or the first stackoverflow google result.


Thnks for the quick response wiz. I guess you're right, I'll just continue doing the css exercises from codecademy as there's lots of html in there and once that's done I'll try to build a small website.


I'm not >>49272, but I too would like to work with HTML/CSS/PHP a bit. I did it a lot as a kid. I remember being able to just open a plain HTML document and then build up a page in pure WYSIWYG realtime with Firebug but that was like 10 years ago and I can't find an equivalent now.

If anyone working with it has any tips on how to set up a seamless work environment for such things, that would be cool. What browsers/extensions/programs to use so that I can say, edit the HTML or CSS in an editor in one monitor, and the browser updates the webpage using it in realtime or with a simple refresh in the other monitor.

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