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i taught myself fishing 2 years ago and have enjoyed it immensely

i keep my fishing sessions to 2 or 3 hours max, just a quick session after work, i dont really care if i catch anything

i put in earphones and listen to good podcasts as it helps pass the time

anyone else? feels like it would be a perfect wizard outdoor hobby


Fishing is nice but I dislike abusing/killing things as entertainment. At least you don't need to use bait for fly fishing and making the flies is a hobby in and of itself.


It's not just entertainment. It's food


I tried fishing but not sure about it. Maybe because I dont know what I am doing. But I mostly get annoyed at the constant noise pollution from all motor boats, party boats, screaming etc. Seems there is not a single quiet spot anywhere. At least not a spot I can get to. I grew up far from the ocean so I was kinda shocked when I went there since I expected something nice and quiet.


yeah killing the fist is not a nice moment but, keep in mind… no fish really dies of old age, its gonna get fucking eaten alive or torn into chunks by something else so it might as well be me with a single hard blow to the head and its done


Fish don't feel. And you throw em back into the water anyway


>Fish don't feel.
You don't know that


My brother's a fish and I catch him cutting all the time. Don't fucking tell me he feels.


>My brother is a fish
Is that you?


I asked the last fish I bit in to alive if it hurt and he just looked at me with this blank expression.


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I built a fish pond recently in my backyard, and in the beginning before the filter for the pond was complete in order to control the bugs we went out and caught some tiny little fish swimming in a nearby river with a minnow trap. I kind of wanted to just keep doing that to stock the entire pond and let all types of natural fish live in it and see what fish came out on top after a few years, but ultimately we got goldfish and koi because my mom wanted something she could easily see. One of the fish ended up getting caught in the filter recently though and we pulled it out and it was a beautiful sexually mature green sunfish with electric blue markings on its face. Those little fish we put in at the beginning are still in there only all grown up. I wonder what the other ones are. They never took to the pellets my moms been giving them but they will go crazy for crickets. I think there's about 3-4 left as far as I can tell. We didn't put in any substrate though so the horny little guys shouldn't be able to reproduce because I'm pretty sure they're all sunfish. Maybe that's why he was in the filter looking for a way out. Thus concludes my ramble on the topic of fishing.


Send picture of the wiz sea

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