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There must be a reason why almost all of the cartoons is calarts style. Maybe is because of the time they spend on the story
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who is the cartoon character with the most bad life?


what part of that post is mental to you? you must be a visitor from normalfag 8chan or something, get fucked. writing a post longer than a tweet's character limit is not mental illness you anti-intellectual faggot.


Chowder is a positively mad show, wild architecture and stories, though the Flash static texture attachment with moving contours gave me nausea.


So what were some of the best and/or worse new shows of 2018?

What are you looking forward to?



What a hard question.

Here's a breakdown since I can't think of a straight answer.

Chowder - Gets married with Panini at the end, who is a psycho who is obsessed with him to stalkerish levels. Never leaves him alone, but she's obviously a better cook, so she can probably pay the bills. However, he has to deal with her. Chowder himself has ADHD, but that lessens with age. I know. He doesn't really learn any real cooking at the end, but I think he'll be fine unless he literally learned nothing. Like, he's an apprentice teaching another apprentice with like, 20 kids, no joking, and a business that's going to fall in the future. His entire life could have been straightened up in the few years, but the jump cut killed him.

Shnitzel - Marries Endive, who is as crazy as Panini. Probably more, in fact. He looked so distressed when marrying her, and she was also obsessed with him to the point where she cornered him and he decided to jump versus deal with her. Because he later marries Endive, he probably quits his job as Mung's assistant, which is odd since he's painted to be so useful. He probably has to deal with his wife as a job now.

Mung - Nothing much for him, actually. He gets along with his wife well enough, honestly. I truly don't think he and his wife hate each other. I think their jokes are truly in jest. Still, he has to live with his apprentice until he "graduates" to take over the company and destroy it. He cares about Chowder in one scene, but others like the basement scene with the mold where he quickly jests about getting another apprentice. Also, the dragon episode where Chowder eats hot peppers, he replaces him quickly. Still, he SEEMS to care, I think? Chowder only causes destruction in all the episodes, and is so quick to leave his apprenticeship for new found "dreams" or horrible blunders which Mung never corrects him on or scolds him too much. The most punishment he's gotten was no dinner, and he actually tries to give Chowder dinner anyways. Still, I'm sure most episodes, Chowder causes the mishaps. Truly, it's his fault most of the times.

Panini and Endive - They're together since they're both crazy. I pity them both for their mental diseases. Panini is so obsessed with Chowder that she's really, truly 2D in both personality and likeness. She has some personality, like her great cooking abilities, her leadership qualities, her duty to Endive, etc. but seriously, it's more than a crush. The last episode has her stricken to not have Chowder in her life. It's sad since she's so very talented compared to Chowder. She really is going places.

Endive is probably better at cooking than Mung in the "orderly" department, but I am not sure if she's a better chef in other facets. I've yet to see her blow up her kitchen or cause massive destruction. Her apprentice is dutiful and competent. She shows a lot of promise. Even Panini's one downside doesn't get in the way of Endive's work or goals. She has a giant business with a pool, and can afford berries and other luxuries. She's done very well for herself, it seems, and I'm quite happy to see that. Still, she is dreadfully alone. She seems to have a crush on Mung and Shnitzel, and for her, *thankfully, does get married, making her candidacy for this null. Still, as said before, it's possible Shnitzel doesn't enjoy the marriage too much anyways. I hope they do well and nothing breaks her heart. She's obviously super desperate.**

So, in the future, I would say Chowder and possibly Panini who has to deal with him and probably carry. Also, Chowder's apprentice wasting his time, of course. Then, I would say Shnitzel for his marriage and then Endive for the obvious divorce that will happen.

I've still not seen many episodes since then. I've probably only seen three since the initial post, so I can keep you updated on whose life is the worst. Before the final episode though, it would be Mung and Shnitzel. Shnitzel has to clean up the messes Chowder makes, Mung has to deal with his horrible apprentice. Chowder seems too carefree to notice how he's going to fail. I knew when I was going to fail, and I was right.


File: 1551076726809.jpg (84.5 KB, 580x1013, 580:1013, wizchowder.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is Chowder your favorite thing in the universe? If so, maybe it will be mine too.


File: 1551076846016.gif (463.06 KB, 400x190, 40:19, sureblamethewizards.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Any Futurama fans?


Weren't shippings quite secondary in the series? I watched Chowder a lot but barely remember them.


It has been like 6 months since I watched a ep but yeah, it is a pretty good show.



I'm on season two right now, and the shippings are pretty simple.

Chowder wants no one thus far
Panini wants Chowder
Ceviche wants Panini

And there's an episode based around Gazpacho where a succubus bullies him because she likes him. Not sure what happens after that, but Gazpacho seems like truwiz material. Never finished the episode though. Guy doesn't have a girlfriend, lives with his mother, owns a stand, and his only friend is really Chowder, a kid.

There's also Endive's romantic interest in Shnitzel in season one's final episode. It will probably carry over to season two as well.

Also, Chowder is such a beast so far. There was an episode where he "flang mud" at Panini to stop her from becoming some kind of president to the Apprentice guild or something. In another episode not too far away, Chowder had to study for the B.L.Ts so he could actually practice cooking, and if he failed, he would never be able to cook again. In that episode, Panini, obviously, was hired to help him study, and he freaked out. During the end of the scene, the madman threw a BOOK at her head. I love it so much. I love this kind of ferocity that he's showing to Panini, and I hope it continues. It's absolute gold. I actually wonder if she'll really break instead of act like she's so astonished and heart broken? It would have been beautiful if I had not know the ending already.


Finished the entire series, so I guess. The Leela and Fry romance seemed pretty forced when I looked into episodes. Fry kinda came onto Leela suddenly in one episode rather than a boiling over and progression that one may expect.


The cinematography looks like such a stretch from the others.


I am glad I wasn't the only one to notice that from the trailers.

That said, I still haven't gotten around to watching 3 yet, and I barely remember 2, so I am not really looking forward to this one. Maybe if I do a catch up watch of 2 and 3 I might be a little more hype but I doubt it.


File: 1553278881618.jpg (431.31 KB, 1242x1859, 1242:1859, Legend of The Three Caball….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What a beautiful cartoon. It's been years since I had this much fun watching something. I can't wait for another season.


I dont know why i like this show


File: 1553990616400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.3 KB, 1920x804, 160:67, 1322337746_b504365daffc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

wall-e is neet kino


The only cartoon I have left is Teen Titans Go.

I liked Regular Show, Gumball, Justice League Action, Clarence, MAD. Just shit I could shut my brain off to. I don't want to think or feel.


I can't get into this character design. It looks so soulless, like random doodles that were made to pass time. Would it kill the studio to add a little white dot to the pupils? Without it the eyes look flat and dead.


looks like adventure time design, flat colors, noodle-shape body parts, soulless indeed


Transformers G1 anyone ?


File: 1555644423647.jpg (175.11 KB, 700x952, 25:34, Art-of-Sinbad-Legend-of-th….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I rewatched the 2d Dreamworks movies. The animation was so smooth and unique. It's tragic that there weren't at least a couple more.


I just can't.
My minimal standards of animation for a long form show make it so I just can't sit through it.


I really liked this cartoon, it also has a great soundtrack and stayed very true to the book


is this version of Fred a volcel?


Maybe he loves traps too much…


Avngers Assmble cartoons sucketh


A review of the infamous Cans Without Labels.


While I agree, I really wish she used less clips of other reviewers, or at the very least checked the audio levels and equalized everything so they weren't so loud.

Overall I haven't seen much that is interesting of even good coming out of marvel when it comes to their tv animation in the past few years.



When it comes to brand new animated series, nothing this year has me all that hype.
Been mostly watching older stuff this year.


I am fan of Disney and Netflix series. I like the Fullmetal Alchemist and the storyline and main characters of this cartoon. But recently I moved to China where netflix was banned. So for watching it I use vpn tool from Veepn.com


What kind of cartoons are popular in china?


Knock off animes and ones that celebrate the glorious leader


Oh, that is a little disappointing.
A lot of decent cgi movies have come out from China that I have enjoyed, it is ashamed that it doesn't show in their animated series.


I think it's because of the influential appeal of Gravity Falls, despite the fact to say the creator suffered to make that show would be an understatement.


Fullmetal Alchemist is not a cartoon, in fact it was one of the Anime that started the craze for it in the 2000's


Just a nice student animated short from Korea.



Just a classic but slightly obscure toon from the 30s.


The use of squash and stretch to turn static hard objects into soft, rubbery, and most importantly, active/reactive (putting the motion in motion-picture) materials is pretty neat.


I think it is funny that my mom loved Betty Boop cartoons quite a bit and went out of her way to show them to me growing up, but when I think about it they were WAY before her time too. I wonder where she first watched them.

This one is "Bamboo Isle" (1932)
You can tell they animated using live reference footage for the hula dance.


I really should get around to watching something more modern.

What are some of the cool newer things you guys have seen come out lately?


File: 1565072162958.jpg (50.98 KB, 457x671, 457:671, qwerty.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That new show, starring Kermit the frog, and Goo from Fosters home, as teenagers seems to be all the rage at the moment.


Reminds me a bit of "A story about my uncle" in premise
(I looked it up)
Might actually check it out.


That show OK-KO had a crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog. Have you seen it?

I am (was) a big Sonic fan; I watched it on that principle and I liked it. I expected it it to be dissapointing but ignoring the flaws which are simply part-and-parcel to modern American (CN?) cartoons (fast and awkward pacing, quirky "tumblr jokes", boring characters) I liked it. I did notice that most of the references are pulled from the Classic-Adventure Era.


Surprisingly not bad. I expected worse but it was pretty average with the "guest appearance" of Sonic being done fairly well.
While it won't make me a fan of the show as a whole, it does show me it's not total trash like some shows out now.


File: 1565485245630-0.jpg (7.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565485245630-1.jpg (249.83 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 7226039.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Halfchan has me on "Mao Mao" (kimcartoon.to) which has a pretty good pace of gags, and understands there's zero tension to be had in violent confrontation with monsters of the week, instead using fights as vehicles for more set-ups.
They also like to poke fun at other CN properties like Steven U. https://twitter.com/Manga_Kamen/status/1158758117624229888?s=19
And CN-lore, like the intern who scribbled over an original drawing of Spike.
Also, giving the deuteragonist a Gears of War chainsaw in the opening credits was pretty ballsy.

But it does rely too heavily on the shonen tropes it mocks, and on the 'facepalm' type of reactions as a response to out of character incompetence or emotional crusades.

There's already so little plot, having it advance based on the characters becoming momentary idiots isn't excusable through 'self-aware' handwaving about it.


I fucking hate Hartman's art style


File: 1565751741359.jpg (52.54 KB, 428x600, 107:150, static-cling-poster.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

so, the Rocko's Modern Life special was more or less what we were expecting- half shameless cash-in, half unironic finger-wagging at people whom I'm increasingly certain only ever existed in the fevered imaginations of the hacks who write this crap.


Didn't they jam in some transgender bullshit or something.
Remember seeing a video complaining about it, but I didn't really care all that much about it despite liking the original. I actually cared more about HQ remaster when they released the latest box set.


Those look retarded, like everything else.

It was never meant to be pretty but the old one was way better.


It's because that faggot Pendleton Ward turned the freakin' cartoons gay


File: 1566244765236.jpg (93.25 KB, 591x252, 197:84, 20190819_145333.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was gonna watch "Enter the Florpus", but had a bad day/annoying inconvenience. For anyone familiar with Vasquez's work, that's enough to ruin your interest in Vasquez's work (and 99.99999∞% of anything, basically).

For everyone else, just replace "Freezy" with "Florpus".

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