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Lets have a thread discussing business, corporations , companies and all aspects around them. Including news, mergers, rumors, history and legal cases.

I found the whole saga of movie pass interesting, although its largely old news now.



Not looking good for Netflix


I think part of the reason Youtube Red/ Premium never took off is that its very hard to get people to pay for something they used to have for free.

They could have used their youtube base as the captive audience, and then spun it off to a whole new Netflix-type site, Red.com where they have Netflix type films and series plus a Pandora type music service.


Is general economics stuff cool too or nah?


The Rise and Fall of Nortel Networks - 5 Minute History Lesson


A bit about the housing crises in China.


Big ongoing news.
Turns out Disney has probably been cooking their books.


Disney? The incredibly corrupt corporation who ruined patent and copyright law? The corporation actively trying to ruin the net for at least two decades now? The corporation behind at least 90% of the same repeated bullshit rehashed movies and media for the past two decades? Them? Cooking the books? Color me surprised.


The thing is, it is one thing to suspect them of being up to something, but this time there is actually pretty credible leaks, and rather then them gaming the system this time what they have been caught doing is super illegal.


I was surprised that yahoo had a late surge that lasted into 2011


Isn't Yahoo still Japan's search engine/mail provider of choice? From what I recall, they basically became Japanese.


I don't understand how negative interest rates work. Why would anyone every pay someone to lend them money? Is it just because they literally can't find any better investments? Also where the fuck do they expect things to go from here? Just even more negative interest rates? Until what? I just don't understand.


I don't understand a lot of financial bullshit either like this. I know how to go to the bank and withdraw or put money in or pay for something that's it. I at least need to learn how to do taxes though on a basic level but the whole thing just brings crippling anxiety to even think about so I don't until I have too.


Ditto. I can understand some amount of negative interest rats equivalent to that of simply holding cash, but beyond that it makes no sense. This probably is one of the main impetuses for governments to try to make everything go "cashless" so that way they can try to push interest rates via the central banks even further negative, thereby absolutely destroying all wealth and making everything even more complete shit.



WeWork scandal and what position the company is in now as a result.


Don't use payday loans ever.
That is finatually fucking stupid and as a buiness owner/self employed person you shouldn't do it and really should know better.
It is like taking money from loan sharks only rather then breaking your legs they will just take all your shit that you offered as collateral.


File: 1574753744802.jpg (1.08 MB, 2500x3017, 2500:3017, 9s4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


On the contrary.
I think that all the laws and regulations, ESPECIALLY the ones relating to copywriter and trademark that Disney had a direct hand in lobbying for should be dismantled. Thus flooding the market with true competition that disney wouldn't be able to rig the game against by running to government. Separation of business and state would allow the market to solve the vast majority of problems involving the entertainment industry and disney.


that private school project… aren't children brainwashed enough by "regular" schools into becoming good corporate drones?


File: 1574984531864.gif (136.11 KB, 165x140, 33:28, 20199999.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Separation of business and state
The problem is that it isn't ; too many megacorps lobbying for laws that advantage themselves. Lack of laws unfortunately help the big guys, so that won't work.


Read up on Austrian economics.


>Lack of laws unfortunately help the big guys

depends what kind of laws.




>amazon prime music
>google home
>youtube gaming
never heard of any of this shit

also didnt know amazon had a video streaming thing. how is amazon so big yet i've never used any of their shit. i guess the only thing i've indirectly interacted with has been AWS from being served websites off their servers.



so sad


I found that idea disgusting.


>how is amazon so big
I do not have answer to this question. Maybe we are not ment to find out the real reason why.


They diversified their portfolio. So even one day if people stop ordering shit online, they'll still have hundreds of other fall backs. It's why disney buys up so many companies.


Actually the main reason Disney has been buying up so many companies is because they have long since hit the peak of organic growth but still need a way to grow to keep shareholders happy. So the only strategy they really have left for large year over year growth is through acquisitions. They are still running into problems because they can't property manage everything yet and have become too big too fast, but in the short run it makes the numbers look good.


screenrant says their plan is to kill the theater industry


More about the economy in general but still a great video about the current economic situation going on.


How Harley-Davidson Killed Itself


All proposed solutions are based on the assumption that most people can learn on mistakes, can obey new complex everyday rules and actually give a shit about others.
But most people are idiots.


Interview of a very successful marketing guy on some of the overlooked aspects of capitalism.


>Reason TV
>Reason foundation
>Funded by Koch brothers
Man I love shills who are funded by people who are born rich talk me the bloody peasant about the wonderous aspects of capitalism.

That being said I love Koch brothers on their own, they don't buy into the just world theory or working hard to get rich etc bullshit. One of the brothers was jokingly telling how he got rich
>I worked and saved bits of my money, then my father died and left me a billion dollars.


If you don't like what I said just hide it and don't respond. I mean It was more of a sidethought. Which occured to me.
I don't like people who are beyond have it better to lecture me on life. Yeah maybe this is okay. Pro business vidya should be here just as anti business. I just find people born billionaires lecturing me about wonders of capitalism funny.
I can't take such videos seriously. Sometimes I feel I can't take a lot of people seriously. Americans for example more or less got the generous side of capitalism, due to the sheer fact of them being the victors of ww2 and were relatively untouched by the death and distrationg. When you have enormous wealth and a huge advantage it is easy to love/defend capitalism. Compared to say a 3rd worlder like me. Whose father had a farmer but now has to work for factories for a minimum wage.
Not that I'm a staunch commie or anything. But I laugh at some amerifat who tells me I should be gratefull and how I live better than before. "Let me tell you about your country" taken to an extreme. On the opposing side I'm sure it was easy to defend communism as a member of nomenklatur in soviet union. Compare to say some polak factory worker.

So yeah I can't take that video seriously just as I can't take a video from some old fart who was the political elite in ussr talking how peole had it better under communism.

Not that this was my bloody point, my big point was the fact that Koch brothers were not self made. At all, fucking born rich cunts lecturing about "capitalism" what a fucking joke.


Private space programs


How Fashion Designers Are Outsmarting Facial Recognition Surveillance


The Rise and Fall of Backpage



Black market business counts as business.

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