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File: 1546902404028.jpg (563 KB, 2502x1157, 2502:1157, Okanaay.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any Wiz here interested in Stocks? I've been having fun on a practice account with questrade building my own portfolio that simulates the actual stock market with pretend money. I do have a couple hundred saved up that I'm thinking of investing sometime soon as well. When I signed up for the account I just used a fake name and throwaway e-mail, and for the phone number I used questrades very own support number.


Could you please explain for somebody clueless what the tables and charts on that image tell you, and whether all of that info is useful or equivalent to kitchen sink system monitors on leet desktop screenshots?


File: 1547001000206.png (999.34 KB, 1892x871, 1892:871, bloomberg-in-spaaaaaaaace.png) ImgOps iqdb

Kinda makes me feel like I'm playing EVE online or something. Honestly I only know what 25% of all the shit means. Long bottom graph shows price of stock over time (right now its on AMD), To the right of that is the box you look at to fill out orders and can be done in either max dollar amount, or quantities. You can also set a limit for how much you're willing to pay for a stock if you think it'll drop to a certain amount in a day. It'll wait to drop the that amount before filling out the order. In my summary table the Open Qty is how many shares I have, Avg price is avg market price, Price is current price, Mkt Value is how much all my shares in that stock are worth, Open P&L Is Open profit and loss which is how much I gained or lost over the stock purchase. You can see near the bottom that AAPL (Apple) is doing the second worst in my portfolio while AMD is doing The best. I'm investing in AMD, Companies that specialize in mining Nickel and Lithium (Electric cars becomming popular), and Marijuana companies now that it recently became legal in Canada. Honestly It's kinda fun. Researching things that I already have an interest in and seeing how they may effect the price of stocks in the related field. For instance after news that Nvidia was now enabling "G-Sync" on "Freesync" monitors, their stock went up.

I have no idea how the P&L Calculator works.

My main annoyance is theres no easy way to see what price you bought a stock for. The website just says to check your statement.

If I do buy some stocks in real life it probably wouldn't be as frequently as this but more as a long term investment and in much smaller scale. Idk if I'd go with questrade as either but it is tempting.


I am also interested in stocks and I have a couple of questions:

1) Do you think you can invest in stocks with a couple of hundrends and make a positive profit? If you think so then maybe I am investing in stocks too. I am only asking because you also have to pay taxes and the depot is also not for free.

2)And what is your strategey? Are you going for single stocks with the chance to win a lot but also with the risk to lose a lot or are you also considering indices, ETFs and such things?


what is the software you use?
how does it work?


File: 1547155687972.png (1004.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1509648691068.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think you can make a positive profit, but it won't be substantial unless you get super lucky somehow. For me it's more about mitigating inflation and allowing more growth than in standard savings accounts. Unless you have thousands to start with I wouldn't even think about "day trading" since Buying and selling stocks all come with a fee attached as well. I'm in Canada and at the very least we have something called a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) which can hold various investments up to a certain maximum amount. Any gains or earnings generated from this account is not taxable. Alternatively I know it's possible to buy stocks directly from some companies like Disney. I don't have tons of cash either (I signed up with a TFSA trading account through questrade but they have a minimum of 1000 before you can start trading, I'll need to accumulate this over the next couple months by saving). So yeah, I'm looking at long term investment.

2. My current strategy is to invest in companies I think are cool and that have products I like such as Disney (I really like Disney movies), AMD, NVIDIA, etc. And then things I think might be profitable in the future (Nickel and Lithum), or Weed. I might look into ETFS as well since there are no fees to buy ETFS and instead of investing in say one weed companies, there are some good ETFS that hold many weed companies in case one fails.

Right now im mostly enamored by getting to buy parts of companies that have been such a big part of my life. As far as day trading goes, it'd be cool. But let look at my AMD stocks. I bought them at 17.9752 a share. If you had 500 dollars you could buy 26 shares (not 27 because you have to pay fees). Now those 26 shares are worth 22.35, so I could sell those shares for 555.10 making a 555.10 profit. But theeenn you have to pay taxes on that, depending on your normal income could be pretty high. so yeah. Not worth all that shit to me, I'm thinking long term investments.


I mean 55.10 profit. whoops.


File: 1547155863646.jpg (27.49 KB, 250x375, 2:3, h-104_68252_k06.jpg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This specific program is Questrade IQ Edge. You can "play" on it for free by making a practice account using all fake info if you want. you do need a throw away e-mail at least to receive the login credentials.


Long term investment is the best you can do. I have one more question. When you say you would buy metals like Nickel or Lithium do you buy the metal per se or do you buy an index-certificate that imitates the course of the metal?

One thing that might interest you are "superconductors". Maybe these superconductors are important in future as well. Superconductors are metals that work like semiconductors when you cool them.

List of superconductor metals:


For practical reasons superconductors are still far from being relevant in anything exept the lab. Also nearly all those materials are pretty common and have more valuable "normal" uses.
That said, I haven't been paying attention to the market so I don't know if their prices are good to buy in right now or not. Just something of a pop-science nerd who has been paying attention to tech in development or close to production.


File: 1547242731229.jpg (439.45 KB, 1283x848, 1283:848, investorzbuffet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just got into Lithium and and Nickel due to the fact that they're used in electric cars and those are becoming popular. I also believe that these precious metals and the amount required to make the batteries in electric vehicle is unsustainable. Like if we were to replace all cars on the road now with electric, there just wouldn't be enough Nickel and Lithium. Because of that I believe in the future there will be a shortage and the prices will go up. Historically investing in precious resources that have use are a safe bet, even during market crashes the metals have bounced back unlike some companies that go bankrupt leaving you with worthless stock.

Right now I am investing in companies that specialize in Nickel and Lithium. Supposedly you can invest directly into the metal itself on the London "futures" exchange but I'll need to do more research as I'm focused on North America. It's pretty interesting. There is a lot to learn but you don't have to get super complicated if you don't want to. I think investment bankers and day traders try to make it seem harder then it is to scare people from trying, and to make it seem like they have substantial jobs worthy of praise.


You might have a point with lithium but nickel is pretty plentiful and can meet projected demand well into the future. It also is easier to recycle compared to lithium.


That's great info, thank you.


i learned how to trade well, even i read 4 volumes books about it, but then i saw making trades made dream about things which i cant obtain right now, for ex. cures my OCD and give me perfect body with commun techonology, so i give up.Also my OCD hold me back.Maybe i try again if i fix my issues


day trading a lot,just like gambling but better


File: 1547335932122.jpg (16.16 KB, 315x315, 1:1, 48383870_337959596789101_7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, and to get any real profit you need thousands to start. Warren Buffet started with 10,000 which I think is unrealistic for most of us on the board. Stocks as a long term investment seem more realistic and it is fun to research the companies and take ownership in them.

Too bad we can't all be like Warren Buffet and come from originally stable families (his dad owned a grocery store and his grandpa owned a brokerage firm).



Even starting with 10.000 means a long, long journey towards any actual riches.

Assuming you'll make 10% profit every year on average, which is quite an optimistic assumption, it'll take 49 years to turn the 10.000 into a million (10000 * 1.10^49 equals to roughly 1067190).

Another scenario would be to start with a 10.000, then put back into the system all the profits made up to 10% and use the rest for recreational drug-free, christian fun of beer. Assuming a hugely optimistic 15% average yearly profit, you'll be drinking 500's worth of beer during the first year of your enterprise. On the second to last year of your profiteering you'll be putting over 48.000 to beer, which probably means you'll either die before reaching the million or you'll make some friends along the way.


File: 1547420114955.jpg (174.62 KB, 728x1040, 7:10, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like this is assuming your 10% profit happens once a year. Like inputting the 49 as the time implies that there are only 49 units in which you can experience exponential growth by 10%? In reality it is possible that your original 10000 can grow by 10% once a month? So if you wanted to calculate exponential growth over a 49 year period wouldn't it be more accurate to plug in 588 since profits could be done per month? Or am I totally wrong here. I'm not great at math so I'm thankful for the teachings.

On another note, it's important to find other means of adding to your stock portfolio other than just the compound interest gained from your initial funds. Say if you add just an extra 100 a month into your fund growing at 10% per month you'd be at 1 million much faster I believe.


Further to this I don't think this way of calculating stock profit is entirely accurate. Say you bought apple stock 5 years ago for 77 dollars. Now Apple stock is 153 dollars a share meaning your stock increased 98% in value. Short term stocks may fluctuate a few percentages but if you look and grand market trends the value of companies in dollar amounts are going up either due to inflation or true value.

If you want to invest I'd say look at major banks. Some pay dividends and are basically protected form bankruptcy since the government will just bail them out if things go south anyway in order to keep the economy functioning.


I am not >>46889 but I think I can answer your question too. Short answer: he is right. Why? Because the average return on stock markets is indeed approximately 10%. So if you would invest in the S&P 500 then you would get 10% on average each year (there will be years you might get -2% but then there will be also years were you get 20%. It will average out on 10%). So now to your assumptions. Theoretically you are right, BUT it is nearly impossible to beat the market over serveral years. I mean it is theoretically possible if you land a so called lucky punch. If you go for a single stock and this stock increases each year by 30% then you will get faster rich, but the probability for this is very very low. So yeah it will take you 50years to turn 10k to 1kk (on average).

Apple lost 30% of its value in the last 3months. I am only saying that to underline the difficulty to actually get 10% each year. It is not easy or granted. I mean 50% of all investors make less than 10% a year.


It's interesting. I've always thought stocks were for rich people. I believe it was like 30k was the average earnings of a person in the United States. If it were 50k, even that would be too little when taking out cost of food, shelter, and other expenses. Add that with regular people's relationships, and I would say even less, not even including their debts of houses and cars.

Even then, it would just feel weird to make it big in a generation. Wealth grows slowly. If a person were to pocket even 50% of their annual earnings of 50k, that would still need to be split among a few things like a retirement fund like a 401k, ROTH IRA(?), and other safe means investment along with riskier investments. Or, one can go more risk to get more out of it.

Assuming the apple stock in the example above grows 100% each year, at best, no financial mishaps, no recessions/depressions, nothing, just pure growth, at most, you'll get one million out of 100k, assuming you can get the 100k.

This is most likely an incomplete thought, believe it or not. I think I can find more examples onto this. I'm actually saying this to see other opinions on this matter. It would please me so to have these thoughts, these doubts, cast aside. Sadly, I've just missed out on everything. I've missed out on the rise of bitcoin, the recession, and now, I'll be missing out on the economic boom. I hope when I get an actual good career, no more waiting, I can invest a lot in my lifetime. I have nothing against investing at all, and I think I could do moderately well. I just can't think of a reason to have so much money other than pleasures that will be temporary. You'll be very old when the investments come to full fruitition. Money is gained very slowly, over decades of change. When you're finally retiring and using that money, you only have about 10-20 years before you dry up. Maybe less if cancer doesn't get you. The only true logical reason for gaining wealth, as of now, would be to pass it to the next generation, perhaps your brother or sister's children. Then, I believe it was within three generations, your money will be gone from excessive waste. Dammit.

What do you invest for? What keeps you going on this investment train? I would love to have a stake in a company financially, at least. Also, money will come up anew with new companies. If within my lifetime, we can mine asteroids, I can get up on that. I would love that since I could make a killing.

Sage for somewhat depressing post.


I am able to invest because I go to work (I have a pretty decent job actually). And then go home and lurk on the internet and watch anime. The amount of money people spend "living life" is pretty high. Financially investing in your future is good but I'm treating it like a hobby. I've blown so much on hobbies that never went anywhere anyway. Might as well make some cash trying to do it. At least this interests me too. These days I don't even have the motivation to play a video game in my spare time.


For investors it's like a game and you get to back the production of what you like. It's not about securing money for life, that's secondary and few expect much profit.


File: 1547854636794.jpg (40.83 KB, 600x335, 120:67, c2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

And if it all goes to shit, I pretty much wake up and go to bed thinking about killing myself anyway.


Rather trade crypto, fuck boomer stocks.
Lot faster to make money from crypto.


What's the difference in its method? At first glance, cryptocurrency trade is the same investment and monitoring.


To a beginner it doesn't matter, you can lose your money anywhere and most people don't have the discipline and understanding that it takes to be a good trader.
Van K. Tharp's books are all the same, it's a psychologist who studies traders and he runs seminars to teach people how real traders work.
Real traders look like this:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/L7G0OfJUON8" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As the ex-goldman sachs guy explains, the current system is vampiric. The people who run the brokerages win, 90% of accounts lose 90% of their value in 90 days.

Crypto is 'exciting' which means that yeah, people have made money, but to keep it you need to understand when and where to sell(when you can), set stop losses, and don't take risks you haven't calculated. Low risk high profit trades, over and over, that's how real traders do it, and they do it consistently, with others money, and they make unreal amounts of money doing it.
I've done crypto and forex myself, ended up with some crypto left over and withdrew all my forex money. Didn't lose that much in either, crypto saved me a ton of money because I couldn't spend the money I invested in crypto, so I have like 6.5 eth. Think I had 9 or so at one point, so I ended up trading myself down to that level not knowing what I was doing and trying to learn.
The difference is the volatility. As a trader, like the goldman sachs guy explains, the way you make money is volatility. In the video at one point he mentions that forex had no volatility, so he didn't invest in forex. He looks down on the idea of just being a 'stock' trader, as a trader it seems like he prefers to go where the money is.
There's probably one or two wizards on that level in the whole world, if any.


It's all dominated by trading bots now that destroy short term traders. Long term trading is controlled by people with insider information. It's a killing field where almost everyone will lose their money.

Bitcoin used to be a beautiful alternative that was not impacted by such factors. Since the last year or so this has changed and bots are now in control: you can tell by the 'bart' patterns - a fast spike in one direction followed by distribution as people react to that spike, then the market maker reverses the initial spike. The bots data mine the market's response during these actions to determine the direction and magnitude of future manipulations. Governments obviously want to suppress the price and can simply buy OTC and sell into the market with their infinite supply of printed fiat while shorting on the futures market.

You really shouldnt try to give advice when you have no experience and a tiny balance


File: 1548115079003.png (41.71 KB, 994x335, 994:335, 5476f79da91804c6f8cd99c83b….png) ImgOps iqdb

I mostly invest by autistic means. It's not going so well.


Can you grind stocks? If you put in 8 hours could you make minimum wage each day from having a few thousand? or is that just not possible/


I actually think you could but you would need to start with like a few thousand. Like if you started with 2000. And bought stocks with increases overall 5% in a day youd make 100 for the day. 100/8 hour work day is like 12 bucks an hour$

Thats being optimistic though. Average return for a day is +\- a few percent. And in the long term 10% as stated here.


With a few thousands it is basically impossible. Daytrading is required to survive on a daily basis and with only a few thousands the probability to gain a "minimum wage" per month is approximately zero.

So I would say it is just no possible. (My estimation is that you would need approximately 100k to survive without having permanent stress if you actually make it or not. The minimum I would say is 50-70k or else it makes not much sense)


Perfect stock picker for Wizards. http://dev.wizdaddy.io/


No I just trade crypto like BTC, ETH and Chainlink.


how is it going for you? how much money did you have before you started?


I recommend Van K. Tharp's Super Trader. Making money with trading isn't about what you're trading, it's how.


>how is it going for you?
actually really good so far

>how much money did you have before you started?

I invested 8000€ in mid 2017, I played it very safe and smart and x20 my money.


File: 1551931436065.jpg (121.86 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1471215911-2434192752.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is Space Trader: Merchant Marine a good stock market simulator?


>started with 400 bucks 2 mo ths ago
>now have 4200 bucks

is it really that easy? i just check em day and night, after waking up and before going to bed. there would be a thousand dolars difference during day and night, I buy, sell and wait.
bitcoin gave me my freedom, and one must be extremely retarded to starve. it's a good time to be alive.




File: 1570931881414.png (648.01 KB, 494x662, 247:331, CHAINLINK JESUS.png) ImgOps iqdb

All-in on Chainlink


Has anyone here ever used robinhood? Would you recommend it?


Now would be a good time to move your money to something else that won't lose value in a crash. Stocks are over-valued. Traditionally after the bond yield curve inverts, stocks do extremely poorly, losing like 40-60% of their value usually. I think they will lose less this time thanks to the decimation of the treasury bond market as a viable alternative, but to be safe you should get your money out of stocks now.


And you say this based on?


Likely all the shit happening in China and the consideration that most of the world’s economy is at least partly dependent on China


just look at the demand for negative yielding bonds right now in Europe and tell me a worse financial collapse than anything we've seen before isn't coming. There has never been this little slack in monetary policy before. They already switched to loosening monetary policy after only a single year of tightening it after the last recession. The truth is we never even made it back to baseline growth trend levels from the last time. There are dozens of other indicators like global manufacturing. We know that this time it's going to be even worse than it has been before because they can't just fix it with monetary policy. We've been kicking this can down the road for a while now, the entire financial system is a scam, it is inherently unsustainable. All the intervention by the central banks did is keep alive a system that was designed to crash for a little bit longer but it can't be sustained forever.

For a more technical analysis that actually goes into details on why to expect a crash you can read this:https://www.hussmanfunds.com/comment/mc191009/

Especially important to note is this part
>Low interest rates don’t “justify” elevated stock market valuations. Rather, the combination of low interest rates and high valuations simply implies that both stocks and bonds are priced to produce similarly low future returns.

This is a common misconception, yes driving money out of the bond market will inflate stock prices, no that does not mean low interest rates automatically guarantee higher returns on stocks. Once the assets are already inflated, they have nowhere to go but down in a crunch.

Even if this bubble will inflate a little bit more, there is little to lose by pulling out now. There are many many signs of global economic collapse at this point similar to the great depression.


Also take a look at this article:

This period of super low interest rates only caused banks and corporations to take on more and more even riskier and riskier debt. Global debt to GDP ratio is higher than it has ever been before, therefore the crash will be worse than ever before. The IMF is saying if it's only half as bad as 07, over 40% of corporate debt will be insolvent. This is basically systemic collapse levels if it gets as bad as last time and there are indicators that it could very well be or even worse just based on converging bubbles like auto and housing just in the US alone. China is important, yes, but the US is even more important as it is the world's financial powerhouse. The global economy has become so interconnected that it's only a matter of time after Europe goes into a recession that the US will follow. China is reaching the limit of the currency devaluation and real estate bubble schemes. They're having trouble containing capital flight as they devalue the currency meaning their economy will fail. They are the prime driver of economic growth for the entire world because they are a developing country that just so happens to have 15% of the world's population. This means big markets and big opportunities for everyone else. All the economic policy of all the world banks seems to be coming to an utter inability to stop another crash.

This is why I say this world we're living in is crazy. We can protect against all sorts of natural disasters by building dykes and floodplains for example, but we are unable to stop disasters of our own making. Unable, or unwilling. I suspect it's the latter because every time the economy crashes, yes lots of people suffer, but some people gain immensely at the cost of everyone else by exploiting their desperation. Each time it happens, power and capital consolidates in the hands of fewer people who become richer and richer, until they become nothing but disgusting monument to greed and callousness to the suffering of others.

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