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File: 1559407824827.jpg (2.02 MB, 2057x2800, 2057:2800, The Ancient of Days.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you have one? We'll define it pretty loosely, so something like an intricate world created for a story would count as long as there is more to the world than what happens in the storyline. Bonus points if you believe your mythology to be actually true.
Pic related. People assume it's meant to be God, but it's actually the demiurge "Urizen" from William Blake's mythology.


I actually had two, when I was a kid I would usually imagine an entire world with its deities, its geology and its history. I would think about this place as I tried to sleep and it was kind of inspired by adventure time.
When I was 12 I drew and wrote a mythopoeia. I was planning it to be the lore of a videogame.
Thanks OP for the post, I had forgotten about all of this.


yes, but it's not a mythology, it's all too real


File: 1559572246568.jpg (90.76 KB, 500x367, 500:367, nice.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ok here goes…

Our perception is limited to our knowledge, therefore the perceptive universe is wider than our current perception. Picture your current self and move yourself back in time say before the discovery of quantum physics then move before television, radio, electricity, alchemy and so on. It makes sense to believe that there is more ahead of us, some of it ungraspable as in Plato's allegory of the cave or for the left brained, Godel's incompleteness theorems. If one is honest to themselves they must believe in that which exists outside of current knowledge.

You have to meditate on that for a while… The red pills that lead on from this are too powerful for many.


>If one is honest to themselves they must believe in that which exists outside of current knowledge.
What are you saying? Are you implying the existence of deities?

>The red pills that lead on from this are too powerful for many.

Can you give us a taste?


File: 1559857141193.jpg (205.68 KB, 1045x702, 1045:702, gate_path_trees.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Once the weary traveller has accepted the existence of the unknown realm.

Can the unknown realm interact with our realm?
Are there any interaction clues in our realm?
How can one find and verify clues?

Newton describes gravity, not what gravity is. Natures secret remains elusive. He believed that many ancient sources were endowed with wisdom, he studied them intently, who are we to put them aside.

A comparative study of the knowledge of the ancients, Animism, Shamanism, Polytheism and Monotheism reveals commonalities with regards to the unknown. As a verification many of these systems appeared independently from one another. They all believe:

An unknown realm exists.
Entities exist within in it.
They interact with this realm.

Contemplation and study of the ancients is required to verify my claims before journeying further.


I’m an angel sent from the spiritual realm to the material realm to accomplish certain tasks. My tasks are assigned through various signs and intuitions. However, as I have no prior experience with the realm of flesh, I have little resistance to sin. Therefore, I am easily tempted and need to be careful. If I become fully entrenched in sin, I won’t be able to return to the spiritual realm and I’ll be trapped here forever. The seven deadly sins are a good outline, put into flesh terms, for what I have to avoid. I’ll know once my job here is done, and at that time I can return to the spiritual realm by killing myself. If I die before that time, I’ll simply return and be sent back here to finish my job.

This reconciles my altruist nature and tendency to slip into hedonism.



It doesn't necessarily imply that the actual universe is infinitely large.


File: 1563150292025.jpg (173.03 KB, 1184x1174, 592:587, 1528121390427.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

LotR, or Middle Earth's mythology is, in essence, true. These events actually happened in the sense that the real-world myths that they were based upon are based on true events. The religions of the world were monolatrist (or some poly-ist form that doesn't exist in our language exactly). The existence of their deities did not exclude others; the belief in their deity did not mean other's didn't exist. These deities (now called angels), were gods in the sense that they were viceroys of their particular people. Compare this with the Valar, and Miar in LotR, as well as the creation 'myth' in the Silmarillion. The theme of ancient myths, the symbols, the similarities are all excessive. It leads me to believe that these events happened in a way which is more important that we would currently think. Maybe we don't know it all? Therefore, the events which inspired the creation of 'Middle Earth' as a fictional setting, did happen in this world.

However, this world is also Middle Earth. We are sandwiched between the two realms of unknowing and knowing; good and evil. We are living in Middle Earth right now.


I never met someone before to recommend reading Alexius Meinong but I think you'll like his Ontology a lot. Look him up, it's a very interesting read.


I will absolutely give this a read. Thank you for the recommendation.


I have a Divine pact.
I Will become the countrys richest man only if i'm charitable
More i give more i get
If i start giving a Lot i'll quickly become a borguiese


I believe what we refer to as "God" is just a universal force dragging everything towards a certain end goal. Everything has a meaning and happens for a reason.


Breath is sacred.


File: 1565560959434.jpeg (452.25 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, 6A7A4B67-AD0C-4016-8CE6-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

We are all in Hell. Our own personal hells. The people you see around you, myself included, are projections of real people who are in their own hells, puppets used to torment. All of us have landed ourselves here somehow. I feel the flames. They spit and lick and lay needles upon my flesh.
The horror.


Addendum: The devil keeps us here in flames until the moment he releases us (our deaths). The world is essentially deterministic.


Would it be possible for someone with a firm directive to the cessation or suffering to infiltrate the personal hell realms of others? Although the images of other people are mere puppets of the devil used to torment, if someone sinned to be sent to hell, could they infiltrate and let their firm belief in the cessation of suffering seep through the cracks and undermine the devil? Could a martyr help take us tortured souls to rest?


These personal hells designed to torment, shadows of others pulled strings, each of us have free will in our hells, death the only escape, death the only release. Killing oneself heavily discouraged as a further act of torment. Damnation is not eternal. False churches, false religion systems used to torment. I hope this message reaches you through the full course of my being. Godspeed.


When I say suicide is discouraged, I don’t mean by me. I mean it is discouraged by the devil, to prevent from release from suffering.


This is complete nonsense. Have you ever seen videos of suicide? Those people are completely devoid of any emotion or normal human affectation. They have essentially been possessed by demons, or at least let demons "take the wheel", so to speak. When you speak of a "martyr" taking tortured souls to rest, well, what do you think Jesus was? Killing yourself definitely is not the way forward, and I am saying this as someone that seriously had a plan for suicide at one point in my life. Suicidal "thoughts" are just demonic temptations to give up on love.


> Suicidal "thoughts" are just demonic temptations to give up on love.
>give up on love
where do you think you are?


sounds like he means compassion for fellow man or something as opposed to romance or anything. which isn't surprising wizchan is somehow full of man-lovers

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