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New thread.
Discuss all weapons.
Keep your bad temper and normie posturing to yourself, please. This is not the martial arts thread.

Armor discussion welcome.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."


I was rewatching the 1964 BBC WW1 documentary series, 'The Great War; recently and it contains of course a lot stock footage of artillery being operated. Watching the recoil on these heavy guns in that footage got me wondering, how many men got killed and injured just because they weren't paying attention and didn't move out of the way of the recoil? The back end is kicking back in some manner and your body if its in the way isn't going to stop it. I wonder how many shattered limbs and skulls just from bad luck and the recoil of their own heavy weapons.


what's a good self defense knife?


Anything that can fit in a pocket. The best defense is to not let the attacker know you're armed until you want her to.


just go to a gas station, and pick up a weapon.


wouldn't a better strategy be to be blatantly armed to dissuade people from instigating anything? You could still hide secret weapons in case they attack anyway and you want to be tricky.


concealing weapons is against the law anyway unless it's a handgun in a state with no-license carry, or it's an "ordinary pocket knife" (whatever that is) as the stupid laws call them

in my experience of seeing people open-carrying handguns these past 17 years, others in public tend to take a wide berth around them, although it's impossible to know what others are thinking I assume nobody wants to attack or try menacing a man with an obvious handgun in immediate reach

criminals and thugs are usually cowardly like that


I meant to add that I don't know if a knife (I think a large knife) open-carried would have the same intimidation factor but maybe, and you;d rather not get caught concealing that anyway


File: 1593558550825.jpg (26.12 KB, 800x801, 800:801, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

34 was todays body count


Isn't that poaching? Or do you buy fly tags by the dozens?




File: 1593860616587-0.jpg (68.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, poleaxe18_172.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593860616587-1.jpg (97.03 KB, 1920x1498, 960:749, large_A13_531.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I quite like the poleaxe and would enjoy owning one or some had I an appropriate yard and the money for a high-quality reproduction or good condition antique.


what would you do with it?


I think it would be fun to swing around and get a feel for it and check out treatises and manuals people wrote through history, besides just displaying it somewhere in home of course. It would be fun I think to practice some proper forms with it, and then rig up some test cutting/striking.


Missile weapons are the first line of defense.


Maybe /dep/ can use this for their *totally real* suicide attempt


I only take exploding instructions from an experienced suicide bomber.


File: 1595943333080.mp4 (87.71 KB, 640x360, 16:9, X0.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I use FIST


File: 1596366860487.webm (1.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, output.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Check out his staff skills


File: 1596454097472.jpg (111.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Hu.htm20.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

it's almost ten years since i bought one of those under-$20 cold steel fixed blade knives for everyday carry with the stainless steel, plastic handle and nylon sheath, it's been fun having a weather proof knife that i don't need to worry about rusting or how it looks but also know it's high quality

I would buy it all over again


Would benefit from even a minor guard I think, they resemble kitchen knives at first glance. But pretty cool for under 20 bucks and weather proof no nonsense is nice.


I wish they still made huge folding knives like over 7" blades like centuries ago in the OP pic, I started making one and got halfway until my mom's relentless bullshit fucked up my entire year

I thought about digging the parts out and finishing it, iirc the blade is 13" from a W2 nicholson file, I never made a folder before and figured why not go big

it would've been a badass EDC


File: 1596957428843.jpg (36.14 KB, 334x600, 167:300, 20200809.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is armor allowed here?


larp foam isn't armor


File: 1598500837111-0.jpg (1.68 MB, 2680x1112, 335:139, IMG_0500.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598500837111-1.jpg (3 MB, 3072x1722, 512:287, IMG_0504.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598500837111-2.jpg (2.41 MB, 2588x1518, 1294:759, IMG_0505.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

the cold steel GI tanto seems to be an underrated knife, I've owned a lot of knives but this model is very hard hitting for its blade length, one time I used it to chop a big tree branch a storm knocked down

the blade isn't very long or thick (1/8th inch) but the width gives it a lot of sectional density to cleave deeply, it has always felt like a short bowie honestly, I paid $26 for it back in the day but last I looked they're still priced at around that, for a self defense knife it's a great bargain, like if you're a poor neet

I made mine a real sheath and rosewood handle because the old-model cord wrapped grip was useless, the new model has a full size grip though and zytel sheath iirc


File: 1598780986665.png (8.7 MB, 2738x1884, 1369:942, tfduwyegf.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just bought a 9mm Springfield XD-M 4.5" a week or so ago.
It's made in Croatia and can hold 20 rounds (19+1)

Haven't used it yet because I'm pretty sure I know how to use it after watching youtube videos.

idk, I'm sure if the time ever comes it'll be fine


Is that the actor that played Darth Maul in SW:E1?


>I'm sure if the time ever comes it'll be fine

The time ever comes for what?


for the things that happen while living in ghetto parts of the USA


go to a gun range


I wish it were possible to have a collapsible spring loaded steel staff that is not super heavy or a piece of shit, that'd be some goku power pole stuff

I always wanted the power pole

pinterest was running an ad at me for the "MAGIC BO" or whatever with fancy looking kung fool action of weebs waving around this 4' long "self defense" staff that collapses to the size of a small tylenol bottle, when I investigated the thing it showed a cutaway and the tubes must have been like 1/100th on an inch diameter, god, you might as well carry a wet paper towel tube for defense

iirc they were demanding $50 + shipping


It's not a weapon and it has long been a prop for magic tricks.
You would think a wizard would know that.

Anyway they have bo that kinda work like the police batons if you want some that can actually hit stuff. They are still pretty big but the go from jo size to bo size. It's as close as you are getting to what you want.


it was being advertised as a weapon
>You would think a wizard would know that.
not sure how being a male virgin means I should know about vegas stage magic


File: 1599548938047.jpg (31.93 KB, 694x227, 694:227, 0bWHuHC.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wanted a bullpup that accepted stanag magazines for a while and settled on the Type 97 NSR Gen 3 as the cheapest option. There's whispers that Norinco is phasing off selling rifles to us so better now than never. The Type 81 I bought last year was apparently the last batch and has already doubled in price on the used market so if I don't beat this up too bad it might be a return investment. Should be here by Thursday.


I was just thinking about norinco yesterday, that's weird. Specifically their clones of other companies' stuff. Are they as good as (I used to hear) people say? I haven't been a gun person in 20 years.


tl;dr: Their clones range from bad BUT cheap to good AND cheap, but in the last decade there has been an emergence of European cloners that make a better product for occasionally cheaper prices.

Norinco is big in Canada precisely for their clones. I have their M305 (M14 SOCOM clone) and it's great. It was made with the original US tooling. It's quite literally rough around the edges though. There's residual milling spurs and some of their own magazines are tight fitting, but it's a solid accurate shooter. It was $600 new. The next cheapest M14 on the market was I think a Springfield Armoury version that cost near $2,000.

From Norinco I have a 12" sxs coach gun, an 11.5" 1887 sawed-down clone. and an SKS from them too. They're all crap, the store selling me them even said they were crap and reviews by other owners say the same.

The SXS got stuck closed on me twice due to poor milling of the extractor. The foregrip/takedown mechanism is wiggly. The cocking portion of the hammers is thin and smooth while the chamber edges are that distinct Chinese milling sharp. There's a concerning amount of headspace between the chambers and back plate too. A 12" SXS is something that idiotss like me would want but couldn't make themselves because >laws, so Norinco answered by making one and pricing it fairly for what it is. They make a full length version that's somehow $20 cheaper.

The SKS gas tube cover and locking mechanism popped off the first shot and won't stay down, and has a few millimeters of play when locked in place. The stock was cracked from factory. This was milsurp though so it was a diceroll. They offer A-Grade and even Honour Gaurd versions but a good Russian SKS is still the same price.

The 1887 is, again, sharp like a knife on contact points and despite being designated the "T" model (for "Terminator") they package it with the standard lever design that breaks your fingers if you try to cock it with one hand, which is also made of edges sharp enough to tear flesh. It too was 1/3rd the price of American reproductions of the same gun+configuration.

The Type 81 is a crap gun no matter who made it. It's only a discussion piece because there's just 20 in the whole US. Norinco imported it to Canada under their poorly reputed Polytech subsidiary for some reason. It looks like an AK from a distance which is why it's hot shit up here and admittedly why I bought it, and while on paper it is more advanced and modern than a standard AK-47, the machining on the things lack any refinement. The barrels are ALL bent at the receiver by up to a whole degree, the sight adjustment is sticky and painful, anything that needs to be operated with fingers is small and sharp beyond usability with gloves or in the cold, the folding stock is rattly, the standard stock has no cheekage, and they left the grenade launcher on despite no grenades ever being produced for it. It begs to be cleaned after every outing because there's no dust cover safety like on the AK, and it's possible to sort of softlock the whole firing mechanism when attempting to dryfire it safely by guiding the bolt forward with the trigger pulled, preventing operation or takedown until you shove a punch down the action to reset the hammer. That might be the case for a lot of guns though.

I've also shot much a Norinco 1911 clone and a Remington 870 clone. They were both good across the board, but there are nicer clones of either model everywhere by Eastern Euro manufacturers. Norinco offered a retro AR-15 CQC package that was also priced at around $600 CAD that was well reviewed. They just came out with a Winchester M1897 clone that is also selling out at a third of the price for an American reproduction, and actually maintains the distinctive barrel shroud that Western MFGs charge a bit for.

Much of this is likely irrelevant to what you hear about them though. Norinco notoriety in the West came from their absurdly affordable models of RPG-7s and assorted HMGs that they were (legally) selling to civilians. Whether it was in the name of safety and quality regulation or due to pressure from US manufacturers, the US wasn't going to take that shit from China so they shut them out. Canada on the other hand seems to be owned by China for the most part, so Chinese active service battle rifles like my Type 81 and 97 were silently exempt from the long ban list of "military" guns such as antique single-shot .50 cals and "evil" looking long pistols like the CZ Scorpion EVO.


you own a sawed-off? those are illegal
wait don't I remember there's an ATF exemption for pre-1900s shotgun designs even if they're breechloaders? is that the deal?

big if true


In Canada, SBS are legal and non-registered so long as they're 26" OAL. In the case of the coach gun and the lever action, their OAL exceeds 26" despite their short barrel length. The quirk about this though is that the barrel has to be made short from the factory. If you have a 35" OAL with a 20" barrel and saw even 1" off the barrel, that becomes an illegal barrel despite the OAL being legal. If you saw the stock off completely and have just a barreled action that still exceeds a 26" OAL, then that is fine. Buying a barrel that was made short from the start - as in no modification to the length after it left the factory - you can replace the longer barrel on a shotgun with this factory short version legally, again so long as it meets OAL requirements. If you want to go deep, a licensed gunsmith may shorten, test, and safety approve a barrel and sell it, or if in doing so he lowers the OAL of his gun below 26", he may register the whole package as a restricted firearm and sell it to a restricted license holder.

>pre-1900s shotgun designs

Not sure how it is in the states but up here, (most) guns with a manufacture date before 1898 is considered an antique firearm which puts it on the same legal level as an airsoft gun from the hardware store. If it's a reproduction like the 1887 I have that was made in china 3 years ago, then it's not technically an antique. Unless it's a flintlock or wheellock black powder firearms in which case replicas of models preceding 1897 are often considered non-firearms.

If i sawed off my barrels illegally of course I wouldn't rush to FBIchan 2020 to blog about it



every time I look a new "tactical" sword comes out and it's spring tempered and they make it a big selling point, about how it's so soft you can bend it into a U shape, you might as well get a $10 machete then

they do make some nice looking and affordable designs these days
but the extreme softness sucks


Wait, are they saying "you can force it into a U shape and it will return to true" or "it can easily be bent into a U it's so flexible"? Spring temper is about it being able to flex under stress and return to true instead of getting a set bend or snapping, it's not supposed to be about it being soft.


File: 1606688112040.jpg (70.81 KB, 714x405, 238:135, APOC-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.rw….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>"you can force it into a U shape and it will return to true"
they're saying that part, the thing is though that's necessarily soft, like 45HRC soft, the level of hardness that springs get tempered down to, or a good flexible wood saw, they're obviously thicker/stiffer than a wooden hand saw but just as soft, that means poor edge holding


File: 1607615093353-0.jpg (3.43 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, s2.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1607615093354-1.jpg (1.14 MB, 3072x744, 128:31, s3.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1607615093354-2.jpg (958.01 KB, 1776x1484, 444:371, s1.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

this is a hand -and-a-half short sword (23" blade) and scabbard I made, even though swords are pretty weak weapons, I wanted to do something more complicated than usual, and some parts like distal tapering the blade after it was hardened were nasty work, I made a sling so it hangs vertically in front of my shoulder and wore it around my house the last couple days but I felt like an idiot so now it's just gonna sit in my room and collect dust, if trouble ever comes knocking I'll just grab my hammer or bat or something

blunt weapons are really great and underappreciated, everyone thinks swords are superior somehow but it doesn't take cutting a person to stop an attack when a broken arm/leg will do that, and without getting STD infected blood on you, and swords generally can't cut through most clothes anyway

I always wanted a miniature tetsubo, I think those are called kanabo iirc, if it were light enough and about 30-36" you couldn't ask for any better large weapon and it'd be practically indestructible


Wow very nice.
Your sword should be extremely effective against anyone without medieval armor, wiz. Just don't cut, stab. Stabbing someone center of mass will stop their attack far better than a club. The problem with a blunt weapon is that it requires speed and that generally means you'll need space, and winding your weapon will give them a chance to avoid your attack. A quick succession of jabs with a sword is probably difficult to avoid or counterattack unless they were already expecting to fight a medieval knight. Even then, most people will be to afraid to press closer if you are wielding a sword, whereas a club won't be as intimidating.


Just drawing a sword requires space, so in whatever situation where there's limited space and would hinder a large blunt weapon, it would hinder a sword …. it's a non-issue. On avoiding a swing by anything, it may be possible if your opponent's weapon is so long or heavy that it takes "winding" and telegraphs the direction that he'll swing it in. That's another non-issue with light, short weapons. Generally weapons in the 20"-36" range and 1 to 2 1/2 lbs in the hands of a man of average strength can be swung faster than normal human reflexes can respond to. This is physics and has nothing to do with martial arts by the way.

A person can continue functioning for up to 30 seconds even if his heart is stabbed or shot through and stops beating, it doesn't guarantee stopping an attack. Also, stabbing a wild normie is just another way to get splashed with gonorrhea and herpes blood. You're seriously better off with bear mace than any object where the plan is to stab a would-be attacker.


Stabbing a wild norp in the heart/lung will stop them faster than breaking their arm, that much is guaranteed.
>That's another non-issue with light, short weapons. Generally weapons in the 20"-36" range and 1 to 2 1/2 lbs in the hands of a man of average strength can be swung faster than normal human reflexes can respond to.
Yes, strikes can be done so quickly enough and with little enough telegraphing that it would be unavoidable if you didn't expect it, but most people will predict attacks based on other smaller telegraphs that happen before the swing itself. I'm sure you've been watching Skallagrim/Lindybeige et al since you know about strike telegraphing, and I'm sure you've heard them explain that it's not possible to have no telegraphing but it is possible to minimize it.
In any case, I just said that a stab with a sword would be better than swinging a mace for a close quarters home invasion situation in which there likely wouldn't be enough room to safely use typical slicing strikes.
>You're seriously better off with bear mace than any object where the plan is to stab a would-be attacker.
Probably, I don't know enough about how quickly it can disable an enraged norp.


File: 1609336762559.jpg (195.85 KB, 499x750, 499:750, 1607999942523.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can anybody identify what type of sword this is exactly? It resembles Oakeshott type XIIIa to me but I am not totally educated on swords.


Irish hand and half? The pommel looks round enough


File: 1611413455957.png (552.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, gfy.png) ImgOps iqdb


Go train


I bought a cheap chinky P228 clone and will buy a psurp Beretta 92s, just waiting for the government to push their pencils.

Dark times for Canada. Libs are pushng a bill that bans "firearm-shaped" things, so we're suddenly at Britain levels of hysteria where an old plastic toy gun from the dollar store is classified as a weapon.


And they just past a bill creating a unofficial registry, banned most rifles, nearly all magazines, and all imports.
Confiscation incoming. Time to "lose" your guns and get ones off the books.


that's one of the biggest reasons I dropped guns like a bad netflix anime a long time ago, civilian gun ownership is just more trouble than it's worth under the modern political climate, and the modern attitude, even in "gun friendly" places you'll get viciously wrung through the injustice system for a self defense shooting and probably destroyed even if you're someday acquitted, and as recreational objects fuck 'em, ammo is so expensive you need a seven figure income just to buy the amount it takes to get your rocks off, cuz that $30, twenty round box of 45. at walmart is nothing

all around useless objects guns are


>guns are useless, just don't bother with them, they'll do you more harm than good.
Enjoying your tendies, atf glowie?


Yeah and the most ridiculous thing is they passed those laws in response to the Nova Scotia shooter Gabriel Wortman (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Nova_Scotia_attacks) who bought his guns illegally and did NOT have a valid firearms license.

These laws wouldn't have changed a damn thing. They need to go after the gun smugglers, gangs, mafia, etc, not the law abiding citizens who are already doing everything by the book.

I fear one day they will ban all firearms.


the american federal government actually doesn't care about private gun ownership as much as you believe, there are reasons for their incremental disarmament agenda but none of them is because of a fear that the peasants will ever start shooting back, in the most extreme scenario there could be martial law starting tomorrow with tanks rolling through city streets and going door to door stealing the guns and next to nobody would do shit about it


>I fear one day they will ban all firearms
They are pretty open about that being the end goal.


blades and bludgeons are cooler than guns anyway


You just playing sour grapes because you are too poor and irresponsible to have cool shit like guns, cannons, and the good fireworks.


But not swords, right? Swords are USELESS, right?


>and next to nobody would do shit about it
that's the thing about these peasant revolts; you dont need all, most, or even half of them to be somewhat successful. you just need enough dedicated, semi-competent people willing to fight and die for their shit to be enough of a pain in the ass for the authorities. i think the coronavirus situation, in addition to the domestic unrest in recent years and subsequent response, should illustrate how incompetent the feds really are.


> the coronavirus situation
yeah about that…it's really the best example yet in this country of how far you can oppress the people and they still won't revolt, armed or otherwise
pretty much, there are certain mechanical reasons that place swords at the very bottom of effectiveness amongst weapons, at least as cutting weapons, you wouldn't know it given how popular they are and always have been historically, but there's a reason for that as well and it's the same reason why other things like gold and "precious" stones are so desirable, humans have always exalted impractical objects and the more useless the better


>the people and they still won't revolt
I see someone doesn't watch the news or has a bizarre personal definition of revolt.
How many times do armed people showing up to government locations and telling the goons that they ain't doing lock down bullshit, and then the goons backing down and unlocking down, do you need before you stop saying people won't do anything?
Or do you think it only counts if the US went full retard and started behaving like the french revolution?


>armed people showing up to government locations
they don't, that's a federal offense and they'd get arrested
are you deliberately weasel wording with "government locations?" because if you mean trump rallies and stuff, which are just in the general vicinity of government locations, and some buffoon who's probably an agent provocateur wearing an AR-15 on a sling, that's totally different


>yeah about that…it's really the best example yet in this country of how far you can oppress the people and they still won't revolt, armed or otherwise
i mean, there have been some significant protests, even europeans have started burning shit. i think a big reason people arent as pissed as they could be is because they largely still have their distractions. the lights are still on, food is largely still stocked, feds arent going door to door to fuck with people en masse yet.

i think the notion that the federal government is just another bloated, incompetent, corrupt, bureaucracy is still a bitter pill to swallow for conspiracy theorists and bootlickers alike.


anyway, don't hold your breath on a few gun owners successfully fighting off a military

anyone here like axes?


Go look up the news on your own if you don't believe me since I know you won't look at links if someone else post them.


Great tools shit weapons.


no thanks, I really don't care what FBI agents posing as protestors do with their guns, and this ain't the politics thread anymore, get back on topic


It is on topic. You just want the last word in despite being clearly wrong.


they dont have to.

axes are alright. more useful for felling trees imo.


Dunno if you're still here or if anythings changed, but you really, really should at least practice with it at a range before remotely thinking you could handle yourself with it.


Don't take the bait dude.


what's with the prominently placed bag or yerba?
if "handle yourself with it" means using it in self defense, that something you learn (supposedly) at those expensive ass tactical shooting schools, not at a gun range


No one cares about the uninformed opinion of a no-guns on the topic of competence with a firearm.


I have guns, they're boring, but that has nothing to do with the point. Shooting a paper target at a range isn't tactical training.


Post them with time stamp.


Just a note to anyone that might be tempted to respond to this

Don't as it can be used against you, you can be arrested over it, and they will use it against you in court if they arrest you.
Even if this user isn't a spook he is a idiot.

Remember the 5th and don't admit publicly to crimes that can put you away from over 10 years.
Don't be retarded keep your mouth shut.


What was that?


Glowie asking about IEDs


Besides being permanently low on ammo, doing fine.
Went down to the indoor fun range last week and spend like $50 in 9mm ammo just on that trip.
I think it's time to build a few .22lr for cheaper practice.


that's not a weapon unless you're shooting mice
>a RUcap k98 goes for several thousand??
what else is new, the price gougers have dominated things since obama was elected, as if one needed even more reasons not to bother with useless guns


nevermind I thought that was an airsoft gun


You are a bane on this site and being a disruptive jackass for literally no reason at all.
Fuck off forever you dumbass troll.


you always wait until this thread is on page 2 to sage an insulting shitpost, you're so predictable and a coward, that was totally uncalled for


Always the liar and shit stir.
Was on page 1 when posted.
You aren't here to talk about weapons you are just here to attention whore and be disruptive like the shit slinging troll you are.
Fuck off.


Re: stun guns
Anybody know of a quality brand? Stun guns, not tasers. I've been looking specifically for models with 4.5 milliamps minimum, after googling all day I only see some dubious no-name $20 things and everything else out there only lists the voltage, which is a meaningless figure. They might be only 1 or 2ma for all anyone knows and you simply can't trust them without knowing the real specs, it'd be like buying reduced load handgun ammo. Would be nice to have more non-lethal options than just bear mace on certain days.
The term is shit stirrer, and it's what you are. Get banned.


Sorry, it seems that by specifically requesting bestiality homos ignore my post, I managed to summon one and he's back here shitting up the thread and continuing baiting with his "bear mace" posts like he has every other year. I'll think twice about posting in the thread if there's a chance it will encourage the anchorgefag to troll it.


Leave then. Nobody is going to miss your bad temper.


very pretty


Anyone here interested in archery? I bought my first bow recently, for some reason I struggle with the below-the-arrow modern draw style, my arrow falls off a lot and tends to fly extremely off the mark, but I experience no such problems with traditional mediterranian draw.

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