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File: 1613840387112.jpg (44.59 KB, 420x271, 420:271, trains.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What are the most autistic hobbies? The most hardcore and obscure interests that a normalfag can never hope to penetrate? I don't mean retarded lolcow shit, but things that require study or have a technical bent. Pic related kind of, that's the sort of stuff I'm getting at.


>the most autistic hobbies?
report posts on wizchan


Probably becoming an outsider artist like Henry Darger.


File: 1613841165130.png (734.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1613244695632.png) ImgOps iqdb

probably not what you're looking for but id say building lego sets as an adult male would be extremely autistic since it's seen as a kids hobby


Not at all. You see A LOT of normal people on Lego conventions, not only that but most of the more impressive builds out there are made by guys with engineering degrees and two kids that he loves to bring to the event.

Building Lego as an adult is not even weird anymore I don't think, there are several sets obviously targeted at fully capable adults.


Just to name a few:
>playing the Nintendo 3DS
>watching obscure anime
>posting on >>>/b/
>collecting Pokémon trading cards
>studying quantum physics
>reading books on philosophy


>Building Lego as an adult is not even weird anymore I don't think
Yeah a lot of people seem to use it to chill out now. A lot of men are kind of nerdy now and enjoy little creative projects, especially ones that don't feel like work.


Model train guys are very social with each other and often hang out at the local shop talking shit for hours at a time. If you want actual autistic hobbies you need to look at bird or train watching. You can do it solo for the cost of a notepad.


>playing the Nintendo 3DS
Vidya isn't obscure
>watching obscure anime
Anime isn't obscure
>posting on >>>/b/
This post belongs there
>collecting Pokémon trading cards
Normalfag as it comes. Youtube just had a boom in pokemon pack openings. Made a shit load of channels big from buying packs. It screwed over people wanting older packs because the youtubers sky rocketed the packs.
>studying quantum physics
Study God instead.
I agree.
>reading books on philosophy
This is what niggers do to feel smart


Development of free software and free operating systems like linux, haiku and BSD. This is all volunteer based. The SJW normalniggers tried to poz and infiltrate it but it just spawned forks like devuan, pale moon etc


>Study God instead.
This is totally not something a normalfag would do.


Chinese character/kanji calligraphy (if you are not chinese or japanese)


Palemoon doesn't have close to the users Firefox does.

Religion has been the home of virgin men for centuries. Monks are the original wizards.

Homeless people should focus on their own lives instead of bitching at others.


Ah, you've seen my post history huh?
Anyway homeless people have all the time in the world. What else is there to do?


File: 1613854472315.png (12.65 KB, 514x519, 514:519, Otaku Level Chart.png) ImgOps iqdb


No, it's just incredibly obvious who you are. You're the angry homeless guy who got kicked out by his family. Might it be for wanting to dress as a succubus?

>Pornography is less harmful than trains
What the fuck?


OP here, most of that isn't what I'm getting at. Like it has things like idols, seiyuu, and anime listed in the crazy/harmful field, but none of those take any investment or ability. They're just passive consumption of low brow material. Anyone who is a loser can do it.


autism in this context is merely obsession. pick anything and go balls to the wall in specializing in it and you'll be the type of "autistic" you're looking for.


>>Pornography is less harmful than trains
i agree


That's because Palemoon is for erudite wizards.


File: 1613860026543.jpg (169.04 KB, 900x1125, 4:5, pdp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>mechanical desk calculator restoration
>reenacting ancient experiments and observations, like aristarchus' measurement of the moon
>running an amateur weather station
>vintage computing (altair, dec, vax, imsai)
>history of experimental military technology
>attempting to revive dead programming languages (pl/i, plankalkul, apl, oberon)
>using an emulator's debugger to patch, or simply explore the memory of, old video games
>miniature steam engines




modding videogames, specifically Halo Custom Edition


This is the one worth striving towards forget the rest


I have been obsessed with firearms, mostly longguns, for many many years. It's something I'm very embarassed to talk about because the few times I've brought it up people start joking about me being a danger which makes me sad. I've had a long autistic obsession with mechanics of things like engines too but firearms is what really stuck with me. I had a phase where I would look at patents and recreate all the working parts out of hardened paper maché and thin sheet metal to make mechanical copies that could feed, have a working fire control group and eject cartridges but of course not fire. Though I havent been able to make anything recently because every time I try I get reminded of people laughing at me.
There is something I find very beautiful in a machine that can run like an engine and throw peices of metal at thousands of feet per second tens, hundreds or even thousands of times a minute all fitting into a small package working purely mechanically. Such delicate precission turning into chaotic destruction. It's so very sad that people have to think I like violence, war or death to apreachiate such fine machinery


It is not uncommon to see socials who get into religion, particularly east-asian religions such as buddhism and hinduism, mostly for the social value.
However, not a single one of them would be actually serious and learn sanskrit to read all the original literature, they instead engage in groupthink.
I guess the answer is: learn sanskrit or hebrew and actually study god.

Another one that fits the bill squarely is playing Core War.




Now this is the stuff.


File: 1614045307802.jpeg (191.65 KB, 978x622, 489:311, mechanicaladdingmachine.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



I remember becoming quite obsessed with core war for a while. What a strangely intriguing game that was.


I hope you find the will to build things again, as that sounds like an interesting thing to do, speaking as someone who doesn't have much mechanical aptitude.


Technologically speaking, guns are marvellous creations.
I especially like the small kind. I know next to nothing, but a colt, or a revolver seems is what I like.
I might buy one soon.


I'm not sure what I would call it to refer to it casually, but I like to combine knowledge of different, usually unrelated things. For example, making a mini hydroponics system you can control and monitor from some device would be a combination of botany, fluid mechanics, general handyman skills, programming, and networking skills. You might call it tinkering but the best part of it is the study and learning process of acquiring the skills you think you need, and learning from each successive failure until you get it just right!

I also really like models and displays, like pic related. A whole world full of happiness and comfy all built by me!


File: 1614189962401.mp4 (892.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ak.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Started working away with the knife, chisel some newspapers, sheet metal and a 5 dollar metal scissor. I still suck at making stocks and my rotating bolts wear out quickly. Mags are also a lot trickier than one would think. Thanks for the encouragement wizard


Very cool, anon


File: 1614564674006.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, CEEBE6E0-8029-477E-8A22-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks anon, Really mean it. Been working on a PKM too but there is just a shitload pf material and bending the receiver and top cover is a bitch with no bending equipment. Trying to figure out the stock folding mechanism of the aks74u. The fire control group is pretty much finished with the trigger getting cocked by the bolt moving and the disconnector is working. The inner rails are hard too, the piece keeping the bolt from rotating early gets pressed hard enough that if pops loose too which I need to figure out a solution too. In the meanwhile have this small model I made in an evening 90% from memory.


is buying a real gun not an option?


I don’t make them for actual use, they are just a hobby of mine and something to do with my hands while I watch something on the computer or listen to music. If I wanted to I could make a variety of different firearms like the FGC9 or MOD9 but I don’t have any need for one and I would only risk getting buttfucked by government.


Nice wiz, keep at it. Have you considered making cap guns? The kind that just make a pop and smoke with those red ring or paper strip caps. As a kid I had a miniature replica Kar98 and MP40 that articulated fully, and a single cap could be put in the chamber. They were only a few inches long but great fun


Yes, if I put a cap in the place of the primer these guns would make a bang as they still have moving firing pins/hammers/strikers


>vintage computing (altair, dec, vax, imsai)
Regrettably, this is becoming more of a normalfag endeavor because of channels like CGR and others. Granted, it's mostly focused on consumer hardware that could play games, and not so much the enterprise/educational/scientific stuff.


File: 1617623885375.jpg (111.81 KB, 1000x450, 20:9, refrigerantSlideRuleImprov….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've gotten into making slide rules recently. Attached is an example of what I last made. I use a printer and then laminate the pieces together to make the physical slide, and finally usually just use a piece of string for the guide.

The actual marks I create a giant array of where all the tick marks have to be, and then put this array in Python to do all the more picky, manual stuff like denoting exactly where the labels should be and offsetting the tick marks off of each other based on the arrays for each line. There's a surprising amount of minute detail that you have to pay attention to in order to get as much as possible to fit together.

I'd like to do something like this to make a combined astrolabe/planisphere, only make it look proper "magical" by including all the astrological stuff on it as well. Maybe have it look like some weird divining tool somehow.


you need to make images with extremely higher resolutions. printers have a really high dpi. otherwise you have weird cases where the distances between ticks isnt uniformly increasing


I once made an astrolabe. All I did was to take a template I found on the internet, and as precisely as I could I copied them into a vector image using inkscape. Then I lasercut it into pieces of mdf board and put them together. The laser cutter also engraved the lines for the altitude and stuff. The characters (numbers and names for stars in some cases) weren't printed because the svg file stored them as glyphs instead of paths.

Ever since I've wanted to o it properly. The altitude plates are made with mathematics, and now that I've been learning postscript I may perhaps be able to do it, but it's not one of my current goals. I have also learned some about fonts and unicode and all that, perhaps I could include some zodiac signs in the ecliptic (those old alchemical signs).

Anyway, fun fun fun. Good luck with that.


File: 1618426643900.jpg (178.74 KB, 1280x961, 1280:961, autism.jpg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

kanji calligraphy as one anon pointed out
rewriting book pages in notebooks (some measure the page gabarites, font size etc.)
redrawing hand-drawn advertisement papers
collecting miniature car models was a thing too
collecting leaves
learning forgotten/extremely hard/extincting/ancient languages


Retro computing is a bit of a normalfag hobby, but the thing that most normies don't want to do is actually PROGRAM for retro computers. I'd really recommend learning ASM with something like Chibiakumas.




People like that are the biggest normalfags on the planet.


Punching myself


he was not a normalfag he was too messed up for even wizchan. people who try to be outsider artists would be normalfags though


He did it before it was 'cool' though. He never had the thought 'I'm going to be an outsider artist!' - that is what can correctly be identified as normalfag thinking. Darger just did what he found to be interesting, and created something very interesting.


What about electronic circuits? Like making high voltage flyback drivers or other semi-complex things for no purpose other than to entertain myself for a few hours?


train spotting.
anyone who is into that shit is 100% autist. normies joke about it, but i see them everywhere. skinny, middle-aged men watching the trains. they look happy, wish I could be happy…


Anyone else into lone archery? No clubs just shooting arrows in the backyard or in the woods.


File: 1637380945860.jpg (390.25 KB, 900x602, 450:301, مرمی.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>arabic calligraphy
>learning ancient/extinct languages
>writing poems-essays etc. in those said languages
>linguistic phonetics
>history of an extremely specific subject (like studying the migration of saka tribes into the indo-greek kingdom in hindu kush or whatever)
>strategy game modding


Mathematics. This is the final answer. Mathematics is the most autistic hobby; in particular obscure branches of mathematics that, as of yet, appear to have no application to the real world.


Mathematics has a lot of normies. Trust me, I did a master in mathematics.


I think my most obscure hobby is hex and counter wargaming.
Board Games have become quite hip but wargaming is a true exception. Imho even miniature wargaming ala gamesworkshop is still on the fringes, maybe people might know about it but not many play it. For hex and counter wargaming it is even worse. Currently dominated by bunch of boomers who still want to play with their favorite toys from 70s.
Many games are out of print or being reprinted by few companies who charge a lot because they cannot make a profit on volume. It has variety of themes and one can find anything from napoleonic warfare to ancient warfare.
But the most autistic of all hex counter wargames must be advanced squad leader, a squad based ww2 wargame. It is not that obscure within the hobby and even quite popular. But it is one of the most complex and detailed wargame out there the rules of it is absurdly long and you can simulate a variety of factors. Currently played by fat old boomers throughout anglosphere.


Idk if this counts but I've been making all kinds off different music since i was in high school and never released any of it. In high school I was doing dark industrial ambience, I also did an NSBM demo. Now im doing EDM rave music with NS themes, working on a song right now with WLP samples. All self taught on drums, guitar and keyboard.


Pretty cool wizzie. Did you learn arabic by yourself? Any good websites,books? thx


File: 1641956189405.jpg (689.15 KB, 1060x1500, 53:75, 35308a71d4efa5d76a9c650886….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Zombies. I've been called autistic many times for:
>reading zombie books
>having zombie succubus dakis
>my anti-zombie weapon collection
>playing L4D2 with the blinds closed and a can of Bawls within arm's reach
>see above but for cod zombies
>being "that guy" in my halo clan who only plays infection
>running around the block for the sole purpose of not becoming zombie food
>and let's not forget…the powdered eggs and jerky stash


Can second this. Also have a master's (on a completely obscure, unapplied topic).
Mathematics at the research level is an incredibly social activity. Single-author publications are not that common anymore and become rarer every year; most math is collaborative now. All the professors I knew spent a decent chunk of every day socializing.
There's also the broader academic issue of the fact that in order to get _anywhere_ in academics, you need social leverage. Scholarships, recommendation letters, grad school offers, job offers, collaborations, journal acceptances, extracurricular opportunities, literally everything is done on the basis of social clout.

I bailed with a master's because once I got into grad school I realized there was absolutely no way somebody like me was ever going to succeed in academia.


Maybe I’m just lucky but aside from recommendation letters (which people will write for you as long as they vaguely remember you exist) I’ve managed to navigate grad school and the job market on cold calls. I’m not in math though.


Thoughts on Zombieland Saga?


Languages are by far one of the most impenetrable hobbies. It's easy for some normgroid to do a duolingo course and think they're smart, but to actually become fluent and comfortable in multiple languages especially in different families is rare. If any of you have ever seen the attendees of a language meetup, they would look exactly like the stereotypical nerds from decades ago. I've seen people get into heated debates over things like whether Galician was just a dialect of Portuguese or if the CEFR scale translated to actual skill. One argument got so bad that I heard one guy called another an ugly tranny then he got excommunicated from the group. I know users on imageboards like to use autistic in a humorous way, but there are actually a disproportionate amount of autists in serious language learning communities.


>ugly tranny then he got excommunicated from the group.
Seems like even this hobby is infected with trannies. Any hobby is good when you don't have to deal with people.


autists are obsessed with being transgender for some reason


there is no normalfag-proof hobby. any hobby you can perform alone without an audience and only yourself to entertain should be very close to normalfag-proof however.


Speedrunning. I only recently realised there are communities around e.g. playing Spyro for your entire life trying to have the fastest time


That is full of normies(and trannies), for some reason.


I mean, it’s full of trannies because it’s autistic. There’s an extremely high correlation between autism and gender dysphoria.


Yes, that is CIA's plan in destroying nerds and autistic people. Just like how they used drugs to destroy black people decades ago.


Well they did a shitty job, we still have tons of them.


They did not. Blacks are hated by many people, easily assumed to be robbers, can't be trusted in any position, etc. The only people who praises them are americans because their culture is centered around black people.


File: 1642087134598.gif (423.73 KB, 464x381, 464:381, 1503580560090.gif) ImgOps iqdb

tl:dr, it's all a theater play, and if you don't like transexuals, you don't get a role.

Speedrunning these days is more of a performance art than anything. It's not so much about the game as it is about the person playing it. It takes no small amount of charisma, readability, and extreme expressive disposition to "make it" in speedrunning now. I don't believe the lot of them are genuine. Much of the joy of watching speedruns is seeing the runner fail, like how the only reason females watch NASCAR is to see cars crash and men burn alive. Without failing, the playtime, and therefore viewership and amount of donations received, is greatly hindered. because of this I can't help but feel most of them fake much of their shortcomings just to pad out their donation window. I mean, getting payed hundreds of dollars a day to die in the same video game over while mumbling to a bunch of bored normortals who hate you. These runners need to chose between holding the big digital trophy for a few days, or having those days pay off financially big time. Of course those who don't actually want to win the game in record time are going to vlog about their mundane social lives and e-drama while hitting the same few buttons over and over. Salt compilations are the most viewed of any runner's videos, and they just attract trolls to the freakshow to see the monkey go bananas in person, throwing him peanuts in the hope he'll trip in the shells and make a bigger ass of himself.

There's also a buttload of politics infesting the scene too, but of course only what's allowed in mainstream discourse. You can criticize Mr. Cosmo's former, objectively impressive LoZOoT WR run as being shoddy and faked and receive open agreement, but suggesting Cosmo's video quality dropped since he became Ms. Cosmette and ceased speedrunning all together warrants a ban and ostracism. A renowned speedrun originalfag and good guy with a passion for documenting the early days of the hobby was "exposed" as a racist after someone asked him in private chat basically what official medical documents has to say about Race X and how it differs from Race Y. He was cancelled in the fullest way possible, and others who he collaborated with were targeted for having once or twice ever played a game with him. A fellow unbiased influencer who documents technical aspects of the hobby was targeted because of their connection, his toddler threatened, and his actual cancer mocked.

If SPEED_WIZ were to hop on Twitch and get the big fast run, regardless of how many tries he had documented prior, there would be protest and reluctance to give him the top spot because nobody "knows" him; they don't know his opinions on Gender, Race, Donald Trump, Seed Oils, and size XXXXL females. Until they know his opinions on all of these subjects aligns with the Social Justice quo, they will shutter him away. They don't know if he's a friend they'd want to have, and that's all they want. Friends and allies - not speedrunners, gamers, nerds, or even just regular people. They want speedrunning to be their own echo chamber and safe space and so that's what it's become. Even the big commercial speedrun festivals barely donate to ethical charities such as cancer research anymore, instead opting to raise money for social non-issues.


>CIA used drugs to destroy blacks
LMAO explain niggers in Africa then.


>If SPEED_WIZ were to hop on Twitch and get the big fast run, regardless of how many tries he had documented prior, there would be protest and reluctance to give him the top spot because nobody "knows" him; they don't know his opinions on Gender, Race, Donald Trump, Seed Oils, and size XXXXL females. Until they know his opinions on all of these subjects aligns with the Social Justice quo, they will shutter him away.

That is correct, Satan. This applies to the vast majority of human endeavors, outside of strict professional settings (and within them, too). Maintaining a neutral stance on such topics and keeping your mouth shut (we used to call this "tact") doesn't seem to work either and seems to set them on edge, for some reason.


That has no bearing on what he just said.


File: 1642130612710.png (375.98 KB, 1009x961, 1009:961, wildyslayer.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Runescape to be honest mate. It takes forever, you make a bit of dough in the end, it's non-educational, it's a grind and an endless list of shit to do, just a complete behemoth of a game, autists pick of the gaming hobby.

A normie one is self-improvement. If you wanna get out of the robot life I recommend you take some courses on coursera or something, idk.


runescape is filled with normalfags these days, all 20-something’s that talk about their gfs, work, and politics, unless they’re busy scamming you, play as a level 3 skiller and meet real autism while frustrating normpkers that can’t attack you unless your in level 60 wildy


>What are the most autistic hobbies? The most hardcore and obscure interests that a normalfag can never hope to penetrate?

Mathematics. This is the final answer. It's an entire world inside your head.


this and string theory, quantum physics for a 0.000000000001% chance of finding something practical and getting wizrich


physicists don't make any money, even if they become famous.


String theory is what happens when physicists think they are mathematician. The sooner thet drop this, the less annoying those people will be.

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