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Has anyone here read Joris Karl Huysmans? I've read the novels Against the Grain (À rebours), La Bas (Down There), En Route, En Rade and others. Huysmans is part of a movement in literature known as Decadence/Symbolism. The main character in the novel Against the Grain, Des Esseintes is a world-weary asthete disillusioned with bourgeois society and has a deep appreciation for all art specifically for example the Roman novels Satyricon by Petronius, and the poem Mosella by Ausonius in literature and the paintings of Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon. My favorite thing about Huysmans is his diction. Its very flowery/purple prose and highly descriptive.


Houellebecq uses Huysmans in Submission. Is he an anti-houellebecq? I ask since his transition toward a more positive worldview was rejected by the MC in Submission. This isn't directly related to Huysmans, but I thought I'd contribute some thought. I might read him (looking for a new book) now that I've seen someone discuss him. This is the first time I've seen him brought up on the internet in ages.

When you describe his prose as flowery, how flowery do you mean? Nabokov tier, or a different vein of purple prose?


Huysmans turned to Christianity to cope while Houellebecq remains firmly against monotheism so yeah, opposing views

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