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Recently I have been learning to sing from YouTube videos. It's extremely satisfying to hit high notes and sing basic melodies right. The hobby is free to do and with only minimal practice you can get a lot out of it.

Since it can be embarrassing starting my approach is to mask the noise with a white noise machine. I normally practice my singing at night time when the norms are least active. I'd say the noise level volume is a little over talking volume which should be okay but I'd still prefer not to be overheard by my room mate.

Any wizards into singing?



What are some good resources?


I tried learning how to throat sing, but my mom told me to stop


Another wiz bullied out of a hobby by a destructive female


No fear, man.


I've been keeping up with my singing practice and getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. Honestly this is a great distraction and form of stress relief. It is a weird hobby but strangely therapeutic, would recommend. To other wizards who want to learn more check out YouTube for some basic exercises: learn about chest voice vs head voice vs falsetto. That's more than enough to get started.


i bet 99% of wizzies will sound like garbage.
not a bad thing though, pisses the normies off :)


i dont agree. its really just a matter of learning. taking the time to do scales and slowly improving vocal range and control. that lets you actually hit notes when you sing lyrics.

whats cool is everyone is going to sound unique in their own way. i feel like this hobby is awesome for those who can find the privacy to do it. ive been having a lot of fun with it ^_^


Just sing like you're a CODA (child of deaf adults).

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