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New thread.
Discuss all weapons.
Keep your bad temper and normie posturing to yourself, please. This is not the martial arts thread.

Armor discussion welcome.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
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I have guns, they're boring, but that has nothing to do with the point. Shooting a paper target at a range isn't tactical training.


Post them with time stamp.


Just a note to anyone that might be tempted to respond to this

Don't as it can be used against you, you can be arrested over it, and they will use it against you in court if they arrest you.
Even if this user isn't a spook he is a idiot.

Remember the 5th and don't admit publicly to crimes that can put you away from over 10 years.
Don't be retarded keep your mouth shut.


What was that?


Glowie asking about IEDs


Besides being permanently low on ammo, doing fine.
Went down to the indoor fun range last week and spend like $50 in 9mm ammo just on that trip.
I think it's time to build a few .22lr for cheaper practice.


that's not a weapon unless you're shooting mice
>a RUcap k98 goes for several thousand??
what else is new, the price gougers have dominated things since obama was elected, as if one needed even more reasons not to bother with useless guns


nevermind I thought that was an airsoft gun


You are a bane on this site and being a disruptive jackass for literally no reason at all.
Fuck off forever you dumbass troll.


you always wait until this thread is on page 2 to sage an insulting shitpost, you're so predictable and a coward, that was totally uncalled for


Always the liar and shit stir.
Was on page 1 when posted.
You aren't here to talk about weapons you are just here to attention whore and be disruptive like the shit slinging troll you are.
Fuck off.


Re: stun guns
Anybody know of a quality brand? Stun guns, not tasers. I've been looking specifically for models with 4.5 milliamps minimum, after googling all day I only see some dubious no-name $20 things and everything else out there only lists the voltage, which is a meaningless figure. They might be only 1 or 2ma for all anyone knows and you simply can't trust them without knowing the real specs, it'd be like buying reduced load handgun ammo. Would be nice to have more non-lethal options than just bear mace on certain days.
The term is shit stirrer, and it's what you are. Get banned.


Sorry, it seems that by specifically requesting bestiality homos ignore my post, I managed to summon one and he's back here shitting up the thread and continuing baiting with his "bear mace" posts like he has every other year. I'll think twice about posting in the thread if there's a chance it will encourage the anchorgefag to troll it.


Leave then. Nobody is going to miss your bad temper.


very pretty


Anyone here interested in archery? I bought my first bow recently, for some reason I struggle with the below-the-arrow modern draw style, my arrow falls off a lot and tends to fly extremely off the mark, but I experience no such problems with traditional mediterranian draw.


File: 1632133669708.mp4 (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, time3.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Can't help you there. I use mongolian/korean recurve bows mainly.


File: 1632196712781.jpg (2.6 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, IMG_0641.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I love making real weapons, even if they're destined to be useless wall hangers


What in the grocery store can you use as cover if some nut stars shooting up the place.


File: 1632828195347.jpg (23.93 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 83336c4c781ee0f5a2f7c02aac….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

for like 1000 years africa made these humongous throwing star-like things, the design is really fascinating and fearsome, they weighed about 3lbs, sharpened all around, made to cleave or stab no matter which part of them struck a target, there was a dumb TV that showed one thrown at a ballistic gel torso and carved it all to hell

given the widepread popularity of ancient weapons nowadays it's odd that the design hasn't been re-incarnated by some manufacturer in all these years, an average throw could probably one-shot kill a man


>there was a dumb TV
Just because the guys on Forged In Fire know more about weapons than you do doesn't mean that the show is dumb.
>an average throw could probably one-shot kill a man
Maybe in Africa where they don't have emergency health services.


ad hominem shit disregarded, I was referring to an older show, I've never seen an episode of whatever that is though I've googled it once

you don't really think an ambulance will save someone impaled through the heart or lungs with a monster throwing star, so that was a dumb comment


>it's odd that the design hasn't been re-incarnated by some manufacturer
Even if the overall shape will be CNC'd, the number of grinding they will have to do on the edges will make it a complex and probably financially unviable niche product.


nah, they know they could just have it drop-forged in a die like half the crap out there nowadays is, complexity isn't a problem that way, it's how modern industry makes things all the time that are much more complex than an african hurlbat


Cost of production compared to very low demand means it's too niche for someone doing modern manufacturing.
However it is economically viable for the small batch custom market where the buyers are willing and able to pay high prices. Except even in that market there is really low demand.
It's just really obscure and doesn't really have the rich fanboys of other custom weapon/blade designs.


>no demand
Unless you took a poll you don't know either of those for a fact.


If it wasn't niche or in high demand then someone would make it already


There is this thing call deduction. It allows you to be reasonably sure of things based on the information available.


Make a poll then, ask /k/ if they'd buy one, learn the facts.
>inb4 "i don't eve know what /k/ is nor should I
Educate yourself on whether or not it's "odd" that no company has put resources in to manufacturing the big African self-harm inducing clusterfuck of a throwing weapon that has no application outside of killing other humans. Why aren't companies mass producing spiked flails? They're good at killing people in one blow too. They can't cut meat, shave wood, be packed on a belt, and they're capable of seriously harming the operator if even a small blunder is made, just like that voodoo nigger thing you posted, so why not? What a fucking mystery these aren't on store shelves.

And maybe stop bumping this thread with the intent to cause a ruckus because your mom told you to clean the shit bags out of her basement and you need to take your frustration out on a bunch of anons.


Woah woah woah.
You need to chill way the hell out.
There is no reason to be this aggressive and inflammatory in what was a calm conversation and mild disagreement.

This is /hob/, not /b/. Behave yourself.


you are why the OP was written how it was, reported


There's a difference between deduction and speculation you pretentious wannabe intellectual motherfucker. One's just your opinion. Fact is every industry industry invents demand. For repro weapons it started in the 2000s when you were still shitting yourself in diapers, with those low-brow sites where corrupt admins and youtube reviewers popularized swords et al for kickbacks from the manufacturers. The demand wasn't organic. They continue to invent demand in new ways.

Now look at any cold steel catalog, the biggest seller of exotic weapons in america. Talk about niche. Did anyone know they wanted a tactical indian war club before? It was listed for 12 years. What about a tactical shovel? Listed over 20 years. There are lots other examples out there from different manufacturers.

So we can deduce that you're talking out of your ass, and that a company offering an african mambele would, with a little sensationalistic writeup or video, probably be selling them for a very long time.
>They can't cut meat, shave wood, be packed on a belt
>seriously harming the operator if even a small blunder is made
in other words almost all repro weapons on the market, dipshit


I wish I had a gun but are neet and live with the mother and she's a felon so I can't have one. We're poor as well so I don't have the tools to make a lutty or whatever and live in an apt on top of it so it'd be too loud to try to make one and I'm not carrying around some shitty 4-winds.

I carry a knife at the belt and a wooden knife I carved at my neck under a shirt in case I need to jab it into a lung if the first knife were lost, or eye, or gut, etc.

I have more than one knife and lots of bludgeoning weapons inside the house like a wooden sword and club and machete and etc. I bring with me a hiker's stick so there's that too when I go out fairly often as I have a foot issue anyway that flairs up.

I did try to make a sort of matchlock gun but realized aluminum is literally 20 times less sturdy than steel so the load would be 20 times less so it'd be weaker than a pellet gun at that point and overly loud.

I wish they had very powerful crossbows that could fit in a pocket, or a very powerful spring loaded gun that fired a single stake or something.

If I ever have money of any kind, rejected from ssi many times, I'd buy an old cowboy type cap and ball six shooter to outfox the regulations. I hear in some areas you can order them right to your door, in this area even a baton was blocked from being ordered here though as I live in a gestapo shithole due to local laws but I could if I had money just go to a gun store somewhere else in another state after using a greyhound bus. It'd be a great adventure and I'd finally feel safe after blowing like 800 usd on the kit and gun itself and powder and everything.

About martial arts, I do pushups every day in multiple positions as well as other exercises so as to not be a complete dumbass that would also be the 50 percent of the population about to end up on dialysis from cardiovascular complications. Stretches, situps of various kinds too, very long walks (hence the fucked up foot). I often punch walls but had to stop as my right hand became not what it used to be from it.

>keep your blogging about attacking people away so we won't break the law by typing something
Speak plainly.


Why do you complain about people complaining on the Internet? You do realize that's hypocritical, right?

Honestly this whole persona that I won't utter that invaded imageboards only like guns because they're dickheads for the sake of it as though it adds ambiance when in fact it blatantly taints the ambiance.

If you self censor you're being a very good goy indeed. Words on paper don't break the law, stop it. Why would they take down your site if you let them control you before taking it down? Red it tier corporate wh*re pandering.

I remember when my area banned throwing stars….

Not that I was the deleted wiz but but what it was was not illegal to talk about. This gray area law shit is a slippery slope you morons are on. Why even make the thread?

Also I may as well bitch completely off topic that the site has been getting glitches lately that it's 'unsafe' so you people are on a dying site anyway that's not being taken care of. Depending on the browser comments you made are invisible or on another the site itself will time out so this pseudo legal pandering is pretty pointless.

Not that wiz either but have you ever tried not being a coward? Is that why you need the weapons? Soul shattering cowardice of the pigs coming to get you?

What did he even do to make you assmad?


File: 1636409670983.jpg (171.45 KB, 680x1380, 34:69, VCDzSs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1636417529360.jpg (924.07 KB, 1528x1600, 191:200, IMG_0528.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This thing weighs like 8 pounds at least with loaded magazine in it, and its hilariously inaccurate. I still love it and I like to carry it around my house and imagine I'm an 80s cocaine trafficker or Tommy Vercetti or some shit. Barrel extension is in the mail.


How much did you pay for that bugger?
Looks like it could use some TLC before you take it out for a spin.


That's pretty pristine condition actually.


then your camera is really bad, because it looks like it could use a cleaning and oiling.


it's your filthy screen, I don't see anything on his ghetto gun


It doesn't look pristine. It looks like it could use a cleaning and oiling.


you realize the brown and black on it is its paint not dirt


It's cleaned and well-oiled, all mechanisms work properly (so far). There is some minor surface scratches and pitting in the Cerakote (I think that's what they used on these?) if you look closely, but nothing too unsightly.


So…How much you pay for it?
Have you taken it to the range yet?


$600 US funbux. And I don't need a range, I live in bumblefuck county, southern U.S. so I just find a field in the countryside and set up some bottles and cans to shoot.


Not bad.
You know what I mean, did you take it out to shoot yet?


how bad is the accuracy though if you can hit cans and bottles? I didn't know the mac 11 is back


Yeah it looks good for Cerakote or parkerizing. Maybe he assumes it should be blued and therefor lustrous to some degree.


I'm thinking of getting my 1st rifle, but I'm not sure if I should get a Ruger American Rifle or a Ruger 10/22 semiauto

I'm leaning towards the bolt action, as the less complex parts that can go wrong, the better. Easy to clean etc. It is a bit slow and annoying to have to pull the bolt back each time. But as a noob, I need to be concentrating on each individual shot anyway. The only downside is a bigger recoil mulekick, but it shouldn't be too bad with smaller caliber.

A good thing about the semiauto is that as I get more advanced, it would be cool to fire quickly. And the Ruger 10/22 is a real beginner's gun that even kids can handle. So maybe I'm overthinking how complex a semiauto is.

I'm just planning on practicing at the range for now


The Ruger 10/22 has a huge cult following and tons of aftermarket parts that completely change how the gun handles. It's reliable and Ruger has a good warranty and service reputation. .22LR is the cheapest caliber and the 10/22 is capable of shooting even the budget Freedom Bucket stuff, as well as subsonic rounds if you want to play around with suppressors. You can very much learn all the fundamentals of firearm handling, care, and sighting with it. Dumping a 100rd drum of 22 down range as fast as possible is really fun.

>the less complex parts that can go wrong

The 10/22 uses a direct blowback system, so there's no real barrel locking mechanism to speak of. A modern bolt action would typically have more moving parts than a semiauto .22. A large calibre rifle demands optics rated for such powerful impulses, so you'll have to put good money in to an optic, whereas the cheap red dots and feature-rich scopes found on Amazon under various brand names are rated well for even the stronger .22WMR


I second this.
10/22 is a great gun/platform that I highly recommend.
You can learn a bunch without spending a lot and once you got everything down it's just a super fun gun that's good enough to be used as a intro to other shooting sports.

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