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Recommend Based youtube/bitchute channels all kinds are allowed

pic related Asha logos


"Based" doesn't have a consistent meaning anymore. What do you consider to be "based"?


Just about anything you find to be interesting/must see you got it.






this guy just records people parking at his business. he gets a towing company to remove the vehicles and records their reactions coming back to find their vehicles missing


What a dick


not really. they are either stupid and think they will get away with it, or blind to not see the towing signs. places wouldn't have space for customers if everyone used their parking spots. i hate cars so i appreciate it


lmao, I watched a couple. Very Entertaining.


OPs weak attempt at redpilling. I don't care for that doublechan nonsense in my chan.

Here is some actual science for you.


Food Ranger~ he's just so darn energetic about street food.



Kill(ss)ing Asuka


File: 1582142178295.jpg (67.52 KB, 539x720, 539:720, 1502862131703.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

https://invidio.us/channel/UCAL3JXZSzSm8AlZyD3nQdBA - Primitive Technology, self-explanatory title

https://invidio.us/channel/UC70DBZLtHVkScdx49McB6NA - The Book Club, reviews far-right books, recommended if you're a fan of old MDE content

https://invidio.us/channel/UCZAENaOaceQUMd84GDc26EA - Survive the Jive, makes mini-documentaries about European Paganism and related topics

https://invidio.us/channel/UCTqFbxxPFWuddfCeJchsYDA - Tramp Stamp, if you know of the channel 'Burden', it's quite similar to that but with a more obvious underlining message


Destinasi TV is about a white guy on Malay food

What's bitchute?


Damn, someone here really has a hard-on for this dude
See him being posted in every few threads


Expecting this comment to get deleted also from buttpained moderators


>What's bitchute?
It is a video sharing platform somewhat similar to youtube, only hosting of videos is decentralized and the creators have a explicit free speech focus. That said the side is very much still in development, with it's search and content discovery functions being kinda shit.


thats a lot of words to mean youtube but for stormfags



Forget about bitchute and try to focus on Peertube. It'll outlive both YouTube and Bitchute


Why is it only assumed that stormfags hate youtube? YouTube shoves its fat cock down all of our throats and we have to take it because we see it as the only cock we can get


i never said such a thing. bitchute is a stormfag nest though
it has to also be full of shills and intelligence agents like these places almost inevitably are from the very beginning. keep believing you're free because you can type kike and nigger in the comments without getting your account deleted


racing toy cars (sounds stupid but it's very entertaining)

David lynch doing the weather of california

a physics teacher talks recent published papers (it's a good channel to stay updated with science)

this chill guy talks about books he's reading without being obnoxious

a libertarian economist

black dude with a large record collection

learn how to grow mushrooms (i recommend downloading his videos,sooner or later youtube will ban him)



>this chill guy talks about books he's reading without being obnoxious
does he live in a tiny house?


A spanish neo-nazi triggering children and minorities on omegle. Quite entertaining even if you don't agree with his views.



>don't use what word? faggot?

aylmao succubi are fucking retarded


i think that's just the library where he films


ah i thought it was a tiny house which would have been impressive since most of the walls are covered in bookshelves, that would be some dedication.


Check out earl grey, he collects and reviews comic books. His house is pretty packed.


i'd love to find more long format youtube podcasters like lex friedman or joe rogan


I couldn't not chuckle all the time for hearing /pol/ slang used irl, and used ironicaly. I thought it took people on 4ch a couple seconds, at least, to come up with those replies, and they're having casual conversation like that.


Don't know about "based"
But I like LockPickingLawyer.
His content is pretty good if you are into security and lock picking as a hobby like I am. Plus his videos are short, simple, and to the point unlike other youtubers that want to waste your time for that ad revenuer or because they never heard of editing or preproduction.




This channel has the most coherent conversations about esoteric, schizo-tier topics I've found.


Foid with the tism, wizardly in some ways


Fuck off. Also how did you come across this obscure channel?

>I am an autistic succubus who is passionate about raising awareness of autism, particularly how it affects those who have been historically undiagnosed because of not being stereotypical in presentation. I am interested in philosophy and psychology, reading, clothes and appearance, food and nutrition, cooking, and public speaking. I hope to become a self employed public speaker.

So she's a normal succubus basically. Pathetic, are you that guy that won't stop posting about "austistic succubi"?


File: 1599757226251.jpg (35.02 KB, 636x476, 159:119, 118472067_3355825341148438….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wiz tier neckbeard with assburgers, had sex with a retarded succubus once so not wiz.
Imo the videos where he ventures outside are the best.


is that a legit mugshot?


Normal succubi aren't shut ins that spend their time reading books and have no friends



what did he do?


He harrasses succubi online. He threatened with violence a couple of them, they went to the police and he got arrested.


I like her blog a lot.
>The pitfalls of being a verbally intelligent autistic.


That’s a surprisingly accurate article. It hits home why I feel much more like a failed normalfag than a wizard sometimes.


>It hits home why I feel much more like a failed normalfag than a wizard sometimes.
Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by this, wiz. There's nothing more wizardly than autism, if you ask me!


As in I can successfully blend in sometimes, but then certain social situations completely shatter my illusion that I was ever blending in or understanding others.


Oh, ok, I understand. I relate to some extent!


this is really interesting, thank you.


File: 1599801628467.jpg (73.78 KB, 646x461, 646:461, EBiC5AYXoAA5KDQ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's no need to be rude, especially on /hob/.

I'm not that wizzie, but over the years I've found a lot of cozy little autism channels by occasionally doing YouTube searches where I set the parameters to only show videos that were posted today or this week.



Mexie is an academic, with a PHD in human geography, that posts videos with an anti-capitalist theme. Her videos are sourced, easy to follow, and very informative on leftist views of various issues. I don't fully agree with her conclusions but her videos on veganism have expanded my perspective in a positive way.


Speciesism, Capitalism, and Pandemics (ft. Kathrin)


Weird Exlporer - a youtuber that has a mission to eat every fruit in the world. Over 500+ videos of him trying exotic fruit. This is one of my favorite episodes of his. In it, he goes to a distant island to try a fruit that is legendary and told in myths. It is part 1 out of 5 video's trying to get to this fruit, the Coco De Mer.


>what's bitchute
The website where all the neonazi's and conspiracy theorists go when youtube/twitter or other major platforms ban them for hatespeech or misinformation. Like the other poster said, I think peertube is the better technology and will last longer. Peertube also doesn't seem to have a large presence of conspiracy theorists and neo-nazi's either.


Why are you trying so hard to poison the well?
Nobody uses peertube because it is slow and broken more often then not.


he is right througbh


Not really.



>The website where all the neonazi's and conspiracy theorists go when youtube/twitter or other major platforms ban them for hatespeech or misinformation
That's a lot of big words to say 'people I don't like who say things I disagree with'.


Half as Interesting, Curiosity, SciShow are some informative channels I follow on YouTube


File: 1606536109589.gif (973.61 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 20201213.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Great video essays on various topics:
The only non-English channel I subscribe to. Comfy Minecraft streams with the artist of your favourite mommy isekai:
Great traditional italian recipes taught by chefs:
Comfy videos about all kinds of Middle Earth lore:
The only podcast I watch consistently. Every episode has a different topic and they can be really funny. Once a week they comment on the news:
Stupid videos by a couple of japs living in america:
Asian man teaches you how to play the blues:
A small Minecraft channel with a non-obnoxious presenter. Succinct mod presentations.
This guy uploads whole episodes and collections of the Late Show:
I especially recommend the Norm Macdonald and George Miller compilations:
If you're not familiar with Norm, I'm Not Norm is a good way to get acquainted with his comedy. When I found out about him I binged everything he ever appeared in and now he's my favourite comedian.


guy from gamer documentary has a youtube channel where he talks about different things roleplaying
geocaching channel that doesn't cater to families

Most channels I used to follow are dead, but this thread gave me some new things to check out.



Fuck off back to /b/ and stay there. Your cartoon spam is not funny.


looking for more comfy let's play channels like this


Did this guys channel get removed for a while? There seems to be some videos missing.



Quiet dude that lives in Anchorage, Alaska.
His videos mainly consist of him recording the generally mundane day to day aspects of normie life, he records a variety of things from airshows, parades, trips to seattle and japan, campfires, his walks around anchorage, to just recording swans or mooses wandering around.
He records a lot of things that it's hard for me to really do it justice.
I think his description sums it up pretty well.
"Just videos of my travels and wanderings, for all to enjoy."


Cool vids, subscribed


>A small Minecraft channel with a non-obnoxious presenter. Succinct mod presentations.
I cringed so hard. Ewww


there's this whole subgenre on yt of azerbaijani folks cooking in the wilderness.

living the wizdream


i've been watching this guy a lot


>(i recommend downloading his videos,sooner or later youtube will ban him)
you weren't kidding, the channel is gone
is there an archive?


Do you still consider urself a wizard?



i binge watch this guy's videos and have seen them multiple times

he just goes around giving homeless people free stuff


Buyuuden Japanese History is a criminally underrated channel I recently found.


Bitchute is full os schizos. No, thanks.

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