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Any one else have horror stuff as a hobby? Like collecting weird pictures, reading creepy stories, listening to paranormal podcasts and watching horror films? I find myself drawn to it and I think it counts as a hobby if it's something you're invested in. Sort of like a modern folklore.


I really like r/nosleep on reddit. Those are some spoopy short stories. I like when they are so spooky it gives me a tingle down my spine. Also I like to draw my sleep paralysis dreams because I see a dark tall man standing in my door way that wants to murder me


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see this is one of my drawings


In 2011 I obtained a Fangoria magazine which reviews all these titles https://www.listchallenges.com/fangoria-top-300-horror-movies

But other than that I'm only loosely into horror nowadays compared to my obsession for it in my teens when I read Stephen King and thought Cabin in the woods, tucker and dale, and it follows were the future of horror.


You mean like in the nope thread


Currently reading Carrie by Stephen King. I saw at least two movie adaptations of it before I started reading it but still, this is a good book and manages to keep me entertained even though I know how it will end.

This is my first Stephen King book, I plan on reading all of his horror stuff.


I used to be a bit of a stickler when it came to reading the book before watching the movie (implying I even wanted to do the latter) so if Any Muschietti, an Argentine film director, hadn't chosen to direct "It", I probably wouldn't have read the book in spanish despite being more than a thousand frickin' pages long.


Good art anon. I like your style. 2 upvotes!

Never liked Stephen King and meta horror will never be the future of anything because it's too busy sucking it's own asshole. Meta requires someone to know a hundred other things, but the average person is just going to be bored until they unleash all the monsters, which is why they watched the movie in the first place.


Hm, good idea. Any narrated nosleep suggestions?


Just finished Carrie. It was a good little anti-bullying horror. My problem is that it could have been longer, I liked Carrie and really sympathized with her. The only other decent person was Tommy, all the others reminded me of the worst kind of normalshit but I guess that was the point.

Also, I hate how in the movies they always choose a relatively good-looking succubus to play the role of Carrie when it is an important aspect of her in the book that she is fat and described as ugly (most of the time). Gotta please the normal hordes who can't identify with anyone who isn't beautiful or decent looking, even if the character is supposed to be an ugly outcast.


Mortal Kombat 11 is mutilation horror.


I listen to The Last Podcast on The Left, great paranormal/true crime podcast with some fun personalities, have never cr*nged at a joke and have had a good time listening to their stuff.

They often do series on specific people, the Josef Mengele series was very compelling.

It's intriguing to look at how evil people can be, and exploring the sequence of events is just as interesting.

If you ever get into them I'd recommend giving their Aum Shinrikyo episodes a listen, very scary Japanese cult responsible for the 1995 Sarin attacks in Tokyo.


I didn't like it myself.
Too chaotic and too little informational content for my taste. I also don't like their audio mixing and find most of the jokes unfunny.


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