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Think I'll stop playing games so much and make my own. I always think I could make better games than the ones I play.

I'm starting small, a text-based life simulation game. I'll probably implement it in javascript/html, release it public domain. What's important to begin with is the game design.

Share ideas if you will. Here are some ideas I've fished from the bottom of my mind:
>strategically navigate life or let life take you for a rice
>many factors you have no control over
>more procedurally generated content than you can even experience: you are a drop in a bucket
>cheating turned into game mechanics: like how Caves of Qud has potions of precognition that are functionally saving, I want there to be a way within game mechanics to do things that might be fun to do cheating.
>simulated economies and societies
>somehow I want morality to evolve like it does in nature
>perhaps you have limited control of your character because the player character has his own mind you have to deal with

Regarding processing things:
>a "reality bubble" where things are fully processed
>at least one more level of processing where things are processed to a lesser extent
>a "catch-up" system where things outside of the reality bubble are processed when they enter the reality bubble, e.g. if a fire were started somewhere but that place left the reality bubble when you return later it uses cellular automata to judge how the fire would spread. That's just an example, this game will probably be only text. A more relevant example would be your character leaving some country then coming back and npcs experience "catch up" simulating their lives while they were outside of the reality bubble


sounds ambitious, but interesting. maybe you could somehow play with the reality bubble idea. maybe time flows faster outside your bubble, either slightly or significantly.

could lead to interesting story bits and unique gameplay.

you could also do the opposite where time flows faster in the bubble and while it benefits you, it could lead to it's own problems.


>strategically navigate life or let life take you for a rice


Started working on the skeleton of a game. You will be an animal and evolve based on gameplay.


File: 1632780401982.png (166.03 KB, 1532x736, 383:184, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

not sure what this is, thinking a life simulation thing would be cool




i think it's fair to just say it is hard to learn new things. the thing you are recommending, as well as blender itself, as confusing as shit for me. unity is pretty simple by my comparison

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