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File: 1613878635449.jpg (26.6 KB, 560x490, 8:7, SAK_1_3703__S1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any fellow enthusiasts here? I'm into wood carving and metal working stuff and like anything related to knives and multitools or EDC related stuff. I personally have a Victorinox Climber and a cheap chinese Multitool plier and that's enough for my uses. Also have a generic fixed blade knife that I learned to use for different stuff like wood carving, opening cans and other home stuff. I mostly use them at home when doing stuff in my garden

>SAK Wiki


>Multitool wiki



File: 1613884859174.png (2.29 MB, 2133x1559, 2133:1559, sadness.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wanted to get pic related (Ranger Grip 178) or a 79 without the serrated blade. But being a poorfag NEET with limited handout money from family it was always too hard to justify.
Now that my back got fucked I don't even delude myself with the idea of outdoors activity.

I still desire one to this day though. I had the opportunity to hold one of these before and I felt a primal joy like no other. Like being a child again for a brief moment.

>like wood carving

What kind of fixed blade are you using and for what kind of carving? I tried picking it up as a hobby, but like all others I gave up early. (Only thing I made also in the picture, it wasn't with a victorinox knife though.

If you have a small victornox knife, there is an old man on youtube that carves using it.
I guess the correct terminology is whittling in this case.



my EDC knife is a cold steel kudu I shortened to 3", I like the weather and corrosion resistance of it's stainless and synthetic construction, the steel is a decent hardness I'd estimate at 52hrc and takes a good edge on a translucent arkansas stone, knife and gear fags would look down on it but it's served me well for 7 years using the crap out of it

my only other non-weapon edc is an equally cheap chinese flashlight that beats any other I've owned


>What kind of fixed blade are you using and for what kind of carving?
It's 18 cm knife that I got as a present long time ago. It only says "japan sources steel" on the blade, it's black coated. The coating got kinda fucked after heavy use but the steel is ok and it retains the edge very well

So far I made wood tweezers, the cover of a box and started doing a design in a wood plate to print with ink but using the knife only was unnecessarily dificult so I ended using a chisel

>I guess the correct terminology is whittling in this case.

Yeah you are right


Do you guys take your knives apart to clean them ever? I use a cheap switchblade from amazon and after several years it tends to get to the point where the hinge is so gunked up it can't open with the spring alone anymore. I just usually buy a new one because they're so cheap but I realize I should probably be servicing it.


Do you have wd-40? Maybe it can do the work


Yes, every week during summer and autumn. It would be unhygienic not to, because it's used to cut wild fruits or apples for lunch. If it's all stainless construction it should be easy to clean like >>57069 implies.


File: 1614022927397.jpeg (1023.98 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, A8DBB5DD-2A97-4A67-AA22-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Found this knife ages ago doing mandatory army service, has served me well since then and only had to do minor cleanup. The sheet I bought after


Leatherman are glorified, overpriced trash. I've seen the metal saw getting dull after being used and the tool itself full of rust. Also the scissors of some models have a factory defect that makes the spring to break even if not used


Do you guys think is better to have a SAK and a knipex or something like that rather than a leatherman?


that looks like a Fallkniven knife.

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