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What do you do when you have no interest in your current hobbies but want to some hobby time?

Can we have a thread about new and interesting hobbies you discover even if you don't do them?


Check out communities related to various hobbies. Nothing piques your interest like other people talking enthusiastically about a certain topic. Even if you're already bored of a particular hobby, you can always find something fresh about it by listening to how other people experience it.

Maybe you've been playing video games for decades, but then you discover that people do stuff like "speedrunning" and that's a completely different way of playing than just getting to the end once. Maybe you're interested in gamedev but can never finish a game, well here's a community where people organize weekend jams where you just make something small based on a theme or restriction and then share and play each other's games.


I just looked through hobby lists for years until I had a handful that clicked with me. Not that it matters much since they're generic but I think in order to really do them you have to romanticize them a bit to yourself otherwise they won't have that magic. Maybe that's just me though.


Any suggestions where? Top 50 hobbies lists are worthless.


Reddit, discord, forums, twitch, youtube etc. Depending on the hobby, certain sites are better than others, for instance, reddit is much better at selecting meme content than serious, long-form discussion, but it can serve as aa hub for links to different communities and resources. Discord can be nice when you find a small, niche community and its quality usually drops the more people join. Forums are the best for long-form, serious discussion, as threads are expected to stay a long time and people are expected to put in at least a minimal amount of effort when writing a reply (although, this doesn't stop normalfags from inflating their post count with one liner "thanks, this is great" filler). Twitch and youtube communities always organize around a particular content creator, so they usually turn out to be more about the creator than the content.

Twitch has a lot of people streaming themselves doing a particular hobby, like drawing or japanese printmaking. I like browsing through Science & Technology section on twitch and find these small channels that stream programming. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I just have it in the background while I work on my own stuff.


>Top 50 hobbies lists are worthless.
Every hobby will have various subcultures and subdomains within it. It's up to you to explore and find these things because for some they're not just out there for the taking.



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For myself i do 2 things head over to https://www.survivorlibrary.com/ just a load of things to try not in a prepper kind of way just out of curiousty.

Secondly I use top 5k reddits then scroll up from the bottom to look for communities for things to try not to use the reddit though mostly

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