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File: 1558662201358.jpg (44.86 KB, 835x694, 835:694, GUN_SLASH_LINUX.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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New thread.
Discuss all weapons, modern and ancient, projectile and non-.
Armor discussion welcome.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."


god, please repost it as a non-gun thread, we don't need another thread full of people who get their knowledge of guns from games


What's your favorite CoD gun, wizzies?


Looks like we're stuck with it then.
Whatever has the most FOOTPOUNDS. Everyone knows that how bullets kill stuff is with FOOTPOUNDS.


It has been so long since I played one of those games that I don't even remember.
Is the knife + perks still op, because I choose that then.
Oh, I quite enjoyed using the RPG with the scavenger perk to spam positions with rockets and nades, becase fuck trying to aim with a controller when explosives are available.


File: 1558699095378.jpeg (108.71 KB, 900x711, 100:79, 3623317E-5279-4322-89EC-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Spears are the best weapon, hands down.


They don't really do so well against bows, or guns, or explosives, etc, etc.
Their main strength is their reach. Anything with more range is instantly better then them.


Bows tend to be quite overrated actually. If you have a formation of spear armed men protected by Shields and armour there is not much bows can do to them, other than harass them.


Learning dual nunchucks in karate. Kind of fun but requires a lot of focus and attention.
I am actually making more progress with them then my tonfa. Probably should spend more time with bo staff, but it is just so boring to me at the moment.


Depends on the bow.
A English long bow can probably still make short work of such a formation due to their massive draw weight and armor penetration at a distance.
Also crossbows are a thing
Also pikes, and lances, and guns, and cannons, and you get the picture.


It depends what armour, the advantage of the longbow was that it would shoot the horses out from under the man and ruin the formation, not shoot the man himself(although against mail it would probably get through). So later on the French had to advance on foot and even then they had to advance uphill, through mud with their vises closed the whole way(but none of them used spears).
Again crossbows are only good against some armour.
Yes, guns and cannon will get through though(though often not pistols).


>It depends what armour
Not really.
A good shot would generally aim for the gaps and weak points of the joints once they got within 100-50 meters.
>the advantage of the longbow was that it would shoot the horses out from under the man and ruin the formation, not shoot the man himself
where you read that from?
>Again crossbows are only good against some armour
There are plenty of examples of crossbow that can fully penitrate just about all armors of the day including full plate plate armor. What examples of armor do you know of that are completely crossbow proof?
This is also getting away from the fact that the spear in this case isn't even in the equation anymore.


Gaps are not very big so that's very difficult to do. There may be none presented to you at all(which is the point).

Places, why?

Not really. Watch people shoot at armour with reproductions crossbows on youtube, even at point blank with Windlass crossbows they don't do much.


So you are getting your info from youtube, lovely.
Read the accounts of Crecy, Poitiers, and Agincourt if you have doubts about the ability of arrows and bolts to be effective on armored targets.

Also this whole thing is still a total red herring of what your original point was. Which was about spears.


>So you are getting your info from youtube, lovely.
Not an argument, if they use historically accurate weapon with same power, and historically accurate armour based actual piece then it's as good as the real deal.

Due to how armour is layered with plate, mail and padding, and shaped to deflect blows, it is highly unlikely to downright impossible for arrows to penetrate even at close range. The knight would also have been very aware of the gap of the armour, and would have advanced in such a way as to cover any gaps which would be too small and built in such a way to prevent any penetration. If armour were so weak against a such ridiculously common threat, nobody would have bothered developing it. That said, in the beginning of the Hundred Years War, due to technological limitation, cuirass often didn't cover the back completely and only covered by mail and padding, and as such would have been the largest weakness, but if your back is exposed you've likely been routed or about to be routed. It's also likely that being pummelled by large volley arrows might, while not life threatening, have been really painful (some of the energy is still transferred) and over a long time reduced combat effectiveness of a knight by bruising him, tiring him and stunning/disorienting him. Arrows get deadly against lightly armoured opponent who would have exposed limbs or no armour at all beside a helmet.

There's no historical account of arrows penetrating armours frontally by the time of the Hundred Years War. The only times a knight got wounded or killed by an arrow was when the armour was completely by-passed, such as when the helmet was removed or open (such as to get better visibility, shooting command, or catch a breath), which happened to the King of England for example. The longbow has been completely mythologised and it doesn't reflect it's actual combat effectiveness.

Keep in mind that the armour were also meant to take on a lance on a 1-2 tons animal charging at about 40km/h. The amount of kinetic energy surpass by an order of magnitude anything that an archer could ever hope to deliver.

The victory of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt have little to do with arrows defeating knights, and more to do with tactics employed by the English. Defensive position with stake in the ground generally on a hill, combined troops of archers with spearmen and heavily armoured men-at-arms on foot (and in the case of Agincourt the French army having to walk through the mud being completely exhausted and their plan just not working, such as no covering fire from the crossbow, or no charge on both flank because it was simply impossible) contributed more to those victory. Reductive vision of one single super-weapon winning a battle or a war is preposterous and pure propaganda, when its a combination of factors that are at play.


>Not an argument
To be fair, speculation about the effectiveness of hypothetical armor against projectiles isn't a argument about the merits of spears.

The rest of your post are just assertions without anything to back them.
>The victory of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt have little to do with arrows defeating knights
I said read the accounts because there are several accounts of knights being turned into pincushions, bogged down, or killed by arrows. Battles in which spears wouldn't have changed the outcome of the battle and prevented the annihilation of the losers.

And that is the thing, even if you tried to argue something rediculess like "well if the person using the spear was in a mech suit that had force fields that could block all conventional weapons" or something, that wouldn't mean the spear is good and says nothing of the merits of the spear.
I will point it out, this whole argument about armor is a total red herring.


>The victory of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt have little to do with arrows defeating knights

heavy arrows from longbows bounce right off armor, and the english knew that but just fielded all those longbowmen against those french knights for practice or some shit

yep, mmm hmm


Oh, probably should have asked this before but, what in the world is that gun and where is the image from?






i dont actually care or know anything about guns and modern weapons, but my favorite weapons in videogames tend to involve arrows, bolts, or similar stuff being launched. bows, crossbows, slings, spears, javelins, ballista, catapults, trebuchets, etc. early cannons were also cool, but i just feel like gunpowder is gay and cheap, especially when everyone started using 'guns'. the early hand-pumped air rifles were cool though, i think that guy who did the american expedition was using one. there is a youtube lars anderson or something that practices archery and made some cool videos over the years about ancient techniques, like carrying the arrows in your right hand, shooting from the right side of the bow, shooting really fast, while moving, jumping, etc, and even curving the arrows around obstacles. i also like how ancient bowmen were actually really strong, not like what is portrayed in fantasy stuff today


I agree partly. I tend to enjoy shooting boys more than guns but I like guns more. Because bows are harder to shoot, more satisfying to me and costs less to shoot but guns are mechanically more interesting and more practical.


That typo…


File: 1558807909723.png (330.25 KB, 780x437, 780:437, capture.png) ImgOps iqdb


Learning a few new tricks with good old youtubefu.
Good info, shitty audio.


Finally attached my spearhead to it's shaft. It's about 7 feet all up, however using it one handed actually used up much of it's length(because you have to counter balance the front), so much so that it only had a tiny bit more reach than my sword.


>spear and sword
pics now


Found out auto knifes are legal to carry in my state.
Now wondering if I should get one just because I can.


>auto knifes are legal to carry in my state.
what state? autos are toys tbh


>autos are toys tbh
They are just as usable as any other knife. Just a bit more convenient to open (out of the box without having to mess with it or break it in for a few weeks).
You don't need to know the exact state. Just take my word for it that autos are legal to carry in it. That is the only relevant info as far as the state.


File: 1559629394643.jpg (939.79 KB, 2322x4128, 9:16, 0nuj2nA.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>i think that guy who did the american expedition was using one
You mean the girandoni air rifle?


yeaah, thats it. maybe because i grew up with air powered bb guns and played paintball as a child it triggers some sort of interest


The modern versions are pretty powerful but they are pretty costly to run. You ether need a high priced compresses or be willing to spend the high amount of effort and time to pressurize the tank.

It is the reason why I have a high power spring piston air rifle instead of a PCP air gun.


The expensive ass springer you were contemplating in the previous weapon thread? How accurate is it.


When I am really on and property sighted in I can get 1 inch groups from 50 meters if I use premium ammo.
Thing is most days I suck pretty badly (shaky hands and shit eyesight makes precision shooting absurdly hard for me) and most of the time I am plinking so I don't bother to get super anal about zeroing in for whatever distance I am at.
That said even on my off days(most days) I can still hit at least hit a 5x5" target consistently at any range under 75 meters with a few sight in/warm up shots. Any father and the wind and drop become unmanageable for me to hit anything consistently. Also I physically can't see that far without serious magnification. I think I need new glasses or something.

Basically the rifle is fine, but I suck so can't really use it to it's full potential yet.


A vid on medieval arrow heads and how to remove them.


Reminds me of that old flash game were you had to do medieval surgeries without your patient dying.


Dark Cut?
Was a pretty good game if that is the one you are talking about.


Oh yeah dark cut, yeah. Couldn't remember the name. Thanks wiz.




No and stop trying to guess.




Sharpening a kukri is a pain in the ass. Getting the angle right with all dem curves is hard.
Still, it is both useful for utility, and fun as hell to chop up bottles with. Just wish I sprung for one made of better steel that holds a edge longer.


Gonna try and get into shooting again, hope i havent developed a flinch.


What guns you got?


Some cheap walmart shit that was on sell for half price made of stainless steel. Brand is Camillus, don't know the exact modal.
Not the greatest but when sharpened up it gets the job (or fun) done good enough. Only real complaint I have with it is that is doesn't keep a edge for very long and the handle could be better.
Good enough that I have camped with it and done yard work with it. Cheap enough that I don't feel any hesitation in beating the total shit out of it. A beating which it has held up just fine to.


File: 1561544609406.jpg (30.49 KB, 880x660, 4:3, 494314.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mosin nagant and 12 gauge single shot. Thinking about getting into black powder again too, i really dig the 1858 remington.
Got anything you like to shoot too?


Just a glock 17 but I don't shoot much because I can't make it to the range or backwoods. So it sits in the safe collecting dust most days. I am admittedly shit with it and only got it for political reasons. For actual self defense I would fall 9 out of 10 times probably fall back to something I have years of training in rather then a few days of training.
Kind of want a 22. handgun for training and cost reasons but then I remember the reason I almost never shoot is because getting to the range is such a massive pain in the ass rather then any other factor, and decide to save my money or spend it elsewhere.
Honestly I might end up selling the thing one of these days with how little I actually use it.


No, it is more of a large knife and came in a two pack with a absolute dog shit entrenching tool that I broke trying to make a cache box hole.
Vid related
What I was trying to make.


No, I am not doing all that work on a cheap beater blade that will still get dull due to the qualities of the steel, especially on one weird shaped like it is.
Instead I will just use a shitty pull through sharpener on it even though I would never use such a sharpener on a good knife.


Shit, I was just asked about maybe doing a seminar on expandable batons but in my research I find myself less and less in favor of them as a self defense option.
This dude actually brings up some of the points I was finding from looking at data, case study, etc as well as links a playlist of them not being all that effective as a compliance weapon. I have worked with normal sticks and weighted batons personally but rather then just assume expandable ones were exactly the same in use I actually did some research. I am really glad I did.

Embedded is the video I talked about.
Below is the playlist linked.


Pretty stupid video. I am not for or against the baton but he has no argument, all he does is make assumptions, claims to have statistical evidence but not show it and the video he links in the description that is meant to prove it is not effective is a vidioe of a female police officer.


It is a playlist of videos of ether it not being effective or it being clear over use of force where if it wasn't a cop doing it you would be thrown away for a decade for doing what was depicted in some of those videos.
Simply put they don't work how they are said to work and how people are professionally trained to use them (cops and security) and don't fit the use case they are said to fit.
Yeah you could make it effective by smashing the dudes skull in with it but then it is potentially lethal force in the eyes of the law and if you ain't a cop then you would have been better off just pulling a gun as legally it is the same but far more effective.
If you are not smashing the person in the skull with it, then it tends not to be very effective.

I can not in good faith do a seminar knowing that they don't really fit the use case of who is might be attending.


It's 11 vidioes and it's basically anecdotal(ironic as this is what he criticises).

>Simply put they don't work how they are said to work and how people are professionally trained to use them (cops and security) and don't fit the use case they are said to fit.

Why? He never actually gives a reason.

>Yeah you could make it effective by smashing the dudes skull in with it but then it is potentially lethal force in the eyes of the law and if you ain't a cop then you would have been better off just pulling a gun as legally it is the same but far more effective.

How many people have been killed by batons? How many have been killed by pistols?


extendable batons, not expandable


It is far more common that they are referred to as expandable batons, at least in the US. Collapsible batons are also very common.
Almost no one uses the term extendable batons in the US. In fact I have only seen it referenced as such in translated training manuals myself.


I gave you the reason. If you don't wack the person in the head with the thing it isn't likely to cause compliance or control. If you are whacking someone in the head with it then it is considered a potentially lethal use of force, and if such a level of force was justified then better/more effective weapons are available.
What are you even disputing here?


Yeah well, it's even far more common here that a cartridge is referred to as a "bullet." Amerika is a country of epidemic illiteracy. Things like balloons and amerikan waistlines expand. A baton merely extends.


What country are you from again?


The one that also calls sex "gender" and thinks "flammable" is a word.


Very interesting video on Khatrah and it's affect on arrow velocity. I did not think it would have such an impact on it.



Yes, video is about politics and statistics.
But it is on topic, pro gun, and I find it interesting to know.

If this "triggers" you then just hide the post rather then shit up the thread.


Finally took my lazy ass to the range for once.
Shooting from a bench with a chair is actually pretty comfy. Other then that, just did the normal range stuff.
Wasn't really worth the long ass bike ride but whatever.


File: 1564726412296.jpg (144.06 KB, 794x1059, 794:1059, hio.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

All those stupid pirate flicks have stirred a powerful lust in me for a flintlock pistol. Anyone here tried those cheapo blackpowder kits they sell at like cabelas and shit? I'm curious about the quality. Would I be better off just making one from scratch?


That really depends on your skill level and if you already have the tools.


what does?


Oh sorry
>Would I be better off just making one from scratch?
That is what question I was answering.


Have you ever rifled a barrel?
Do you even have the equipment to rifle a barrel?
>but I don't have to I will just make it smooth bore
Do you really feel like getting a tax stamp on the thing?
>I will just do it anyway without paying the fee
Do you want to risk a felony charge over a dumb project that you did because you wanted to be a cheapskate?


are you retarded son? that's some subsection to the sawed-off shotgun laws, they're talking about breech-loading guns that use shot shells:
"A pistol having a barrel with a smooth bore designed or redesigned to fire shot shells."

shawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwt sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllls


You know what, since you want to act like a retarded and shit up the thread with your ignorence, go call up the atf and ask before you build the thing.
They will probably set you straight on the issue. If you don't want to listen to them on this then it is your own fault when you get busted for not paying the $200 tax stamp or adding a 1:90 rifling to the barrel. You were warned.

Then again I strongly doubt you have the technical ability to build the thing or the equipment if you are totally unable to rifle a barrel. Such as machine the trigger mechanisms and the like. Those little parts tend to be way more of a pain in the ass then a barrel.


All muzzleloading guns are and have been exempt from federal firearms laws regarding barrel length, rifling, caliber (up to .72 bore iirc), and background checks. That includes smoothbore pistols. There's a thousand websites and catalogs selling the fucking things without federal (i.e. BATF) restrictions, and even a kid like you could buy what's essentially a sawed-off double barrel shotgun right now (https://www.cabelas.com/product/Pedersoli-Howdah-Hunter-Ga-Pistol/740261.uts) with nothing more than mom's credit card. So not being aware of that and coming off like an aggressive know-it-all and insulting me makes you the one shitting up the thread.

>Then again I strongly doubt you have the technical ability to build the thing or the equipment if you are totally unable to rifle a barrel.

Better check my post history again son. I'm a blacksmith.
>Such as machine the trigger mechanisms and the like. Those little parts tend to be way more of a pain in the ass then a barrel.
The way you try to imply that you're speaking from experience is amusing. The hardest thing you've ever made is probably a sandwich.


>Oh look he is back to shit up another weapons thread
With agressive shitposting

Enjoy your 5 years in jail for your refusial to actually call the atf a and ask.


>Has trouble making a locking folding knife
>Can't rifle a barrel and gets extremely mad to even suggest that he might have to
>Doesn't have proper tools
>Every picture of things he made are cude ugly half finished projects that could be expected of children messing around over the weekend

You aren't a blacksmith you just larp as one on occasion. No one would buy your work and you are no tradesman.


>cite the actual laws
>post indisputable proof to back it up
>"u..u…UR WRONG!!!!!!!"
It's time to stop posting..
Lies and ad hominems. You'll never have what it takes to make weapons son, and banning me doesn't change that fact. Stay knifehurt.


File: 1566173032517.jpeg (23.88 KB, 300x267, 100:89, AC3748C6-7949-4C96-9F9F-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

No need to reload, quiet, requires little strength and has no need for ammunition, unless you plan to throw it. Clearly barbaric and simple in nature, but can become quite refined and respected with training.

Good choice, I still love guns, but I’ll love spears alongside them


what about iklwas? there was one episode of a very bad, cringy show called "deadliest warrior" that made me want an iklwa a lot, it seemed like an awesome combination spear/sword

too bad all the ones on the "reproduction" market are junk


>Requre little strength

You have never handled one or sparred with a spear before I see.
Even a short spear can be tiring if you aren't used to it, and it requires a good deal of upper body strength to use well, especially onehanded.


File: 1566286477687.jpg (570.91 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, ZZC 0311.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why not have both?

You could probably just find a standard spear head and stick it on a short shaft, infact many of them probably were made that way. I know many other African weapons were made from European blades mounted on African hilts.

Depends on the spear and how you use it and what you compare it too. I have a 220cm long spear with a 50cm head so it's quite heavy for a spear, it's still much easier to use than my arming sword or my sabre though. It's also easier to cause damage or penetrate something by thrusting rather than cutting(although cutting has the penitential to do a fair amount of damage I would say, as one could cut of limbs that way). Even using it one handed isn't that hard so long as you don't try to cut with it and you hold it from the centre of balance(although then you lose reach).

All weapons are more tiring than most people would think of though.


I want to learn how to better use blunt weapons such as clubs and maces but even the very few hema groups I found within reasonable distance only train blades.


That sucks. I remember as a kid I'd see McDojos everywhere training all ages on poles, nunchucks, clubs, and other stuff. Now all I see is mixed hand-to-hand. Must have been the ninja turtles craze.

Do some of those places consider axes to be blades? Some axe skills might be applicable to blunts as well.


From what I seen they are mostly swords, with a very tiny bit of pole-arms.
They don't really touch on the ax, and other smash and bash type stuff.

The few traditional martial art type places I looked at also don't really do impact weapons ether. Did find a weird place that includes bow&arrow in their lessons, but the rest is hand-to-hand and sword stuff.

It is a small city so picking are a bit slim I am afraid. Kind of wish I was a bit more normie so I could maybe gather some friends and then we bash each other with foam padded clubs until we sort of are good at it. Kind of a weird feeling wishing you had friend exclusively so you could have more people to hit. 🤷‍♂️
Oh well.


I vaguely remember someone wrote a small illustrated book about tomahawk fighting, based on colonial-era sources or some shit.


HEMA clubs tend to learn and copy techniques from treatises and most historical martial arts treatises are about swords, daggers and maybe with a bit of pole arm.


Any gunwiz here? I just got my first handgun a couple of weeks ago and I'm about to purchase an AR pistol (cause most semi auto rifles are banned in my area).


What area is retarded enough to restrict rifles but be totally cool with hand guns.

Anyway what gun you got?
I have a glock 17.
It is my only "real" gun. I also made some slam fire shotguns and got one of those flaregun .410 inserts, though I broke my flaregun so can't use it until I get a new one. Didn't break if shooting crazy stuff out of it, I broke it from dropping it out of a truck.
I also have a air rifle.

If I was to get another gun it would probably be a .22
Ether another handgun or a pimped out takedown 10/22.


>glock 17
Have you fired a lot of JHPs in it? I've always wondered if the fabled glock feeding reliability is just a big lie. Mom wanted to buy me a glock 26 back in 2000 but I was like ehh… I didn't trust em. I actually never trusted any auto pistol but especially not a brand with so much hype around it.


In all honesty i haven't fired a lot of anything out of it. Probably has had less then 1000 rounds through it since I built it.
Most of it being cheap old ball ammo.
Had to oil the shit out of it the first hundred rounds but after that it has been alright. That said I haven't put it through much and it is still in the break in period. It is just a super pain in the ass to get to the range since I don't have a car.

From what I have read modern autos are pretty reliable though. It isn't 1911 anymore.


File: 1566496442289.jpg (60.25 KB, 784x1024, 49:64, 1547081216055.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Generally speaking, modern semi-autos, *in and of themselves*, are incredibly reliable. You can go through thousands and thousands of rounds without a malfunction. There's a reason why virtually every single law enforcement outfit and military on the planet issues semi-autos instead of revolvers (including, most notably, every special operations group I'm aware of, who generally have much more of a say in what their equipment is). Glocks in particular are probably the most common handgun in use out there–they're incredibly simple. Seriously, you can take one totally apart, blindfolded, in about a minute.

It's kind of a complicated subject and hard to quantify, but, generally speaking, the reliability of semi auto pistols are more dependent on external factors (principally, the shooter, the ammo, and the magazine) than revolvers. For example, if you limp-wrist the pistol, use bad ammunition, or slap in a magazine with a bad spring or fucked up feed lips, it will likely cycle incorrectly. On the other hand, semi-autos are less mechanically complex than revolvers (and more durable), more resistant to the ingress of debris/fouling (although, more dependent on lubrication), and are more likely to malfunction in ways that are easily and quickly remedied (you can solve most malfunctions with a tap-rack-bang).

On the other hand, revolvers, while simpler to operate and use, are mechanically more complex & fiddly (many more small, moving parts with tight tolerances), more prone to fouling and debris (although, less dependent on lubrication), more likely to be damaged from drops or abuse, and are more likely to fail in ways that are not easily remedied. In my opinion, revolvers are probably better for the average person that just wants to buy a gun and forget about it, whereas semi-autos are better for anybody that wants to put the time into learning how to use one.


I carry every day. Just get a revolver. They are so much easier. .357 is optimal, but .38 spl is also okay. 4" barrel is preferable. 2" snub noses are okay, but realize the uses for each. 6" is just compensating for a smoll dicc.


To add on to this, when buying a revolver, .357 is the way to go, because it can chamber .38 spl.


That may be your personal preference but you don't know anything about dudes personal situation and he isn't even looking to get a carry gun.


How the hell are they easier?
They are way harder to repair, harder to carry, harder to reload under stress, and slightly harder to shoot.


I know. I've already heard every single thing you wrote there, in all the gun magazines and books and sales brochures going way back, implying that autos are objectively superior when they're not…they're merely preferred.
>There's a reason why virtually every single law enforcement outfit and military on the planet issues semi-autos instead of revolvers
Because of ammo capacity.

If there were some law of engineering that made it somehow impossible to stick more than 5 or 6 rounds in an auto pistol, almost nobody would prefer them. And for being so incredibly reliable they sure depend on a lot of nuanced shit like the things you mentioned. The biggest complaints I heard about autos were always JHPs jamming and bag magazines. Non stop. Always something jamming, followed by recommendations to try more expensive "premium" ammo and custom magazines or buying custom mainsprings or… Ugh.
>On the other hand, revolvers…are mechanically more complex & fiddly
an overstated and mostly academic concern
>(many more small, moving parts
how many more again and which ones?
>with tight tolerances
this is not a bad thing
>whereas semi-autos are better for anybody that wants to put the time into learning how to use one.
borderline snobbery
I ended up buying a smith and wesson 28…a 6 inch. Not to compensate but that's all I could find in the used smith market here. It's never failed on me.


*bad magazines


Late reply but I ended up getting a CZ P10C. I tried it out on the range with a bunch of other handguns (Glock 19, VP9, M2.0, XD-M) and I felt the most comfortable, had the tightest grouping with, and liked the P10C the most.

If you're wondering what crazy area I live in, it's Crook County, IL, which is pretty much all you need to know. But if you want to see the insane list of what isn't allowed here, this is the full list of prohibited firearms:

Of course, due to loopholes in the definition of the NFA, I'm going to get a 5.56 chambered, 11.5" barrel, AR pistol with a brace and folding adapter to reduce the length below 26" with a red dot sight. The folding adapter is because the ATF recently said that overall length needs to be measured with the gun folded now.

Legally this is still a "pistol" which means the rifle laws won't apply and it bypasses most of the semi auto pistol laws listed above but not all of them. To fully bypass all these laws you need a concealed carry license, which means that Illinois handgun laws will preempt all other laws at the local level (such as Crook County's) and since there is no restriction on magazine size at the state level, I won't be subject to the magazine limit here.

So, putting all this convoluted bullshit together, my AR pistol needs to be less than 26" overall, have a less than 16" barrel, needs to not have a vertical foregrip, needs to have a stabilizing brace and not a stock to be considered a pistol, and ON TOP of that I need a CCL so that only the state laws apply to me to remove any restrictions on the magazine size.

After ALL THIS is done, I am technically allowed to walk around with this thing in my backpack with multiple 100 round drums if I wanted to but the legality of these things is getting really shaky around here, especially after the mass shooting hysteria that's been going on for a while.


Say no more. I fully understand now.

Good choice and it is great that you went to the range to try things out to see what works for you.

Accusations of snobby coming from you is really rich.


File: 1566636719767.jpg (33.57 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1566503734503.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Election day is coming up.

>Spank Party wins:

200,000+ owned guns become "prohibited" class, forced destruction
U.S style "assault" ban (if it looks scary, it's banned)
Long gun registry comes back, all guns and even ammo is tracked
Allow municipalities to ban gun ownership county-wide
Guns can't be stored at home, must rent a federal $$$ locker

>Slap Party wins:

Handguns, SBRs won't need a permit to transport

>Spank party will probably win

The hobby was fun while it lasted boys


I'm just taking the piss by saying 6" is for small dicks. Most revolvers in the old wild West used to be 8" at a minimum. 6" just adds accuracy, but it also adds a lot of weight. If you can carry it comfortably every day, then that's all that matters.

I've never had to repair mine, nor have I been a situation where I needed to reload. Shooting them is also slightly harder, yes, and you don't get as many bullets. You have to place your shots with revolvers, you can't just spam bullets like you can with a semi-auto. There are benefits and downsides to both gun types, but situationally, they will operate relatively the same. However, I see guns in a very different perspective, as I believe they are a general deterrence to criminal behavior. People do not look at someone with a gun and tell themselves that they are going to screw around with this person. Guns aren't just for shooting, though you need to know how to shoot whatever you are carrying, just in case.

Also, they are not harder to carry. 6" inches are when they start to get heavy, but if you open carry instead of conceal carry, then they are very comfortable. Again, I carry every day, and comfort has never been an issue. Get a paddle holster. Every other type of holster is a joke that will make you leave your gun at home. A good gun belt and a paddle holster is the best set up, I have found.


Your that Alaskan I am guessing.


No? I'm from Missouri.


Have you ever heard the term FUD?


ever heard the term shitposter?


Can anyone recommend some honest, time-tested resources for learning two-handed blade skills? Books, documentaries, channels, etc.
I have some long blades that I'd like to learn as light exercise.


If you can go to a actual class.
You cannot learn martial arts exclusively from books and videos and you won't have the feedback required to make any positive progres.
What exact weapons are you looking to learn? Like which swords or whatever?


More testing of arrows against armour, this seems to be the most historically accurate attempt and uses a 160 pound bow. Nothing unexpected occurs however but the force of the bow is impressive.


The confiscations through red flag laws are already rolling in.

Always have a secondary location to hide guns and have ones the government doesn't know about.


File: 1567397574094.gif (3.33 MB, 389x289, 389:289, SlingHit.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Slings are so easy to make and so hard to actually use. At least use well.


Some hard truths.


I'm not sure what his point is.
Sure, no training or whatever will give you 100% success rate in whatever condition. So what? It's just a video about nothing, it's a hard truth but does anyone deny it?
It's like making a video about not getting wet in the rain.
>Sure you can read all the weather forecasts
>Wear all the fancy rain clothing
>Carry an umbrella
>But your goal is to avoid rain altogether
Well whoop de fucking doo.


You haven't interacted with many gun owners or people in the "self defense community", or even read this thread.
The mindset that the video warns against is very prevalent.
People don't train like they should, don't even make a effort to inform themselves, and think what little subpar training and knowledge they have is good enough when it isn't even close.
It may seem obvious to you, but I assure you that sense ain't common.


Really looks like someones ego is acting up.

Reminds me of how bad the people who carry knives but never have formally trained with them make noise when their shortcomings are pointed out.


why do you always gotta act so smug and imply that nobody can effectively defend himself with a blade unless he's some turbo martial artist? who the fuck are you, the king of fighters?


It's not accentually that rare, I remember having an argument on this very board in the Martial arts thread around that very topic. People just assume that they are going to automaticity teleport the gun into their hand before the other person can do anything even if he attacks them first.


>defend himself with a blade
Did you study the blade while the normies were out partying?


It's actually easier to disarm or wrestle for a gun than a knife so in that way it might be more effective for defence, maybe it would be less likely for somebody to try their luck on you. But if they have a knife as well you are both going to lose, or you may not be able to draw a knife in the first lace so it will not matter.


File: 1567438292467.gif (2.53 MB, 320x240, 4:3, FuckYouUpWithKnife.gif) ImgOps iqdb

When it comes to defense against knife what I always found that works the best (as in around 40% of the time) is to ether kick and run or push hard and grab whatever thing is within reach to bash them with it then run.
The sad truth is I know full well that in reality when someone attacks with a knife they do it closer to prison style where they are already right up on you and they don't give away that they have a knife until they have already stabbed you a half dozen times while trying to pin you to a wall to restrict movement.
Don't like my odds if someone straight up just wanted to shank me to death with a knife rather then brandishing or bum-rushing first.

That said to properly use a knife requires a pretty extreme level of aggression and really isn't for most people. If you go at it half-heated and without the full intent to kill then things could end really badly.


I am sensing some sensitive buns.
Let me guess, you carry a knife, your out of shape, and you haven't had a day of training, but that knife is your security blanket that gives you peace of mind and makes you feel like a big man.
Maybe you would be better off with some pepper spray and taking up running.


File: 1567443133922.jpg (43.24 KB, 600x450, 4:3, gfrd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

tell us how it is, karate kid


Untrained guy with knife Vs trained guy can end up very badly for the knife guy. I would knock you out with my fist and then probably stab you out of revenge :^)


I don't think kicking would work. The best thing you can do is take control of the knife arm while striking at various points, but even this is risky. But yes if you can find a long and sturdy enough object then you can strike at their knife arm and hope to break it or make them release their grip.


It is just what I found what works best for me. I don't really want to get entangled with a dude with a knife in a grappling match in a self defense situation. I want to open up enough space to run or grab a weapon as both of those seem to have better odds of working (at least in training). Besides, at this point my kicks are better then my wrestling anyway.


Not when I shift into shank spam mode.


>If you go at it half-heated and without the full intent to kill then things could end really badly.
This is true for all hand-to-hand scenarios. When someone is threatening your life and well being there's no reason to not go full berserker. Too many people get in to street fights and wind up overthinking things or just holding back for whatever social reason. These are the guys who wind up on the ground. If honor and civility is to be something you wish for in a fight, you had better make sure the other party agrees to such a ruleset.

I saw this post an hour ago and I swear it read "into spank mode".


Spank mode



can you please keep that shit out of here?
we have enough shitposting with the karate kid poser


Now to make it relevant to the thread

spank spank spank


It is weird to be able to take something apart and put it back together without knowing exactly how it actually operates in detail.
Well, now I know and knowing is half the battle.


>looking into making/modding a pistol brace
>try to look up the legal differences between stock and brace
>their isn't any clear or exact legal definition for construction
>if I build it and get it wrong and it counts as a stock then its 10 years in prison and a $25,000 dollar fine
I hate gun laws so god damn much.


mu h civilization

muh law and oreder


Well, in the mean time I will try what is in the video out to see if it improves stability for longer shots next time I go to the range.

I will also just carefully hide a handgun stock next to some airsoft stuff, just in case I need it for "reasons".


what's up with those nails?


This being the weapons thread, maybe he keeps them sharp to take someone's eye out if attacked without his blades.

sort of a jokey way of saying you are kind of getting off topic


What does it have to do with aquarius, now I am interested as well.


You know that isn't real right? Anyway, why did you do it?


Answer the question, why did you do it?


None of your god damn business

I don't have a car so I am limited to hand guns for practical transport to range reasons. Pointless to have something I can't practice with not all of us live in wide open Alaska


1. your reading comprehension is pretty poor if you inferred anywhere from my writing that I have long guns
2. the only one being paranoid here is you
If I pull out something illegal at the range then the powertripping boot lickers at the local one will report me. That isn't paranoia, that is their standard policy.
3. are you seriously asking what practice is for?
4. there are situations where a handgun with the ability to shoulder it has practical use or advantages over a long gun in certain situations
Situations where the size, mobility, and weight of a long gun are a liability


>it is impractical to practice with your firearm
>only government goons benefit from having more points of contact when handling a weapon
Ok, we got a big brained individual right here.

Also no, you inferred things that were not written at all. None of the things that were inferred by you were actually implied. In other words, you are imagining up things that were never said or even hinted at.


File: 1569679111249.png (25.34 KB, 356x245, 356:245, dk-effect-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

I will just stick this here.
As it seems relevant to just about all your post in this thread.





This explains alot.
You are willfully ignorant, arrogant, and could not be a better demonstration of the Dunning Kruger effect if you tried.
When exposed to information you just yell "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSSSS" like some sort of antisemitic child who was told veggies are good for him.

You intentionally picked a argument for no reason, but you just don't know enough to actually discus the topic, but you swear you are a right by assurtion alone.
Again providing a example of the Dunning Kruger effect.

Or to put it in my own words.
You are so dumb you don't have the ability to comprehend how dumb you actually are.
I mean you can't even read or follow the conversation. If I didn't know you were from Alaska I would have thought you weren't a native English speaker with how hard a time you are having even keeping up.


>you just don't know enough to actually discus the topic
lol, says the guy who needs youtube videos to say things for him because he can't write a sentence on the topic himself


>Non-argumets and baits to off topic
You have made some pretty bold statements and made many assertions.
Back up what you have said.

Or are you avoiding actually talking about weapons now that you got put on notice?


So you aren't going to even try to back up your assertions.
Then I see no reason why I shouldn't disregard your arguments.


>you started this shit
>post was a response to assertions you made
>assertions you didn't back up and made first


>a shoulder stocked handgun has no practical use or advantages

So ball is back in your court again by your own standards.
So I will say it again slightly differently. Since you refuse to back up your assertions then I see no reason why I shouldn't disregard your arguments.


Thoughts on gun lube and maintenance?


Is anyone here hunting this season? I'm thinking about camping a known turkey spot tomorrow morning. I've sat there a few times and just scared them off, but hopefully I can bag one before the real hunters take them all.

Much of the stuff I own comes soaked in cosmoline and I don't bother to wipe it off. I brush the bores out after shooting but aside from that I don't care if anything external rusts. In fact I think it looks cool. Of course everything I own is used bargain bin rejects so if I had something pricey I'd probably maintain it properly.

I keep having to tell off multiple family members to not use WD-40. Boomers think it's a godsend lubricant and pour it on everything then wonder why the action/pistons/whatever is bone dry and stuck a week later.


>Thinks rust looks cool on a firearm
At least you ain't one of those guys that spray paints their guns gay colors to be funny.


wd40 is pretty useful, when my bicycle gets a little dry and I can't be arsed yet to take it apart for a full re-greasing, or when the gate starts squeaking again

it lasts a couple days


No one is disputing that it is useful. It just doesn't belong on guns.


I know.


Russian Tanks


Tried a new P80 build and one of the parts that came with the kit was too big.
Ended up snapping the thing in half trying to force it to fit. Now I have to play email and phone tag with the company to see if I can order a replacement part because I sure as fuck not ordering a whole new kit just for a badly measured poorly tempered hunk of metal. Still, because it is the weekend I probably can't get in-touch with anyone until Monday.
Checking online apperently this is actually a common problem with this perticular version, but Polymer80 is also said to have great customer servouse so hopefully I can get this sorted out in a week or two.
Build was going so well up until this point. Really didn't expect that one of the supposed drop in parts was going to be the hardest part of the build. I should have taken out the calibers and measured rather then just trust that they per-mesured everything right. Hurt my thump trying to press it in when it snapped too.
Oh well.
If everything went flawlessly it would be a bit boring. Still, I hate playing phone/email tag though.


>poorly tempered
that's actually proof of steel that was quenched and didn't get tempered at all, and if that's a common problem as you say then you're dealing with idiots who obviously don't know how to heat treat or they have no quality control and there's no guarantee they won't send you another brittle part

there's no way any properly heat treated gun part should snap under hand pressure, maybe bend, but not snap, and if it didn't snap then, it would've snapped during firing anyway


The fact that the part wasn't to spec and was too big to fit in the frame is probably the biggest clue that their quality control is shit.


Better than I expected from something like that, still full of memes though.


interesting viewpoint…
using a edged weapon is really no harder (mentally) than using a firearm.
If something needs killing you kill it.
Anything else is pussified lefty mentalness.
Remember to collect the right ear from each pos loser you terminate.


Kind of want to do something similar but never done anything in the AR platform.
Seems like a rather involved project for a first time working with ARs.


Found this but it has been out of stock for months and there is no sign they will ever restock.


I guess if I actually want one I will have to get to practicing my machining skills.


Overly dramatic music but good video none the less.
How AR-15/M16 work in detail with cgi models.



Not even gonna graze over that clickbait. Anything that can hit a decent group in the hands of an accomplished shooter without malfunction is never obsolete.


>without malfunction
This is why you should watch the video before giving your two cents.
That was literally what the video was about. Revolves can't realistically be fixed in the field when they do malfunction, and they malfunction under the same conditions that cause modern autos to malfunction only worse.


>teh field
who the fuck is ever out in the teh field


Now you are just being obnoxious and ignorant.


God damn is this P80 build annoying.
They sent the replacement part so that was good, but it turns out every single metal part is totally out of spec, so I have spent the past two hours with mini files to get everything just right so that the pins actually fit.

Also found out that the colored pin kit was a bit of a waste of money as now that I have the thing I can tell that all they did was take normal pins and used normal, not very durable, thin coat of paint. Something which in hindsight I could have done myself and saved $10 bucks.
Overall this whole build has been a pain in the ass because Polymer 80 doesn't actually measure their metal inserts at all.
I am going to need a new set of mini files after this. Didn't expect to have to file this much steel down with them.


Is this bait?


why would it be? is it a bad idea? the spikes are so I don't get stolen my self defense ever again


nobody cares about your plastic gun blogposts


Yes, it would be a bad idea. Not only was that knife clearly a cheap fantasy inspired wall-hanger likely to break (and its spiky design is actually not practical for a real knife) but pulling a knife in a situation like that would escalate the situation in a bad way. Do you think it would intimidate a group of mugging apes? It would not. It would probably escalate the situation into you being rushed and stabbed yourself multiple times before you know what's gong on. Carrying a knife for the purposes of self-defence against a group of people, especially a mostly decorative one, is not very smart at all.


not decorative though if you try to grab it it hurts average knife doesn't have that advantage


no guns here btw


I think you come to this thread just to be a jackass and bother everyone that actually post on topic.

If all you want to do is fight then go back to shitchan.


>I am going to need a new set of mini files after this.
-files wearing down on a small gun part



To be fair they are super cheap set of files that weren't really made for metal.
They would have been fine for tuning up the plastic areas (what I bought them for) but I didn't expect the metal to need this much work or I would have gotten better files.

Also they sent it as a replacement for free since the first one snapped.
I didn't pay a dime extra for it.

I basically have the whole gun together now, but when I rack the slide it doesn't go into battery and overall everything is way too tight on the rails still.
Almost there but still needs a hour or so of work before it is fit to fire.

I think my next project will be something that is less finicky like a slam fire build.
Something I don't have to order parts for and can be done in a day.


>Files are files
Opinion discarded


I am pretty sure he is saying that you are wrong about all files being equivalent, and being that wrong about that one thing was enough for him to disregard the rest of your post.
But I could be reading too much into a throwaway comment. He could just be tired of your baiting and just decided to get snarky.
Ether way it looks like he knew what you meant, and what you meant was kind of dumb. I am not some master blacksmith or anything but even I know that there is a pretty clear difference in different kinds of file when it comes to quality, durability, and case use. So from my perspective you don't know what the hell you are talking about, or you are just saying whatever you need to in order to pick a fight for whatever reason.

Stop saying dumb shit for attention is what I am saying.
While what other dude is saying is that he is going to ignore you for saying dumb shit.


>Files have been essential tools worldwide for millennia
And yet you fail to do even the most basic of research.
You combination of ignorance and arrogance is probably why this site hates Alaskans so much.

Here, watch a actual expert and stop your larping


And some basics because you probably need it and I am in a good mood.

Now can we discuss weapons or would you like to continue making a fool of yourself?



>No I want to continue to make a fool of myself
Ignoring you now.


What is the general consensus on wizchan about Ian MccuckCollum and Forgotten Weapons? There was a time when it surfaced how much a commie-leftie he is and in spite of loving guns he kinda hates gun people I just stopped watching him dead.

Recently I re-discovered him and now I'm basically binge-watching 3 years worth of FW videos. The man himself may be bad, but his videos are still top-notch. I'm still refusing to watch InRange tho, Karl is a massive fucking fag in my eyes.


I thought it was obvious that he was a commie?

Anyway I do like occasionally watching forgotten weapons and a few of the InRange videos as they have a good track record of keeping their personal politics out of their gun content, which is quite nice. A lot of gun channels can get a little too political at times.


It wasn't for me but maybe I was blind? He had the hippie looks from the getgo but he was then shooting guns so it wasn't clear? Should the Francophilia been the giveaway? I honestly only realized it when most other people did, when he literally said that "white genocide" isn't a thing in South Africa because his nig bodyguards said so.

Any other good gun channel recommendations who dwell into the deep history? I already watch C&Rsenal, it just takes them ages to make episodes, no small wonder since their videos are like an hour long at least. I kinda hate Mae because she's a succubus after all but Othias is just much too based to not to watch the show. I just put up with the thot.


I don't watch a ton of history stuff regarding guns so I don't really have channel recommendations in that regard. Sorry.


I can barely hit anything past 200 yards with iron sights (bad eyesight). They made it look easy with Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant.


>only can make it to the range one particular day of the week
>never feel like going on that day
Welp, at least I have my air rifle to keep me somewhat in practice.
And I did make it to the range once last month to test out my last Polymer 80 build, which worked flawlessly with the cheap range ammo. But I still need to practice more then I actually do. Apparently habits from air guns are starting to effect my other kinds of shooting too. Mainly the long time between shots and over compensation for projectile drop at distance.

Whatever, just whining, ignore me.


Bit more detail on how use the "SAS sling stabilization method"


I don't know how I cam across this guy's videos, someone here might ave linked to them, but he's actually managed to develop a reliable repeating bow system that would have been possible to make in past centuries. neat stuff


That guy is great


Many years ago he inspired me to build a few high powered sling shots.
Good natured with consistently good content.


That's true but that age, because the good quality metal was expensive and no one would be crazy to throw money in disposable arrow's tips, it was much more common invest money and the best, to invest in better shields and armors. Aside this, the only thing that a good archer would can do is shot in gapes and in parts that the armor was thinner. However, today is a totally different today, bows and crossbows are fucking beasts and the overrate is justified, principally now that is almost impossible to see a guy with a pretty damn good full plate armor but its more normal to see people with bulletproof vests but who cares? With a good crossbow or a bow, you surprass and even if not surprass, you have all the left body to shot, even being more hard than the core mass.


This channel is great, aside the security hell. Unfortunately, i'm not allowed to make this a hobby.


Are you using google translate to make post or something?
Your grammar is really fucking weird.


Examples? I didn't studied grammar and for coincidence, recently i got the feeling to try talk like a english speaker and I actually can't see the difference. I've some ideas about what improve but isn't that much.


also, i think that the weirdness is principally because i'm using the grammar of my mother language.


Anyone own or have practical experience with black powder firearms?
Anyone have experience with the build kits?
How much on average does it cost to run muzzle loaders? Like it is a rich man hobby or budget friendly to have fun with.

I kind of want to get a reproduction of a Pennsylvania rifle for history nerd reasons, but also want to build a really hilariously dumb looking taticool muzzle loaders for lolz. Thing is, I don't want to do it if it is way too expensive to ever take the thing out to actually shoot.


Commercial powder is marked up beyond reason. This is the case with any firearm related consumable, from oil to shells and even as far as exploding targets costing thousands times more than the material used. The conclusion I came to a few years ago when looking in to muzzleloaders was that if you buy everything needed to run it such as powder and balls, it's expensive on a common salary, but if you mix your own powder and cast your own lead it can be much cheaper. Both processes take a lot of time though so it's really a question of how much you value your waking hours. I only really considered large bore builds though, I imagine shooting and casting paper pistol rounds to be more time and resource efficient for the ammount of shots you get.

It could be fun to buy a cheap break action shotgun and experiment with different black powder loads


Thanks for the information. You have given me much to consider.


What is the real difference in price though? How much would it cost to make a pound of blackpowder versus buying one.


File: 1574794396076.gif (1.66 MB, 220x190, 22:19, 1426416276702.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>>In .2 miles ,turn right on MLK Jr. Blvd


i dun get it


Ever been to a major US city?
If so, ever been to MLK Jr. Blvd of any of those major cities?

If so you would probably get the joke.


Me too at first. Here

>Martin Luther King Boulevard

A street in every major American city, commonly inhabited with large amounts of unemployed African Americans. In most cities among the top ten streets involved in gang shootings, drug busts, car thefts, and older white succubi and blacks of all ages, "gettin' dey neclaces jacked". The average age for school dropouts on MLK boulevard is approximately 13 years of age, and the average income of the inhabitants here varies greatly depending on when Miguel last was able to supply DuQuaan with the "goods." Many fried chicken restaurants are typically located here, the significance of which being the food's strong appeal to the native population.
Rashaun: Ayo dat bitch ass nigga Keenan owe me mad bills!
C-Money: Well wacho ass talkin fo den nigga, dat pussy ass nigga bout ta get clapped wen he fuckin wit Martin Luther King Boulevard son!
#black people#chicken#african americans#mlk boulevard#rusty shank


The sad thing is this is only a mild exaggeration that has more truth in it then you would probably expect.

It is a legit good idea to be armed if you have to go to such places.




I love 9-hole. That rooftop chinaman's marksmanship is just phenomenal and he wasn't even a trained sniper or anything. The dude was in the US military but he was an EOD technician and then he became a journalist.

And yet this fucking dude can hit steel with bare irons at 1km's. He's bending space-time with his shooting.


Thanks. Surprisingly google doesn't make it very to find answers to questions that are "racist".


I made the switch to duckduckgo. Google also have a bad habit of messing with the results when I look for gun parts.


The duckduckgo too… But show things google hide at least.


Going to complete my first 80% ar lower. Not sure if I should get a drill press and make things easy, but then struggle to come up with other projects to justify having it, or if I should get a dremel/rotery tool. Which would make the project take much longer but I could come up with dozens of projects that I could use it for afterwords.
The lower is polymer so it is doable with the dremal, it will just take a long time compared to milling it using a drill press with a X-Y vise. Cost is roughly equivalent.


If you can afford it, why not both?


ugh, no…get a drill press, you will never get a symmetrical hole doing shit freehand

even drilling something thin like the tang of knife you won't get a truly symmetrical hole, take it from me, freehand drilling is guaranteed to fail


>You will never get a symmetrical hole doing shit freehand
>Drill symmetrical holes with a hand drill pretty regularly
>The actual drilling of holes on the jig is designed to use a hand drill
>Have watched hours of videos of people using a hand drill to complete their polymer lowers

Maybe you just suck at drilling holes, lol.

Anyway the drill press is a cheap substitution for a mill. People also use routers or rotary tools to mill out the fire control pocket of the lower.
It's not actually about drilling holes in the application I need it for. Regardless of if I had the drill press or not I would still actually drill the majority of holes with the hand drill.

Here is a video you won't watch that can teach you how to not suck at drilling metal.

Because I don't need both and it would be wasteful to get both.


yeah that's right it's me, because normally humans hands are capable of machine precision durr

don't risk it, you're talking about a gun receiver, the holes need to be perfectly centered and perfectly straight


Tough call then. For this purpose the press would be better, but the dremel is more versatile. Do you plan on drilling more receivers?


Decided to get a flex shaft/pendant motor that they had on sell at habor fright.
It is basically the big boy industrial version of a dremel. Has a lot more torque and comes with a foot petal for greater control over the tool and work piece.

It is unlikely that I will be doing another ar lower any time soon. Might do another glock lower and put a .22 lr upper on it and make it a dedicated training/plinking version of the 9mm that I already made. But the glock lowers are much easier when it comes to finishing them.
But that is probably months from now.


Nice, I hope it works out.


I basically have all the upper parts for the bolt action ar pistol build and waiting on the lower parts.
One thing I am wondering though is what is the most convenient way of safely sealing off the gas hole on the barrel.
One option would be to tap it then epoxy a screw or something in the hole. Or I could order a gasblock and install it upside-down.
I am thinking the gasblock method would be most convenient and have less likely to go wrong but I will have to order and wait for the part. Then again I still want to order a compensator/break for the build so I could just add it to the order.
Still, I am open to advice.


>epoxying a screw into a gas port
Normal epoxy turns to dust in sustained temperatures above roughly 200F. There are times I need to disassemble a knife grip or something else I've epoxied, I boil it in water for a few minutes and the stuff disintegrates. Even with a screw your epoxy would eventually fail under the heat.

If it were me I would try brazing the screw in with brass or copper but that would mean heat treating the part afterward.

There's epoxy designed for high heat but the pressure and friction of the gas may still ruin it. Dunno.


I was thinking more along the lines of jb weld which is fine up to 550℉ and ~5000 psi. The temp would never get high enough in a bolt gun to get anywhere close to that but the pressures it would be exposed to concern me. Theoretically it could be exposed to twice the max pressure it is rated for. I would think the screw would strengthen the hold so it could withstand it but it I would not know for certain without testing.
But honestly the upsidedown gasblock is probably a better solution. It is something I have heard other people use and test without any problems. So it is safer since it is proven.


This is so dumb
I kind of want to try it for lolz. Only I would use mainly aliexpress cheap parts because fuck spending over $200 bucks(if you include the optic and rail mount) on something that out there.



Anyone have opinions about sjamboks? The plastic version riot control weapon from south africa.

In 2005 I bought some of the Cold Steel ones and never hit anyone (did enlist someone to hit me with them) but they seem to be viable self defense tools just as ever. The pain they inflict is absolutely blinding. I would still carry mine in public if it weren't obviously such a police magnet. Sometimes it's tempting. These things pack a serious wallop.


Whips are painfully and great at getting compliance but as you noticed such weapons aren't really practical for most sincere most people can't realistically carry one around at all times that they could potentially need it.
In the end it is something that usually sits at home and is occasionally played with, but the likelihood of it being used in a martial or self defense context is low.


Well, there are ways of carrying them concealed, discretely and capable of being deployed in an instant. But then there's the problem of phony "concealed weapon" charges if you're ever stopped and frisked.


You try stuffing that down your pants and you are probably going to get the cops called for a totally different reason.
>Mommy that man in the trench coat is a secret tentacle monster
>And he seems very happy to see me


One time I chopped the handle off a 54" cold steel one and wrapped the bottom, new handle area with leather lace, with a bit of leather forming a loop to bend the tip of the sjambok into. It bent into a nice, tight U shape and stayed there, and would spring back out with a little tug on the loop. I could see myself doing that again and CCWing it under a coat, suspended under my shoulder by a quick-release snap. But maybe with a thumb-snap strap instead of a leather loop to hold the tip.


This sounds like the people who argue they could realistically conceal carry a arming sword like they did in highlander.


File: 1576466323772.jpg (2.38 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_0225.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I guess you find that funny for some reason. Well, whatever. If someone could realistically conceal a sword, then aside from the law I don't see anything inherently ridiculous about doing that.

Here's basically how a 54" cold steel sjambok looks in the way that I described. If I cut it off from the top of the grip there, it's 22" folded (44" stretched out). The bend would be narrower than pictured, but I don't have anything more solid like a buttoned strap to hold it closed better. It would be totally concealable under a shoulder, assuming you're willing to risk it.


>I guess you find that funny for some reason
I do indeed find it funny.

I ain't knocking you or anything, but I don't share the same viewpoint on this issue.

On a related note
As far as carrying something less-lethal concealed (if the law wasn't a factor) I personally would go with the tried and true sap/black jack type weapons.

If I wanted something less-lethal with more range then I would forget conceal carrying and overtly carry a cane or walking stick that has been mildly optimized for self defense use. I actually did carry a cane partially for that reason when I did a bit of traveling, and again when I was homeless for a bit. Didn't have to use it for self defense though.


Magazine for bows;
Now you can save on gunpowder!


It's very cool…but I will stick to my guns on this one 😉.


File: 1578264550847.jpg (19.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, TSB-3_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you're looking for concealed blunt weaponry, these cheap expandable batons are rather accessible. The open sheath works around the "concealed" carry issue in some places. They will bend beyond being usable after enough hits so I wouldn't recommend training with them. Just something small to carry through the bush in case of dogs. There's something satisfying about drawing and flipping it out hard enough that it takes a concrete floor to collapse it.


extendable batons are toys honestly


Saps are better in nearly every way.

Also read earlier in the thread where such batons were discussed. Not as good as whips for gaining compliance for non-lethal use, and not even remotely as good as a sap when used in a potentially lethal way (to the head).

And all that said, a cane is objectively better in every way as far as a practical weapon.


>extendable batons are toys honestly
why dont you actually watch a video on the subject before running you're mouth off

>Also read earlier in the thread where such batons were discussed. Not as good as whips for gaining compliance for non-lethal use
I watched the video with the douchebag making hypothetical scenarios and saw no posts here arguing against batons as a defense tool, but only as being a weapon too lethal for compliant use in the eyes of LEA.

>Not as good as whips for gaining compliance for non-lethal use, and not even remotely as good as a sap when used in a potentially lethal way (to the head)

Is there a sweet spot between "too deadly to reasonably fight with non-lethally" and "lethal enough for a trained civilian to kill with" that we're aiming for? If you do get in a scrap, are the police (who are trained to administer non-lethal force with an erect-able baton) more likely to assume you were trying to kill the guy with the baton than if had you used the leather club?
I also mentioned accessibility. Metal batons are likely more easy to come by then hard leather clubs with lead on them.

>And all that said, a cane is objectively better in every way as far as a practical weapon.

This is true. It's longer and more solid.


>but only as being a weapon too lethal for compliant use in the eyes of LEA
That wasn't what was said at all.
What was basicly said was, and demonstrated in the playlist was that such batons are nearly useless unless you are hitting someone in the head with it. If you are hitting someone in the head with any impact weapon then legally it falls into the category of potentially lethal force, and if you are using something in that category you might as well actually use something more effective like a gun.

> Metal batons are likely more easy to come by then hard leather clubs with lead on them.

They are littrally always sold in the same places for similar prices. It is just that in the US one is in a sort of gray area in some states and the other is almost universally illegal without a CCW permit due to it's long history of effectiveness.


okay martial-arts mutt, how many people have you whacked with an "expandable" baton? have you even played with one? the things have no appreciable weight in the striking area to make them effective bludgeons and the joints break easily

they're just toys, even cops – who popularized that dumb things in the first place – have been dropping them in favor of the old wood and rubber batons


Really need to stop trying to label everyone who doesn't agree with you as some db name rather then come up with a actual argument.
Btw if you weren't so bad at keeping up with the conversation/then you would have realized you have conflated two different people who have taken total opposite positions.

Stop being such cancer.


>two different people
why can't you ever be a man and own your past


Like you would know what a man is.
Why can't you ever even consider that you might be wrong about anything ever?


File: 1581073609500-0.jpg (1.46 MB, 3072x1271, 3072:1271, t1.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1581073609500-1.jpg (1.19 MB, 2635x1249, 2635:1249, t2.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1581073609500-2.jpg (1.99 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, t3.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I did a tomahawk with some of the crap I have floating around. It doesn't look the best in the world, but the steel and the edge are absolutely first class. It would be a great weapon.


Anyone here buy bulk ammo?
Do you prefer to get it from a shop or have it shipped directly to your place?

While I could get slightly better price online I prefer to buy at a shop because I can pay in cash and see the condition of the stuff the day I get it so I know it wasn't a improperly stored batch of super old surplus or something.


uzi akimbos from MW2, definitely far from the most practical weapon, but nothing can replicate the feeling of jumping around a corner and basically being a minature BRRRRRRRRRRT


File: 1581786595269.jpg (22.65 KB, 500x432, 125:108, s-l500.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Debating if I should get a conversion slide for my current glock, or if I should spend the extra $200 and build a complete dedicated 22lr glock.


Damn it.
Found out they came out with production model of what I had to home build like a month or so ago and it cost the same in parts but is nearly a pound lighter.
Slightly mad, but it was still a fun project so not really mad.

Actually the only thing I didn't like doing was milling out the lower, which has nothing to do with the upper anyway.


Anyone here ever build a 1911?
I am wondering the skill level needed to complete one. Seen a steal of a build kit for less then $400 and it got me thinking of trying it, but I ain't sure as it is a lot more complicated compared to the builds I have done before.


does it involve machining shit or any tool work? otherwise then it can't take more skill than assembling some legos


>does it involve machining shit or any tool work?
Yes, the frame has to be machined and every single part must be custom fit, usually by hand with needle files.
It is more like putting together a clock from parts that all have to be hand fit rather then assembling legos. If even one part is off nothing works right.
Plus 1911's tend to be finicky about ammo selection even when put together right.
It takes a ton of patience plus a lot of trial and error to put together a 1911 from a parts kit.


oh… well that's gay


Did I ever mention how much I hate you Alaskan?
You are a drag on every thread you post in.


you're over-reacting


I do like arming swords.


Any favorites that stand out. Like a style from a certain time or regent?


File: 1582550354397.jpg (75.64 KB, 960x540, 16:9, sabreexampl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Matt Easton has given me more of an appreciation for sabres of various kinds. If I ever come into some wealth enough for such a thing I'd like to adorn some walls with some antique examples.


The ones from the Crusades tend to be my favorite along with the ones from the 15th century.


Very nice taste you got in swords.
Got nothing really else to say on the matter.


3d printing has really opened up hobbyist level gunsmithing and building.
The designs are getting better looking too in my opinion. Sure they are still largely novelties and all, but I find it pretty cool.


File: 1585376613363.jpg (22.74 KB, 341x857, 341:857, bb.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cane? I prefer umbrellas as practical weapons. Just make sure it has a hook end.



They can be taken less places and unless you get a expensive one made to hit people they generally can't take a beating like a simple wooden cane.
That said unlike a cane it can protect you from rain, which is pretty nice when it's raining. Weird to carry when weather is nice though.


Thoughts on "Solvent Traps"?


Building an umbrella that is as sturdy as a wooden cane. That's my next woodwork project!

>Weird to carry when weather is nice though.

In the small town where I am, umbrellas are used as much for sun protection as for rain protection.


Well if you do get around to building it be sure to share your progress pics or at least the end result.

And hey, if it is normal where you live then it is all good.


I wish some company would make an unbreakable parasol, and I don't mean those ones out there they claim are unbreakable because the reviews aren't so unanimous. I mean thick, spring heat-treated steel arms and joints that would survive a hurricane. Of course it would weigh so much I guess it would double as a crowbar for self defense.


>I mean thick, spring heat-treated steel arms and joints that would survive a hurricane.

Odds are something like that would be so heavy and difficult to carry that it would only be used for stationary applications like a beach umbrella.


alright maybe that was exaggerated, but definitely survive a storm, a lifetime of storms

3lbs would be about enough steel and wouldn't weigh more than a sword


Any storm you need an umbrella to be that tough, you're better off wearing a rain coat. So that's probably why no one makes heavy duty umbrellas like that.


>Georgi Markov was assassinated on a London street via a micro-engineered pellet containing ricin, fired into his leg from an umbrella


Went ahead and ordered a Russian capture K98k with trumpbux before the prices went any higher. Seller say's they're grade A mechanically but it's only likely that they have unpinned markings. Should be here by next week


Did you get pics before the buy to at least attempt to confirm it being "grade A"?
Buying used stuff online makes me a bit paranoid because so many people try to fuck you over just because you can't give the item a proper look over.


It's from a retailer that I've bought from several times before. Given that the RCs were pieced together from fair to excellent parts I'm not too worried but regardless the store has a return policy. On the other hand though I don't see them selling the Sub-par models separately like they do with other surplus rifles so they may have just labelled them all as grade A.


In that case it sounds all good then.


Kinda want to get a spring piston driven air pistol so I can practice at home without having to go to the range or go outside.
Anyone have recommendations for under $200 USD that is good for target shooting? While I prefer .22, .177 pellets are fine too.


File: 1590332283090.jpeg (102.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, B84AAA37-997B-4B93-828D-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Not really a weapon, but oh well. What’s your favorite knife? For me, it’s the Mora.


File: 1590363974596-0.jpg (3.06 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_4460.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590363974596-1.jpg (2.62 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_4454.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590363974596-2.jpg (2.85 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_4456.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I tried to make a good weapon out of a cold steel warhammer I bought long ago, having ground off some of the socket and hammer face and properly hafted it on a real handle, and some other personal touches. It doesn't weigh or look as hideously sledgehammer-ish as it did but it's still not nearly light enough to swing quickly like historical battle hammers were. I would not count on it in a self defense situation.

I want to try making a counter weight next, replacing the bottom 6 or 7 inches of handle with a steel buttcap that weighs like a pound to lower the POB so the head swings faster. It may work. I still don't recommend the cold steel warhammer to anyone wanting a self defense weapon.


So you turned a hammer into a hammer?
Any before pics to at least understand what work you did?


probably this


File: 1590422982039.jpg (188.33 KB, 1664x1048, 208:131, knvs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here are my non-firearm, non-decorative things that would/could be considered weapons.


Maybe you just need to lift more and whine less. LMFAO!!!


Wait, so he is complaining about not being able to use a two-handed weapon with one hand so rather then buy or make a hammer that is what he actually wants he basically square peg in round holed this thing and tried to reforge the two-handed weapon into a one-handed version?


totally fucking missing the point doofus

it's about seeing how much I can improve it, and seeing if I can make it the best, warhammers aren't supposed to be two handed anyway, they never were

it will be one handed when I'm done with it


It seems like you are the one that totally missed the point of the object you bought in the first place but are too stubborn to admit it. Which makes you the doofus.


Nope. I bought it in 2008 when I was younger and inexperienced. Every beginner makes mistakes. Think of all those stainless steel katanas you bought.


A weapon that short doesn't really make sense as a two-handed weapon. If you're going to close distance with someone who's armed you should probably have a shield so that he doesn't just skewer you as you run at him.


>Think of all those stainless steel katanas you bought.
Projecting your own bad habits again I see.


>If you're going to close distance with someone who's armed
Your not and it wasn't built with that in mind because cold steel weapons aren't historically accurate reproductions of things made for actual ancient battle fields.
They are the melee equivalent of modern beater range toys.
Built to take a hard beating on in the backyard for a reasonable price.
They may be inspired by their historical counterparts but they are not the same thing or meant for the same purpose because in all honestly the historical reproductions don't even have a purpose anymore.
You ain't marching off to the battle field with a warhammer and shield to take on knights in plate with swords. In fact you ain't engaging in melee combat at all with the thing. So it being what it is (a toy to smash things in the backyard) is fine.
If you want a historically inaccurate hammer that can be used with one hand then they sell them at the hardware store.


if you want to talk about "the point of the object" cold steel always advertised it as a weapon, a self defense weapon, not just a backyard basher

so calling out somebody for finding out it's so heavy it's a poor weapon isn't a valid criticism


They advertised it as a two handed weapon.

And no, they didn't advertise it as a self defense weapon because that would be retarded.


it was in their early 2000s demo dvds, guess you were too young to know that though

nowadays they still imply it with smashing pig heads and combat helmets


>it was in their early 2000s demo dvds
which were long since all uploaded to the net and I have seen them.

Aren't you the one who said you were too young and stupid to know what you actually wanted in 08, mentioning something about also stainless steel wall hangers you bought.
Which kinda implies you are probably much younger then me.

More to the point, at every point of those promo dvds that had the warhammer in it they used it two handed. Which again directly shows that what they made was a two handed hammer that was meant to be used with two hands.

All your problems with the hammer stem from your erroneous presuppositions.


>which were long since all uploaded to the net and I have seen them
calling your little bluff here, those early 2000s dvds have never been uploaded, and the rest of your horseshit hangs on this idea of yours that I bought the cold steel hammer believing it's meant to be used one handedly….talk about erroneous assumptions

by the way, the things are very unwieldy even in two hands, which is what originally motivated me to lighten mine

bottom line you have no argument and I'm not going to entertain your shitposting anymore


Should I even waste time posting proof when I know that you take pride in ignoring any evedence posted that you disagree with, including automatically disregarding all videos and links.

Shit has been on youtube for over a decade.
Showing a cooler weapon then something that can be gotten at the hardware store since this is now for my own amusement.


what does their wannabe sword have to do with anything


Like I said, you will ignore any evidence posted that proves you wrong.

You are playing dumb or are dumb isn't my concern. I posted evidence that the promo dvds from the early 00s were posted in the late 00s.

I also wouldn't throw stones in that glass house of yours when it comes to wannabe anything.


I see one random clip from their 2007 dvd was uploaded, I don't see the whole dvd or any of their earlier ones (they made one every year since 2001 fyi). It's not even the clip of their hammer. It proves nothing. It's not evidence of anything.


Fine, upload the dvd yourself and prove your own claims you have made then.
Otherwise I see no reason to believe a thing you have said about the promo material regarding the hammer since your word is worth less then dirt.
I will wait.


What a petty dispute.
Good luck in making your hammer more agreeable


Yeah that's what I'm gonna do. Hold on….

No wait. I think I'll just spend my time further modifying my hammer to be the home defense weapon they once touted it as, and tell you to go pound sand. All you really want is a fight anyway. You're the same old ankle biting puerto rican troll who always seizes on my weapon posts to start a drama. You always give it away with your incorrigible misspelling of 'than'.


You are the jackass Alasken that always starts things up with insults and blatent trolls until the whole thread is about himself.

By the way, you keep trying your hardest to guess my race for some dumbass reason yet you are always off by a mile. I mean I know you are racist from your other post, but it is really stupid and funny when you try your hardest to be racist towards someone who you have no idea what their race is.

This is the weapons thread, not the fantasy wannabe larp thread.
It always goes smoothly until your dumbass shows up and shits all over it.


>You are the jackass Alasken
>always starts things up with insults
what I started with is sharing my attempt at making a cold steel hammer a worthy weapon, what you started with is a "jus lift bro" insult

but keep projecting


>all posters who don't kiss my ass are the same person

Never said that and that was a different person. I am pretty sure no one on this site actually likes you.
beside mainly rely on momentum for large blunt weapons like mauls. They ain't nimble like swords. Not that you would know that because you don't train.


>Never said that and that was a different person
uh huh
>I am pretty sure no one on this site actually likes you.
who am I again?
warhammers aren't mauls
irl warhammers aren't large
>beside mainly rely on momentum
all weapons rely on momentum, the difference is how much they rely on it and a hammer doesn't depend on it very much more than say a sword
>They ain't nimble like swords
ignorant generalization, not all swords are the same, and you've obviously never handled a historically correct warhammer because they're usually very nimble
>you don't train
you don't need to join a McDojo to know how warhammers work and feel


Could basicly sum up your post as
As usually you don't know what you are talking about. Plain and simple.


between you and me, I'm the only one providing facts, while your whole "argument" is based on insults and aggressively posturing like you know everything in the world because you copied some moves from a steven seagal movie


File: 1590521973081.jpg (100.88 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Bait_efc2b5_5907668.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


when I was filing the new shapes on my hammer it was really, really easy, cold steel claims they're differentially tempered to be harder in the hammerhead and spike than the socket….but they're not

things are soft as shit all the way through


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