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File: 1606104580701.jpg (85.05 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, Aufkleber_Trollface.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


My hobby is trolling and cyber stalking people. Does anyone else share this amazing interest. I understand it is a bit weird, but it's my only interest. I have 40+ instagram accounts larping as various females and males, to catfish my way into various random normies lives and gain followers. Every larp has a distinct personality and it's own internet friend group. I also do this on twitter, and facebook. Anyone else share the interest?

The only sad part is none of my friends know who I am ,I am a 48 year old wizard neet. But through these personas, I can be anyone I desire.


Yes. I used to stalk this awful indie gamedev. When he deleted his twitter I took over his identity writing insane shit in his style and now he can't get a job because that's the first page that google shows. It's been like a year, still going strong.


This is so devious, so petty, and so specific, that I believe you.


Well, he actually even made a new twitter to try and compete and then payed some indian fiverr guy 25$ to get more followers, but those followers don't contribute to search engine results. It's really been great fun


you are also the admin of wizchan.org


File: 1606700342308.jpg (53.62 KB, 607x428, 607:428, 1598449364362.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like wrecking sites with sophisticated trolling techniques.
Right now I'm having a blast with a bit of a project. I can't really give away the details, but a rough outlime would be:
>make a thread pretending to have a lofty purpose.
>smear it with the usual bait and slurs
Eventually someone bites. It's not like I am too subtle doing this, the purpose is, after all, trolling the shit out of the place. I try to make it look hostile as possible, while still pretending the thread to be about benefitting mankind and society, so as to maintain plausible deniability. The goal is to drop the overall quality of the site. You wouldn't believe this but as obvious as this sounds, people are stupid enough to keep it up and keep fueling it,
The usual trolling techniques are all in effect, including samefagging, misrepresenting the other posters, and ad-hominems.
I'm actually having a blast because the site I'm on lends itself to this really well in spite of it's pretention of keeping quality and civil discussion, but in reality it's a sort of /pol/ in disguise.


All websites are subconsciously /pol/ in disguise.


File: 1606705221199.png (198.17 KB, 499x470, 499:470, topwiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't want to make people upset when I shitpost so it's their fault if they take any of it seriously.



Just dont lose sight of the larp.


File: 1615457762606.png (66.58 KB, 246x344, 123:172, losers.png) ImgOps iqdb

No, but I've been the victim of faggots like you. You're really lame, and you give shiftless miscreants on the outskirts of society a bad name. It's an unwizardly thing to do.


wtf evil wizards or just normalfags(?)?


A person can very easily send an impersonation report and twitter tends to ban such accounts quickly. For that story to be remotely possible the victim just happened to have lost access to his email and phone number. Do you find that more likely than an anonymous person making up a troll story online?


Creating an account and start larping cost nothing, there isn't anything particulary difficult to do in that story.




i have a similar experience to you but a guy was making music so i mass reported his account (he had nudity in his youtube videos) then make a new one pretending to be him. he didnt have any contact so i just made twitter and stuff. i just reuploaded the stuff he made and he commented really mad and made videos saying that the new account isnt him so i just deleted his comments and then he dropped off the internet completely.


is there a way to make money doing this? like by reporting people to authorities or something?

i remember in the past there was a wizard who was keeping track of gangs on facebook or something and reporting them to fbi and he would post updates. was he making money from it or was it purely for a hobby


There are shill jobs that pay you to do that.


Did you read what the other guy said? Because nothing you said indicated that you do


I don't catfish or larp, instead I just like finding and cataloguing certain persons' (not celebrities) profiles and personal info. I keep a separate folder for it, a text file per person. Learning random specific details of other people's lives is exciting, and finding their "Internet history" is also very nice.
For a long time I didn't bother to write down these kinds of things and just kept the links to 100 profiles in my head, visiting them almost daily for months/years, but my memory is somewhat worse nowadays. Think I'll also start making backups of this stuff locally soon, as more and more websites die. With Google+ being killed off I lost some 3-4 photos, I have downloaded them to my phone but its storage got corrupted somehow; after around a year, I'm still sad.
I will probably never impersonate these people, although I have memorized all of their interests, quirks, speech style, etc, and pretending to be them would be a piece of cake. I can emulate their general behavior and reactions in my head, and I do it fairly often. But it's too uncomfortable and tiring to interact with people.
Excuse me if it's too off-topic. Has anyone else ever tried such stuff? I've been doing it for 8+ years.


I have had people do this to me but never crone it myself.


that sounds very unhealthy


Years ago I used to religiously troll the Yahoo Answers religion and spirituality section. For me the joy was seeing how dumb I could make myself appear while still having people believe I was serious. The community on Yahoo Answers back then was filled with idiots, lunatics and trolls, it was a riot.


Ah Yahoo answers
Now that was something. Now almost all such questions links to Quora or reddit.


normalfag shit


WikiAnswers was good too. 11 years ago, they gave us this stupid crossword for homework in history class, and a shitload of people were going there for crossword answers. I searched the hardest one, and the answer was this wall of text followed by a blank line and "THE ANSWER TO THE CROSSWORD IS DE MEDICI". Fucking based.
Fuck Quora. Quora sucks. You get 1 answer and if you try to move onto the next one, it accountwalls you. No I will not sign up. Zoomers don't even know how bad they have it.


Quora has some interesting posts but it asks to check if I am 13+ all the time when I try browse I do not understand why I should have the hassle of proving I am not a baby instead of parents not letting their baby on the internet.


Been banned from Reddit at least 200 times, dozens of suspended accounts, once I got IP banned after threatening to raid an AMA with gore, got permabanned from 4chan, banned from tons of Minecraft servers (I only griefed garbage ones with landclaims and 20 donate spam messages), would be banned from CSGO if that was possible but instead all of my accounts are permanuted for being toxic in the chat.


how do you not get banned on reddit? some bitch can post about wanting to know if she needs stitches and sharing a picture of a cat scratch and when you say she is fine and not to bother you get banned and attacked by the retards.
I hate reddit normies so fucking much


You need an offline hobby.


I also paint figurines, write electronic music, and other stuff. Like to read too. I don't do that stuff on reddit much anymore because I'm a wagecuck.

True. You literally get banned for disagreeing or at least downvoted into obscurity. I lost my patience and just started posting imgur links to hard gore in reply to high level comments, definitely traumatized a few dozen normies. I wish halfchan would still raid them but sadly that's banned and probably illegal.


Troll drivers irl with this paint-job


I've taken over a lot of accounts over the years, companies are more lax about it than you think.

I googled the first part of my email address and found a twitter with 20k followers on it. I contacted Twitter and said it's my account but my password has been stolen. They believed me and didn't ask for ID or anything.

I also reclaimed many runescape accounts in 2015-2016 by telling the support I had created the account originally in 2001 and lost the password. They gave me the accounts. Some had nice rare names that aren't easy to create anymore.

I also claimed an abandoned geocities pokemon site for myself which hadn't been updated for 10+ years. The customer support gave me the username and password eventually.


The only troll there is how much he streches 2 minutes of content into 9 minutes for that ad algorithm money.


I can think of a place where you would fit right in amongst the *ahem* ruling class. A clique, if you would.


To the evil wizards in this thread. All the things that you do will be judged by God in judgement day. You will provide an account of all your good and evil deeds in judgement day. If you are found evil then nothing can save you from God. Choose your side wisely wizzies




I am different anon, but yes we will have to give an account for all of our words, and it's written that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire


Trolling is fun
One particular method I like is to go to the archives and find the oldest thread on a certain topic/general. then copy one reply and all the posts responding to it and maybe the conversations sparked by it, then paste it into notes and save the corresponding images. Wait a few days and then when the next related general it was copied from or a thread on a similar enough topic appears I past the reply’s in the correct order and make sure to reply to the correct posts and have the corresponding images and such. For those of you who think trolling is wrong it should be mentioned that this method has the potential to spark up new conversations, I’ve seen it happen.


could you refine this until you are only left with tons of the most high quality replies possible? You are like feeding a neural net AI doing this


Ah, a fellow re-poster
*raises glass*


What do you mean be refine? If you mean just doing one conversation over and over again and only keeping the best new replies for the next repost then yeah I don’t see why not.
Cheers :)


>Trolling is fun
Is it? It feels so redundant nowadays.
Maybe i'm just getting old and don't have the energy for this shit anymore. It's a lot harder finding stuff on the net to sincerely connect with now so i just appreciate that more i guess.


Making weird/edgy comments in the youtube comments and seeing all the replies i get


I feel it, and I haven't even been doing it that long. The good retards are far and few between. There's only so many times I can have the same conversation genuine or not. It's tiring as hell.

We used to get people to jerk off in a call of 5 dudes to prove they're not gay. Where'd these faggots go? It was just a few years ago.


That you Soulbrotha?


League trolling is extremely fun because how seriously people take it



>evil wizard
Should be called Warlocks.

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