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Anyone into game development here? I'm wondering about trying my luck with BOLT. It's 50% off now and programming is my Achilles' heel


I was for a time but lost interest as things became overly complicated as my plans grew. Thought about going back to it the other week, but didn't.


I was very interested in programming and game dev from 14 to about 20 years old. I ended up realizing that if I wanted to make an actual good game I would need a team. what I was doing was I would create game engines over and over again and build simple games off of them with programmer art and stock sounds and stuff as if they were just tech demos to display my skill in programming. Since I have debilitating social anxiety and will never have a team of friends or just people to help me work on art and story and what-not I figured what I was doing is completely pointless. Haven't touched programming in 4 years now, it's a waste of time, you have no prospects as a solo programmer with little imagination or art skills.


I either get stuck in the autism of programming or the depression of making shitty graphics. Actually making a game, like in all art forms, is about compromising and following through.


I can't program but I would enjoy working on the creative process of creating a game especially world creation. I have tried to create maps on engines but my attention span runs out and I can never figure out how to. Plus you need to pay for objects, materials, etc to build your world with.


The way I started to learn was to watch tutorials and literally copy out in real-time what was being done in the video. Once I felt like I understood some aspect I'd modify it a little to make it my own. Then I'd build a bit more original stuff, adding in another sprite that did something else, continue on with the tutorial more and more. You learn so much that way without really feeling like you're putting that much effort in. It makes it a very creative process, even in the coding side of things. Highly recommend anynoe starting out do this, really.


So what fields of programming are more suitable for loners? There is nothing?


no idea, I remember I’d just go to Wikipedia and look up formulas to implement, stuff like A* path finding, ray casting rendering, random environment generation, etc. Game dev is fun as hell on the tech level, most fun I ever had programming anything.


I love working on game code and technical problems, but I don't have the patience for the creative part, like working on a sprite animation for 5-6 hours or spending the entire day experimenting and designing levels. Meanwhile, tinkering with code all day to draw a triangle on the screen feels super rewarding for some reason.

Someone who is an artist primarily is in a much better boat considering there's hundreds of game engines that make it dead simple to build stuff on your own.

There's people that can do everything, but as a one man team their productivity is still significantly lower and they can only ship "retro" games with a gimmicky mechanic or really artsy abstract puzzle games.


i can make simple stuff with unity, it's a fun game engine and you can learn c# and all the features of unity on your own to surprising competency in a few weeks just by playing around and reading the documentation

i used visual scripting bullshit in the past, for YEARS, before i actually learned a programming language, so i get where op is coming from wanting to use something like bolt but really i wouldnt recommend it

one of my goals is to make money through simple games but the potential income but i have shit for motivation


That's why you hire commission artists, fag.


>just have money bro



Wish I could learn to program but even after a four year degree and graduating I still cant. i think i have a disability or something


It just seems it's one of those things you have to understand, and it's hard to learn if your instinct never kicks in, like grammar or riding a bike.


I think the illusion that has to be broken in order to really break into (most) programming is that you are rarely asking for more complexity than printing data or graphics drawn to screen, performing rudimentary calculations on a dataset or actioning user inputs in some shape or form. That being said, there is something very special that comes from dedication and creativity/ingenuity to create something really impressive to view or use. From a user's perspective, a video game seems like it's doing incredibly complex things; in reality much of its content is a series of conditional actions that follow one after the other. Visuals/animations play into this illusion as they improve realism. Engine builders and those on the cutting-edge of technology would be where to look for the most incredible coding abilities, but the vast majority of content you come across could be understood and recreated by most who gave it serious effort. Apps and indie games being the most viable areas to start out with.


i want to try using godot but i never know what to do with it and making sprites or 3d models seems like a real pain
unity sees too much like a clusterfuck that needs countless hours of usage to be able to do anything with it


the problem i'm facing with unity is coming up with game ideas that are both suitable for me and interesting to create. it is extremely easy to learn and make examples for anything in unity, but putting it all together, having everything structured and organized, code that doesnt turn into a mess after a month… thats the hardest fucking part and it pisses me off because i dont think ill ever improve at that. im thinking game jams are the way to force yourself to make simple dumb stuff


some times when your project gets to be a mess it can be therapeutic to start from scratch. It may seem gone, but all the work you did in the original project has taught you better how to build it, and starting from scratch will give you the freedom to build away from your original failures.

But I do get you. The most frustrating time I have in 3DCG programs is trying to reverse an operation I did like 200 events ago. Being able to reverse simple edits without just hitting ctrl-z is hard.


Its really just not possible. I cant program at all


bump. It's one of my dreams to make my own game but I can't even get pass the character control coding. I have so many game concepts but I'm afraid the longer I wait with beginning eventually someone will have done my original ideas.


There are no original ideas left son. Everything's been done.


It's very likely that you don't see games with your "original ideas" being made because they're not profitable


So take your time


artists are so flaky even normgroids hate working with them


If you're having trouble with coming up with an idea for a game, my advice is just copy one and use placeholder graphics. I struggled to get a project off the ground for a long time and really didn't help me learn how to use my engine of choice. Learning the ropes to actually being able to create a game is very important as anyone knows. So I just picked a game from my childhood and began a remake. This took away the burden of having to come up with plot, dialogue, events, etc. All I'm focusing on is to be able to remake the game with placeholder graphics. In 3 months I'm doing this I learned more about programming a making a game then a whole year fucking around with my own ideas.

You don't even need to remake the whole game of course. It can be just a building, a stage or the first 20 minutes of gameplay. It's also very rewarding because there's a clear goal to it.


Also if you're decent at drawing or modeling you can do the whole graphics yourself, which is nice.


I would if i didnt have to worry about working and making money. Hope you guys realise working on your own games is just for fun


File: 1604458432711.mp4 (8.06 MB, 716x360, 179:90, blimp1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

reinstalled unity today so i could try out bolt but it was too complicated and i removed it, but i decided i might as well make something simple for fun


Not sure if I should make a game for an actual 8-bit system or make a game for modern computers that simply emulates the style of 8-bit games. I think it might be interesting to learn the limitations of old systems and how to achieve various demo effects so that I can incorporate these features and limitations into a modern game. For instance, I know that games run in either a 320 x 200 or 160 x 200 mode with double-wide pixels on the C64. The latter mode places fewer restrictions on use of color. The system is capable of being "hacked" to run in modes with fewer restrictions but games are essentially never made using these modes. There are only three channels of audio so developers have to choose between having sound effects of background music for the most part. It seems to me C64 graphics and sound are "worse" than the NES but the limited hardware is utilized in more interesting ways by programmers and that there are more layers of graphics onscreen and smoother animations/higher framerates.

Maybe making a game for an old system that looks good and actually works would shake me out of this funk that I'm in where I believe I am a mediocre programmer. Like, I could slap something together in Unity but that would do nothing for my self-esteem. Whatever I make is not going to make me any money so I might as well do the thing that makes me feel more accomplished.


File: 1606633504976.webm (1.76 MB, 900x484, 225:121, 2020-11-29 01-26-37.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I've been working on this crocodile game for awhile now. I recently redid the character controller so it's more physics based and that's what I'm testing out here.



here is something i made for fun. it's free. just created the itch.io page and added the files within the last hour. maybe another wiz might enjoy it or something, i don't know if linux or mac builds work so that would be nice to know


Nice IK on the tail, even modern AAA FPS can't do this for guys prone on slopes


hi wiz, i have played your game a few minutes after you made that post and enjoyed it very much. It was very relaxing and the atmosphere was great. i really enjoyed the soundscapes. I played for two hours but i failed to beat it. Is there any victory screen?


thanks for playing and for recording it as well, it was funny to watch you die in the beginning without knowing why. there is a victory screen, it just says "you win" instead of "you lose", nothing worthwhile. no one has tested it aside from me and i always just started myself at like 59/61 so you've managed to collect more than i ever could. i'll have to watch the whole video later today to find out exactly what you missed and verify nothing went wrong


My linux PC failed recently so I can't test it for you.
Watched some of it, the aesthetic is really nice actually. The atmosphere is really well done too. It looks like it could be morphed into something interesting if it had more gameplay or the addition of some mysterious lore, probably without dialogue boxes or menus.


it runs on linux but the mouse doesnt function properly for the camera, you can look 180 degrees to the left or right and then it just stops letting you turn any more


thanks for letting me know. if i can ask more from you though, did it completely break turning, like you can't turn left or right at all? or is it just preventing you from going beyond +/- 180 degrees from the starting view angle?

there seems to be a bug on linux with GetAxis returning 0 when the cursor reaches the edge of the screen. it is a single line of code for turning, so i can try different stuff out. i will post it later if you can etst that out for me


>or is it just preventing you from going beyond +/- 180 degrees from the starting view angle?


i replaced the linux build with something that can test cursor lockstates. ingame you can press "O" once to show an overlay, then cycle through three different lockstates using "L". it also shows mouse x/y values, these should always be either negative or positive when moving the mouse, never 0. if any lockstate fixes it i'd like to know. thanks again


lockstate 1 works, 0 and 2 dont, thanks


File: 1608330196235.webm (2.57 MB, 900x484, 225:121, 2020-12-18 16-54-59.webm) ImgOps iqdb

It's active ragdoll. It uses forces to rotate colliders so that they align with the armature pose. Since they're forces though the colliders can still be pushed around by other forces in the environment, like the hill slope.

Here's another video of something I was working on today. I'm trying to get the fighting between the player (Crocodile) and the enemy (Hippo) to feel more intuitive, like a tug of war.


File: 1608332108372.webm (8.21 MB, 900x506, 450:253, 2020-12-18 17-33-25.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Hey I played your a game a bit too. I recorded a little portion from when I first started. I was very bad. I kept restarting at the beginning because I was trying to see if the position of the birds in the sky was affected by it.

It took me awhile to figure out what the ghosts were. I was very perplexed and thought there was a graphical error at first, but eventually I did realize they were ghosts. I wanted a jump ability but couldn't find a key for it. I was fascinated by the world and wanted to explore it but kept getting killed by ghosts.


thanks for trying it. it was funny watching both you and the other guy die without knowing why, and it feels strange to receive feedback. since you wanted to jump i added something quick that uses spacebar

are you the wiz doing the crocodile physics game? i have avoided stuff with imported models/armatures/animations since i got a headache trying to make an rpg last year, but seeing what you did it looks cool and makes me want to try again


I will try out the new version of the game. I've gotten up to 17 so far. I saw the other person who posted a video got up to 60.

Yes that's me. I import my models from Blender. It is a headache because they use different coordinate systems, so the rotations get messed up. I have an add on though that makes Unity .fbx files which have the correct rotations and I don't have to do any of that weird stuff like rotating the models to 90 degrees before export.

If you decide to work on your RPG again and post a demo of it here I'll play it.


File: 1609273209620-0.png (124.75 KB, 1755x1445, 351:289, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609273209620-1.png (66.03 KB, 1001x553, 143:79, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

sketched an idea today for a tower defense sort of game where you fight a wall and try to keep from getting squished. made a little prototype just now to see if it is fun. it seems cool enough so i think ill expand it into a small game


please share a build of this


File: 1610052267040-0.png (580.28 KB, 1680x939, 560:313, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610052267040-1.png (744.75 KB, 1680x939, 560:313, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

here's where it's at right now

there are two turrets, laser and flame. they consume energy so you need to build solar panels to generate energy to keep them operating. there are batteries to bank up the excess energy. everything costs money, but you can build bitcoin miners to increase your income, they also require energy. there is a little starter power/money generation so, for example if you dont build any solar panels at the beginning, you can eventually recover

i like it

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