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Dunno if this belongs on /games/ or not, but lets have a VR thread. Does anyone own a VR headset? I've been looking to get one. I heard the quest 2 is good and also cheap but the faceberg account requirement is super off putting. Anyone have experience here?


I thought about it but I would get paranoid of being robbed while having the mask over my eyes which would stop me from enjoying it


I played Virt-A-Mate with the explicit loli (3d) mods and some anime character lookalikes. It was p. wizardly. Pavlov was fun, especially the few rounds of TTT I played. I might try again but I'll have to see if my crummy gaming lappy will work if I use a DP to HDMI adapter for the Valve Index. Overall though I'm disappointing by the poor visual fidelity of even what's regarded as one of the models with the best screens. Maybe it's because my eyes are naturally focused only a few centimeters in front of my face, but I could see every line between the pixels. I guess Apple doesn't let anyone, even Facebook, use their "Retina" configuration the eliminates the visible gap.

Just employ the same anti-theft security measures that you use to prevent people from robbing you while you're asleep.


I heard the index display is a bit outdated already. Do you ever use virtual desktop? How is it?

I already have some porn games in mind for myself. Have you played half life alyx? It seems like a really solid VR game.


I don't own the device so I only play it when I visit my cousin, so I don't know what the desktop experience is like. If it's anything like navigating most VR games' UI then I imagine it sucks because not only is it always a chore to bring up, but they insist on making it a part of the virtual environment so you actually have to navigate to it somehow and bend down to get a good view.

Half-Life Alyx is great. They really outdid themselves with the amount of detail on some of the items and environments. The few horror sections are genuinely scary and he combat is balanced. It was really surreal actually being able to physically go prone to hide behind a small wall while shooting over blindly. I'd say it's more of a "3D game" than a "VR" game though because the actual level of interactivity is lower than it could have been. Most of the environment is static and it's incredibly linear. In HL2 you could pick up and toss a lot more than in HL:A, and there were open areas that you could approach your own way. I get that the gravity gloves are canonically less powerful than the ZPEFM, but the illusion of being in the world falls apart when things like curtains, foliage, and other small details don't respond to touching them. I guess they were trying to make the game fully playable without finger tracking gloves.

Another thing I checked out with the Vive was watching 3D movies in a virtual theatre. The 3D effect was cool and very apparent (especially on Finding Nemo which we were watching), but the problem is that the 3D is achieved by baking to different half-resolution video streams in to one file, so the quality is halved, and then factor in the web compression and the already iffy screen quality of the Vive and you just get a blurry mess, but a 3D blurry mess.


I have a quest 2 that I use with a throwaway FB account with a fake name without problems so far (a few months).
Rhythm games like beatsaber are a fair substitute for walking or light exercise. The true/RPG games are kind of boring, but they are to me on consoles/PC too.
I want to start using VRChat to reintroduce myself to socializing, but I’m too afraid of it — I used it for all of five minutes and turned it off when someone approached me.
I don’t really get/like VR porn, but I only looked at 3DPD.


Its LCD, it was already a compromise with headsets that came out years earlier with OLED.


Is there a way to make VaM plug and play like, say, Yiffalicious? I like the premise but it kinda sucks for actual quick nuts.
Also qrd how to get loli stuff to work?


You share my feelings about HLA details and interactivity. I found it really jarring that items such as blankets or soft bags are baked in the environment with no way to interact with them, the game itself follows some arbitrary rules - you can pistol whip boxes and manhacks, but not other enemies? Overall I feel the game would be much more enjoyable if it were my first. Otherwise Vertigo Remastered did the whole Half-Life thing better, while Boneworks did the whole interactivity thing a bit more daring.


I tried a demo of virt-a-mate and it was super duper broken and extremely limited. Basically unplayable, crashed all the time, and nothing of interest to do.

Gave me the impression it wasn't even close to worth my time. Certainly not worth my money.


>facebook account requirement
>to play a videogame
JFC, If this is the future, I do not want to be part of it.


There are dozens of other HMD to choose from.
I personally have the WMR headset.


File: 1633491411269.jpg (134.38 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1571543764784.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

He might be the homeless user from lainchan that claimed to have VR and sleeps with one eye open and sold his VR set after first buying it and flaunting his VR status on lainchan. Honestly he could just wear it on one side of his head, but anyway, the real question if indeed that is him is….

What did you spend your money on instead?

I heard about that game on the lainchan thread. It's about a year old so I guess it's being advertised a lot?

I can't even stand to have a fakebook account myself though oculus rift could be the cheapest most worth getting; I'm still mad.

Indeed. The ramification of stem cell research is becoming immortal, those in charge hate that due to religious values. VR is the same sort of ethical issues, they don't want you breaking any laws you want in your virtual world, it gives you power over yourself and takes it away from them. Live forever and don't take laws seriously also, that semtiment goes with how prison would change, the time served there, it'd completely change us psychologically. Either your own imaginary world or living forever, same ball parks, so they interfered with both of them to make sure no laws are broken, no playing god and living forever nor having whatever you wish happen in an imaginary world.

But like the other wizard says, there are other ones, even if they already sent their message through meddling with something that was built by the people (oculus) through literal donations if I recall. That's anarchy!

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