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File: 1577127005058.png (812.7 KB, 740x555, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


All motorcycle discussion goes in this thread. Do you own a motorcycle? Do you want to own one in the future? Tell us your stories.


I used to want one; I thought it would make me feel cool, feel free. But buying one is far beyond my means for now so that's way back on the back-burner. And I've lost interest in the idea really. Riding my bike gives me the same awesome experience of freedom, so if anything I want a new bicycle now, once I can afford one.


They seem convenient in that it's faster and gives you more range than a bike, but smaller and more convenient than a car, but no I don't own one cause I've never really needed one.


>can't afford insurance
>realize motorcycles are only 15 USD per year
>used ones might be under a k to get
>realize you need to go to school to drive one
>lose interest because the school would be cringe and the school might cost half the price of the motorcycle


I had one, only wanted it due to it being easier to get on the road as you only had to have your learners licence to ride it as opposed to having the next level of license to use a car by yourself. Ended up being too much a waste of space as I just walk to work.

They are really fun though. I imagine the faster, or more agile ones are scary to ride. Stay safe if you ride one.


Seems like a good way to die.


Merge this thread with the suicide general.


>>lose interest because the school would be cringe
That's an incredibly stupid pretext of talking yourself out of doing something.
And a quick internet search shows that a motorcycle course is around $200, hardly the cost of the vehicle itself.


>lose interest because the school would be cringe
vroom vroom, zoomer


I remember fapping to korean emulator consoles in 2007 and am 30 years old.

I'm neet. That might have something to do with it, my opposing school. I'm an omega male and can't stand other people telling me what to do.

You don't understand my life nor me. The course is also much higher than 200 usd. It's at least 500 and my last car was 300.


Would you get an electric bike?


File: 1578055036070.jpeg (32.84 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 352820695.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I used one of these cheap mopeds that everybody in developing countries has. It's a convenient way to get around since public transport is shit and it's much easier to use than a car. I am highly incompetent so even after 2-3 years of riding one I am still terrible at riding it. I make bad decisions in traffic and my balance isn't good enough to carry a heavy load. Well, it allows me to get from one place to another and I haven't gotten into accidents lately so it's good.


I've been seriously considering it. There are a lot of decently built models out there and my area has fair laws regarding use on city roads, but what turns me off is the maximum amount of times the battery can be charged. I don't want to get one that can only be charged 300 times then find out they don't make that battery anymore, and if they do, it's probably half the cost of the bike itself.


Lack of range plus the ones that aren't total crap are out of my price range means I don't think about them much.

Maybe in 10 years.


Looks like a booger on wheels


File: 1580806382319.jpg (133.86 KB, 800x594, 400:297, 2007-yamaha-v-star-custom-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

currently own a 07 Yamaha v-star 650 I got it for $1,300 a couple of years ago, had an oil leak and fuel leak. got a new neutral switch cover and rebuilt the carbs, its been running well ever since. I like being able to just hop on it and get lost for a few hours. hoping to start taking longer distance trips soon, but i also want to get a bigger cruiser maybe something over 1000CC.


File: 1580852541976.jpg (277 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, hero-hunk-150-motos-D_NQ_N….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i want to buy this one (hero hunk 150) its an indian copy of the titan 150. Pretty cheap and a nice option for a 1st bike since you have cheap accesories and a 3 year warranty.

Want to ride the country with this once i have it. Maybe ride all the continent if i have the guts to


something is wrong with that price lol.
Here its priced 10 k usd


Where are you located?

I'm in the southern U.S and bought from a person not a dealer. mine was a bit worse for wear when i got since it had been kept outside, but I've seen good condition examples for sale around 2-3k depends on the year too. I been keeping an eye out on Yamaha raider or stryker models to upgrade to around here, for 5k I can get a good condition one.


Vroom vroom from 2019.


File: 1585344332060.jpg (9.73 MB, 6000x4000, 3:2, 20200229235353_IMG_2708.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Own this beauty..
Interceptor 650
Honestly biking has really helped me get through some difficult times.
Whenever I felt to off myself..
I rode out,
No destination
But it cleared my mind like nothing else.


I used to ride 18k miles a year, until I sustained itinnitus in the summer of 2010 after listening to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on my iPod while riding a Kawasaki Ninja. I quit riding for two years, then tried to get back into it and bough a Honda Grom and later a Suzuki GN250 in 2013-16, but I was constantly terrified of my tinnitus getting worse and would only ride a fraction of what I used to. I eventually quit motorcycles for good in 2017.
I'm currently in the process of restoring a 70's moped, though.


File: 1585353854042.png (378.89 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 784FCF9D-E85A-427B-AEFE-AB….png) ImgOps iqdb

i am motaur


File: 1586664556040-0.jpg (46.66 KB, 720x540, 4:3, A_01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586664556040-1.jpg (76.71 KB, 720x610, 72:61, A_02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Two wheel good, four wheel bad.


i want a bike because they're cheap and i'll never need to transport more than just me anyway
but i also live in one of the worst cities for traffic and crime in my country and people are famously bad driver here anyway
so i dont want to die
so i guess ill be stuck home forever


File: 1588194089783.jpg (683.7 KB, 1200x2108, 300:527, motoh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I always wanted a motorcycle, I dont know which one I would get though.

>Cafe racer looks smexy and classic, would be great for urban areas as its made for short fast rides

>daul sport is the king of practicality, street legal and offroad capable, perfect for camping or innawoods trips

>electric bikes are great but they are pricey, some you can recharge at home and no fuel costs or maintenance of a gas bike

Maybe Ill stick with an ebike for now since I am pretty much broke


File: 1588332138092.jpg (42.71 KB, 600x398, 300:199, 1975 Moto Guzzi 850t.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i used to have one, it was fun


I did the written test but thanks to corona i don't think theres any motorcycle test schools open. I also need to find a way to leave the house without anyone noticing because my family likes to question and talk about me to relatives.
What do you guys think about the tw200? Just fast enough for highway speeds, 70 or so mpg, 130 or so miles on one tank, and i hear its good for going on offroad/far away from society adventures. I want to try and fit it for outdoors stuff, maybe eventually become a bugout enthusiast


I forgot to add, how is the biking experience for you wizards? I do not like driving for it messes with my spatial awareness. I feel like I might always hit something for being too close to it. Biking seems like it would suit me better, but I dont know how hard it would be getting used to the controls or the feeling of being on one.


I don't recommend getting a motorcycle if you're too scared to drive a car.


I feel like the openness of a bike would make it more comfortable for me, considering i can see the road right thats near me. I figure it would be easier to adjust ones spatial awareness to riding a bike. like how one knows where his body is so that he can casually walk through a crowd of people without bumping into them


I don't about that.
Don't have a motorcycle but I ride a bicycle on the highway as part of my commute.
What makes me nervous about driving big things like vans and trucks isn't that I am scared of getting hurt. It is that I am scared that a small slip of attention will be catastrophic involving tons of money and causing the death of others. Deaths that I would be responsible for and have to deal with.


Damn, did you really have a moto guzzi? Nice, wiz!


Yes it was nice, 70hp 950cc model with Lafranconi Compitezioni pipes, I miss riding it.


Incredible. I am a little jealous.


Any of you guys try Motorcycle Camping?

Seems interesting but I don't have the gear for it atm.


It's one of the main reasons why I want a bike honestly. This looks so comfy and fun.



Bicycle to start. Then move on to motorcycle.


how do i learn to ride a bike?


You just funning or does bicycle actually translate to motorcycle?


I mean they’re both two wheeled vehicles that use weight shifting as a major turning mechanic. I’m sure there’s differences but they certainly have similarities.


File: 1602084073468.jpg (80.67 KB, 750x500, 3:2, honda ct.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dream to have a motor like this. But they are very expensive in my country


I'd prefer to get a few-thousand dollar motorcycle instead of a car, but I live in an area with harsh snow and salt all over the roads for most of the year and I can't imagine how inconvenient (and expensive) it would be to own and maintain a motorcycle in these conditions.

Sometimes I think about getting a motorcycle and just driving around the country wherever I want to go. Maybe I'd drive to another country entirely. I've never had that sort of freedom or independence to go wherever I want and I want to experience it.


File: 1602443401978.jpg (782.68 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1602029388381.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I went to a license course before I ever touched a motorcycle and bombed hard. Undeterred I bought one last year, learned to ride in my neighborhood, took the course again, got licensed and I've had it more than a year now. Here is what I learned so far.

1. It's very inconvenient.
2. The more I ride it the less confident I am.
3. I have nowhere that i want to go and riding around seems pointless.
4. You have much less control than you think you do.
5. It's not as liesurely as I had hoped
6. Made me realize how ugly it is where i live.

I'm looking to sell it now. Even if I lose money on the deal at least now I have that experience and can say been there done that. More to the point though, I don't have the confidence I had when I started. In fact every time I got on it I lost a little more. What worries me is that I'm going to get on it one day on a whim after not riding for literally months and that will lead to me crashing. At the end of the day it's just not for me.

It's a Honda CB500F for those interested.


>1. It's very inconvenient.
How so? I imagine it couldn't be any more inconvenient than a car unless you mean a lack of space to carry things.
>2. The more I ride it the less confident I am.
A simple case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
>4. You have much less control than you think you do.
Yeah, well, you bombed a learner's course so would anyone trust your advice?


>How so?
Weather and having to leather up are two things that come to mind.


Then cars must be super-expensive…

No. See video on "Why Electric Motorcycles are Failing"


this. i would never ride one because i don't want to be splattered all across the highway.


That is a beautiful picture. Makes me want to play FF Tactics.


What do you call this style of motorcycle? It's beautiful


Holy shit are motorcycles complicated.
It must take years to learn how to maintain, service, and repair these buggers.


I hate motorcycles because they are excessively loud


Many times it's the rider's fault. All Japanese bikes come standard with pipes that bring the motor sound down to car levels. Japan has noise limits for motorcycles and their export bikes are identical aside from localization stuff. European bikes are much the same. It's owners who swap out these pipes for unbaffled straights for performance reasons. It's a good case that a loud bike is easy to spot by other drivers on the road, but boomers overdo it with their stock Harleys.


There are plenty of cars and trucks that are just as loud or louder.
Do you hate all cars and trucks due to the minority that are loud?


That's very rare but with motorcycles it's common


Where I have lived both of those statements are untrue.


motorcycles are a different kind of loud, some jackasses also enjoy tinkering with their machines to make them even louder
as for trucks they're kinda necessary to move stuff around, besides one or two meatsacks, that is


>Different kind of loud
Now you are being silly.
Also just going to point out that few if any motorcycles are anywhere near as loud and obnoxious as cars with ghetto blaster sound systems that rattle windows and disrupt peace. Which are far more prevalent then loud tuner bikes.


Then the explanation is that people that hate motorcycles live somewhere that's different from where you live.
Everywhere where I've been, the motorcycles were the painfully loud ones.


>painfully loud
Stop being a drama queen.

Also anywhere the motorcycles are loud, other vehicles are also loud in direct proportion.


Fuck you dude, half the time a motorcycle goes by ok the street it has those awful aftermarket vents made explicitly so it is painful to hear. Not just uncomfortable, painful.


Fuck you right back.
Even the loudest aren't painful you drama whore.


When the boomers ride their motorcycles down my street, my house resonates and it is incredibly aggravating. They all ride Harleys in my village because they are inconsiderate old retired pea-brains who love pointless noise pollution and littering. Their bikes are significantly louder than the trucks and agricultural vehicles that go past my house, whose noise I forgive because it is a necessity for commerce. Thankfully, the bikers only ride down my road on occasion because the cops in my village crack down on niggery. If they drove quiet bikes (if such exist) I would not care, but it's not the case.

The only people worse than the bikers are the wigger rap bass blasters who feel the need to share their ghettoifying garbage noise with the rest of us. Interestingly, they are invariably wiry, lower middle class, white teenagers. They have never lived in the city so they pine for it, without having ever experienced urban hell. Rap insults the ambience of a place more than any other noise and I'd happily accept 20 Mongol bikers roaring past my domicile each day if it meant I would never have to hear another second of rap. Hell, I'd pay the Mongols to execute a pogrom of the rap listeners.

I digress, but to bring it back to motorcycles, if they are quiet I don't mind them. In fact, I must not even notice them. If they are excessively loud, but rode a good distance from where lots of people live, I don't mind. If they are modified to be louder than necessary for the sake of loudness, the tinkerer deserves summary execution.

> Stop being a drama queen.

deal with it


File: 1627834300495.png (1.13 MB, 1194x1750, 597:875, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>accused of being a drama queen
>goes full theatrical camp in response


Motorcycles average 70-80 dB. Hearing damage occurs at around 88 dB. So no, suck my dick, it’s painful and obnoxious.


Very cool.


>max legal limit for street bikes
>same nose level as a leaf blower at a 50-foot distance or a garbage truck
>less loud then a lawn mower
>100db takes 8 hours to cause hearing damage

You are a bitch and a liar.
Suck your own dick faggot.


Oh, found this too.
>Passenger car at 65 mph at 25 ft (77 dB); freeway at 50 ft from pavement edge 10 a.m. (76 dB).


Says the nigger who feels the need to drive around being a loud faggot and disturb everyone. Very wizardly.


Only nigger here is you.
Even by your own statement motorcycles are just as loud as passenger cars.
So you are just being a whiny faggot bitch about nothing.


Most cars don’t rev down the street right fucking next to me cunt.


Motorcycles are cooler than cars.


Guess I won't complain about the old buckle designee of most motor helmets any more.


>Also anywhere the motorcycles are loud, other vehicles are also loud in direct proportion.
Not anywhere where I've been. Here the cars aren't loud at all, just the motorcycles.


>Over a week later and still trying to pointlessly fight over this
Fuck off


God forbid discussion taking place on a discussion board


Where I live in Bangkok so many people ride a motorcycle but a lot of them don’t wear a helmet. It is insane. I regularly see multiple people (with kids) on a motorcycle and none of them are wearing helmets. None of the motorcyclists seem to care about traffic lights as well.

According to my colleagues it’s not too difficult to obtain a motorcycle even as a foreigner. I have considered getting one. Would be cool to know how to drive one even if just to go on a country drive outside Bangkok. It’s a good skill I could learn.


That would be ideal if you could carry the solar panels to charge it with you and if insurance is near non-existent, or literally so, and then you'd never have to come back pretty much until the tires go bad if you could do that. The electric motorcycles that go fast enough are very expensive though from what I've seen. I've fantasized about switching out the motor or changing gear sizes and or battery sizes (or using capacitors instead) on a cheap one. If the gear changes size it'd not be able to go up hill but it could still go faster than what they advertise I figure. Unless they don't use gears and I'm retarded, electric ones that go like 30ish mph…in that case you'd need a bigger motor and more batteries of course.

Anyway, I have no vehicle due to being neet and insurance and gas costing too much. If a solar charged motorcycle could be mine then I'd not have to worry so much.

Anyway, once they are common enough for me to get one then they'll probably up the insurance a bunch. As it is it used to be zero mandatory insurance in this state, but no longer. But 4k is cheap for that first one.

It's subtle green earth propaganda.


Rednecks take the mufflers off of their race cars more often than you'd think. You probably don't live in the same type of area as that wiz.


In my area, there's a car club that gathers at a dead end street. They are loud.
On the other hand, I only see on average one motorcycle a day in my one-hour commute.


holy fuck no wonder motorcycles get smashed by cars. is that not annoying have a little bike zipping around you?


in my experience only niggers and latinos do that


Honestly I'm near sited so that might be the whole issue. Also I live 'in the south' so it's probaby just me either way.




Don't lie just to 'diss the lefts' on the Internet. This shit is getting old.




Lean or Counter-lean? Police prefer counter-lean.


For me it's all about how aggressively I am taking the turn.
If I am taking a turn hard and fast then I counter lean to get the bike down low.
If I am going relatively slow I prefer to muscle the bike around by leaning, both because I feel better in control at lower speeds doing so but also because I prefer to keep the bike upright in such situations.
Probably why most sport/super bike racers counter lean and most Enduro riders lean.

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