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File: 1616127738032.jpeg (28.68 KB, 497x316, 497:316, 314BE12F-E7CA-4B16-A5C7-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


How does one meditate? I want to try it, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. I have tried somewhat before but I didn’t get much out of it.


The standard zen method is pretty straightforward. Sit in seiza or crosslegged if you'd rather, don't close your eyes fully, but almost, so that you can barely see anything (the point is not to fall asleep, but be conscious the whole time) and try to let your thoughts go freely without focusing on any specific topic. Thoughts will come, but you have to let them go as well, and not linger on any of them. Think of it as letting them pass in front of you, without you either interfering or reacting to them. It's commonly said that you should focus on your breathing, as this sort of a focus will pull you out if you start dwelling on something involountarily. Some people also use sounds to help them, like a recitation of specific texts, or some basic rythmic musical sound.
Starting out even 10 minute long session may be difficult, as you will most likely have trouble letting go of thoughts that stress you out or make you feel any emotions. Plus just sitting like that on the ground may make you feel discomfort. Either way, good luck.


File: 1622585090397.png (287.46 KB, 356x554, 178:277, .png) ImgOps iqdb

This. Some minor additions: If you experience knee pain, stop and spend some time loosening your hips and legs. If you experience lower back pain, roll your hips slightly forward. If you feel tension in your diaphragm as you draw breath down to the hara, let it out as you exhale. If you feel constricted, sit on a taller zafu. I still sit burmese or half lotus most of the time, it doesn't matter as long as you are rooted and stable.

Zazen is almost a form of anti-meditation, so don't worry about getting anything out of it. The image that comes to mind is your body is as still and solid as a mountain, but your spine is supple and gently reaching upwards like a flower's stem. Once you're in the posture everything else works itself out.


why is it important to sit in a specific postion? can't I just sit on a chair and recline while meditating?


>can't I just sit on a chair and recline while meditating?
You are 100% likely to fall asleep! And if you do not (also a 100% chance) then you are too restless to lose your mind to meditation.


Cult shit
Anything that can't be achieved by thought alone is worthless


look for deep breathing exercises somewhere, that's all you could get from "miditation"


What about lying down? I have a lot of trouble sleeping and it doesn't even make me a bit sleepy. I know it wouldn't be zazen, but is it okay for mindfulness meditation? I'm interested in developing more mindfulness.


Meditation as it's commonly described is nothing more than a fancy relaxation technique. I'm convinced that the real traditions and practices are kept secret from outsiders. I mean, all this focus on sitting positions, breathing, doing absolutely NOTHING in your head. You turn inward, towards this incredible thing that is responsible for all your experience and you just…do nothing.

There are an infinite amount of internal movements you could make, so much you could discover and learn about your mind, yet you are discouraged from interacting with it, just…let it go. And the real zinger is, after all this nothingness, at the end of it you get just that. After 20 years of practice, you've built nothing, you've discovered nothing, you've just wasted ten thousand hours sitting in front of a TV that's turned off. And this is enlightenment, they call it.

Sounds like the perfect distraction. I mean it's genius. What better way to stop regular people from becoming enlightened than just telling them to do nothing. Just get to the door of the palace and don't bother even knocking on it, stay there forever.


i like this meditation conspiracy


The specific positions, breathing exercises and focus techniques are there to help you develop the habit of meditation. In fact you can mediate anywhere, doesn't matter what you're doing or your body position, doesn't even matter if you're talking to someone. At first though you're advised to follow some rules to help you get started.


Meditation practice that is focused on emptying the mind are about destroying the illusion of ego and getting as close as a human can to objectively experiencing the world as it is moment to moment with no attachments.

If something like that isn't your goal or interest there are plenty of other meditation practices that have different objectives and methods.
They are hidden, just less popular in mainstream culture.

What exactly do you seek through meditation? What do you think is hidden from you?


What are your opinions on meditating while doing other things or in the midst of lots of distractions (people talking, having to move…)? I wageslave and it would be great to turn that time into something actually good, but I haven't been able to figure out a technique.


>why is it important to sit in a specific postion?
That's what Siddhartha was doing under the bodhi tree at the point of awakening.

>Meditation as it's commonly described is nothing more than a fancy relaxation technique.
Sure, just like yoga as it's commonly described is simply aerobics.


I think it is more of a intermediate to advanced technique for people who are already good at meditation under calm conditions.
It takes practice to get to that point.


>What exactly do you seek through meditation?

True enlightenment. An understanding of your mind that affords true mental freedom, not this "didn't think about work for 20 minutes today" crap. Observing your own thoughts and bodily sensations is a tool, an instrument for further work, it's level fucking zero, not the end goal itself. It's like buying a hammer and practicing your air swings and expecting a house after 20 years. Only dumb uninitiated goys actually believe this.

>Sure, just like yoga as it's commonly described is simply aerobics.

Yes, exactly. But because brown people invented it, you are willing to mystify it beyond that. If yoga wasn't anything but that, white suburban housewives would be the most enlightened demographic in America. At least those tummies and asses are getting tighter.


>An understanding of your mind
True enlightenment and understanding comes when one realizes that there is no mind. It is simply a illusion.
Seeing through that illusion and experiencing that truth is one of the goals in many practices of meditation.


>there is no mind

Another genius misdirection. Apart from doing nothing, you should also actively try to convince yourself that there is nothing there. The more you try to reach enlightenment, the further away you are from it, incredible…Surely they wouldn't lie to us?


File: 1644080861078.jpeg (173.1 KB, 470x591, 470:591, a.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Yes, exactly. But because brown people invented it, you are willing to mystify it beyond that.
We should be cautious about projecting today's demographics on the past, particularly where there's a political motivation to make racial claims to the land and its traditions.


File: 1644087223539.png (1.28 MB, 742x1085, 106:155, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am fucking tired of you stormfags saying bodhidharma was white, stop stealing my culture. They were clearly brown and picrel was a 10th centaury Indian mural paintings.


File: 1644090152934.jpg (443.96 KB, 1314x526, 657:263, Cave_of_the_Painters_(deta….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The guys picture you are enraged at is 9th century.
And he is right with what he said.
>Stop stealing my culture.

monks, 478-536 CE



Nobody has made any claims about the Indian subcontinent.


File: 1644100490504-0.png (248.03 KB, 485x278, 485:278, amazen.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1644100490504-1.jpg (129.59 KB, 953x539, 953:539, gopi krishna.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1644100490504-2.png (945.98 KB, 532x746, 266:373, kalash girl india.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Meditation as it's commonly described is nothing more than a fancy relaxation technique.
That is what is has become in the West. Same with yoga. What has come from the East into the West has been almost completely bastardized and watered down. What do Westerners think today when they hear the word 'yoga'? - they think of doing various poses (asanas) and stuff like that, but completely neglect the true definition of yoga as union with God and the cessation of the permutations of the mind, allowing the soul to abide in its own true nature. This is real yoga and the goal of all true and fruitful meditation. If one is just sitting there and breathing they are wasting their time. Buddhist meditation methods in particular are a trap, that is why corporations are promoting it. Read the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras and the Upanishads if you want to learn real meditation and yoga.

Bodhidharma was probably White. There are many groups that look pretty White in what was the ancient Indian cultural sphere. Today we can find small groups of worshipers of Indra and other gods in rural Pakistan, the Kalash people. See my third pic. Parts of Afghanistan worshiped devas until the late 19th century as well, and many of them have red hair, blue eyes and other features. Many red-haired mummies have been found in the Tarim Basin as well in Eastern China. This is not to say that most of the subcontinent was not brown, or that brown people did not make great and innumerable contributions to Vedic, Buddhist and Jain spirituality, philosophy and culture. Ramanuja comes to mind, and that is only one example of many.


It's something you can experience for yourself. There is not "they" to lie.
It just is.


The elites are laughing at you…


You are an eternal spark of consciousness, the idea of no-self is cringe. The idea originates in a misunderstanding of an apophatic approach to the soul.


The soul doesn't exist.


The fact that one experiences oneself as a unitary conscious being over time, and the fact that there have been studies and cases of reincarnations, things such as out of body and near-death experiences all point strongly towards the existence of a soul.


Every account of reincarnation when investigated in detail always ends up having totally rational and mundane explanations that don't require the supernatural or soul.
The other things you said subjective misinterpreting of events caused by altered states such as oxygen deprivation or being in the transition between sleep and wakefulness. It is quite far from evedence of the supernatural such as souls.


Ah, so you're just another soulless physicalist. Leave this meditation thread.


File: 1644117301693.png (352.28 KB, 1038x594, 173:99, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Those are literal central asian paintings you retard. This man has 0 white features apart from blue eyes. Infact those features are clearing indic, just looking at his eye brows and nose.
Secondly, that isnt even bodhidharma those sogdians an indo-iranian group that adopted bhuddism.
>Blue-eyed Central Asian monk teaching an East Asian monk. A fresco from the Bezeklik, dated to the 9th or 10th century; although Albert von Le Coq (1913) assumed the red-haired monk was a Tocharian,[20] modern scholarship has identified similar Caucasian figures of the same cave temple (No. 9) as ethnic Sogdians.
The phenotypes of the people who composed the upanishads is obvious when looking at the name of the hindu gods.
>Etymologically speaking, the Sanskrit word 'Krishna' means black or dark. At times, it is also translated as “all attractive”. According to Vedas, Lord Krishna is a dark-skinned Dravidian god. Even in traditional patta chitras (cloth art) in Odisha, Lord Krishna and Vishnu are always shown having black skin.
Now go larp somewhere else faggot.
Bodhidharma was born in southern india, he was southern indian brahmin, there was literally 0 possibility he looked like a dardic person from pakistan. If you want claim anything you can claim the rig-veda, after that the sintasha admixture of vedic aryans dropped from 60% to 30%.


File: 1644119496156-0.png (3.77 MB, 2173x1162, 2173:1162, 1560185582314.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1644119496156-1.jpg (3.25 MB, 5460x2930, 546:293, 1628335786855.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1644119496156-2.png (95.42 KB, 812x1672, 203:418, 1559972305037.png) ImgOps iqdb

In 320 bce alexander the great described the northern indians as darker then the rest of the men and less darker then Ethiopians. Now stop trying to steal indian culture.


these two men look nearly nothing alike any random European man would probably look more like the monk.

>>61015 made the sensible and ostensibly innocuous comment that "We should be cautious about projecting today's demographics on the past, particularly where there's a political motivation to make racial claims to the land and its traditions"
He didn't make any claim that Bodhidharma was white but posted an image of a brown/red haired light skin central Asian monk with Caucasian features in response to a guy saying "it's a brown religion"

You associated the poster with "stormfags" like someone who calls anyone he disagrees with a nazi. This is because you are possessed by insecurities and have successfully deluded yourself into have some kind of righteous purpose where you resist 'stormfag' boogeymen who want to steal "your culture" and while assuredly they exist they are equally as insecure, ill tempered, irascible and insufferable as you are and to be taken just as seriously as you are (an amusing albeit wearisome joke which overstays it's welcome)
What is "your" culture? Bodhidharma being brown? or is Buddhism "your" culture and whites are "stealing it" what exactly are you defending? This is rhetorical I'd be better if you didn't answer these inane questions

This is a thread about meditation stop derailing because you form risible associations in your head. You are your own tormentor and your attitude would be more fitting on 4chad /his/


File: 1644126550617.png (2.04 MB, 2358x1571, 2358:1571, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Its clear that guy looks a typical central asian with blue eyes. Bodhidharma was born from the same caste and community as me. And we are lightskinned, have colored eyes but we are definetly not white.
And that same poster is calling bodhidharma white while posting random central asian monks.Im generally just tired of people on /pol/ etc claiming indian religons were made by Europeans.It was part of the reason I stopped using 4chad. The only thing that triggers me is stormfags claiming an entire culture, I dont mind if people follow bhuddism, hinduism, jainism etc. In 320 bce the greeks described indians as dark skinned, and in 900 bce Krishna is described as dark skinned, so is Draupadi. So its clear that bodhidharma was NOT WHITE, nor is most of indian history past the vedic age.
If you saw some black guy saying that beethoven was black, and that ancient romans were black, you'd probably correct him. If some med saw some northern european claiming romans were all nordic, he'd probably go and tell him thats not the case. Its the same for me.


What the hell does any of this race bullshit have to do with meditation?


There is nothing to fear in true and reality.


Nothing of course, I reported a couple of times but mods don't care. It's a good thing really, it points you at the right direction. Instead of wasting time here with people who don't care and don't take anything seriously, you can meditate, you can read books focusing on meditation by actual monks, you can read the Sutta Pitaka if you want to understand meditation in a Buddhist view, meditation doesn't make as much sense taken out of its religious context so you should at least know what Buddhists are trying to achieve with it in the first place. Good luck everyone, don't waste time.


This is why we should exercise caution, because the same people this wiz claims are Indic the Chinese claim to be Han. We have to look past the racial propaganda to the actual evidence on the ground at these sites.


I highly recommend this book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25942786-the-mind-illuminated

it is high quality and ideal for someone who wants to learn without a teacher and minimise the supernatural/spiritual elements that are often associated with meditation


File: 1644181598313.jpeg (241.08 KB, 1299x2560, 1299:2560, 1E900D3B-AA87-4A55-97FF-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’m not into meditation at the moment (it’s not for me), but when I was I found out about this book, bought a physical copy, and read a few chapters. It’s well-written and the introduction felt quite relatable. That being said, I do recall some spiritual mumbojumbo later on in the book. Classic stuff though, not new age nonsense. Anyway, the author put the whole book online for free: https://www.vipassana.com/meditation/mindfulness_in_plain_english.html

I hope you find what you’re looking for.


meditation is sort of like lucid dreaming to me
when i achieve a lucid dream, and i become lucid, then i feel two things:
1: incredible excitement because i feel i have a superpower in my hands
2: afraid to use the superpower because i fear that this state will go away when i use it

when i attain a peak meditative state, i feel like i have a superpower, that whatever i decide to focus on, will see big success
at the same time, i know that once i divert this deeply meditated state onto matters such as work or imagination, i will become distracted, and my mind will thus leave that meditative depth

maybe it needs more practice until i can maintain that state

how i attain it:
- relax body and breathe deeply and gently through the nose
- focus unrelentingly on my breath (meaning, do not for a second divert focus away from the breath)
- when unrelenting focus is had, relax whatever strain is necessary to keep up the focus, without losing the unrelentingness (meaning, relax the brain and the breath as much as possible without losing a non-divertive focus)

- keep breathing gently and deeply, keep the non-distracted focus, and relax the body and the brain further and further
- this will cause a brutally unrelenting, but still incredibly soft and silky focus that requires 0 effort
- at some point ur focus will be birthed into reality, the focus is no longer artificial

its kind of a weird contrast between "hardcore brutal unrelenting focus that will never ever for a millisecond divert" and "super relaxed focus that is barely noticeable and takes 0 strain of the brain muscles or whatever"

sort of a balancing act


WARNING: when u do this den u wont be able to feel a lot of feelings and u'll be sort of apathetic to things


Whenever I finish meditating, or am meditating, I feel like I'm just wasting my time.

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