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File: 1548913203853.jpg (29.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Luke.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'll probably watch some of the 2nd season of Discovery. Luckily, we have esteemed reporters like Tilly Pearce and Joanne Kavanaugh to remind us how season 1 went in their 18 January 2019 article, published 13 days ago at https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/tv/516981/when-is-star-trek-discovery-available-on-netflix-whos-in-the-cast-with-james-frain-and-sonequa-martin-green-and-whats-the-prequel-about/

>Discovery begins a decade before Captain Kirk's five-year mission in the 1960s series and a century before the events of Star Trek: Enterprise.

>The series followed the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations while delving into familiar themes. Discovery also expanded upon the Federation-Klingon war, an incident that has been talked about within the franchise's universe, but never fully explored.

This is so much more useful than the description archived 13 months ago in December 2017 at https://archive.fo/oOixv/
>the story of "Star Trek: Discovery" begins roughly a decade before Captain Kirk's five-year mission – as portrayed in the original "Star Trek" from the 1960s – and a century before the events of "Star Trek: Enterprise".
>The series follows the crew of the USS discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations, delving into familiar themes and expanding upon an incident which has been talked about within the franchise's universe, but never fully explored.

The most important thing is that these ladies drive home the point that Discovery takes place 100 years before Enterprise. Simple math then allows us to deduce that TOS takes place 90 years before Enterprise. This of course makes COMPLETE sense to anyone who watched Enterprise, because that definitely was not also a prequel to TOS, that's for damned sure.



File: 1548979960055.jpg (359.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, gettyimages-678656191-1024….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sure am, Wiz.

The new Jean Luc Picard Star Trek series and I of course want to see how Game Of Thrones concludes.


Fug I'm hungry


Really looking forward to this.


That looks gross. Why is American food so disgusting?


>The new Jean Luc Picard Star Trek series
just googled that, whoa


please do not speak such heresies wiz


You have shit taste, probably from eathing food cooked over cow dung fires for too long.


File: 1549069804206.png (313.62 KB, 3788x1052, 947:263, 468.png) ImgOps iqdb


I know its ancient, but the soda being pumped directly into Amerispurdo's veins made me chuckle


Whats gross about it? Looks like your average cheap burger and fries.


Burgers and fries are disgusting.


t. KFC marketer


Maybe you ate them with too much frequency because they are tasty


Or maybe you are a masterwizvegan I'm sorry if so


Not really looking forward to it, but battle angel alita got a hollywood remake, even though the anime was nothing great, and was basically loli android john wick: the anime and her retard boyfriend. Never bothered to read the manga


This has been a weird obsession/dream project of the main guys involved which after 20 years they finally got the funding and tech to pull it of how they want it so I will probably give it watch for that reason but my expectations are rock bottom.


File: 1549203481197.png (168.6 KB, 545x370, 109:74, 1527158200850.png) ImgOps iqdb

i still dont understand the IRL anime eyes


Just from that trailer it looks kind of bad. It also makes me think that her voice doesn't fit the character at all. I don't know why though.


I think alita had abnormally big eyes compared to other people even in the manga. It still looks bad though.


I can't take TV seriously anymore because of how diverse they force everything to be. For example in cop and FBI shows, they always have these strong succubus characters who can kick anyones ass even though they're borderline anorexic. How does a 200+ pound man get thrown across the room by the punch of a 100 pound succubus? Since when is the FBI made up of a racially diverse team of men and succubus and not just all white men? Why are so many marriages portraying 2 people of different races even though 99% of married white people in USA are married to another white person?
And the cheesy forced romance and love scenes really bother me too. If I wanted to watch some people dryhump eachother, I'd turn on some porn. Now they're trying to make every show include softcore porno which draws away from the story. Makes sense though because I guess they have little to write about so they need to add as much filler as possible to entertain the low IQ viewers with mind numbing nonsense. Even TV shows about serial killers seem to have every side character in a romantic relationship at some point


amazon is remaking the movie hanna into a TV drama series… I dont know why, because a 2 hour movie told the story well, and the soundtrack was great (film score by the chemical brothers), and the whole story was filed with allusions to fairy tales and drew a lot of inspiration from stanley kubrik. This new series is a generic revenge story female protagonist with her assorted gang of multiracial sidekicks.

The original did a great job of highlighting how abnormal hanna was (being a supersoldier with no empathy) but the new series is just a generic "super stronk gril fights faceless goons because they think she is weak."

related is the remake trailer


I plan to skip this one too.
As you said, the movie did it better and from the trailers the first season looks like a shitty drawn out retelling of the movie.


I don't watch any movies after 2005 due to all the poz


I mostly watch science fiction shows where most of the diversity can be excused in that it takes place in a hypothetical future


I thought so too, but the eyes were not that horrible once I watched it. I guess the fact that she is android/cyborg made it feel okayish.
The movie was good, excluding all the teenage romance.


First comic book themed movie I have been remotely interested in in a long time. The trailer is pretty interesting at least. I think it would be interesting to have more movies based on villains than the standard hero tripe. Also, it is probably too early to tell but the Joker seems kind of wizardly here.


it's gonna be a Taxi Driver/King of Comedy remake but about the Joker, likely a good film from the trailer


I was thinking since we're already halfway through 2019, maybe we could just turn this into a general current media thread.

Like I see people wanting to talk about TV show plot twists in Game of Thrones and reactions to the Sonic trailer but its splintered across Wizchan and crawl and even news threads.

So maybe just convert this into a thread for all new media


>maybe we could just turn this into a general current media thread.
There are already several on this very board for diffrent forms/flavors of media or subject matter.
I don't think a media general is really necessary, and personally I don't want it.
Can't speak for anyone else though.
Wizchan is slow enough that it really shouldn't be a problem with discussion being dispersed, and a general wouldn't make all the other threads disappear. It would just be one more thread on top of all the other threads.
Just learn to use the all the functions at your disposal to follow the conversations you want to keep track of if it matters that much to you.


This could specifically be focused on very new stuff, like this weeks episode, anticipating films that havent come out yet

That was the original title of it, stuff coming out in 2019


What was everyone's thoughts on Game of Thrones?

Also, there's things but as for what's next on my list is tonight's season finale of Legends of Tomorrow.


Its funny I had zero interest in Game of Thrones for 8 seasons, and then with all the controversy over Season 8, I got drawn in and I've been watching all the reactions and essays

Had it been great or just OK I would have ignored it



I liked The Bells episode, was glad that they at least didn´t go with the capeshit route of having all be fan service with a happy ending. But the final episode was dumb to the extreme, really makes no sense and leaves everyone with just a "meh wathever" feel. The counsel part was really corny, ridiculous, offers no satisfactory solution and makes no sense inside the worldbuilding.

The plot points didn´t get a good or believable resolution, it was very hacked. But at elast i am glad is over, been watching that show without really being into it for years, i read all the books already by season 3 and haven´t been hyped since.


Anyone watch Aladdin?


I watched several animated versions including Disney's version and direct to vhs follow ups, and a bit of the show.

I refused to watch the new live action one though. I hope they lose money on it so they can stop with this stupid bullshit.


Awful, I'm glad it's over but even my low expectations were disappointed.


I've noticed with Game of Thrones, Alaadin, and Sonic; that being terrible is a great way to get people who normally wouldn't be interested (me) very engaged and curious


Maybe, but did they get your money though? That is what actually maters at the end of the day.
Them being shit means they didn't/won't get my money, and I actually go to the theater and buy merch.



cartoons from that era were so disturbing and cruel


They were for me: I was exposed to South park in Primary/elementary school.


yeah i still remember one of the 5th grade teachers banning all mention of it, and the kids giggling about "West Park". I didnt watch it till later though. Saw the movie VHS in 6th grade and my mom said "isn't it too immature?"


"Why don't you go back to the 90's where you belong"
Lampshade yourself so you can call the critics unoriginal?


Style over substance for the most part.
I'll stick to Drive for the time being.


"The Boys" was really good. It subverts the hero genre quite well and the dark comedy feel made me laugh out loud a couple times.

It felt like a waste after I finished it. I understand that the slow burn aspect is an intentional stylistic choice but holy fuck just get on with it.



if they are going to keep nostalgia remaking im glad they finally revived something worth revving


I refuse to watch the Disney live-action remakes but too many normies are flocking to it like seagulls to dead fish.

"The Boys" is more like "What if a megacorp had a secret serum that make superheroes" than a traditional cape movie.


The "heroes" are much more psychologically complex and human-like, rather than the usual altruistic cardboard cutouts. Yeah, it's different from a traditional capeshit because the focus is on the inner lives of heroes, their public persona and their private selfish self that only cares about fame and money. The thing about something like the Avengers is that all the characters "earned" their powers somehow and in the boys universe you had babies randomly getting the serum and growing up getting told they're special, chosen by god etc. leading to spoiled celebrities instead of people with an inner sense of justice.


File: 1564945537596.png (410.85 KB, 879x451, 879:451, Screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb

That plane scene is kinda awesome.


Finally. Season 1 was pretty kino so I'm looking forward to this one.


File: 1565532365920.png (858.94 KB, 1063x576, 1063:576, Screenshot from 2019-08-11….png) ImgOps iqdb

Why do i have to struggle through this absolute c_r_i_n_g_e


yeah they even brought in Deniro


>movies based on villains than the standard hero tripe
There is no fucking way they aren't twisting villainy into some pro-life shit in the end.




Even just the trailer screams that he was a gud boi and society is the real villain.


Final trailer is out. The scene with him kissing a succubus is disappointing. Movie still looks good though. I kind of get the impression that this movie is secretly catering to crabs. Thoughts?


he had a wife in killing joke, in 1989 he was a mafia chad, harley quin etc


meh, doesn't look too good now


I don't blame you for not knowing, but there's a ton of semi-ironic memes about joker that circulate entirely around "in-cels". There's no way the producers don't know.


Yeah but this is a rebooted character. Different story.

Hm, odd. I’m surprised mainstream media is producing a movie like this. It seems like the sort of thing that would rile up crabs. Downtrodden odd-looking white guy snaps and becomes a terrorist? Literally “clown world” meme? Very peculiar. Perhaps this is proof that mainstream media really isn’t worried/doesn’t care about white men and crabs, just money. Hmmm..


they cant just retire the Joker on account of that. I wasnt aware of the Joker being a big crab meme, other than the usual edgy wahnarchists identifying with Heath Ledger


1. White supermasdlkjadsts gonna be "Blacks drove white lad insane"
2. The main idea would be typical le revolusion crap for cattle like in hungergames.

Seems like Trier is the last director showing something close to the real picture.


Did they really had to give him a gf?

Someone like Phoenix's character IRL would definitely be either celibate (doesn't matter if involuntary or not) or have a really ugly and fat succubus friend. No way he would be dating someone as good looking as that actress.

It's a shame, this could have been a pretty cool warlock movie. Still looking forward to it though.



according to the leaked script the entire relationship with her is just in his mind and they barely crossed words a couple of times


I am looking forward to the new Rambo. I love hard R action flicks and this one is unlikely to disappoint.

Also want to check out The Joker to see if it is actually good or not. Probably more a drama then action but whatever.


im seeing rambo V on release day. im just a sylvester stallone mega fan. he's a national treasure and a relic from film's best years. when he dies im probably going to weep for him.
his Rocky movies are all extremely close to my heart.


I know this is a little off topic but, you being a "sylvester stallone mega fan", you wouldn't happen to know of a few lesser known but good movies he has been in? Like hidden gems of his career.


I enjoyed it….




After seeing your post I pirated it and tried.
I didn't like it at all, even though I was somewhat willing to go trough all the bullshit and meh quality…but couldn't, and dropped it half way through.
It's so intentionally lazy, jokes were lame and unfunny, character were made up by some teenage succubus (at least that's my impression). It's half ass made, fuck this movie. Norms who did this film, were probably like 'let's make a zombie movie for funsies XD haha, let's bring Bill Murray also' I dunno, didn't mean to hate it, but it's so fucking awful for me


I am very concerned.
This may be the true end to starwars.


You know I watch Red Letter Media, and as harsh as they are on Star Wars, they basically admitted they don't know what they want from it. Too many Stormtroopers like Rogue One and its parasiting off the original trilogy, break new ground like the prequels and it doesn't have the Star Wars spirit, try to recapture New Hope like TFA and its a remake, try to surprise people and subvert the trilogy expectations and its TLJ

By their own admission, they want them to redo the trilogy and not redo the trilogy.

Its basically like that kid focus group from The Simpsons

idk maybe New Hope was a cool movie, but the whole concept of trying to spin a whole universe out of it just doesn't work. I know they did it with the Expanded Universe, but that was more hard scifi that appealed to a niche audience, with a boost from the Star Wars name.

They basically want Star Wars to be another Marvel. But Marvel has 60 years of universe-building. While Star Wars has 3 good movies from the 70s.


Well, it looks better then it did before…
But that isn't saying much.


He looks a lot better. Definitely gonna pirate it.


Same, they ain't getting my money, but I still will watch out of morbid curiosity.
Plus Jim Carry is in it so even if it is bad his performance will still be entertaining.


a few people including myself theorize that the original ugly Sonic design in the last trailer was never actually going to be used in the film, and that they only used that ugly 3D model for the trailer. this was to get everyone talking about it.
then, wait months later and reveal the real sonic in a new trailer, which isn't new and was in the film already the whole time.
fake controversy, make the "new" sonic design look better in contrast to the deliberately ugly one, got millions of people talking about it. makes sense.


File: 1573596361472.jpg (45.11 KB, 590x350, 59:35, bronson-911540.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Jim Carry is in it so even if it is bad his performance will still be entertaining

True, but I would still cast Charles Bronson for that part tbh.


Looks a bit rushed to me, the face is stiff in places and the voice actor doesn't fit the new design.


You push that theory every time the subject comes up, but it is the most unlikely of explanations of what happened. Especially looking at other examples in reason history as well as the lack of direct evidence that such a conspiracy took place.


But the hype worked, maybe it was unintentional, but they definitely succeeded


It is a little early to say it succeeded, as the movie hasn't even come out yet.
At least wait until the opening weeks numbers come back.


I really hate black bars wasting my precious screen space in either width or height. The purists want the creator's original intent and hate cropping, and their complaints get all the press. But for casuals like me, we just want it to look nice on the big screens we paid for


When it is poorly cropped it cuts out content, looks bad, and yeah it disrupts the creator's intent.

Also the fans are the ones that should be listened to because they both spend the most money on the thing and spend most consistently.


I mean for me when I 1st got Netflix, the films were almost unwatchable to me with the black bars. Since it seems like most studios are lazy anyway and just cut out the edges. Simplest thing to satisfy everyone would just be to offer both options. They have unlimited server space anyway.


I actually agree with you that the best solution is to offer both when possible.


>cropping movies
There's a special place in hell for people like you


File: 1575965469985.jpg (120.47 KB, 1536x847, 1536:847, 20191215.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why are Harmony Korine’s old films so good but his new films are such degenerate trash?


I've only seen Gummo and Spring Breakers, but I thought both were great films. I'd need to re-watch to get into specifics, though, since it's been so long since I've seen either. What don't you like about his new movies?


whats the source of that image?


Isn’t Spring Breakers degenerate filth? I turned it off after the first five minutes.


Depends on what you mean by "degenerate filth." I viewed it as satire of spring break culture being turned up to 11. There's a ridiculous amount of sex and drugs and violence shot in that commercial advertisement/music video style that I saw it as Korine showing just how ridiculous everything about it was. James Franco does a great job as Alien, and the female actors are so awful that they're perfect for portraying dumb young teenagers. I think I'll watch it again today and give a more thorough post sometime later.


Okay, I just finished watching Spring Breakers all over again. Great movie and 100% Korine, an over-the-top parody of spring break movies and scathing critique of the lifestyle. And the actresses are actually really good at being living filth, I guess I just remember hating them and thought they were bad because of it.

It's a beautiful feature-length music video. The visuals and soundtrack are perfect for one another, and the casting is great. James Franco excels as a diseased predator. And the excessive sex and drugs and violence is discomforting instead of titillating. If you like Korine's films, you should give it another shot. The movie transforms radically around half an hour in when the four succubi get arrested.


Thanks wiz, I’ll give it another shot!


Tekken 7, Julia Chang


Specifically her reaction of Ganryu copying her stream.


File: 1576377955167.jpg (797.96 KB, 2727x4090, 2727:4090, yournameposterjap.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Two and half years ago I saw "The Garden of Words" by same director.

I remembered it being a less depressing version of "Battles in the desert" by Jose Emilio Pacheco.

It's almost as if the director made sure every body swap story I ever saw or would see was a less depressing version of "Your Name" as payback.


So…is the new godzilla flick any good? Or just a repeat of that piece of shit from five years ago? Because I want gojira, not AMURIKAS ARMY® SAVES TEH DAY (with guest appearance by gojira) !!

And not some shoe-horned human interest drama with a cameo by gojira.



>not some shoe-horned human interest drama with a cameo by gojira.

Will it make (much of) a difference if Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan also cameo?


what are you saying?
is it just a human interest flick then? shit


>what are you saying?
It is a silly joke related to the name.
Reverence humor, how does it work?


Trailer is the best part of Godzilla: King of the Monsters


>that piece of shit from five years ago
that piece of shit is the best kaiju movie out there


File: 1585822852910.jpg (27.41 KB, 1024x540, 256:135, godzilla_chilling_with_the….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

King of the Monsters is great. Godzilla gets characterization while not denigrating his mystique, great soundtrack, nuanced themes. The critical flaws with Godzilla 2014 were taken to heart. My only real dislike is that fights are still cut away from, with the climax juggling like three action scenes. Still nothing as egregious as the 2014 movie.

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