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The last movie thread has reached the bump limit. Previous thread: >>54641
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Have any of you watched 'black mirror'? It is a tv show where each episode is independent and portrays a unique distopia caused by near-future technologies. The actors perform well and the main appeal of the show is projecting onto the main actor (different actor in each episode) and living out the distopia that they experience.

Each episode strikes in a unique psychological direction so you will likely find one which functions as a psychological 'shot in the dark'. This graduates the distopia from purgatory to hell, from Hades to Tartarus. The technologies that usher the world into hell, in these episodes, range from things that have already been developed since the show released in 2019, to technologies that are imaginable in 20-30 years.

One particular psychological shot in the dark hit me, and the episode also hit along what appears to be a philosophical weakness of mine, alternate worlds of the 'mind'. Like 'Dream of a Ridiculous Man' which is embedded (would highly recommend to any thoughtful person), but rather than this world being a philosophical beauty like in 'Dream', the character accidentally created a hell for himself in a brain-computer interface and died. The final shock that killed him was the same thing I am afraid of most, seeing my mom develop a mental illness.

That episode rattled me. Since I was shaken by a TV show episode, then my strength of will and my worldview must not be as strong as I imagine it to be.


I did, it was pretty alright though it had this air of pretentiousness about it in some episodes.


Do you agree that it is a good tv show that explores near-future dystopias?


I watched the first three seasons, I think it is rather hit or miss and I would agree with >>58806 that it is somewhat pretentious. The problem with that kind of defanged fiction is that in a way it serves to get the viewers used to what it appears to be more or less intensely decrying. Sometimes it makes you wonder if it was not what the author had in mind (think of science fiction and dystopia writers, Huxley is the most infamous example…) though I doubt that is the case here, but nevertheless it serves the same purpose. I have heard that they liked the show in China of all places.


just saw ferris bueller's day off, this flick is considered so "iconic" by people it's always being referenced somewhere but I don't see what so special about it, the main character is an obnoxious little bastard who deserved to get busted by the principal


Watched Planet of the Humans, which was a Michael Moore produced documentry that is about the green movement and envionmentalism.

On the one hand it is nice to see environmentalist exposed as the scammers and grifters they really are. On the other hand I was annoyed by them actively avoiding even acknowledging that nuclear exist because it would destroy their narrative.
Also totally don't agree with their conclusion their prefered solution is for everyone to live with a FAR lower standard of life and for a massive restriction of human population, though they don't have the balls to say how they think ether of those should be accomplished
And par for the course, they fearmonger the shit out of climate change, which was to be expected.

Still, nice of him to put it up free and in HD, and while as sensationalist and manipulative as his other work it is still worth a watch if you are able to do it with a critical eye open.


is videodrome worth a wwatch?


My two most recent watches are The Swordsman and Hanabi by Takeshi Kitano. The first was a rather run of the mill kidnapping story but the action scenes were great and the actor who played the protagonist was good too. Hanabi is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful films I've ever watched mainly because of the end.


When were they made?


The Swordsman was made last year and Hanabi in 97


Ok, thanks.
I will check them out.


Just found this. I can't believe how freaking many westerns those italians made. When people said "spaghetti western" I always thought they were just referring to the clint eastwood ones.


The world of Spaghetti Westerns is quite the voyage. If you're interested in some I would recommend Il grande silenzio, Vamos a matar companeros, They Call me Trinity, and The Big Gundown. Italians also made a lot of horror films called giallo and a lot of crime films called poliziotteschi. I don't know how such a small country managed to make all of those.


I'll research those and probably watch them. I loved the eastwood movies, there was a certain feel to them to me that's missing in american made westerns, and I'm curious to see if it's present more or less in the other italian made films.



Not clicking that.
Label your shit or be ignored


its about strong, independent females


saw the bumblebee transformers movie, it is really not as good as everyone says, the 80s nostalgia stuff that was supposed to be this huge selling point was overplayed, drawn from some corporate list of stock 80s references they always use when peddling retro merchandise, and embarrassingly forced at that, I had to start fast forwarding it, and of course they couldn't possibly make this flick without cramming heavy miscegenation propaganda into the fore

the only entertaining part was transformers doing martial arts, yeah, they're kickass martial artists in this flick instead of crude brawlers or using guns for everything, in the end it wasn't worth it though……


How do you find new stuff to watch? I just browsed through latest releases on IMDB and Metacritic and I feel as if ZOG took a shit on my face. Endless jewish trash.


that's the price to pay


You don't. Just watch old stuff only like me


Finding old stuff that you havent watched is a problem in itself


If you are looking for something to watch consider
- L'Enfant
I rewatched them recently and they are good movies that are depressing


why are film directors always killing steve buscemi


Antichrist (2009) seems like an interesting movie.


I saw it some time ago. There are some good scenes, but it's boring.


Stick to Russia, South Korea, and Japan for contemporary movies


Which genres do you like? There are at least 20 movies in each genre of spaghetti westerns, samurai, giallo, slasher, and poliziottescho that are worth watching for example


File: 1631093647365.jpg (161.68 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, parasite 2019.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hello Netizens, I just finished the movie Parasite (2019).
You may well have watched or at least heard about it as it does indeed seem quite popular and suggested a lot online.
This won't be a in-depth review but cursory and may inspire discussion or even a viewing.

I felt this film was a let down but maybe I am hard to please or it could be due to it being overhyped and maybe even both.
This movie is not one I will remember and for SK cinema it is not near as good as some other thrillers they have done.

The movie started off strong but turned into a mess and did not go anywhere or provoke much interest from me at all.
Stale narrative that brings nothing new at all and could have said a lot more given the potential to make certain statements.

I would give this a miss 4/10


File: 1631099499246.jpeg (94.19 KB, 444x625, 444:625, ex drummer.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched ex-drummer and have to say I am very disappointed. I read this movie was weird and messed up which gained my interest as I thought it may be off beat and creative but the movie is very sloppy.
It substitutes good writing and narrative with whatever appears weird.
The saving grace is the music and cinematography. The soundtrack is very good and sure to appeal to any fans of music who have "good taste".

This movie is altogether a waste of time and an hour too long. It comes off like it was made by edgy teens


You're absolutely spot on. I watched it the day it hit torrent sites before the hype and Oscars happened and even then I thought it was bad


Why do you think it is so popular? [spoiler] it seems most people are quite accepting of any movie with some type of twist and rate it high for exactly that. This movie did not really have a twist so much but the father staying in the basement and the other man prior is a "twist".

The issue may be that it was not realistic at all, at the start the movie was quite realistic with the family moving in and taking various jobs but then it got quite lazy.

I felt this movie really really missed the potential to say something with the moral dilemma that was shown with the family wanting to get ahead but putting other commoners in harms way.
It could have even made a point about ability versus privilege and there were a lot of chances for this to get explored but it never did in any sense.
Why did the father kill the man of the house? I don't understand that at all.
Korean films often do go OVER THE TOP though and become extremely unrealistic but usually it is only with excessive violence.
A character can have a boulder dropped on their head 100 times smashing it and then they get up and fight on for example.

Were people impressed by the movie? how?[/spoiler]


I don’t care for statements. The movie had a decent intrigue showing the family get themselves deeper and deeper into the lie, until it blows up in their faces. It was enjoyable, though the ending was kinda lackluster.


I think part of the reason is cronyism and another reason is how it managed to appeal so much to a wide audience while at the same time feeling artsy and as if it had a real message to convey.

Bong Joon Ho is an incredible suck up to anglosphere filmmakers and is friends with Tarantino. They shill each other's movies in their respective countries. It's quite possible that Tarantino did him a few favors to get him recognition with western audiences. I've also watched Bong Joon Ho's Memories of Murder and even that was just ok - better than Parasite but nothing spectacular. The guy isn't that great of a filmmaker in his own right. On the other hand, he also appeals to all of those "i only watch movies that are deep and have a hidden message" crowd because it's obvious that he's trying to convey something that fits this same crowd's ideals which is leftist thought and rich vs poor.


>The movie had a decent intrigue showing the family get themselves deeper and deeper into the lie, until it blows up in their faces.
It was quite vapid and lackluster in how this came to be though. It started to fall apart as soon as they got rid of the driver IMO. What a big fuck you the ending was it had forced suspense throughout the second half and that made it a real bore.
I'm surprised it was the same director as memories of murder as that film was at least cohesive, Parasite came across like reading some airport pulp fiction for all it had going for it.

Part of the reason the film left a bad taste in my mouth was how so many scenes which could have had deeper connections to others were simply a way to join the plot together.
For example the eccentric child's trauma amounting to no significance which is a running theme with a lot of events in the movie.
Am I being overly cynical? a sucker for realism and subtly over larger than life portrayals I may be but it was not enjoyable.

Could you share what your favorite titles are so I can take a peep? Anything very depressing also would be great as a side suggestion.

I do wish I could enjoy movies like others and it leaves me feeling I am too dumb to appreciate media even if I do understand it and this is often the case with books but sometimes a movie/something will grip me and it has to be very good.


It's fair for people to see a movie like Parasite and expect more character development out of it. It's not something like John Wick where you know what you are in for before you go into it and leave feeling content. Like I mentioned before, I'd like to give Bong Joon Ho the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe there was an original script that was better. As someone who is weary of Tarantino I'm just skeptical of anything that comes into contact with him.

Sure. Cold Fish by Sion Sono, Serie noire by Alain Corneau (I'm actually surprised more wizards don't know about this one), Spoorloos by George Sluizer, Das Weisse Band and Funny Games by Michael Haneke, Dogman by Matteo Garone, and Dragged Across Concrete by S. Craig Zahler, Il grande silenzio by Sergio Corbucci, High and Low by Akira Kurosawa. All of these have very depressing and bleak tones.

Just remember that movies are also made by people which means they can be imperfect and highly subjective to the point where not everyone will fully appreciate them. Your best bet may be to just watch casual movies with heavy action and fun for a bit just to try and enjoy something.


thanks for the suggestions I will be sure to watch them! as for casual movies I try watch anything and it is hard to enjoy it. I spent years just binging TV shows and movies but can't sit down and enjoy casual stuff now sadly.


File: 1631309175782-0.jpg (14.38 KB, 259x384, 259:384, Nil_by_mouth_poster.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1631309175782-1.jpg (105.49 KB, 1288x1600, 161:200, YQZ7RpGqF3uncaRrdKPcrnU0K6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

(spoiler free)
I watched Nil by mouth and Naked (1993) and wanted to do a post to share these gems with others here who they may appeal to.

Nil by mouth is easily one of the best films I have watched and is brutal realism of the depressing existence that life can be. Nil by mouth is about the dregs of society and is extremely realistic in its depiction. I rate this movie 10/10 for being such a successful piece of art.
I rate this movie so highly because it is a gritty realism in the essence and every aspect of the film lends itself to achieving the atmosphere of dread without any shock and awe.

Naked is worth a watch as well but not as good as Nil by mouth it is actually covering different subject matter. The movie has merit and does itself justice by being unique. Much less wizardly than the other movie but /dep/ rightly so.


File: 1631425028598-0.jpg (26.36 KB, 271x367, 271:367, Broken_(2012_film).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1631425028598-1.jpg (55.92 KB, 368x500, 92:125, this is england (2006).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Broken (2012)
This movie was good watching it has some rough edges without going over the top as it employs realism.
The movie is about a succubus and a few over characters including a wizard type character.
It is a sad movie but hopeful in its own way.
The soundtrack is good.
6.5/10 I rate it

This is England (2006)
A brutal movie that is gritty and harsh while retaining realism.
The movie is about polfags irl and is a coming of age tale. The soundtrack is very good for this movie.


the movies are ugly
the cinematography is completely devoid of any ambition or message and only exists as a medium for storytelling pablum
unironically I think this is the best criticism of them, they all look exactly the same and just visually very ugly and sterile

of course that happens when it's all CGI shit for the ADHD modern audience


Every super hero movie I have seen has been dogshit including the joker.
They lack any redeeming qualities for a discerning viewer unless hero shit is their autist obsession.
They bring nothing to the table they tell no story they are eye candy for man babies who outgrew daddy shaking keys in front of their face.


File: 1631461563955.jpg (69.02 KB, 256x359, 256:359, An_Elephant_Sitting_Still_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

An elephant sitting still (2018)
A four hour long suicide note.
other than the atmosphere this movie did not start to congeal into a cohesive story until over an hour had passed but I could tell it was good and deserved a watch.
The director killed himself shortly after completion of the film. This movie is not edgy or immature in how it presents reality it does not make anything larger than life it simply displays life and as many wizards know it is life that is the most horrid.



It is starting to annoy me that you keep saying things that aren't even remotly realistic realistic and displaying reality even though the movies are artsy fartsy heavily stylized and unreal.

The movies don't present reality. They aren't realistic. They don't display life as it really is.
They are artisic depictions that intentionally stray from reality to make a emotional or intellectual point about a aspect of the world that they are highlighting.

I know it's a autistic thing to get annoyed about but still.


If you define realistic as being shot with a go pro strapped to your head and essentially being a documentary sure but these movies are very realistic compared to other films. Nil by mouth is the most realistic depiction of street cretins I have seen.

None of these movies are fartsy artsy at all in the sense of the term I am familiar with except Naked (1993) in some ways. I have not reviewed the movies I have been watching and disliking because they are far fetched in how they present ideas and interactions.

What do you even mean?


>What do you even mean?

I thing the sentence
>They are artisic depictions that intentionally stray from reality to make a emotional or intellectual point about a aspect of the world that they are highlighting

It crystal clear in it's meaning.
If you can't understand that sentence then it's your problem.


more like it is your problem for being so hung on small details like some autist. If you cannot see how some movies are realistic depictions it is your problem.

If you cannot differentiate between some hollywoo shit and kitchen sink type indie film because of semantics you have the problem.


So what you are saying is you understood what the post meant and were just playing dumb because you don't like the opinion.


you are stating that movies are filmed and not real life. are you even old enough to use this website? because you sure sound like you have an under-developed brain


Let me guess, you are the dogfucker at it again.
You have a bad habit of defaulting to unrelated insults when things aren't going your way.


Watched Malignant last Fri and liked it. Was goofy and not scary at all but still enjoyable. The twist at the end got me a bit.

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