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What magazines do you read? Are they all hobby related or do you have a hobby related to magazines?

What was your favourite childhood magazine and how does a current issue stand up to it?


I don't. Doesn't seem like I'm missing out on much either.


Thank you for adding to the thread. You really improved it by saying absolutely nothing.


OP asked, I answered.


I used to read Popular Science and National Geographic growing up.
Now I don't regularly read any magazines.

When I last through a issue of Popular Science it had about the same quality as ever. Pictures were a little nicer then back in the day.

Nat Geo is Nat Geo. The only thing I think that has change is they don't put naked people in it so much anymore. Probably because all those tribes are ether gone or modernized and wear western cloths now.

Once in a blue moon I might pick up a Heavy Metal mag of the rack somewhere. But as I get more into actual comics and graphic novels it just doen't seem as good as when I first got into them. Then again the art and writing has gotten worse. Because of this thread I checked a few scans of old and new issues and there is a clear decline for whatever reason.


They still make heavy metal magazine?


Yes, seen the newer issues last time I was in Barns & Noble.


I used to read readers digest and nat geo in highschool. It was fun.


File: 1538481919553.jpeg (66.88 KB, 700x663, 700:663, DnOzjaWXgAAKlAH.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I won't mention names since it's not in english, but i sometimes buy a few.

I sometimes read/buy one about military planes, some modelling/collectible ones, one about heavy metal (mostly for the cd's) one about horror (in general), a sci fi one (novellas, illustrations, industry news, some tech/other medias relevant to sci fi), and one that has paranormal stuff in it (like conspiracy theories, tarot, strange stuff happening over the world, hauntings and stuff like that)

To be fair i only buy them sometimes, and i at max only buy 3 mags per month.


I used to read gun magazines until I became learned enough to see they're full of shit, besides being the same old boring things year after year.

They're probably still pimping kimbers on every page and talking about "hydrostatic shock."


I looked through a few of them but found them to be nothing more then a massive packet of ads and nothing more.


I only read readers digest when in waiting rooms.
I can't imagine enjoying it enough to get a subscription and reading it every month.


i used to read fashion magazines, but now they are mostly just adverts for target/walmart and other big box companies instead of avant garde and well made clothes, and the articles are increasingly about "stronk indipendunt womin" instead of actual fashion.

I also read field specific technical magazines/journals but those tend to pile up and I have no interest in reading about every obscure technology that someone made for a single application and is trying to market as the next big meme


I leafed through them when I was into photography. Some of the photographers used are really good at what they do, and some of the mags even give the technical details of what was used to get certain shots.
Though now a lot more mediocre photographers are getting in the game because they are really good a photo shop but lazy at taking good, well composed photos to begin with.
That and I sorta fell out of love with the hobby/art form.
My mom was into fashion so once in a blue moon we would go half&half on a mag and take turns reading/looking at it. She actually tried to get me into being in to the fashion aspect and I even watch a few fashion related shows but she gave up when she realized all the fun I was have was from roasting the outfits and the weirdos who made them.
I wonder if Project Runway is still a thing?



I had opportunities to read music magazines. All of them are gone now. One had been released since Soviet Union times.


There's loads of them in the link above. Just find one you like and download it.


I really like reading modeling magazines. It's fun seeing people's projects come together and all the little custom details.


I actually haven't seen any of those in store in years.


I don't know if they're in stores any more. I usually download them. A lot of them are pure digital now.


Lately I've been shuffling through archive.org's selection of old computer magazines.

The information is either shit or stale or both by now, of course, but the advertisements offer a hilarious window to the past.



File: 1547397395085.jpg (199.57 KB, 1238x1625, 1238:1625, BYTE-1977-01-cov1[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I could spend the entire week just looking at the Byte Magazine covers



File: 1547824310545-0.png (207.92 KB, 322x416, 161:208, magazine.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1547824310545-1.jpg (202.77 KB, 691x464, 691:464, image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The Byte magazine was the absolute pinnacle of computer magazine cover design. Only the Compute got even close with a few of their designs, and those were exceptions instead of the rule.

As a side note, there is some pretty interesting shit to be found in the archive.org keyword search with "magazine" and then picking a random year from, say, the 70s.


There's one I still see every now and then, but only at a grocery store miles away, and it feels like it has a sporadic publishing schedule.
I'm not smart or clever enough to make these things, and I can't afford to anyway, but it's really nice. I love the history aspect of it and knowing other people are aware of something like Maschinen Krieger


If I get a job, I'd like to start hunting down old fanzines and newsletters from the 80's and 70's. I think there must be a fair number of them to be dirt cheap by now. The 80's saw a boom of self-published black and white comics, but mainly trash. Either way, there's a commendable spirit in them that was probably hijacked by some pretension in recent decades.
I know there was a short-lived early 90's magazine that John K anonymously wrote for, even reviewed some barely localized of the time.
How shitty were they?
I gave up on a history magazine because it just repeated popular assumptions no scholar would take seriously, and just rehashed every issue.


Lol amiga was just straight up goofy.


>how shitty
100% advertorials, filled with lame boomer humor and fantasy terms like "stopping power" and "tactical" by draft dodging writers that never shot a man in their lives. Gun magazines are comic books.


File: 1548721037055.jpg (567.53 KB, 910x823, 910:823, fugg am i readin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw the NRA December magazine had an article about "how to dual wield knife and handgun in home defense:"


someone on 4/k/ digitized every issue of soldier of fortune and then posted it online, perhaps you can find them


File: 1548779564408.jpg (519.66 KB, 910x823, 910:823, 1548721037055.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

that's the sort of shit I'm talking about


Basics of CQC, snake.


in video games maybe


None anymore. I signed up for a yearly subscription to Wired Magazine in 2016 and I only received 4 magazines for the whole year. Fuck them.


I sign up for various free subscriptions to industry-related magazines that I'm autistically interested in. Mainly things like oil and gas, mining, logistics, finance, things like that. A lot of the time you can get free industry magazines just by going to their website and claiming you're a purchasing manager or whatever and they'll put you on the mailing list.


That all actually sounds really interesting. At least it is to me because all of those things are extremely important in understanding the power flows in society. The technical details of oil extraction would not really interest me, but seeing evolving forms of extraction and how it impacted the market and influenced society at large would be very interesting. For example there's a whole big brouhaha in Venezuela right now between the major oil powers because Venezuela lacks the tech it needs to extract the kind of reserves that they have, but China, Russia, and the US all have the technology as well as stakes in the oil there. It would be cool to have a deeper level understanding of all that but not enough to spur me to actually invest the time to learn about it. Finance and logistics though are things that I need to learn more about because of their massive importance in society. Do you have any suggestions for good free magazines, especially in the finance and logistics side of things?


The only magazine I read is the baffler which is available online. I don't do it regularly, just from time to time when I'm bored. They usually have pretty good content there.

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