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Any wizards into Canoeing? Just bought myself a Peterborough Wooden Handcrafted canoe and about to test this out on a ride. I've had a straw one before this to see if I'll like the hobby or not, and I ended up having lots of fun with it.


Don’t have a canoe, but I kayak sometimes. There’s a waterway very close to me so I can just walk over with the kayak and get going.


my dad tried to get me to kayak my entire life, I've done it quite a few times, way too much work for someone that sits on their pc 24/7


used to go kayaking with my dad when i was younger

there were snakes in the water though all the time…


My brother and I always used to so kayaking adventures. We would usually find a route and park one car at each end. Keep an eye out for rope swings, they are always at a good spot to land and chill for a little

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