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any wizzies play wargames? if you want, we can discuss it in this thread. since /hob/ generally is very slow any sort of historical, napoleonic, or sci-fi game is welcome.

generally i play sci-fi stuff myself, battletech / 40k games just because that's what i'm mostly into. also i dabble in some RPGs as well, like shadowrun and dark heresy. i would like to, but have not had the chance to play WWII/modern wargames like bolt action or skirmish sangin, though i think it would be fun.

anyway, let me know what you like and we can have a chat about it.


It always seemed like the most expensive table top hobby one could ever take on.
I have been to a few shops and even sat in on a few games. The prices are outrageous.


does anyone know good purely solitaire games? preferably something specially designed for only one person like "ambush!" and not too complex


There are plenty of computer games to fit the bill, but as far a table top, none of the game systems are really ment to be played solo. It would be like trying to play most board games solo. Yeah you could do it, but the game isn't meant to be played that way, and it is a overall sad and futile experience.


chess, honestly.


File: 1571178780263.png (103.87 KB, 1200x1306, 600:653, 1200px-Paradox_Interactive….png) ImgOps iqdb

Paradoxcuck here, I'll pay for anything paradox wether its good or not.
Fav paradox game is Europa universally 4, Victoria 2, Hearts of Iron 3/4 (prefer modded 3). Can never get in crusader kings or sterallis, what interest you guys about paradox


I've played eu3, victoria 2, hoi4, ck2
Out of all of them I far prefer victoria 2, mostly because warfare isn't the aim of the game. It can be just as satisfying to develop the country through non-violent means like industry and sphering as through conquest and colonisation.


Stelllaris is amazing


Hearts of Iron with BlackICE mod is amazing.


Dominions 5 is the most wizardly game. Highly recommend to all NEETs, wizards, hikkikomoris, and hermits. Torrent it b4 buying. There is a strong multiplayer community.


I really like this image

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