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What are the most autistic hobbies? The most hardcore and obscure interests that a normalfag can never hope to penetrate? I don't mean retarded lolcow shit, but things that require study or have a technical bent. Pic related kind of, that's the sort of stuff I'm getting at.
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Your problem reside in rejecting the violence. They laugh at you because you are unharmful. Now, if you still resist to violence, you should hang out with gun guys, get a license and go to shooting clubs, they will praise you like a god


>rewriting book pages in notebooks (some measure the page gabarites, font size etc.)
Rewriting books in LaTeX is pretty autistic.


>all normgroids but still found something practical in physics and used that to make dosh
>nikola tesla
Please, stop typing and get out internet


Also, you should get a 3d printer


>reediting books in LaTeX, designing custom covers, printing and bookbinding
>book restoration
>translating books into latin
>translating books into your mother language
>translating ROMs and obscure games
>making game cheats
>game modding
>porting software/games to obscure OS
>programming/porting hardware drivers to obscure OS
>making/maintaining obscure game wikis
>buying media and sharing online
>competitive programming


All biased towards people without dyslexia and people with enough free time and money to own and use a computer regularly.


Killing yourself is free and takes almost no time. DO IT!


Your list is heavily geared toward the types of activities that computer nerds without dyslexia would enjoy. In the future I would suggest having a more balanced selection.


These are things I enjoy, next time i'll take that in consideration.


>I said physicists because I meant physicists specifically
theoretical physicists*
>Tesla died penniless
but made cash and had beaten edison into submission
>musk is the CEO of his companies and so maintains full rights
>Edison did the same
not sure how that invalidates my point, edison invented the lamp which involved a lot of trial and error to find the right filament
i stand corrected, but he was very rich at some point


>mathematics is necessary to have a precise language to describe the dynamics of nature
I'm not saying mathematics is not necessary. I'm saying String Theory doesn't even deserve to be called a theory since it has not made a single useful prediction of our universe. Physics use mathematics to explain our observations and predict new things, not to make random formulas for the sake of random formulas, which is the case of String Theory.

>elon musk
I wonder if Musk even know most of his shit by himself and it's not because he has top tier engineers helping him.


Software/hardware Reverse engineering, OS development


My fren collects and repairs mechanical calculators


It invalidated your point because being an engineer is not how they made money. They made money by being corporate owners, after the engineering was all said and done.


This thread is impossible because you just define normalfag as anyone you want


Welcome to wizchan bud.


no they made money by slaving away for other normoids like a peasant at Chad's farm, "corporate owners" is just a keyword for wageslaving


Yeah man, Elon and Edison were just slaving away at a farm. You fucking cretin.


How so?


now you see the absurd that is reducing everything to 'muh corporate owners', if you spent one minute looking up edison's history of the lamp and tesla's alternating current designs, you wouldn't be spouting such absurdity
the weakest point of my argument is probably elon musk, but tesla and edison would still stand firmly there
im done with you though, i dont like discussions where only one side is looking things up online to check whether im really wrong or not, finding truth collectively is pretty nice though


>im done with you though
that makes two of us


i would add plane watching as well.
unfortunately all 3 of those are hard to come by where i live except for birds but only in summer


Plane watching sounds like a good way to get glow in the darks knocking at your door to "ask a few questions".


The amount of mental hoops you people go through to justify being joyless assholes is astounding.


scything, or any solitary activity where u can be as autistically passionate as the guy in vid rel


We live in a post 9/11 world and most western countries are rightfully conserved about spies.


I used to live near a private airfield, and each year it hosted planes for an airshow further away. There would be a group of 30 people at the end of the runway to take photos and get buzzed by the jets. There was a airport security truck that did regular patrols around the perimeter, but this was presumably to check for people breaching the fence, flying drones, or shining lasers.

The airport publishes a flight schedule, most aircraft have transponders that broadcast their location, and if you live locally you can see everything that flies in and out anyway. Are they spies?

If you're hanging around a military airbase you might be asked to move on, but it's not like you can hide jets taking off and landing. In the case of the CIA ferrying people between black sites in aircraft, those flights weren't discovered by plane spotters but people investigating the records of airfreight companies that made no sense. If you were a spy there's lots of avenues to collect information besides standing outside the airfield with a camera.


Vintage keyboards.
Mechanical keyboards in general are good normalfag repelant.
Vintage are especially so.


National security questions, because people hanging around airports are super suspicious, especially if they do it regularly and use equipment to do so.


Wtf you talking about? Mechanical keyboards are a massive thing among normies now. There is an entire market around it for normies who are willing to throw away their money at shit to impress their normie friends.



File: 1644050422328.jpg (50.69 KB, 400x300, 4:3, vintage-early-1970s-intern….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Vintage lawnmower repair is a good one. Namely because most normies don't really see value in these machines in the present day and aren't going to bother learning to repair or maintain them. Same with a lot of old appliances in general. Obviously things like game consoles or PCs or other iconic devices get remembered, but it takes some serious autism to get really passionate about things like GE alarm clocks or Betamax camcorders in the present day.


I don't know, just seen some hypernormie on youtube gush over his vintage desktop calculator collection. Had over a million views.
You would be surprised how many normies are into old stuff.


File: 1644233785678.jpg (114.53 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1647428145290.jpg (122.08 KB, 762x582, 127:97, 1647320174859.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Transformers, the toys and games and comics and shows. You can't really be a fan without collecting the toys and a lot of normals probably dont care to collect childrens toys. In terms of multimedia a lot of normals find giant robots to be silly so they dont care for it


>study god instead
nigger, THIS is what nigs do to feel smart


i kind of get it. if you're going to study something that is not pragmatically useful to you, that has no this wordly profit, it might as well be a God that promises you eternal heaven

if you study something useless, might as well die believing its the most useful thing in the world


idk how u could take it srsly if ur aware that ur just trying to trick urself


Some of you give too much of a fuck if something has normalfags, just do if you like it, seeking validation is for normalfags, transcend.


File: 1650988863371.jpg (99.08 KB, 334x500, 167:250, lach_pony--1555013625225-0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like to study intelligence agencies and their operations, narcos too (ndrangheta is very interesting, the books about pablo escobar are very interesting too), specially CIA in the nicaragua era, the poppy fields in afghanistan.


File: 1651023002016.jpg (253.57 KB, 1904x1070, 952:535, pl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to work in a hobby store and most poeple into model train stuff are married old guys with a lot of disposable income.
I agree with the wizards who said stuff like train or plane spotting, I used to follow some channels of guys who were into that and they seemed to live something pretty close to a wiz life.


File: 1651023627541.jpg (130.22 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ring.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know that the hobbies themselves attract a lot of normals but for a few years I have been getting into solo tabletop gaming.
Its pretty interesting to see all the board games that can be played alone, specially when the game is not supposed to support it but someone creates a solo mode for it. If you want to you can also create your own solo mode for games, I haven't done it myself though but could be a fun activity.
Then there's solo rpgs which I don't think any normal would ever attempt to do because you're basically using a computer aid to be both the DM and a player while acting your role by yourself in an empty room.
Also pic related is me preparing the table to play War of the Ring (2 player game) by myself using a fanmade solitaire variant.


File: 1651033835960.png (32.34 KB, 300x419, 300:419, 02090.png) ImgOps iqdb

I like the design of solo board games way more than I do similar videogames. I like that things have to be simplistic enough for players to operate it themselves and that all randomness is fully visible and impossible for the game to manipulate.

If you play something like Civ, you're never going to actually sit down every turn and map out the optimal move, there is just way too much stuff going on and a lot of the information/systems are obfuscated. You basically just rely on heuristics. Board games feel a lot more puzzle like, there is always a mathematically "correct" move you can realistically solve for and I think that's a lot more interesting.

Have you played the Arkham Horror card game? It's probably my favorite, but I'm a huge fan of TCGs and it solves the biggest problem I've always had with them. That being deckbuilding is the most interesting part of the game, but that part is usually already solved by the competitive hivemind so attempting to engage with it is just a waste of time at best. Arkham is solo/coop and I think the overall online community's opinions on a lot of cards is just wrong, so there's value in building your own and it's fine to play suboptimal cards.


>digging tunnels
>boats on bottles
>model (military, vehicles, anime/cartoon, games, etc)
>rc things (car, airplanes, etc)
>solo camping
>solo hiking
>solo trekking
>solo climbing
>cave exploring
>book printing


File: 1651066168973.jpg (92.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ae.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have played Arkham 2nd and 3rd ed but haven't tried the LCG yet, its kind of hard to come by where I live and seems like a huge commitment in terms of money.

I do have Aeon's End for solo deckbuilding fun, I think you might like it if you haven't tried it yet.


File: 1651079391974.jpg (871.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, aeons_end_ss.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'd definitely advise against getting into the Arkham LCG if you aren't going to eventually buy 2+ expansions. The core set is the worst game related product I've ever purchased(slightly less bad now with the revised core) and with just one expansion the cardpool is a little shallow so it's kind of just an extremely expensive mediocre campaign game. The whole thing is on TTS though along with custom content, and is probably a better experience due to the lack of setup, so I'd still recommend checking it out there.

Is Aeon's End good with only one character or do you need to play two? I love the concept and the art, it reminds me of 90s pc games, but I'm not a huge fan of managing multiple characters in such complicated games. Which box would you recommend, I think there are like 5 now.

Just looked it up while typing this out and saw there was a steam version, got excited before seeing what an absolute mess the UI is.


File: 1651095240630.jpg (212.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Is Aeon's End good with only one character or do you need to play two?
you can perfectly play it single handed, however the game does get considerably harder and you lose some of the fun combos that can only be done with two characters.
Playing with two characters at the same time its not hard really, its perfectly manegeable as there's not that much bookkeeping.
>Which box would you recommend, I think there are like 5 now.
I personally started with the original Aeon's End box, I think its the ideal starting point and it comes with a pretty decent cardpool so it can last for a while without having to immediately buy an expansion.

Also I might give the Arkham LCG on TTS a try, I usually feel like TTS is way too clunky and confusing for me but might work just to try it.


Cute. They combined zombies with idols and actually made it work well. They were hotter without their makeup tbh. Those dark blue circles around their eyes and stitches looked good, but the eye size perhaps made them all a little too cutesy, except for Tae who has small eyes and never regained her ability to speak. I also loved when Sakura's eyes popped out of her head from shock and the time her head came off and they had to distract the visitor so he wouldn't figure out they're zombies. The Lily tranny arc was interesting, and the courtesan arc started interesting but it dragged on a tad long. The full metal jacket reference was on point, and so was Sakura's introducing the succubi as 1-ko, 2-ko, 3-ko, 4-ko, 5-ko, 6-ko and 0-ko to that old lady at the shelter following the flood. I could keep going, but it might be pointless with a 3 month old post. Shall I continue?


>DIY gene editing
>cross breeding/designer breeding insects/plants
>3d printed guns
>synthetic DIY drugs
>studying conspiracy theories
>home rat experiments
theres a lot to be done honestly



Care to post any home rat experiments? I need some ideas to get started, I think.

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