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File: 1627134771208.jpg (1.43 MB, 1679x2731, 1679:2731, IMG.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else grow? Thinking about it? Ask me anything if you're interested. Right now I'm growing 4 Sour Cookies that ended up all being widely different phenos.


that looks like a fungal infection wtf. is that just how some marijuana looks or what


I'd like to grow to get cheap weed but I live with my mom so I can't grow indoors and there's people outside everywhere here.

If you're talking about those white things then that's just how marijuana looks. They shrink and become brown close to harvest.


It's entertaining to see potheads talk about their weeds as if there's any real science or theory to growing it.
>Just developed some rare Blue Dildo Kush that I tried cutting with some Pigfart Purp but the genos mutated and I got a strain of super-get-you-high 6,000,000% THC strain that makes Rick And Morty 55% more comical despite being 13% less sticky
lol. Tiny plants of it grow naturally. I STOMP them. I poured PISSBOTTLE on someones nasty nigger plants they were growing in little pots throughout the forest.

>I'd like to grow to get cheap weed but I live with my mom so I can't grow indoors and there's people outside everywhere here.
Most underage post achieved


imagine getting angry over a plant that brings other people happiness. just lol.


I want to grow cannabis to sell it and make some wizcoins out of it. Might buy some seeds and see how it goes. I have enough space in my house and a weedaylmao dude says it's pretty simple.


Do you hate wine snobs too?


my parents tried growing some after the faggotfornians legalized it, I poured vinegar on the soil, they tried again and I pissed on it, deader than dead


>nigger plant
pretty sure the first recreational use of pot was by iranians or a similar people in a region that now belongs to china.


Hope you smell lots of skunk weed from your neighbors for the rest of your life. Not because I care about the failed grow, plenty more where that came from ;)


Every time I scroll past this thread I hit my bong.


>hey let's openly discuss commiting felonies out in the open
>So what crimes are you up to fellow wizards
>I totally am not a Fed or DEA agent
>They would never go after a bunch of social misfits to make themselves look good

This thread glows in the dark.
Y'all retarded for posting in it.



I understand. I live with my mom too but she saw I was going no where fast and that I liked doing this so she was okay. I'm in no way telling you to propose the same scenario to your mom, I just wanted to state my situation so you know nothing is impossible. I'm hoping this is the one that'll net me enough to get my own place, fingers crossed.




You have some serious delusions of grandeur. Get some fresh air, read some news, some laws maybe too.



I missed your post, my bad.

I'd like to suggest some Youtube channels if you don't mind(star means real good info):

Bill Ward

Now you might or might not notice the only one of these guys that grow in rockwool is Somehiguy which is what I happen to grow with too because it was easiest and cleanest for my set up. The thing about growing cannabis is that the hard part is getting your medium down pat. You choose what you want to grow in, and eventually get good at it. Now you can grow in whatever you want but I do recommend rockwool if you're like me and grow out of an apartment and live with your mom. Lot cleaner, lot less bugs.


saved. Im going to find the seeds first, here this plant is illegal.



Seedsherenow is the best site.

Top Dawg Genetics is the best for old school strains.

Ethos genetics might be the easiest to grow, don't know personally, but people grow them a lot so I'm guessing they're fairly stable.

God speed.


FBI shits out progressively lazier and lazier baitposts and you retards fall for it everytime. LMAO



Again, read some news. It's decriminalized in every state that doesn't have gay conversion camps. Delusions of grandeur do not help mental state. No one is after you or your mom's brownie recipe.


Maximum penalty for the production or trafficking of marijuana is Class A felony, punishable by ten years to life in prison to be followed by five years of supervised release and up to ten million dollars in fines.

Yeah I read the federal law.
As far as news

So yeah, ether you glow too or just willfully stupid and will end up locked up soon due to that stupidity.


It's federally illegal and still illegal to produce just about everywhere without special permits.

Take your head out of your ass or stop trying to entrap people here using lies.


Still illegal at federal level go baitpost on 4chan glowie


I'm 30


>>I'd like to grow to get cheap weed but I live with my mom so I can't grow indoors and there's people outside everywhere here.
>Most underage post achieved
This is wizardchan. Living with your mother is normal here.


Given this galaxybrain wiz's train of thinking, he probably thinks that Iranians are niggers tooo. lol


I would kick your weird ass out for doing that. why do you hate cannabis?


My neighbors are all old people who don't know drugs, so keep dreaming.


This in spite of the fact that they're statistically likely to be sitting inside drinking all day, whether or not they "know drugs." Keep coping, weirdly focused antiweedbro.


They are 99% certain to know weed.


>old man drinking a beer
>somehow the same as drugs
Puny comeback.
>weirdly focused
Don't give your filthy drugs too much credit, I'm not always thinking about them like you do.





>a beer
>somehow [not] drugs
>alcohol isn't a drug in spite of DTs, liver failure, and all the other lovely things that comes along with its use
almost like certain drugs one tends to think about, hm?

>I'm not always thinking about them like you do

and yet you persistently post in this thread, whereas I've posted a grand total of twice (including this post). cope harder faggot lol


>and yet you persistently post in this thread
you mean one single post, then a followup only to correct your idea about my neighbors

were you high when you posted?


Anti-weed wiz's are more angry about weed than anyone who smokes it. they are the ones who need to get stoned.


this, imagine caring about something trivial such as "bad smell" lol just spray some febreeze nigga


You’re on a website that bases its identity around abstaining from sex, so it follows many here would be very proud about also abstaining from drugs. Hence why they are so vocal about it.


my best friend of 8 years stopped talking to me after I started getting into cannabis. I understand, but I still miss him very much.


weed has nothing to do with virginity.


yeah lets just shit up our environments as much as possible, its literally like, just a smell, dude. kys you dirty disgusting nigger


I’m talking about attitudes.


virginity by choice is typically motivated by a concern for personal purity, it may follow that someone becomes concerned about staying pure in other ways, like not poisoning his mind and body with drugs




>virginity by choice
because everyone here is a virgin by choice? There's a thread of a wiz who can't even talk to succubi. Read countless stories of autistic, neets, and bullied wizards. What choice do they have but to isolate in their rooms and forget about relationships and sex and society in general.
>motivated by a concern for personal purity
>staying pure in other ways, like not poisoning his mind and body with drugs
Personal purity is not the concern here, but to avoid painful and bad experiences. Drugs can help you to ease the pain and escape reality for a while. You talk about purity when you're poisoning your mind by being on imageboards.


He’s not attacking you, he’s just saying why some wiz are so vehemently against weed.


I'm not attacking him either, but do you realize they don't care about wizards in the least? They will never help wizards nor want them to help themselves with things that aren't even harmful like weed. They just want to posture like self righteous normalfags.


I fail to see how people posting on wizchan that weed is gay and stupid would prevent anyone anywhere from using it themselves. I love weed, no one ITT is capable of taking it away from me. And if some jackass saying that weed is for niggers is enough to convince others that it’s bad then they probably aren’t worth “helping” in the first place.


Antiweed retards should be banned because they're just being disruptive and nobody cares about their opinions.


If you cloud up your mind, put it through a meat-grinder using drugs alcohol and cigarettes, and you pay for this. Well I don't know what to tell you.


I don’t care much for my sober mind.


File: 1627519810915.png (1.24 MB, 750x819, 250:273, 698pjsjw8na61.png) ImgOps iqdb

i's be chiefen on this lemon lame smellin like da onion skunk then im snorin y'all


I am pretty scizo i would love to grow the lowest thc strain in a pc grow that's my goal


I'm happy and satisfied with my life, while always using many different drugs every now and then. Maybe you should go back to crab boards like /dep/ if you want to imagine some false sense of superiority


i am growing a few strains just for stems for herbal bs maybe make some weed butter and tea what do you guys suggest ?

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