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Thought you guys might like this



Does chain-saw cravings count?


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Woodblock/woodcut art seems underrated now at least in the west. I've always held a special place in my heart for the works of Everett Reuss since reading his letters when I was a boy. Not sure of too many modern artists.


Don't know about the west in general but in parts of the US it is basically folk art tier so it isn't surprising you wouldn't hear too much about it. It's all hobbyist and the like now. Sort of like you don't hear about basket weavers or potters because both of those are basically just hobbyist activities now too.


i like woodblocks, here's my favorite site on the internet probably. https://ukiyo-e.org/


Looks awesome, thanks for posting


Woodart Vietnam


Refreshing old thread.
Been thinking about getting into wood carving / pirography for a while.
What are the tips, essentials you would recommend for someone like me?


Pick up some clay from the pound shop and play with that first with just your hands. Constructing shapes from a pliable medium is one thing, but pulling shapes deductively from a blank is unforgiving. The clay will give you a sense for visualizing and creating things in 3D before putting any money in to tools or wood. Additionally, look up how to dry and prep wood for carving now and get started on that so you have a surplus of material to work with when your tools arrive. If you never end up going forward with carving, then you have firewood.


pretty amazing


I bought a few prints from Dave Bull's mokuhankan shop and have them up in my room. Initially I thought they were expensive for what they were, but when you realise what an absolutely ridiculous amount of effort went into both the carving and the printing I feel like I should be donating on top of the price. Incredible craft that I can only wish I could get into.


man you just triggered some memories. dave bull is awesome i used to watch his streams and youtube channel a lot. tons of relaxing and informative content. when people get this good at something, they become fountains of useful information and curiosity



I used to watch his streams until he started the octupus carving, which was repulsive on every level.


Ex Libris stamps in books used to be a popular artform in the west.



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