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Any of you write fanfiction or get into it at all? Any that you've found that you'd like to share?

…as for myself, I tend to be to embarrassed to share any of it, even on forums. It's a closet hobby of mine.


I write some fiction and have been working on a story yet to be put to paper. hypocritical of me but alas would you share?


Is fan fic writing really different enough from regular writing to justify it's own thread?

Not trying to be a donkey, sincerely just asking?


>Every bad guy is a rapist
Spot on. Literally every edgy anime has this. Can't we have a cool and interesting villain just once?
>In medieval Europe again
Europe is a good location imo. I hate that too most novels are concentrating on either medieval or victorian age


I did not even realize it was fan fiction. very gay uninspired shit for consoomers to eat up.


Why are you such a jackass?


Why would an evil, violent, stupid henchman not rape?


I just want a cunning psychopath who doesn't need to rape succubi in order to make a point about his superiority.
Goons raping succubi is fine.
But the evill cunning ruler shouldn't get physical.


What anime features rapists? I've never seen one apart from Berserk


Well not exactly dark fantasy animes but isekais
SAO for example, there is one rapist in every season.
Seirei Gensouki - there is always some rich kid with a punchable face
I think the Shield Hero also had some
Akame ga Kill is full of edgy shit.
There is also a manga. Which eventually will get an anime adaptation, it has similar tropes.
It's about a mage who get reincarnated 400 years later and ofc it's an another edgy isekai.


Why are you such a liar?
Like for your lie to work would require someone to be totally and completely ignorant of quite literally everything you just spoke of.
It's not just a lie, but a really blatant unbelievable even to someone who didn't know better lie.

For attention? To pick a fight? To insure someone replies to you?

Knock whatever this fool act is off and find something better to do then lie on the internet to strangers about dumb shit that doesn't even matter.


Which of my anime mentions made you so upset?
Even though you are right on this list no anime is dark fantasy but most of todays anime since the last decade pulls up this trope.
>Douchy aristocrat hates the underdog protag
>he wants to make his life miserable but fails
>we find out he has sexslaves or even a dungeon and kidnaps the protags female friend
>he's trying to rape her but protag comes to the rescue and saves the day.


you just described shield hero


> but most of todays anime since the last decade pulls up this trope.
No they don't you liar.
You are describing a single anime and acting like all/most (notice the goal post shift) anime's are like the single anime you are exaggerating about.
Then the other anime you flat out lied about.

You are lying your ass off and exaggerating to the extreme.



add a few more and you could descibe every anime nearly


Prove it.


Fuck knows if shield hero has rapists in it. I don't remember of what happened Raphtalia's friend. Was it just torture or even raping?
People like to watch stupid isekais.
And most isekai has this dumb storytelling. To make the scrawny protag boy more heroic.
>Then the other anime you flat out lied about.
As far as I remember every anime I mentioned had some fucked up shit in it.
Hey I gave you an explanation, can you do the same for me or you just trying to insult me?
P.S.: I found the name of the manga I was talking about.
The Unsuccessful Yet Academically Unparalleled Sage ~A Cheating S-Rank Sorcerer’s Post-Rebirth Adventurer Log~
Surprise surprise, last chapter also had this bs


Went from
>every edgy anime is has bad guy rapist
>the story telling in isekai is dumb
Just keep moving those goal post.


I've been working on a Silmarillion fic. It's 67 pages so far, but it's just the prequel and not even half finished. I have a couple other Silmarillion fics that are getting up there in page count, but they don't flow as easily as my main focus.
I've never posted fanfiction anywhere, using it as a braindead way to write every day to practice. I force myself to write at least 2 pages of my original stories if I write more than 5 pages of fanfic.


You got any tips? I struggle to even think of something to write about.

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