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Been getting tired of depending on corporate America providing for me, I want to get into farming and gardening, saving my money and resources to eventually build a self sufficient farm so I can fully sequester myself from modern culture.

Thing is, I'm an idiot and I know nothing about farming, how to do it, how to get started, stuff that I could start at home to accustom myself to the lifestyle. I'm relatively fit but have no knowledge, any pointers would be much appreciated.


Do you have any land or access to land?
If yes then learn about soil conditions and what you want to grow.

If not then determine how much space can you dedicate to container gardening.


Container farming wouldn't be a bad idea considering my current constraints.
live at home with my mother, home being a 2 bedroom apartment in an anonymous Midwest city, my bedroom is fairly spacious and clean, what would be some good starter crops?


I am pretty sure you need better land access then your bedroom to do this.


I have a small garden plot and small green house. I'll definitely be trying some new crops this spring.


planted some malabar a few weeks ago, its like a succulent vine you can eat the leaves. really fun to grow. my favorite plant is okra. i remember digging a cluster up and throwing it into a watery ditch, and the shit refused to die so i put it back after a few months. i dont have a garden at this house just some big pots. would be cool to start a garden. watching plants grow and then eventually eating them is a primitive but deeply satisfying experience that helps train patience and gets me outdoors even for a little while each day. i like to see plants growing


I grow cherry tomatoes. But as expected, they don't survive winter.


Why not just scavenge off the remnants of civilisation?
There is a reason people stopped farming, one bad crop and you are screwed, it's not as easy as you think


File: 1616754429322.pdf (372.53 KB, My organic food garden.pdf)


I did not even notice I had this in my archive. You'd probably find a better use for it.


this is good, gonna read it later. thx


Holyshit the peak of american stupid
farming in a 2 bed room, apartment, in a city


How come British, Canadians, French, Germans, Chinese, Japanese, etc. don't have the 'stupid' adjective commonly associated to them?


The prickly pear cactus is by far the most wizardly plant out there. It's fully edible, both the delicious fruit that tastes like raspberries and the green parts. It also spreads like wildfire, growing large and then the wind breaks off individual arms, which then grow where they land on the ground- creating huge fields of cactus clones
>In Australia, they quickly became a widespread invasive weed, eventually converting 260,000 km2 (101,000 sq mi) of farming land into an impenetrable green jungle of prickly pear, in places 6 m (20 ft) high. Scores of farmers were driven off their land by what they called the "green hell"; their abandoned homes were crushed under the cactus growth, which advanced at a rate of 400,000 hectares (1,000,000 acres) per year

I'm growing this stuff all over my land. Not only is it a great food source, but it keeps things away


i love those plants. my first time going hunting i ended up saying fuck it and just picking and eating those for like 3 days


File: 1618965145030.png (586.34 KB, 796x828, 199:207, Screenshot_20210420-170351.png) ImgOps iqdb

>elderly neighbor is doing tons of gardening
>he's spent days digging up tons of these thick, hard potato looking things that were deeply embedded around the roots of this tree
>ask him what they are
>he tells me they're really thick, thorny briar vines
>take them all and plant them all over the other yard near my bamboo jungle


always fun to learn the name of a plant you know. you can eat the shoots and those tubers are good to eat apparently as well, very cool


There sure is a lot of weeding involved in gardening. You have to be careful weeding inside of your rows. I accidentally uprooted a beet prematurely yesterday. The basil sprouts are incredibly tiny even after many weeks and its a chore keeping the weeds from stealing all of their sunlight.

Bugs keep eating the green beans and those that have survived are kind of yellow.

I have between 1/4 and 1/3 of an acre but half is shaded by old trees that produce nothing but leaves.


Anybody grow fruit trees? I have enough space for several and don't understand why nobody seems to cultivate them. They are perennial and low maintenance and make delicious food that can be jarred or fermented into booze. I can grow pears and apples in my biome and wonder if any kind wiz might have advice to share.


Because they can grow to be very large, need more care than something that would grow in a garden like beans, and if you don't pick the fruit and clean it you'll quickly find tons of animals swarming your trees to eat the potentially rotting fruit.

That said, apples are a great fruit and relatively easy to care for. Also making cider with them is dead easy, so it's great for that as well. I have no experience with pears, do you know what kind can grow where you live?


I would grow dabinett apples for cider or pink ladies because they are my favorite to eat raw. As for pears, just anjou pears, primarily to be canned. I've been thinking about growing plums as well. My space limits me to maximum 3 trees if I am judging sizes correctly.

I like the idea of having a pear, plum, and apple tree for the sake of variety. I thought trees were low maintenance aside from needing to be picked and maybe watered in their youth. What more is there to it?


i have peach trees in my backyard. they form nice peaches and look perfect but like a week or so before they begin to ripen they always get nuked by a mold. feels bad


actually i have pears too. those are always fine and havent had problems

there is also a wild black cherry tree on the side, it produces tiny cherries the size of blueberries. also no problems with that

we had a big plum and there werent any problems with that

the only downside is the waste that is below the trees. hornets and wasps swarm all over the dropped fruit and its impossible to even go outside for a few weeks. maybe that is just my area however, southeast us


You need to spray them with fungicide


I need an arborist to remove my existing trees before I can plant fruit trees. I can't afford to have any more shade in my yard than I have already for the sake of my vegetables. I have an old ash tree with many dead brittle limbs that break off and will probably fall on my head and kill me someday when I am raking leaves. There's a white alder with a case of mistletoe and a few oaks that dumb acorns everywhere which the birds pick up and scatter around the yard. The only tree worth saving is a pomegranate tree.

There's a possibility I could saw down the weeping cherry tree in the front yard (it's strictly decorative and does not produce edible fruit) and replace it with an apple tree or something. There's a lemon tree in a neighboring yard with branches growing over the fence but they are Meyer lemons which are basically useless.


blackberries out back are blossoming. very interesting plant to harvest since there is an element of pain involved

i have fond memories as a kid throwing wood over the brambles to create paths and filling up on the berries in july

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