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Can anyone recommend me some good podcasts or videos that elaborate on the teachings of christ? Preferably from a source that isn't biased in worldly pursuits.


a podcast or video would be the worst place to learn about this. go straight to the source and read medieval philosophy or look for a book about the history of christianity preferably from more than four decades ago


The often riddlic teachings of Christ are not to be explained, only interpreted. You are to read the Bible and from that draw your own meaning. You are not to share your own interpretation as truth, but must guide others to read and discover meanings of their own. Come to love Christ and assume he means the best for you and your fellows, and find encouragement in his teachings to better the lives of yourself and those around you.


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>naked bible
>random stuff from sensus fidelium, jay dyer, and westboro baptists


Read the KJV. Come to your conclusions about what it means and pray on things you don't understand. God will answer prayers and show you the meaning of things in the Word. Try to look at the Word symbolically and metaphorically, don't take it all 100 percent literally all the time. Once you get versed enough in it that you can live it out Blessings start to happen


Reading the KJV made me an atheist.
I did it after hearing Penn Jilette bragging about how he became an athetist by simply reading the Bible, and thinking, "Yeah, right." Well, he was right for me at least.

I'm not sure that's the best advice.


>Penn Jilette
Please don't listen to these washed up entertainers who can only sustain by ranting and raving about how everything good and fair is actually wrong and bad. Especially Disney-owned stars who are contractually obliged to rip on the Bible while ignoring the many problems with other holy books.


In my defense, this was like 20 years ago.


why do folks fetishize the KJV?

Is it because they imagine God would speak in an elevated fancy Shakesperian language of thou and thees, or they really think 1600s England got a new reveleation?


This guy >>61824 sums up my thoughts on Penn Jillete pretty well

I just like it better than the other versions feels more authentic and it doesn't have Scofield crap put in it


there's a confluence of historical, political, and spiritual reasons why it remains unchallenged. these reasons are well understood and not particularly interesting, and yes, some people think king james' council was divinely inspired (perhaps illustrating the boorish nature of english spirituality)

the main argument for the kjv is it's translated from extent sources, as nearly all of the surviving manuscripts are in the byzantine lineage. the main problem with this argument is the church fathers and apostles themselves often quote from the septuagint, which doesn't belong to the same tradition. modern english translations attempt to synthesize manuscripts from multiple lineages (which has its own political motives) to reconcile these issues, making everyone mad

remember that you're dealing with scholars who aren't just autistic, but religious, therefore the autism is compounded. they will spend literal decades arguing over whether an additional vowel mark in a manuscript was a copyist error, or if it potentially changes the inflection of the word, when these marks are so faint they may well be coffee stains. on the other hand, these kind of petty debates are extremely comfy if you're a bookish person

some things are untranslatable and can't be rendered into english or greek, like the satyrs and she-demons in isaiah, because the peoples they are directed against as ethnic slurs were probably long extinct by the bronze age, but still existed as bugaboos in the jewish mind


For me it's less that it HAS to be the KJV specifically and more that it has to be a translation that solely relies on the Textus Receptus for the New Testament. God promised that His words would be preserved, and if the Textus Receptus is not the correct manuscript that basically means that every person on the planet had a corrupt Bible for hundreds of years… so I reject newer manuscripts on theological grounds. And when it comes to translations that don't use newer manuscripts like the Critical Text, other than super obscure weird translations there are basically only KJV, NKJV (which has other problems), and Young's Literal Translation which I haven't really researched that much because I'm happy with the KJV.


Reason and Theology
SOCO Films
Pints with Aquinas
How to be Christian
Church Militiant



>basically means that every person on the planet had a corrupt Bible for hundreds of years

The KJV is a protestant bible, so premised on Christianity being corrupted for hundreds of years. Granted Anglicanism is more nuanced than other forms of Protestantism. But there was also a Puritan influence on KJV.

The Greek text it uses was published by Erasmus, and the exact same arguments were used against him that he was disdaining the Latin Vulgate, used by the Church for 1000 years.

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