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Is any wizard interested in practicing the ancient pre-christian polytheistic/henotheistic religions like Greek or Norse paganism? Have you ever tried to commune with the Gods?


File: 1636737648446.jpg (170.99 KB, 682x1023, 2:3, 682px-Casa_Samnita_Hercula….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Religion cope/delusion does nothing to me regardless of its flavor. I also find neo-pagans to be LARPers trying hard to stand out against the monotheists, but i don't mean it in a bad way, i'm sure they are great lads regardless of LARP.

Used to ponder on whether or not actual ancient greeks, if time travel was a thing, would recognize modern reconstructed from bits of data paganism as a real deal.


How is this even close to a hobby?
Religious practice isn't a hobby.


Neo-paganism is hahaha.


larping is a hobby


>celebrate yearly festivals
>leave offerings in shrine
>maybe do stuffs like divination or ritual baths
That's it. You're as pagan as your ancestors 2000 years ago.


it is sort of a hobby because I wacthed something on the people who do practice the old religion and it seems like a lot of larping. (no offence)


Fat atheist fedora scums


I usually abhor the stupid term "LARP" but it does warrant a place in this discussion.
Worship (not to conflate the judeo-christian term "religion" with loosely related practices) is but a cultural matter. Worhipping the gods of a bronze-age, mainly agricultural or maybe seafarer civilization in our modern world, is nothing but LARP. The worhip of the ancient gods is due to a connection with other peoples who did the same thing, and transmitted those practices as a possible solution to the needs of their survival and daily lives. What's going on in OP's picture is clearly a "LARP".
If the OP really is interested in polytheism as a form of worshipping the forces of nature (however he may understand them), there are better ways. If he only wants to engage in some aesthetic ritualism…. well that's fine. You just gotta know the difference betweem one and the other.


In the grand scheme of history, if paganism was to make a successful comeback, future historians of 3000 AD would find continuity with the original paganism, with just a temporary dark age in between.


>there are better ways
Like what?


You think he is some sort of master occultist?
He doesn't know, he is just ignorantly spitting out stuff off the top of his head why trying, and failing to sound like he knows what he is talking about.



The Greek Gods seem to most match the universe we live in, with a human-tier morality that is amoral leaning immoral, but good to their friends bad to their enemies.

The universe doesn't seem to have been designed by an all-knowing Benevolent Unity. And as much as I lean towards Gnosticism, Misotheism, Acosmism and an Evil God in my depressive moments, a truly evil Demiurge could certainly have made a more perfect torture chamber than this, if I'm being honest.

And so Godhood is just a chaotic anarchy of powers. Not even a bipolar world of Good n Evil like the Manicheanism.


Its a larp


I swear it is just one or two people spamming this thread.


File: 1637767599181.jpg (203.83 KB, 1718x2048, 859:1024, __original_drawn_by_capeli….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am one of the last disciples of Victory. How could we ever revive their worship when revival is for the dead, and looking back is retreat? Victory is only archaic in striking with the same mad joy for 40,000 years past, that also strikes 40,000 years into the future.


Nike is more powerful than ever. He owns a global shoe brand


For more sophisticated intellectual Paganism, I present the Aquinas of the Pagans-


Christian scholasticism is largely cribbed from it anyway. Really Aquinas is the Proclus of the Christians.



>In an article entitled The Corpus Areopagiticum as a Crypto-Pagan Project, Tuomo Lankila of the Universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä argues that the Corpus Areopagiticum, an ostensibly Christian text attributed to Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, was in fact written by Damascius, the last head of the pagan Neoplatonist school of Athens. The article suggests that the work was written "in order to resurrect more easily the polytheistic religion in better times".[6]

The hidden DNA code of Paganism was snuck into NeoPlatonism and Christianity itself by way of Pseudo-Dionysis. So that when bettter times cane it could be ressurected.

It is not a LARP, but preciselyt what the pagan Grand Elders planned all along. Paganism would survive in NeoPlatonism. And Christians would be the very ones to preserve it, as they would be tricked into thinking St Denys, a follower of St Paul itself was a propagator of it.



When I read pseduo dionysius I remember being discouraged that the whole work was hinged on accepting the authority of the "sacred text", meaning that you have to believe in the tenets of christianity to really understand it, just like with all christian philosophy.


Yeah that is the early Church Fathers in general, I read the Greek Cappadocian Fathers thinking they would be more intellectual, mystical and neoplatonist but it just reads like a sermon to me.

But dionysius integrates Bible quoting with a Neoplatonist cosmology that has nothing to do with anything described of the Biblical God


Full list of books on paganism/polytheist religions including ancient polytheistic philosophical schools and mysteries
Mythology (in order):


I'm not trying to be rude but does anyone actually believe sincerely in the neo pagan stuff? I've only ever seen hippy succubi get into it as a sort of social self-styling accessory, or men who are lonely and bored and need something to spice up their dull existence. Maybe it's just the way they practice their beliefs but they don't seem like they believe in their gods as meaningful forces of nature


These people don't really believe this stuff. I've spent a ton of time interacting with them, often sympathetically to an extent, and they're mostly atheists or vague New Agers who don't really have any reason for to believe what they believe. A large chunk of them are White nationalists who appropriate pagan aesthetics to clothe their nationalist politics in, but they don't really care about the religious tradition itself or practicing it in any way, but rather just using it as a polemic against things they don't like such as Jews, or Christians, etc. Most of them try to say that the gods are just 'archetypes' or 'metaphors' for forces in nature. So they are essentially atheistic materialists with a poetic description of some aspects of reality. I'm not saying that they're 100% like this, but this is just my broad perception for putting a lot of time in their circles.


There are two people from my work that seem very sincere about it (both men), but since I can't read minds I don't know how deeply they actually believe it in their heart of hearts. That's between them and their gods I guess.
One worships the Nordic pantheon and tries his best to keep historically accurate traditions. He also is a little obsessive with his genealogy, family history, and respecting his ancestors. So when he found out one of his ancestors was a hold out of "the old faiths" and even fought to slow the spread of Christianity (at least according to dude, I didn't care enough to look into it) he was intrigued and started looking into it, eventually doing his best to convert and worship.
The other practices a Afro-Caribbean religion that I don't remember the name of but has fuck tons of spirits and gods which he takes deadly seriously.
So there are most certainly practicing polytheist out there. Don't even seem all that hard to find.
Were I live it's easier to find a polytheist then a jew or something.


Fat theist fairy-tale believer retard.


thats interesting


>Social Media will crumble, the norms will leave the internet, and we will return to the old boards and worship the old gods and the world will be fresh again.
>These things will totally happen and are not a cope.
These are the people who believe it. They are called Reactionaries.


i don't think you know what being a reactionary is, you have to be dictacted by reacting against something in order to be one. they are only bad because they offer no solution to counter the things they perceive to be problems and that everything will fall in their place once that problem is solved, like marxism and national socialism.

pagans are usually the ones to like a hint of platonism during worship, with a focus on feeling good via the contemplation of nature, the air of mystery amplifies that effect, but once you experience contemplation of the Truth via Lectio Divina, paganism becomes boring


File: 1645219719039.png (350.9 KB, 600x450, 4:3, mSbPGrL.png) ImgOps iqdb

I tried some time ago. There's not much about pre-christian slavic philosophy and customs but I thought that even if not complete it would be a cool historical reconstruction and escape from cultural globalism. In the end I just couldn't get rid of my christmas cheer. I'm just the kind of obsessive christmas geek who decorates the entire house, bakes christmas cookies and insists on wrapping presents. I was defeated by Finland.
As far as contacting gods is concerned I would be very worried about mental health of any person claiming to have contact with the supernatural. The temples were basically the banks of the old and instead of going for divination you can just watch weather forecast.


File: 1650143529024.jpg (189.78 KB, 756x1056, 63:88, a2ee1bb6206b02d618626c35f1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know if it counts but I live in a town very related to Virgin Mary worship and to be honest, I kinda think evangelicals are right about Catholicism being Roman paganism / polytheism + Christianity, even if the Catholic theologians wasted hundreds of pages doing mental gymnastics saying the opposite. And as a Roman culture and religion fan, I like that pagan and colorful part of this religion. Most Catholic people here would praise Mary or some local saint over Jesus in their regular prayers. I think the Virgin Mary herself is a sort of archetype of the Mother God, the Queen of Heaven from ancient cultures: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_of_Heaven_(antiquity)


I don’t believe in any religion and I’m not from a Christian country, I agree that Catholicism is most pagan version of Christianity while protestantism and especially evangelicals are the most jewish like Christians but that does not mean good to me.I prefer catholicism and orthodoxy because of their superior art and aesthetics while protestantism is just ugly like, Islam and Judaism, pagan elements gives catholicism superior aesthetics and thats why in video games especially in rpgs religions are always inspired from catholicism


File: 1651096642899.jpg (50.43 KB, 319x450, 319:450, theotokos mary 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Veneration of Mary is not 'pagan', that's a low IQ interpretation. The reason why Catholicism and Orthodoxy aren't as soulless and embarrassing as Protestantism is because there are thousands of years of tradition and organic lived experience behind Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Everything about venerating Mary and the Saints has roots that go way back into the Christian past, and the Church Fathers, and are present not just in Europe, but in the East among Arabs, Ethiopians and other groups.

Mary has nothing to do with a pagan goddess, she is acknowledged and honored as holy because she literally carried the Word of God made flesh within her womb, and cooperated with God in order to bring about the salvation of the human race. This is a unique role that no other human will never have, and in many ways she is the archetypal recipient of Christ into one's life.

It's only 'pagan' if one is defining pagan as 'not totally rootless and soulless' like modern Protestantism which is founded on the idea of rejection of centuries of Church tradition.


Lets read the works of Julian the Apostate



Why is practicing Paganism larping but practicing an Abrahamic religion isn't?


because one is still insitutionally practiced


Neo-Pagans have their own organisations as well.

At any rate, all of the arguments offered up for why it's supposed to be larping is some variant of 'paganism is dead'. But Christianity could also be said to be dead. It hasn't been a relevant ideological force since at least the 19th century, it's for the most part not taken seriously in developed countries and most of its recent converts are found in irrelevant third world shitholes.

If it's just a numbers game, what amount of followers or what percentage of the population needs to be Pagan for it to be considered a real religion? Jews are less than 1% of the total world population but their religion isn't considered larping.


Catholicism has absorbed *some* pre-Christian traditions wherever it went, did it not
I don't view this as either positive or negative. Well I find it fascinating, so not totally negative


>Abrahamic religions have actual unbroken traditions
>Abrahamic religions have an ancient lineage of a initiated priests
>Abrahamic religions have a body of doctrine debated and developed over millennia
>Abrahamic religions are the basis of the civilization you live in and inform its moral values
>Abrahamic religions have established methods and ritual
>Abrahamic religions offer solutions to the problem of temporality and transcendence
Nobody says that Buddhism or Hindu-religions are LARPing either. But paganism is, the expression "pagan" itself denotes that, and in regard to religion it only makes sense in relation to another religion, and that as an insult. What exactly is this thread about? Do you think an Ancient Greek and a Norseman practiced the same religion? The most they had in common is that both had beliefs that revolved around ancestor worship, and nowadays most of their descendants have had Christians ancestors for more than a millennium. "Paganism" as a religion is not dead because it was never a religion, it's even less legit than the guys who claim to follow the Jedi religion from Star Wars in real life.

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