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File: 1560465526050.jpg (3.63 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190612_165628.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Been wageslaving for a year and I managed to build my first half decent PC with some of the money I saved up. Any other anons enjoy this?

I used:
Ryzen 5 2600, ASUS ROG x470 mini itx, 16gb of RAM, and an rx590. Hopefully should last me 4 or 5 years since I plan to go NEET for awhile again soon.
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>2 or 3 ryzen builds and a 9th gen intel build just months before new line of GPUs and CPUs was already revealed

why? were you wizards on literal toasters?


I would love to get a 5900x but that shit is impossible to find.


File: 1607251898085.png (80.51 KB, 415x593, 415:593, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

apparently you could also with no problem can use an external radiator, like this one.

But I don't understand how would you power the fans on it. With an expensive fan controller with sensors and a shitton of spliters? there's like 9 fans on that thing. I'm afraid of cable clutter


Maybe this PC Building Simulator game can help


Took me like a year to save up and buy all parts and wait for them to arrive, but finally assembled a gaming pc. Did a custom loop with "ZMT" rubber tubing and two PE 360mm radiators from EK

not really sure how well it is built and how long it will last, but so far the graphics card was at 54c and never got past 56c after like an hour of gaming. Also gained a couple of frames per second where it would struggle otherwise on stock cooler. So I guess it was worth it. But honestly not even sure now if it was worth all the hassle or not

It's i9 9900k paired with asus strix 2080 ti


So what are you playing in it wizzie?


File: 1615882254034.jpg (751.42 KB, 4976x2614, 2488:1307, 1070.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I built my dad a pc from scratch using my old parts. he was impressed but there's really not much to it imo. cable goes in that hole, screw those in, bit of thermal paste and ur done.
I want to upgrade my 1070 to something nicer when the prices go down.
it doesnt get consistent 60fps on the stuff like rdr2 at 1440p. i like to play with everything turned up or not at all.
honestly i miss having low standards. kinda sucks being so autistic about framerates and stuff.
btw is there literally any point in having 32gb of ram?


I am planning to buy a new pc. Not looking for anything pricey or fancy, just a bit of power to handle modern games and editors like photoshop.
Do you think something like
Intel E5-2630
RX 570 4GB
Would be enough to achieve that goal?


My current pc is
Athlon x740
Gtx 650 (not ti)
12 gb


get a mid range 10th gen intel and you should be set for next 5 years with only upgrading gpu after a year or two, a xeon with low clock speeds would bottleneck a 570


Yes that setup should be fine.


is there a website or something that i can learn what parts are compatible and stuff. like if i want to change my gpu, how the hell do i find out what will work


GPUs are the most standard. A GTX3060ti will fit in the same PCIE slot a 15 year old AMD card would. New GPUs require more power though so your power supply will need the right 6-pin outputs and watt rating, but if it's missing the 6-pin you can get eSATA or MOLEX to 6-pin converters for a buck. just make sure the card's physical dimensions will fit inside your case

What motherboard do you have


so is everything more or less based around the motherboard? i have acer aspire gx-785 motherboard and amd rx 480 graphics card


PC building is a scam in general, A year ago from fx8350 that I had for multi years… I updated to i7 7700k 16gb ddr4 3200 Asus rog aurora mb. Overclocked to 5ghz. Still the gtx 1070 and to be honest I wasted $1000….. I see no performance increase. Actually extracting large zip files are slower. Startup times are slower certain multitasking is just overall slower. A gaming PC from 2013 with a modern gpu that cost me like $300 performed about the same as $1000 one.


File: 1615951033798.jpg (37.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 83-101-536-Z05.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The mother board is more or less the skeleton of the build. It determines which CPU, PCI, RAM, and storage options you have. Modern power supplies rarely deviate from conventional form factors and cases are all standardized internally and downwards-compatable with motherboarrds smaller than what the case was designed for. Storage form factor is still the same but some cases might not accomodate more than two drives. Some motherboards have m.2 storage support.

>acer aspire gx-785 motherboard and amd rx 480 graphics card

Both use common PCIE so you would be good to drop anything in there, AMD or Nvidia. The 480 takes either 1 or 2 6-pin connecters depending on exactly who made it and the power supply here has 2. If your PC is this prebuilt one in the picture, you should have no problem upgrading except for that black plastic thing in front of the GPU. Might have to remove it . There's ample space otherwise.

There are a lot of factors for why your system may have been performing poorer. Extracting zip files has nothing to do with the GPU and is easily bottlenecked by problems ranging from disk fragmentation to the zip software being limited in code to only use so much processing power to do its thing.


nope dude I rebuilt my old fx8350 build and it still performs insanely well for a fraction of the price, now that games all support up to 4-8 cores enabled instead of just single/dual core performance like the old days, coupled with the mid-tier tech that's in consoles (basically a budget ryzen and 1060 for current gen)

modern games on low settings all look like pixelated garbage, then there's no almost difference between medium/high settings, then ultra is all just light effects and shadows with a shitload of VRAM usage

modern game devs all know this and use it to their advantange, all popular games coming out can be played on high/ultra settings at 1080p/60fps on 2015s hardware


that is indeed the prebuilt i bought. it was $700 on a black friday sale on newegg in 2017. i have no problems but my gpu temps are really high if i try to play modern games. the gpu fan also doesnt work on its own. i must manually adjust my fan speed and check temps periodically as i play games which is weird but im used to it now

i will look for graphics cards that are significantly better, it would be cool to get one used for a fraction of the cost. i remember seeing variations of refurbished gtx 1070 stuff on ebay. are used gpus worthwhile or are they too worn out?


File: 1615982942169.png (114.48 KB, 694x670, 347:335, csgrad.png) ImgOps iqdb

What's a good measure of CPU performance? Given changes in core processor code, memory caches, and pipelining, I want to take that into account and see how CPU performance has been improving over the past ten years since clock speed has more or less stagnated.

Also, is there a good place I can look up CPUs by such a metric?

Similar question for RAM.


Since the board has moved, I thought I'd bump this question.


Is it true all the GPUs have been bought up by bitcoin?


i recently did a build for a media server; torrenting, movie/tv watching, and emulation (dolphin emulator and lower level stuff). was planning to buy a low level gpu but the prices were hugely marked up everywhere so i bought a ryzen 5 apu with vega 11 graphics instead.

yeah, asshole bitcoin miner faggots are driving up gpu prices a lot. fuck all of them


I still use GTX 660 from like 8 years ago.


Benchmarks probably, since they take into consideration each of those factors. There are different benchmarks that depend more on certain elements, like number of cores or clock speed, so you have to choose the benchmark that fit the use case. For videogames they often just play the game as normal and determine the fps difference(keeping other variables like the gpu static).


It is more of a supply side issue with components and base materials but the miners aren't helping matters at all.
So they are a factor but they are overblown as the main cause.


I don't think there is a supply issue. Graphic cards are available and plenty in supply on retails shelves. The prices however is another story.


>I don't think there is a supply issue.
>The prices however is another story.
You do understand how price works right?


tell me how then.
people are willing to pay more for product - prices raise. board partners raise price - retailers raise it even more. but that doesn't really indicate the shortages or the deficit of product.

the prices are inflated. It's not a supply issue as I see it.


Price is at a fundamental level is dictated by supply and demand.

The ONLY reason why there are cards on the shelves is because the prices were raised because supplies of the base components are indeed having global shortages.

Do you know what happens when supplies are low and the price isn't allowed to be raised to compensate? Such as what happens govenments institute "anti-price gouging laws".
What happens is total supply outages because supply can't meet demand at that price.
The price being raised regulates demand to those willing and able to pay that higher price thus allowing for the product to be available.

Your welcome for the free econ-101 class.


as evidence of shortages existing.


File: 1621895981889.jpg (45.75 KB, 612x408, 3:2, istockphoto-157293969-612x….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

msi b550-a pro
ryzen 7 3700x
32gb ddr4 3600mhz
2tb firecuda 510
4x 10tb wd red plus
still using my old rx 480

got this 2 weeks ago for chia plotting/farming, ill be the first to tell you im not smart and it was a bad idea


I remember you from the cryto thread.

Well, at least you can use it for other stuff while hoping for another bubble to rise.


>ryzen 7 3700x
Watch out, that will bottleneck anything beyond a RTX2060 by about 5-15% depending on the process. Intel may be con artists but GPUs still get more out of Intel's processors.


if true, fortunately at this point in time i have zero desire to spend more money on a new graphics card


a while back i ordered 3 'refurbished' 5tb mybook external hdds from western digital's ebay store. it was priced at $15/tb including shipping so i decided it was an alright deal, however it turns out they oversold. since ive been waiting a while for stuff they dont even have inventory of, they told me

>To resolve this issue, we are going to ship you a WD 6TB New My Book Hard Drive, at no extra cost to you, because of our mistake.

really cool. that makes it $10.70/tb now


That is cool of them doing that, glad to hear it wiz!


File: 1631131595259.png (298.54 KB, 746x900, 373:450, fd3e9df24043369f62584a5767….png) ImgOps iqdb

Not a build, but I ordered an enhanced CPU (Core i7) for my 2010 Thinkpad. The W510 is a business class workstation so it has excellent performance in 2D applications, especially digital art and photo packages. It also has an uncannily good microphone (for conferences I guess). This is great because I want to get back in to drawing and also maybe livestream it for my wizard friends over the internet. It performed great with the pen display I had before, never any slowdowns. I also got a disk drive to 2.5" bracket. I plan to upgrade the RAM to the max 22gb for laughs.

Once that's upgraded I can sell this gaming laptop and rebuild a desktop again for gaming and UHD video editing. I'm aiming for a 2080 and at least an older i7. I need Intel because the best video formats to render in are locked out of or otherwise bottlenecked by AMD. next haul of bux I get I will find a vintage ATX case - one of those beige monoliths. I have a few automatic search term alerts on auction sites for the few CRT monitors that exceeded FHD, usually going to 2560x1440. I will make a super ripped PC that looks like some post-commie slavic Quakestation on the outside but can render 6,000,000 anime boob bounce simulations per second on the inside. It'll be funny, and heavy, but mostly funny.


I want a small form factor PC that still can play games (nothing major, Half-Life 2 era games are enough for me). I was thinking about Intel NUC Canyon, is there anything better?
I don't trust Steam Deck to be decent too much.


Steam deck will be hilariously underpowered. Steam’s hardware before was, and now they’re trying to make a tablet, which tend to have shit power in the first place. Do you want it small to save space or for portability? Cause a small desktop will give you more power than a large laptop.


Portability, I work on ships and generally have a fair bit of problems with Windows and shit connection so I've moved to a Samsung tablet, but miss my Steam library. I'd connect the small PC and use the tablet as a screen.


Cool to see another ship worker here. Corsair has some small form factor PCs but they tend to be expensive. Though they might also just have some slim cases you can buy and then outfit it yourself.


I'll look into building one myself at home, then, thanks.


I'm using an i7-950 from 2010 and…

I replaced the GPU with a 1070ti and it plays everything including VR fine

What is going on with modern CPUs? Have we been stalled for a decade?


most of the advancements in gaming is just more computationally expensive 3d models and bigger textures and higher resolutions and frame rates. those dont realy need cpu, just a good gpu


AMD CPUs have gravitated to offloading work from the (compatible) GPU. The old "Ryzen can play games without a GPU!" marketing thing that never really took off. Problem is no dev cares about compatibility anymore so it just adds another layer of settings to tweak before getting a game going. Even with a "compatible" GPU it still does screwy stuff like messing with audio, screen capture, and multiple displays. A high-end Athlon or Phenom series from 2010 performs better than many equally priced Ryzen series.

Intel CPUs have been slowly getting faster and they're typically used by game devs as benchmarks, but it seems Intel is more focused on productive software than gaming. Decoding high-bitrate raw video, proprietary encodings, and high quality audio is their goal right now. Combining a Core i7 with a newer Quadro will let you rent out your PC as a renderer for 3DCG tasks. But my god the price and the constant change of sockets.


it's not even the price of their intel processors, it's the mainboards with their new sockets. I've never seen such high prices just for mainboards, and they're even getting higher with each new socket


Where do you guys get hard drives for cheap? I've been looking at the used market, but people want new prices for used drives. I remember someone posting a link to some refurbished HGST 4TB drives for like $50 5-6 years ago, but I didn't have any money then. I did manage to find a pc at a thrift store with a 2TB drive for $12, which was pretty cool, though.


on ebay, ive picked up a few hard drives that were incorrectly listed as 1tb but had pictures of 10tb drives, and they actually ended up being 10tb. also some refurbished hard drives from western digital's ebay store, i bought a few 6tb drives but they all came as 9tb drives which meant they were bought for like $8/TB which is actually great. those are purely a result of the seller making some kind of mistake but set up alerts and just watch for stuff you can get lucky as well, people often list things way below the going price when getting rid of things


This is exactly why I didn't build a desktop and instead just bought a laptop. If they change the socket is your computer really upgradeable? You have to buy a whole new computer and just recycle your old parts. It's not even that much cheaper than just buying a new laptop and selling your old one. Heck it may even be more expensive.


idk what you guys are buying but i've never paid more than $100 for my gaming computer motherboard. my mining rig motherboard was $200 used however, but there's no reason a gamer ever needs anything like that

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