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File: 1515775688108.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HN_BB_05_EasyCooking_ProRe….png) ImgOps iqdb

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I keep eating ready meals which are starting to taste stale and I can't imagine the lack of nutrients and fresh ingredients being beneficial for my health. Also it's expensive.

People will tell you that cooking is easy but I have so little energy that I can't even get myself to follow those cooking recipes that require many steps and different ingredients.

I tried just eating frozen vegetables with salt and butter but they taste bland like that. Tried to improve it with some premade sauces but they all taste terrible.

So anyone got some REALLY easy to make meals?
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This can barely be considered cooking, but I do enjoy eating apple slices dipped in honey very much. They make for a really nice and sweet treat.


Cilli time


Make sandwiches. No heat required if you use cold cuts and vegetables.


Wraps are also good and super low effort.


i eat some variation of these things every day. usually the tortilla egg thing. when i make fried rice i usually eat that for the entire day

boil some rice
fry broccoli
fry some eggs
mix it all together
add soy sauce, black pepper, salt, and pretty much any kind of spice
mix it together again
fried rice

get bowl
put tortilla or some kind of flatbread in it
cracks eggs and mix them around
microwave it
add cheese, salt, pepper and stir it around
eggs in tortilla wrap
- alternatively -
get plate
put tortilla wrap on it
dump some mixed up eggs on it
microwave it
add cheese
roll it up into a burrito

fry bread on stove
put cheese on it
grilled cheese

get bowl
add flour
add milk
add eggs
stir around until you got a batter
grease up a plate and microwave it
something like a horrible pancake

get bowl
add leftover mac and cheese
dump some eggs in there and mix
microwave it
turns into a semi-solid brick
make a sandwich using it

cut up some potatos
try to oil them up
add salt, pepper, and whatever spices you want
bake it
flip it over after a while
really good potato things


lately I've been eating raw tortillas from the bag, each one is worth something like three slices of bread so it's filling…enough, and unlike bread they don't go bad, I've kept bags of tortillas at room temperature for 5 months at a time

it lets me stay in my room instead of dealing with the bullshit waiting to ambush me outside my door


>unlike bread they don't go bad, I've kept bags of tortillas at room temperature for 5 months at a time
this is very true. it's pretty humid where i'm at but those tortilla wrap things just sit there waiting for me, refusing to go moldy or anything. i appreciate foods that can last a while


File: 1586667855937-0.jpg (120.69 KB, 625x469, 625:469, A_01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586667855937-1.jpg (146.18 KB, 1366x800, 683:400, A_02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

But you can always up-scale it as a grilled cheese sandwich when the mood strikes you.


I eat instant mashed potatoes pretty often. Just heat water in a teapot, put instant potatoes, butter and salt in a bowl then pour the boiling water over them, mix together & add milk. I just eat it with rotisserie chicken & bbq sauce. It takes no effort to prepare and you don't have to wash anything except a bowl and a spoon.

In the morning just eat instant oatmeal or cornflakes with whole milk and throw in some blueberries so you don't get scurvy.


You could just bulk cook rice (just drop it in a pot with boiling water) and chicken (cut into small pieces and throw on a pan, If it's non-stick you can skip oil even). It's way cheaper than pre-packaged ready food and still takes very little time to prepare if you plan a little bit ahead (say, 5 days or so, Just put everything in containers so it doesn't spoil).

Not sure why but i can eat this stuff every day for years and i just don't care, Cooking tasty food seems like a waste of time for me, I don't even bother with adding salt or spices.


if you have depression your problem is inflammation. Eat more greens and fewer carbs parcticularly wheat. I'd recommend intermitant fasting as well.

'deenz once a day
vit d3 tablets
iodine (salt or kelp tablets)

the easy meal is rice topped by a salad topped by fish and a few fried eggs. Forget cooking just eat well


File: 1594690611494.jpg (38.94 KB, 400x300, 4:3, noodels.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here use comfy instant food or kits for making something similar? Pic is a reusable cup for cooking with small refill packs of noodles.


File: 1594691836283.png (4.62 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have one of those plastic microvave dishes made for cooking the bricks of ramen noodles fast.
Has a fill line so it comes out the same every time, I then pour it into a paper bowl, add the seasoning, and stir.
Make making ramen even easier and faster, while being much cheaper then cup noodles.


File: 1594693039241-0.jpg (44.8 KB, 448x448, 1:1, 51srZUGCxeL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594693039242-1.jpg (82.11 KB, 1374x981, 458:327, 61mZHGJzSdL._AC_SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nice! I also have been looking into getting a Lomejor or Itaki meal cooker. It would make cooking more convenient.


A sliced tomato and onion in 1:1 proportions, salt and pepper, mixed with sour cream has been my evening meal every day in last several months


SANDWICHES everyday. Change bread & ingredients to suit yourself.

3 levels of grilled cheese sandwich video embedded.


File: 1604404174779-0.jpg (227.27 KB, 1025x1302, 1025:1302, 20201108.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604404174779-1.jpg (150.33 KB, 887x1150, 887:1150, 20201115.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I drink my calories. Just add hot water or milk.


File: 1610171395144-0.jpg (530.51 KB, 1600x1068, 400:267, mocha.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610171395144-1.jpg (364.89 KB, 1456x874, 728:437, snowbite.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610171395144-2.jpg (831.7 KB, 1475x1019, 1475:1019, world.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Treat yourself occasionally


3 levels of grilled cheese, in order of how difficult it is to eat. Seriously, making your food look like Escheresque nightmares isn't gourmet.


Been living on boiled eggs and milk for the past month and a half. I go shopping once a week and preparation doesn't get easier.


lately I just stuff my mouth with white bread followed by a swig of water to soften it to mush, then swallow it, barely any chewing involved

I stopped enjoying food years ago, it's just a chore now to get through as fast as possible


Don't listen to the previous anon, I really appreciated your tips soup anon, great advice for real!



Why are you using a rice cooker rather then a slow cooker for this?
Slow cooker is better for soups and stews, is the same price, and is good at more things.
Rice cooker is great at rice but mediocre at everything else.

That said I hate cleaning both so I usually pan fry or microwave everything.
I used to bake using disposable pans but my table top oven broke.


I sometimes make pasta. Aglio e oglio is simple.
>add water and salt (plenty) to pan, put on high
>grind up garlic and pepper
>when pasta is boiled enough dump almost all of the water, add olive oil + garlic and pepper, turn heat down a little bit (for the oil)
>move around in pan with wooden spoon until it has soaked up the oil and doesn't slide around pan so much

But now I do it simpler, I cook with marinara. I don't bother with pepper or garlic.


File: 1629973046589.mp4 (3.09 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, Ze chicken.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Do you guys roast chicken?


File: 1630178225304.jpg (301.28 KB, 876x838, 438:419, grabitizers-southern-style….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Some kind of latke

Long nose alert

Real Aryan wizzies eat McCain® Grabitizers™ Battered Southern Style Hushpuppies


I've never had hushpuppies but then again don't live in the south. This item is definitely on my bucket list


man hushpuppies are awesome


they taste awful imo, though my dad and sister love them, they are basically just balls of spiced cornmeal that's been deepfried and are usually really really dry, basically inedible without some kind of sauce


>the Fool's Gold Loaf, a loaf of French white bread filled with a pound each of bacon, peanut butter, and grape jelly
>the Elvis, consists of toasted bread slices with peanut butter, sliced or mashed banana, and occasionally bacon. Honey or jelly is seen in some variations of the sandwich. The sandwich is frequently cooked in a pan or on a griddle.
elvis was a god


I dont really care about cooking. It's the grocery shopping and buying all the ingredients that's fucked. Then while eating alone, it is too much food for one person and i dont want to eat the same thing for 3 days.


you can go to the deli and get any amount of cheese or meat that you need, bakery can sell you even just a couple slices of bread, and grab small vegetables too, don't follow a recipe for 3 if you only need it for one


That's socially difficult for me, especially because im in a country where i dont know the main language. and i don't know what to say to them. It also then makes cooking much less efficient so that does start to become a problem


File: 1638702116476.mp4 (3.17 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, ttchunli2.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I make sushi


File: 1640781350608.gif (478.28 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2021.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I make ice-cream


And yet you post footage of a restaurant… Curious.

While having sushi recently I tried softshelled crab, really good. Scrumptious.


recently bught a big bag of nori and sushi rice. it's pretty fun rolling up random pieces of food into sushi. my favorite was taco seasoned ground beef, spicy ranch, and some cream cheese.


At least where I live all this asian stuff is quite expensive, even their rice and pasta. Regular seasonings and herbs on the other hand are very cheap.

By the way having two cooking threads is unnecessary and confusing, OP's specifications don't really justify for it not being just a general cooking thread. These themes may be addressed within it, literally three years to reach this amount of posts.


You can make japanese curry pretty easy even if you can muster up enough energy 1 day out of the week to make a batch then freeze it in meal prep containers you can do that i can post a recipe if anons care


so as someone whos not homeless but cant take food from home what do you recommend i eat for olunch thats not fast food


These threads are difficult, because there's this expectation that if you're going to spend the effort to write down a cooking recipe, it should be a minimal level of difficulty, because to not do so would be "stupid," or would "look too dumb if I were to post it." Therefore, the recipes that tend to get posted, are way too high level.

If it were possible to make this thread anew, I would entitle it, "cooking hacks" or some other such trite bullshit. Because THEN you'd get REALLY easy recipes like "you can just bake an onion," which I'm guessing is what you're really after OP.


Good post. I am going to start making pancakes and burgers more. I do # 1 and 3 a lot.


Sandwiches are the easiest/laziest way to get some degree of proper food, along with a lot of hand fruit. If you tend towards weight gain, use the 45cal/“light” bread. When you have more energy, use hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, mixed greens. When you have no energy, even plain deli meat on bread is probably better than a frozen dinner.


Not enough love is given to the simple, effective, common sammich.


>45 calories bread slices
what the heck how is that possible
less dense, less sugar? i thought 100cal/bread slice was fundamental to bread


The slices are a bit thinner and they add some bulking/thickening stuff like guar/xanthan gum and cellulose fiber (which is basically tree bark and plant leaves) that don’t get digested by humans. It just tastes like less sweet bread to me.


I've been experimenting to what extent nutmeg can substitute sugar and sweeteners. If you get natural (no sugar in the ingredients label) peanut butter, it goes alright with a little bit of nutmeg powder.


Same where I live. Outside of the generic paprika and stuff you're paying out the asshole.

Mexican food is completely unaffordable here in New Zealand. All the salsas and tortilas are egregiously expensive it costs like $30 NZ to buy all the ingredients for one meal from scratch.


Though doctors like to prescribe drugs. A lot of times depression is caused by a nutrient deficiency.

I cook a lot of stews. Try not to use to much meat, but lots of veggies. It's cheap and helps to heal the body.

I also buy bone broth, this helps to heal your digestive tract. This means that you absorb more of the nutrients you ingest(this is a bit expensive)

Also recommend daily cod liver oil. Deficiency in Vitamin D and Omega 3 can cause depression.

I found once I change my diet to this my depression wasn't as bad, and helped other issues I had.


I find that I pay much less mind to the tedious parts of cooking when drunk. A cursory look at halfchan /ck/ reveals that they're all alcoholics, so this must be a commonly used trick.

>high effort
you literally just rub the potato over a cheese grater and then throw it in a pan you dumb nigger

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