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File: 1597060028582.jpg (401.27 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, dionaea muscipula.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i'm looking forward to get one of those mainly for practical purpose (killing insects) but before i'd like to know if they're reliable as such or if it's just a myth. i heard the drosera species was the one that needed the less care and thus was perfect for beginners.
if anyone has experience with those plants feel free to share your knowledge


I had one of the kind from your pic a long time ago I don’t think it ever ate anything I even put a dead bug right in its mouth and it didn’t even eat it, I got a pitcher plant and it worked better I actually found a dead fly in it once


I don’t think they’re incredibly effective, but they’re relatively easy to take care of and look cool.

Venus fly traps are motion activated, they won’t eat a dead bug.


I've read that venus fly traps are very hard to care for. I got one a couple times as a kid and every time it died in a couple weeks. Pitcher plants are a lot easier.


>Pitcher plants are a lot easier.
but don't they smell like shit


I thought they smelled sweet, so as to attract more insects.


never noticed any smell


i had same experience

if you just want to kill insects there are a variety of cheap traps you can make. flypaper is absurdly effective as well


they never catch anything, i always had to trap the flies myself in a bottle and shake it violently so i could drop it in the fly trap

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