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What do you do when none of your hobbies are fun any more? Where it feels like you're just going through the motions because that's just what you do?


Quit doing that thing and do nothing until you feel like doing something else.


This, seriously. I thought I was burnt out doing anything, until I sat in a mental ward for 3 days doing literally nothing but staring at the ceiling. When I got out I ate an entire pizza and played some of my old games and had a blast.


One reviewer told how he's editing his video for an hour, then takes a break for about 20 or less minutes to play videogames, then back to editing and so on.


for videogames it can help to learn how they are made. so you appreciate the textures and tilesets, the music and sound effects, the character models and geometry, and interface, etc, and think about how everything works. i can pretty much play anything now because i mostly focus on that stuff

i'm sure if you approach other things from a different angle it can seem more interesting as well


Fasting, deep breath, some pushups.


this, you just need a dopamine fast


>dopamine fast
will never not make me cringe


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Variety is the spice of life. Switch things up! I have so many different things to do I wish the days were longer.

And after doing all that shit I love to play video games to forget about it all.


I obtain more hobbies and teach myself something different.


Only sleeping and listening to music is a dopamine fast.
Why do you presume everyone is like you and became "depressed" from over indulging in vidya or porn.


It sounds generic, but try something new you wouldn't normally do.

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