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Remember, anything from novels to lyrics are allowed to be posted and discussed.

Last Thread:

As usual, discussion starters:
>What are you currently writing?

>Is there anything important about writing that you wish you knew earlier?

>How do you feel about your characters? What are they like?

>What are you fond of writing and why?

>How do you get ideas when you can't think of any?

>What common writing advice do you disagree with?
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More than half of the advice in this book can apply to almost any other form of storytelling (including the 3 act structure).


File: 1573266065648.mp4 (640.36 KB, 400x386, 200:193, Snow.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

what about stories that don't fit the formula?


>stories that don't fit the formula.
You're going to have to be more specific.


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I guess I need to start writing poetry since it's the only thing I love reading. Do you have any suggestions about how to start?
>inb4 pick your pen and start


When I had to write poetry for class, I would listen to music with a nice beat and write to that. Artists like Blockhead and Nujabes were my favorites to write to. I'd write about whatever first popped into my head and followed that for as long as I could.


File: 1577155139186.png (3.55 KB, 658x54, 329:27, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

was digging through folders on my computer and found this from 2015. i think it was an idea for a game.

when you speak to someone, they will say one of two things, which alternate, if they don't have anything important to say. this is the standard way dialogue will work. the first time you speak to someone, there might be a special message for introductory purposes.
example regular: hello, again.
example regular: nice weather today.
example introductory: hello, my name is fen.

you can pick up plants, flowers, bugs, stones, and other small objects to use as consumable tools.
some flowers might increase your attractiveness for the enxt conversation that you hold.
some stones might increase your luck for the next 100 steps.
some bugs might cause distactions, or react with other animals, characters.
twigs can be used to start a fire.
plant bulbs can be eaten to recover health, while others will poison you.

plants/herbs will be described with key words:
spiky, lobed, long-leafed, soft, sleek, hairy, squishy, firm, scaled, green, blue, red, pale, bright, etc
when picking an herb it will give you three words:
you pick a long-leafed, scaled, blue herb.
but if you continue examining it, you will obtain more descriptive words:
you have a long-leafed, hairy, firm, scaled, blue herb.
depending on your examination, intuition, (OBSERVATION skill), you are able to obtain more descriptions of herbs and other things through fewer examinations.
you can examine your immediate environment to find lost coins, small stones, or other objects and trinkets.
stones may be polished to increase their value, but also cutting or breaking the open to see if they contain minerals is commonly done.

when you perform an action, be it speaking, using an object, using a skill, etc, your effectiveness depends on your familiarity with the target or the action you are performing and also the level of your stats that affect such an action.

you can perform certain actions only through the use of tools.
tools are objects that are either around you, equipped, or in your inventory.
example (around you): the sun or moon. you can determine the time using either of these.
example (equipped): shovel. you can use an equipped shovel for digging holes and moving piles of things.
example (inventory): compass. you can quickly check a compass in your inventory to determine your orientation.
some tools have a certain number of uses, but this may or may not be refreshed through other actions.
example (limited uses): paper. you can write only so much information on a sheet of paper.
example (refreshed use): paper + cleaner. you can erase a sheet of paper by using cleaner and then you may re-use the sheet.

some abilities or skills may have special hidden capabilities that are only discovered or unlocked through high-leveling, or an event.
example (high level): cooking + sword. when you are a proficient cook, you will be able to cook something over a fire using your sword, when typically it would require a pot/pan.
example (event): observation + forging + event. you witness someone holding a strange weapon pass you by. you are then able to forge it later.

when you light a fire on the ground, it will remain for a little while. attempting to light another fire will extinguish your previous one. this is to prevent fire abuse.

small animals and other creatures will exist as non-characters that you may hunt and perform other interactions with.

if your athletic, or somethig physical skill, is high enough, you may climb a tree to gain a higher elevation and see things farther.
this will allow you to observe things that are farther away and potentially obscured by your immediate surroundings, such as trees/houses/fences.
you can also climb trees to gain elevation and make use of the height, like dropping something from high above to injure someone, to break a chest, to open a coconut, etc.

exploding fruit: are limited use tools that are obtained by harvesting certain trees, and they behave as nondestructive grenades, distractions, and they stain whatever they explode on. they are edible, but require careful preparation because of thei explosive tendency.
needleleafs: are plantsthat grow extremely sharp and pointed tips direct out from the ground. people make an effort to destroy the tip, or the entire plant, when they are discovered. this is done to prevent people from being accidentally stabbed. oddly enough, the plants inside pulp juice is effective in treating stab wounds and similarly other abrasions and even lacerations
woolynuts: also known as hairy nuts, are coconut-like tubers found growing underground, with a hard shell that muct first be cracked open to reveal a tasty nut filling around a dense spiriling mass of fiber. you scoop the interior out and soak it in boiling water for a while, then once more, then it is dried and spun into yarn.

flying or gliding is something possible through a variety of means.
you may decrease your weight to float.
you may have wings, either crafted, or found mysteriously, attached to your body to enable flight or gliding.
you may be carried by a creature or some fantastical wingslike growths.
you may accelerate fast or be propelled into the air.
you may utilize magic that performs one of these to achieve lift/flight/gliding.

an attractive body may be obtained through a variety of means.
magic, which alters the body in fantastic ways, or simply offers an illusion for anyone viewing you.
surgery, which physically alters the body through.
chemicals, drugs, potions, drinks, foods, which produce physically altering effects, either permanently, or temporary.
exercise, which sculpts the body through natural means, reduces fat, and builds muscular strength.
make up, the application of powders and other pastes upon the body to change appearance.
wigs, clothing, posture, etc all influence how others view you.
in general, if someone's body type isn't unattractive, showing more of their skin will increase their attractiveness.

hair color and type is determined as a child, through it may change as you age, and will certainly fade with very old age, it can be modified:
magical means, through spells or tablets, enchantments, curses, to produce more hair, inhibit future growth, cause bald spots, cure balding, change colors, etc.
chemical, dye, potion means, which can produce a variety of effects.
physical means, such as straightening, curling, and all kinds of other treatments to change the texture/shape/style of hair.

skin coloration may be altered, but is typically fixed at birth:
tattoos can be applied.
magical curses or enchantments can behave much like tattoos or other area effecting colorations.
exposure to certain crystals can produce green/blue/red/etc coloration. too much exposure can cause crystal growths, or weird patterning to occur.
exposure to sunlight darkens skintone. too uch exposure can cause freckles, moles, or other small specks of pigment to occur.
exposure to darkness lightens skintone. too much exposure can deteriorate the immune system as well as increase vulnerability to sunlight.

physical characteristics such as breast size, penis/vagina types, height, eye coloration, body proportions/ratios, body architecture, etc are all determined at birth.
they can be modified through:
magical means
chemical, potions, food, drugs, drinks.

age is something that increases with time.
some people mature slower than others.
some people might live longer than others.
some people might only have one of these two age modifiers, as in they mature slowly, but still only live to 70, while others might mature fast and live to 200, thus maturity/rate of maturing isn't an indication for longevity.
age can be modified:
chemicals potions, food, drugs, drinks.
the appearance of age can be modified to be more youthful through surgery.

clothes that are effective for specific tasks may appear ugly or unattractive, while inefficient clothing for everyday use might appear pretty, thus a balance must be struck, one between aesthetics and utilitarian benefits.
recent fashion trends tend to be more attractive.
certain colors and groups of colors and patterns and such will have varying attractiveness throughout the year and as time goes on, their attractiveness may change.

flexibility, athletic ability.
people are born with this, but you can modify it through deliberate actions.
stretching increases flexibility.
exercise increases athleticism.


>>51402 continued

energy can be tranfered the following ways:
mechanical, klinkenthings, these are linkages spanning the entire world, transmitting physical power. the companies/countries/groups in charge of them will 'tie' you into the link and you'll have power at your home, if you are interested in having power.
electrical, though this is very crude and mostly limited to batteries, there is electrical power.
chemical: explosions, reactions, regents, potions and such can all produce or release power or energy for all kinds of things.
magical: you can make use of magic to power or energize things.

there are many races, all of which contain certain attributes (of the six):
black - hate HATE
grey - undesirable, unpleasant INHIBITION
white - PURE
red - HUMAN
blue - spirit SPIRIT
green - altruism ALTRUISM
yellow - intellectual MIND
brown - greed GREED

whie, cream, light yellow, orange, light green - SANE
black, brown, deep red - CRIMINAL

exposure to darkness for too long will darken your aura, tinge it with black, brings about feelings of gloom and grief.
exposure to light for will purify your aura, clear it with white.
exposure to red is exciting to the mind and emotion, anger, passion, physical love.
exposure to blue is calming, soothing, spirituality, religious emotions.
exposure to yellow is inspiring, elevating, intellectually stimulating.
exposure to green is the ideal for rest and recuperation, followed by stimulation and new ambition. relaxation, repose, quietness.
exposure to grey will inhibit your ambitions, bring about restraint, fear, cause a general unpleasant feeling.
exposure to brown will increase your desires, allow selfish thinking

black is for underground monsters or night-monsters.
grey is for cave-dwellers, goblins and such, typically.

the are largely dependent on your race, which is basically the term for species, since the races in this world are so diverse and unrelated.
the humanoid races, termed as such by the humans as a measure of respect, are six:
humans: the strongest race of the humanoids. they cannot use magic, so their greediness and ambition is what they bring to battle.
-demihumans: it should be noted that demihumans aren't a single race, but a broad term denoting human half-breeds. humans are able to procreate with every other race and the offsping is always thought of as demihuman. the human conquest and assimilation of all the other races was largely dependent on this ability of theirs. their abilities are essentially human + whatever race they are, it's an averaging of their skills when they are born, so all demihumans are able to use magic, though it's not as strong as full-blooded other races.
demihuman (demon): they appear as pale blue and grey colored humans, sometimes with horns, and their eye color is always black. they live longer than humans, but mature at about the same rate as humans do. they have small magic capability for the same abilities as demons. there is currently an official breeding program to produce demidemons in most major human cities, and many demons/demidemons exist through the funds they acquire from being bred by the humans for research.
-demihuman (beast): they appear as beastly humans, often with fur or bits of hair, feather in strange places, though never full animal body parts. some have tails or ears, claws, maybe tails, but that's the extent for demibeasts. they have slight magic ability of the beasts. they are far stronger than humans, and far smarter than the beasts, but they don't live as long as the humans on average. they mature very fast and reproduce large litters. they are born warriors and fighters and many breeding programs exist to produce perfect demibeast supersoldiers.
-demihuman (elf): an average between the features of the elves and humans, some say they are the most attractive. they have slight magic capability. they have the same lifespan as humans.
-demihuman (fairy):demifairies are, in all appearances, regular humans, though they live four times longer than usual, and take eight times longer to mature into adults. they have very weak magic capability. it should be noted that only a few female fairies can reproduce with humans, the males are all sterile. many efforts have been developed, fairy breeding programs, to develop humans with longer lifespans, some are still officially underway, but they simply take longer than the lifespan of a human to mature, and so far all offspring have been only single demifairies, so this slowness has prevented such a thing from being undertaken seriously.
-demons: horned humanoids, with blue, grey, purple skin colorations. they are the smartest race of all, but are remarkably lazy. a majority of their inventions and things dealing with magic have come to them through their dreams, since they often sleep the day away, waking up with divine inspiration. they live twice as long as humans, and take four times as long to mature into adults. they are skilled alchemists and conjurers.
-beasts: physically, the most diverse of the humanoids, discounting the demihumans, they are a race of animal beasts. some are part bird, some oxen, some wolf, some a multitude of animals. all beasts can reproduce with one another, and this has formed tribes that harbour specific animal characteristics, like rabbit ears and scales, bullhorns and venom, etc. they have the strongest physical strength of all humanoids and live fairly primitive away from the humanoid establishments, which often earns them rude remakrs and the like, but some tribes are within cities, and many are without tribes.
-elves: the long-eared race of pale-skinned feminine humanoids. they are very flexible and have a beautiful androgynous appearance, which led to their enslavement long ago before their alliance with the demons. they are healers and users of restorative magic, prayers, and are taught from birth through a series of schools how to use their racial magic effectively. they aren't tall, but they are thin and fragile. there is a disturbing (to the humans) trend of some male elves having breasts and completely resembling the females elves, which led to a joke about confirming the elf you are speaking to is in fact female. they sleep in trees and use bow and arrows, historically waging guerilla warfare from above, at night, with their bows and arrows. they are immortal if they are surrounded by nature, if they never leave the forest, but their lifespan is no different than a human's once they are removed, this leads to many elves limiting their visits to other civilizations.
-fairies: the child-like humanoid race of tricksters, their lifespan is unmatched, being completely resistant to aging. they are incapable of procreation, instead they are created by nature itself, they are spirits in physical form. they never mature, despite their long life, so this led to their nickname of tricksters. they are endowed with illusion magic, the ability to manifest their delusions and other fantasies in reality, but it's all simply an illusion, though even the fairy believes it, this is why some make fun of them, calling their magic 'delusion' magic. they have no cities of their own, no families, and instead just reside with other races. if a fairy sits still for too long, a layer of dirt, sand, or other powder will encase around them, but they are always covered in dirt as a result of sleeping. the commonly accepted explanation for this is what a fairy will die if they sit still for too long, and they will return as a spirit to the earth, or be reincarnated.


>>51403 continued

these are any nonhumanoid creatures, and many are as intelligent as humans, and some even resemble humans, which only shows how arbitrary and political the humanoid status is nowaday. their protection and rights aren't officially guaranteed by the empire, but many are granted rights on an individual basis.
-goblins: these are monsters that are actually more numerous than humans, but they live underground. they grow gigantic mushrooms in the darkness and maintain their order through a caste system. there is a goblin king, which fertilizes all other goblins, priests, who revere dead ancestors, soldiers, who war with and guard against other goblin tribes, miners, who mine stone and expand their territory, and farmers, who cultivate mushrooms. they are rarely encountered on the surface, but some exist as exiles on the surface and even learn the imperial language. goblins are mostly migrant workers, the goblins who offend the king will be banished and so they migrate to the empire aboveground, taking on labor jobs and such. they aren't bad, but their situation forces many to steal and commit crimes.
-kobolds: these are primitive kangaroo-goblin-like creatures that exist in small tribes in caves. they come out during the night and forage and hunt. they often attack humans, which always leads to kobold exterminations hunts
-gnomes: these are small underground woodland creatures that live in sprawling burrows. they often abduct humans and elves for sexual purposes and they have slave chambers underground. they also eat the flesh of humans and elves, in particular they favor young children. they have large heads, hunchbacks, tiny beady eyes, and wrinkled bumpy flesh. they resist civilization and their language and customs are completely misunderstood. they are the historical enemies of the elves and forestdwelling humans. their waste chambers produce a noxious gas which renders people who enter their burrows unconscious, this is what keeps their captives from escaping or overpowering them.
-dwarves: these are short and stout humanoids that dwell in the mountains. they are master artisans and metalworkers. they know the imperial language, but resist joining the empire. they have secret techniques for refining all kinds of materials, and the empire has many deals with the dwarves and they do business with one another in this way. they aren't good for fighting or traveling, they are too slow and their proportions are too awkward, but they have stamina and strength, so they can travel very slowly with enormous loads on their backs as merchants or hawkers. they are fond of drink and their greed only rivals that of the humans. like humans, they can't use magic.
-fauns and satyrs: nomadic intelligent herdsmen, there is a rumor they were created from a humans having sex with deer and goats, since they appear as such a combination, and, well, they also have sex with their flock to produce more of their kind. they have hooves, horns, tails, and fur, but the rest is human. many consider them demihumans or beasts, but they resist this, claiming a nomadic heritage that extends back further than humans or beasts. they have large carts pulled by their flocks when they migrate. these carts contain scrolls and other historical information as well as function as their houses. their language is difficult to learn, but many know the imperial language, as well as other languages which they use for trading wool and bartering. they can use magic, most of which controls their flocks, but they can also inflict a wide range of curses. because they have sex with their flocks, they are thought of as barbarians and most other races avoid associating with them, but the fact is that their flocks are the same species as them, they are simply cursed. their knowledge of curses stems from researching curses to revert their flocks back into fauns and satyrs.
-minotaurs: bear-like creatures with enormous size and a pair of cattle horns atop his head and the lower body of an oxen. they roam the world in solitude, without language, without much intelligence, but they live for a very long time and give birth to large litters. they are a primitive race, though very dangerous.
-centaurs: tribes of nomadic half-horse, half-men. fauns and satyrs are their natural enemies. centaurs use spears and raid people in stampedes, trampling over their targets. they can have sex with horses to produce more centaurs. they have no language, but communicate in some primitive way between all the individuals.

etc creatures,
rock sprites: these magical creatures take the form of rocks when they rest. stepping on them or disturbing their sleep will cause them to attack, sending a spiny protrusion into your body. their true form is soft and jelly-like, during the night.
sprites: these are magical jelly creatures that transform when exposed to sunlight. their names are based on what they transform into, like rocks, trees, furniture, even other creatures.

imperial religion: humans are taught that they are the closest form to god, as evidenced by their ability to reproduce with every other race, and that they are special. the emperor is a descendent of god, descended from the heavens, and the imperial family also. they see magic as a corruption of god. their race has the ability to pray to god and sometimes god will answer them or their prayers in the form of divine intervention and all sorts of things, but this depends on your devotion.
hero worship: heros who die are worshipped ong after their death by humans and special prayers are often chanted in honor of their sacrifice. special holidays exist for worshipping heros.
family worship: family members are worshipped and often sought for advice, through the use of mediums, divinations, or just personal interpretations while visiting their graves. special holidays exist for family worship.
devotion: the act of devoting one's life to god. praying, behaving altruistically, and obeying the seven commands are
the four pillars of god are as follows:

bearers of the imperial standard that uphold the four pillars of god are admitted into the empire and administrated by imperial politicians. this is the eventual step for many places. places that refuse the imperial standard are isolated and contact with them is forbidden, they eventually disappear literally off maps and cease to exist.


definitely read a lot. lots of shitty poets don't read that much, and that's how their poetry ends up sucking. they usually follow their peers and what their peers like instead of pursuing a style of their own, that's how lots of contemporary poetry end up so awful.

i follow a general guideline for poetry.

1) always have a striking first line. a poem without that is a dead poem
2) the main body of your poem should employ at least two of the following, ideally all but this is admittedly difficult:
-musicality. this is a skill that can be honed by reading a lot and a lot of different types of poems or even good dialogue in movies or lyrics in music. you should try to take in aurally as much as you can if you want to improve your sound library.
-interesting and unique turns of phrase. you can come up with better lines if you expand your vocabulary and read a lot of poetry, good and bad. bad poetry will teach you what cliches to avoid, and good poetry will give you inspiration for atypical and interesting constructions.
-a really good idea. this one seems to be more about latent creativity than a practiced skill. poems in general need to explore an idea, be it a theme, narrative, image, or sound, but good poems tend to be very specific. good examples are rilke's "archaic torso of apollo" and stevens's "thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird"
3) a turn at the end. this is kind of vague, the best way i can explain this is by explaining why i use the word "turn" instead of "twist." a twist would imply that you shock the reader or subvert their expectations, which i don't think you need to do. what i mean as "turn" is that you need to transform the progression or theme into something interesting and new. in a way a twist may be more accurate for what i mean, but your conclusion shouldn't necessarily be so dramatic.

some extra rules of thumbs can be gleaned by guidebooks, like rules to avoid awkward enjambment or don't rely on 1 word lines

obviously following this or any guideline won't automatically churn out a good poem, nor does every good poem abide by this guideline, but i think it does help to give you structure instead of cramming whatever comes into your head into a poem without any form and hoping it sticks. i think you'd be more likely to create something you're happy with than without a guideline. lots of people think poetry is just whatever you want and creative freedom means anything is poetry, but those people are retards and don't have the integrity and dedication required to really hone a craft like poetry.


Wallow, wallow
In the dark depths of despair
Wait for tomorrow
That today's torment may no longer impair

Recounting errors
Pondering paths not taken


March onwards, shirk not endeavour
From inane inertia, awaken


Now that I have some time off wageslave I began writing a horror novella about a man looking for his son after a bloody prison riot. I'm keeping a daily word count in order to establish some sort of routine here. I'll be trying to keep 500 words minimum a day. I've read several writers do that and it seems a very good idea.


Anyone here read those how to write manuals? Is any of those any good?


I like Sol Stein's "Stein On Writing" because he includes many examples for the advice he gives to show how it looks when done well. It's an easy read too.


Lots of people online recommend Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell. Are you familiar with that one? Thanks for the response, I'll look into Stein.


I'm not, no. Sol Stein is the only one I've read enough to recommend. I can't read for shit most of the time. But I was able to read his book because it was very concrete. I guess that makes me a bad writer because I don't read much. But people online seem happy with my fan fiction, so whatever. It's a hobby.


Is anyone here currently working on a writing project of any sort? I'm >>51483 and currently writing 500 to 1k words a day, I have already a few impressions I would like to share about the process of writing. It would be nice to have another wiz on the same path here so I wouldn't turn this thread into my personal shitty blog.


I write, although I don't know how useful my insight into my own writing process will be to you, or vice-versa, as I suffer from severe ADHD. I do like talking about the stuff, though, so go ahead and fire away.


Hey wiz. It was really odd. I was lying on bed last night and had this incredible feeling I was finally doing something concrete "I'm writing a novella" I kept thinking, and the idea I was accomplishing something gave me such peace and joy, it was really nice. I really struggled to write anything for the first couple of days but then when I decided to just fill a 500 words quota no matter how shitty, things began to flow a lot better. It felt like you need to take the rust away by moving on no matter what and then the ideas really began coming around after 2k words.
I'm currently writing a more or less detailed outline of the story and it's been quite fun. I don't know, just wanted to say I'm having a decent time in for the first time in years.
What are you working on wiz?


I agree with your ideas about writing and rust. I've been writing on and off during the week and it's been keeping me occupied with something I find productive. It's much easier to write a lot when you write a little every day. I don't do outlines, but I do brainstorm an ending and keep that in mind while writing.

>I don't know, just wanted to say I'm having a decent time in for the first time in years.

That's great! Hold on to that feeling and remember it when writing gets frustrating.

>What are you working on wiz?

The fandom is too embarrassing to say, but I'm working on multiple stories concurrently and have twice as many floating around in my head. I like to write about characters with mental troubles and/or relationship troubles, and how everything interacts with each other. I seem to always write sad things, which makes writing lighter things difficult (and I do want to write lighter things). Depression, suicide, guilt, injustice, and similar topics.

I also use my writing to explore and test my own thoughts, so it's also a vehicle for understanding myself. From what I understand, I am a very negative person and am schizoid or schizotypal or the like.

Has your writing given you any insight to yourself? Regardless of whether it has or not, are you comfortable sharing more details about your story? I understand that it's about a man looking for his son after a bloody prison riot, but is he looking for his son at the prison? Did he escape? Things like that.


File: 1578155566812.png (249.84 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, n.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, I still write. Have finished already 60 pages of 120 pages.

>>47378 >>47382 wiz


It's an investigator looking for his son inside a prison after a riot. The matter takes a spin when it seems his disappearance is related to supernatural events. It's a classic turn of the screw story where you're suppose to keep guessing if it's just the protagonist going insane or there really is supernatural things going on.


File: 1578409967441.png (5.41 KB, 262x202, 131:101, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Today was a good day. The more crap you write down the more crap you can come up with. Let's just hope there's something decent to be chiseled out of this.


Does anyone else find it easy to write when slightly drunk?


How do you balance out how much description to insert in a scene. I never know how much is good enough. A single sentence seems to be the difference between bogging down the narrative or not having enough to establish what's going on outside the dialogue.


In editing I tend to try to keep less is more in mind so I can keep a eye out for stuff that is totally unnecessary but when writing I really push myself to add in as much vivid descriptions as I can think of at the time to properly flavor the text.
If the descriptions are intresting, have good prose/flow for the section, and invoke a vivid mental image that preferably includes several senses then it is a excellent addition.
If it bricks the flow of what is going on then it needs to be reworked.
How much or how little is relative to the flow of the scene and quality of the description. If you are making the description interesting then it is part of the story and the reader will enjoy when you include lots of it.
When it is just utilitarian in nature to give proper context and set up for other stuff going on that is more interesting then it is best to keep it short and minimal so you can get back quickly to the good part.


File: 1579703974577.jpg (472.87 KB, 1393x1080, 1393:1080, 20200122_083531.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reread a fanfiction I made in 2008 for inspiration on a current one.

My heart and ideas were in the right place.
My grammar was not.


Interestingly, I also read an original piece I wrote in 2008. I've got to say that younger me really had a knack for writing good action and choreography, but I'll never live down the melodrama I used as filler. The grammar was fine but the sentence structure was very formulaic and dry.



He does a bunch of videos on youtube and his Anatomy of Storytelling is pretty in-depth.
Probably one of the best I've seen so far.
Working on this right now:

Back then in Jan '19 I was doing 500+ words a day(for a chapter a day, since royalroad needs a minimum of 500)

It was painful to get such bad reviews on Stupid Cat. I didn't like the story much either, but I did my best. It took a long time to pull all the pieces together, and Autist Isekai is some of my best work yet.

I still have that "I don't know if I like this…" feeling all the time. I'm editing these days. Which is good. I couldn't read my own work, so it would always be awful.

Now that I have a week to do a chapter I can write it, then ponder if it's any good or not. I've slipped into doing it last minute, and that made my last chapter a bit rushed.

I'm not that happy with my own work, but I am happy that it got done, no matter how weird it gets.

I don't post on wizchan anymore because I'm spending time on sites that don't have such a negative attitude. I learned if I pay attention to poor material I'll get poor thinking. I'm done with that.

Happened to come back today out of curiosity. There's a PM system on royalroad, use it to contact me if you want a review/help.


Does anyone else have the problem where they can think of all sorts of themes and interesting things but can't synthesize them into a coherent or non-cliche plot? Maybe I really should just take the advice to just "start writing" just so I can get something down. I'm far too perfectionist. If every sentence isn't perfect I get blocked up


I'd be lying if I said I've never been there as well.

No really: I wrote a 60k fanfiction with everything you described in 2012: action, choreography, and I even flat out admitted that melodramatic Sean Penn movies inspired some of the more word heavy dialogue (specifically Mystic River, The Game, and At Close Range).


Finishing up stories is something a lot of writers cant even do. The fact that you can put out a finished product automatically puts you above many of the scrubs, college professors even, who just never pushed themselves all the way.

just wanted to throw that out there.


Yeah that's why you get the ideas down as fast as possible into the words so you can remember them. This is another reason why a journal is helpful. As I kept writing I realized there's no way to turn out the 20k words needed to build up the dramatic tension of the image I had in my head. I got excited at something that would normally be an action scene or a climax, but without the setup to that climax/action scene the payoff isn't there for the reader.

So as a writer it's more about understanding what you are doing on the page, what you are trying for, what the words are building towards. But that can't happen unless you have writing down first.

I suggest bringing your expectations for your writing into your writing. That way you'll be more emotionally involved. You want your writing to be perfect? Write a character that wants writing to be perfect.

I had the same feeling of wanting every sentence to be perfect, then I understood that the feeling of 'perfection' is just a feeling that this sentence couldn't be anywhere else. You already read and enjoyed the book, so you're upset that when you go to write that your favorite novel+ awesomeness isn't spilling onto the page.

You're not writing a book. Before you write a book, you write to think about what a book may be about, write to test your own reactions to scenes, write to expose yourself to new patterns of sentences and combinations of language.

Without that consistent process of writing, and trying to express while writing, there is no progression. You can remain perfect, just never write and keep reading. Readers are perfect because they get to enjoy someone else's work, and if they get bored or tired of it they get to move on to someone else's writing with little fuss.

Thanks. I usually don't visit wizchan anymore because the majority of posts are draining pessimism but I came today out of some sordid interest. I'm still writing, still disliking my writing, still making long posts like these talking to anon expecting no answers in return.

Well, even if they answered I'd still keep typing anyways. Writing for me is mostly talking to myself, hoping that others are pleasantly listening.


File: 1600218513082.jpg (297.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, abmr4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wrote a book of poetry



I read it. I have Amazon Kindle Unlimited so I didn't have to pay, but I'm hoping it pays you something.

Read the first 2-3 pages normally, then I was flipping through the pages after that and looking through bits and pieces.
Anyway, none of your stuff had any form to it. Some of it sounded cool, some stuff was funny, but much of it seemed more like the rambling I'd hear from a schizophrenic hobo outside a public library.

Lastly, I hope you lay off the hard drugs and put your money/time into things that will raise your experience
Congrats on your publishing on something that is yours. It is an accomplishment.


Thanks for reading it. I'm sober btw… Yeah it's all stream of consciousness i'm going for that

>schizophrenic hobo outside a public library

kinda vibe. Working on a 2nd one now that is more direct, sparing of words, and edited down more. Learned a lot about how to write from this first one believe it or not. What to do, what not to do, etc. Next one i'm trying to go Quality over quantity. Thanks for reading it and thank you for your comment!!!


I wrote a second book if anyone cares



Congratulations on releasing your second title.


Thank you


Woah, this thread is almost 2 years old!

Anyway, is anyone doing NaNoWriMo? It kind of attracts normies, but shitting out 50K words in a month sounds pretty cool. The trick seems to be just not caring about quality, with the excuse that you'll "edit" it after you finish the first draft.


Are you? You have to write over 1600 a day for a full month to get to 50k. My average is 500 words a day and even that is quite difficult for me.


I've read half so far it's brilliant

And also terrible. Really bad. But funny as fuck.


I remember you from a /lit/ thread a long time ago.


File: 1607467470672.pdf (4.62 MB, imagetopdf.pdf)

I had plans for writing this elaborate fanfiction, or fancomic, after being inspired by Paper Mario: The Origami King. Alas, the same uncontrollably convoluted anxiety that probably killed Livecorpse (and me too if I hadn't fled the country sooner) has once again bested me, even if it was by a fraction and less dramatic.

I leave the entire finished plot here for anyone's interests, be they to genuinely adapt it, be inspired by it, or do what "great artists" do (for good or bad, it's nothing but deja vu to me anymore).



Hey man thanks for reading


File: 1614135110538.jpg (175.25 KB, 1000x769, 1000:769, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Writezards. Can we discuss writing for others briefly? I was watching an interview with Al Snow on wrassling. He said performs today don't wrestle for the crowd but for themselves. They're not interested in the audience being there or not, they just want to play act their pre-planned match and get their friends in the back to watch. He says wrestlers jobs aren't to perform but to attract an audience to watch them. The guy spending 20 minutes wrestling while adding no new customers is worth less than the guy who has his name on the poster, wrestles for 10 seconds and draws 1,000 people based on the name alone.

How do you manage this while writing? I'm interested in writing articles for websites and magazines. I'm considering what I should be writing, should it be passion pieces or should I be putting butts in seats and suck up that it doesn't interest me as much?


Why can't you do both?
Work on making stuff that has mass appeal while also working on your passion projects on the side, and taking the things you learn from one side to the other until they are one in the same in the very best way?


Was there a roll back in the night? There was a reply to my writing post and it disappeared.


which post is yours?


It's reappeared now, how strange.

What interests me in writing takes a lot of hobby time outside of writing.


With the death of Xorn, the sacred laws binding that land had been broken, and the God Mountain awakened from its slumber,
And opened its mouth for the first time in countless millennia, revealing those ancient gnarled teeth that, until then, existed only in the fever-addled dreams of madmen and soothsayers.
And it let forth a great and terrible shriek that reverberated throughout the material and celestial plane.
In that singular moment, past and future were forgotten, and time seem to stand still,
It was then, as the last reverberation faded, and the world stared up in absolute silence,
That a bright red haze permeated from the mouth of the Mountain, and spread like wildfire,
Afflicting the peaceable denizens with a madness wholly alien to them.
Their minds, at once, became saturated with violent tendencies, overtaken by a primal rush of hate.
Neighbor turned against neighbor, brother turned against brother.
Sun and sky had vanished from sight, made invisible by that peculiar crimson haze
The vast stone city of Guar had devolved into a hellish landscape of animalistic brutality,
Men were pulled from their chariots and torn to pieces, infants were tossed from windows and splattered on the walkways below.
Frenzied screams and the clash of steel echoed through the reddened cobbled streets.
For seven days the haze lingered,
And on that seventh day, the haze receded, and the sky broke through.
A lone figure stands on a hill, he is battered and bloodied, his right arm reduced to a meaty stump, and as he stares up at the Mountain, he feels his true self surface, and with it a flood of emotions he does not understand, the memories of past deeds crash all around him.
He is Crete, son of Madrigal, heir of the new world
But he is not the same as he was before, born again from blood and butchery, the taste of madness still lingers on his tongue.
This embittered man, he will never be at peace.
Slavering for vengeance, the power to move mountains is what he covets the most.

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