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New thread.
Discuss all weapons.
Keep your bad temper and normie posturing to yourself, please. This is not the martial arts thread.

Armor discussion welcome.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."


I was rewatching the 1964 BBC WW1 documentary series, 'The Great War; recently and it contains of course a lot stock footage of artillery being operated. Watching the recoil on these heavy guns in that footage got me wondering, how many men got killed and injured just because they weren't paying attention and didn't move out of the way of the recoil? The back end is kicking back in some manner and your body if its in the way isn't going to stop it. I wonder how many shattered limbs and skulls just from bad luck and the recoil of their own heavy weapons.


what's a good self defense knife?


Anything that can fit in a pocket. The best defense is to not let the attacker know you're armed until you want her to.


just go to a gas station, and pick up a weapon.


wouldn't a better strategy be to be blatantly armed to dissuade people from instigating anything? You could still hide secret weapons in case they attack anyway and you want to be tricky.


concealing weapons is against the law anyway unless it's a handgun in a state with no-license carry, or it's an "ordinary pocket knife" (whatever that is) as the stupid laws call them

in my experience of seeing people open-carrying handguns these past 17 years, others in public tend to take a wide berth around them, although it's impossible to know what others are thinking I assume nobody wants to attack or try menacing a man with an obvious handgun in immediate reach

criminals and thugs are usually cowardly like that


I meant to add that I don't know if a knife (I think a large knife) open-carried would have the same intimidation factor but maybe, and you;d rather not get caught concealing that anyway


File: 1593558550825.jpg (26.12 KB, 800x801, 800:801, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

34 was todays body count


Isn't that poaching? Or do you buy fly tags by the dozens?




File: 1593860616587-0.jpg (68.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, poleaxe18_172.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593860616587-1.jpg (97.03 KB, 1920x1498, 960:749, large_A13_531.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I quite like the poleaxe and would enjoy owning one or some had I an appropriate yard and the money for a high-quality reproduction or good condition antique.


what would you do with it?


I think it would be fun to swing around and get a feel for it and check out treatises and manuals people wrote through history, besides just displaying it somewhere in home of course. It would be fun I think to practice some proper forms with it, and then rig up some test cutting/striking.

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