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who's in making a video game together? I was thinking about a visualnovel, with japanese style design. I was thinking about something horror-y like higurashi or corpse for example.
making a japanese style would be great, and I think a lot of people would like to.
I think theres a lot of otakus/weeaboos who would love to make a project and I think wizardchan can be a good platform with solid people.
what do you think?


>I think wizardchan can be a good platform with solid people.
I suggest you reconsider. Projects of this scale are always nightmares, by trying to make it a collaborative work with a bunch of underage morons and shitty baiters you are making it basically impossible to accomplish any of the goals you would have in making this game.


butthis website is filled with 30+



Community projects suck because no one wants to take initiative and there's too many hands in the pie for it to have a coherent direction. Also, people drop in and out constantly as they get bored or distracted, so you need at least one person who will be the constant on the project i.e. you.

If you really want to do this, you need to get the ball rolling and organize the entire debacle, and ultimately see it through.


yes this is true tbh. if i were op id get a prototype up first by myself. the prototype needs to be substantial enough to demonstrate something cool. its a vague quality because its art but just to show that you're serious. then you can get more people to contribute. this is how its done with large open source projects at least. deliver a first version that provides enough to be useful. make sure thats rock-solid. and then over-time you can improve it.


no I want to begin from scratch for everyone


aka no one does anything


we do a videogame and you're in but it will be a VN. the style must be anime style. come on guys. shake it up a little come!


My offer, an rpgmaker parody adventure involving wizchan lore. Take it or leave it.


let my pet yukkuri do text to speech and I'll join



guys I really want to make a video game, please tell me your intrested in it


OK, a young apprentice is sent to the wizard tower after failing to run his families business, failing to find a wife, and failing in the secular world
on his arrrival, he is greeted by a tower that is etheral and strange - he cant quite understand what is the real world and the false world
this allows us to explore the duality of the culture, is wizchan a home for alienated men, or is a shitposting place full of demons? the question of who is behind the wizchan curtain
no namefags, only parodied characters. Maybe keep it fresh, you have quests whicch decide which reality becomes real.


Around 2015 there was a wizchan vn project featuring a short story about some guy administering a planetary colony. Anyone know what happened to that?


ideally you have a guy first write a design journal, essentially all aspects of the game in text form. then you could split the workload into programming, level design, asset creation, and story/dialogue, or whatever of appropriate for the type of game

coordinating and working with other people online is painfully difficult however


maybe it was just a fever dream but i thought someone was doing something in rpg maker too. i get details of different memories mixed up sometimes.


we're never going to be able to get some guy to program. I'm willing to write a 30 page short story on my indoor yukkuri farm and that's about it

ren'py would get to the point much quicker, even if the language takes some getting used to


if you're opting for renpy, you probably don't even need 'some guy to program'


do you not think I know that?


then what hindrance is there to your 30 page short story becoming a renpy game?


>I know I can code but I'd rather herd cattles online via anonymous image boards
dude organizing programmers is pulling teeth even with paycheks


>>63337 -> >>63334
I mention ren'py…

Read my post. I'm in agreement with you


agree or disagree maybe i should've tagged OP but this thread is bad


File: 1669776580098.png (145.52 KB, 227x395, 227:395, 1661294867308667.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm already writing my own VN script. But if we're going to make a collaborative game then I would be happy to help write.

All we would need to do is
(1) Have a plot outline that is detailed
(2) Various writers could work on filling up the plots and chapters
(3) Ask some of the artists to draw sprites no matter how bad they are
(4) Use Ren'py
(5) Form a Wizstudio, like /a/ did with fourleaf studio
(6) Set up a private fourm or discord

I'd be happy to help write.


File: 1669782702740.png (395.28 KB, 620x465, 4:3, hcjA3Ug.png) ImgOps iqdb

A VN works, anything else would probably be too ambitious. I'd write my own VN if I wasn't so lazy. Anyway, I don't see this going anywhere. But if you can get some momentum, i'll contribute. I'm pretty confident in my ability to come up with something interesting.


Why are you confident


my thread is great. also whatever game we're gonna make be sure to include a city/level/background where we can see a lot of clocks. got it?


you could use that AI magic thing to generate lots of cute g1rls, don't even need an artist. take some free soundtracks off the internet. put it at all together with an interesting erotic script and bam, you got a game.


AI generated backgrounds are a thing now too. However I'm not writing porn


so when are we startin'?


File: 1670119157356.png (40.52 KB, 144x272, 9:17, 1523365776113.png) ImgOps iqdb

when we startin then?


I can program and make some art. Maybe I'd be best at ui art.



if we're doing this we should try and figure out some agreed upon narrative at least>>63326 is a half decent start

I assume this thing is just going to be one giant meme from start to finish anyways


Is the guy making the thread the same on as the one making a manga thread and the one making a trading card game? It really sounds like it.


yes why?


Jesus, why does it always have to be visual novel? I am already posting on like 2-3 other imageboards and they all make that fuckin anime-styled visualnovel


I don't want to make a fucking platform game, do you?


A murder mystery would be fun. Like ace attorney/danganronpa but it's own thing.


sounds good to me



this was the start of a simple game i was making, well the idea for the dialogue. you are a monk for a small temple on small village of an island. you release a bunch of spirits accidentally, and so you must return them to help them reincarnate. something like that. would have been a simple 'run around, talk to people, pick up objects, collect things, do errands' type game.

maybe someone else can use it or use the idea


File: 1670187590560.png (105.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 020.png) ImgOps iqdb

>would have been a simple 'run around, talk to people, pick up objects, collect things, do errands' type game

But wiil the wizard's name be Noah, Rune or Lutz?


File: 1670191157717.jpg (175.73 KB, 381x615, 127:205, vradventure3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

since we're really talking about this. The gamebook series in pic related has a very good CYOA system. You pick or design a character class in the beginning with certain skills and items and then go on an adventure where some routes will let players with that skill set through and some won't. They're very good reads and involve a good mix of inventory management and encounters.

If we're doing a straight adventure story this is what I'd be interested in doing.


How do you plan to organize while maintaining anonymity?


There's a thing called twinery that helps you makes choose your own adeventure stuff, you can have variables and a few advanced features.


Think you can use archive to export the file, and then import it.

Character design could be done via conversation with your parents before they send you to the wiz tower.


twine and renpy are both kind of story/game mixtures with some overlap, twine leans more to story, and renpy more towards a game. twine is arguably easier than renpy to setup, write, and use. renpy is more powerful and customizable for anyone that knows python

just adding some information


ai art is soulless


what about a jrpg? sound cool


You know what, we could feed the AI posts all over wizchan to generate both images and text for the game, and then just stitch it together.


File: 1671394017595.jpg (66.35 KB, 616x353, 616:353, capsule_616x353.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how about we make a weird game like fear and hunger? I like this kind of atmosphere, who's with me?


attention /!\ need everyone for making game


I was thinking about making an edgy horror unhealthy racist game with dark things and a gothic ambiant wit choir musics


you guys need to mention what specifically you can provide, instead of just repeatedly saying lets make game x, y, z

say you want to make game x and can provide the visuals, that you're looking for a guy to program, or you need a writer and aguy to join the stories in renpy or something


I can provides the ideas


So nothing.


worse than nothing, they're and ideaman


I can provide moral support.


so we need a arrow, somewhere to begin so We will do as MY ideas, you'll work for me. we'll make a rpgmaker game with.


>We will do as MY ideas, you'll work for me
Have fun doing everything alone.




pay me 20 bucks an hour to work on your stupid game.


File: 1671646321457.png (51.1 KB, 700x523, 700:523, eg vra.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you've been following the thread op clearly expects everyone else to do the work for him and isn't even interested in pitching starter ideas.

Easy CYOA is the only kind of game I'm interested in working on, something like pic related mixed with the old fighting fantasy style of gamepbook take it or leave it.


OP here.
I don't want to start an idea (which would be things I LIKE) and no one following me/ be against me because my ideas will be rated as shit


If you're not willing to share your ideas with people because some of them will call them bad then you're ngmi


hi anon

i will make your soundtracks and sound design!

have you made the discord server for it yet?

i can also help in some story writting,

you have to be serious for your game to ask me for help!


the server? sorry I dont use discord


if this is a group project, you will need a discord server


File: 1671729242507.png (115.86 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 35D9CF95-AF19-4552-A1EE-2B….png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm not even in this and I gotta say: no. Do it in the thread.


Mam, if you do handle UPBGE deep enough you are good with just yourself to make an entire videogame about whatever. All else would require to pay employees if you want a serious thing.


File: 1671734825684.png (166.72 KB, 780x913, 780:913, cyber_diva_by_fennet1876_d….png) ImgOps iqdb

its just easy file upload and communication in discord than here

and if you are worried about normie invasion you could delete the server after using it in the process


Ok tonight I am going to put a few hours in to map out a concept of a wizchan lore based choose your own adventure, in a way that could be collaborative - maybe
Hijacking OPs thread - anyone who is interested can reply and we will see
Start text based, we can add background art/sound to scenes, then if we got serious some rpg maker / visual novel software
My motivation to get it going- maybe a creative outlet with other people will cure my depression like people say . Haven’t tried it


It's just easy privacy and anonymity in ibs than discord



use catbox or some other service that can be accessed from browser to share files retard. you can even share files without showing your account with gdrive im pretty sure.


use this guy as side comedy character


File: 1671768873105.jpg (71.82 KB, 940x702, 470:351, Fkonm7mWIAEYqeg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do you expect to make a game together if you're so galactically divided on which free text chat software to use


Not one person here exoects success


Wizchan choose your own adventure

Start of adventure is a young man at his families farmhouse.
He is being sent to the wizard tower because he has failed to ger married, failed to master farming, failed to make any money
Decisions through conversation to family/villagers decide his viewpoint towards the wizard life | Either he hates being sent there, doesn't care, or is resentful and wants to be a norman.
Maybe purchase any potential items, gold, whatever (?)

The viewpoint towards wizard life is a changing total.

He gets kicked out and travels to the Wizard tower
He gets there and it's empty, there's only a ghostly figure which welcomes him to the tower
He welcomes you to the tower and explains the wizard tower is weak, it is barely clinging to this dimension as magic is weak

The mainlain quests are a series of levels to the tower, each representing a board of wizchan.
These are narratives we agree on in a collaborative fashion, each level has different kinds of stereotypes from each board. For example /dep/ board has a wizard you can go with, who asks you to go back to your village and convince someone to be an anti-natalist. But also there's a wizard who wants you to find an antidepressant herb to fix his mind.
These narratives provide two main possibilities or drives, as on each level there is a "fake wizard" who doesn't take it seriously, dislikes the serious wizards, and is a meme shitposter. The mainline quests have success, neutral, fail, or sabotage conditions - if you sabotage it the shitposter wizard will reveal himself when you return.

There are also side-quests, which can be started from the tower. These are quests that people have autonomy over creating for themselves, to explore becoming some wizard related concept. Traditional strong wizard hero can go on traditional adventures, or they can be meme adventures that go to crab-town.
The idea that each side-quest has different outcome conditions. You can either complete the quest, neutrally exit the quest, or sabotage the quest. So if someone writes a meme crab-town adventure you can help try and find a girlfriend, or you can actively sabotage the crabs. The outcome will give you points in the type of wizard you are. It means other peoples side-quests can be whatever and you can just skip them.
And each side-quest can get items, gold, stamina - whatever.

In addition to fighting and death, there is a mana system. Succubi are always trying to steal your mana - a recurring theme. You can resist them, fight them, lose mana, or willingly give in. These modify your view towards the wizard life - you can be a sex addicted "wiz" with a ring that hides his mana loss from everyone. This adds to the "wants to be a norman" variable. Have this as a story tree any sidequest can tap in to.

Once you've completed the boards, or whatever, the wizchan tower has enough magic to cement in to reality in the form of your actions. The council of wizards assembles and if you've helped too many shitposters then it's a meme shitpost wizchan, then maybe "shitpost admins, serious wizzes", "wizzy admins, shitpost users", and "wizzy admins, wizzy users" pure tower style dynamic.

This leads to the end - where your points allow different endings. You are in the tower you created. You can ascend to the most powerful wiz and rule the land, you can destroy the tower because you made a mistake, you can use your magical power to become a norman with a harem, you can just be a lazy low competence wiz who failed a bunch of quests. Maybe have it loop around where you can still do side-quests to choose the path to kill all the wizard council etc.

So the variables are :
Viewpoint on wizard life ( Wizardly, neutral, Wants to be Norman )
Shitposter points ( Belives in wizardy, shitposter)
Mana levels ( Pure, wants sex )

It looks like the software allows tracking of this shit, so the traditional book would be like "If you mana score is below 8, turn to page 8." but the software would handle it, making it not so crazy to have complicated stuff like this.

We'd have to agree to certain level of fantasy, some main locations, and other shit like that.
Probably have some template for designing your own side-quest, decide how much you can like interact with others - and you can't delete fights/locations or something in case someone hooks in to them.

It's complex, but I'm sure some collaborative twine or brainstorm software with color coding could allow people to separate out narratives. I think it can be pretty modular though how I'm seeing it. Maybe paint sketch/AI art generate a picture for each page - just to allow easy look at a glance.
I don't care about if we used discord, IRC, or some anonymous chat thing without names/avatars. People could submit rewrites or side quests in the thread anonymously fine, but the amount of shitposters ( see thread so far ) who just want to fuck with people is high here, and it would be too slow to do it on the board.

I've done a few choose your adventure books that kill you every few pages, dice rolls combat, started one of the more complex ones before but never got far. So I'm not super familiar with their mechanics design on combat.

Reply if you like the idea.


>He is being sent to the wizard tower because he has failed to ger married, failed to master farming, failed to make any money

you just described what happened to me when i first played harvest moon. didnt know i needed to find a wife. spent hours playing it out without skipping time and then game over lmao. cool scenario i like it


File: 1671790093359.jpeg (8.51 KB, 790x388, 395:194, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Failed to master finances…


Discord is horrible and anyone that recommends that needs help.


im down for help


good start, there's some flows but we can start from your idea and make something better




I like the core idea, being a wizard that must go through things. but I don't like the idea of board levels, the different endings. thats all


Ok thanks I thought you meant mechanical flaws or something - but yeah all up for discussion


what are the technical parts?


None really, just thought maybe it’d be unworkable as a code your own adventure


lets make the strange christmas of mister jack but the strange christmas of anonymage the game


The best thing you guys could do is interactice fiction (like Zork). It requires no art and you can make it as wizard as you like.


File: 1672020127612.png (580.11 KB, 1921x803, 1921:803, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

you basically become god and must program an entire world if you wana use inform or z machine stuff

not as simple as stringing together text files/dialogue reflecting periodic uner choices (visual novel style)


Fair enough. You can, however, make games like these: https://www.choiceofgames.com/category/our-games/

It's far simple than interactive fiction and also doesn't require graphics.


File: 1672081029706.png (684.59 KB, 1200x890, 120:89, 1200px-72_Goeta_sigils.png) ImgOps iqdb

I was thinking making a game about killing the 72 demons of the ars goetia. what do you think?


File: 1672081325023.png (10.25 KB, 323x444, 323:444, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i forgot about choicescript, but i tried out all the interactive fictions stuff at some point in the past and think it would be fine. here is why i think choicescript would be pretty good

-all we need is a text editor because everything that we create is plain text.
-all the scenes are individual text files which makes splitting up the workload and working on simultaneous parts of the game simple, we just write our own text files
-the syntax is simple and resists you overcomplicating shit. pic for example is all you need to understand to make a choice-based game (along with listing the scenes in startup text file) and subsequently go to different scenes based on their choices… really that is the core of most games.


Any game about slaying evil is good.


ChoiceScript looks good - never heard of it before.


File: 1672169842059-0.png (4.37 KB, 383x311, 383:311, 1625588881874.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1672169842059-1.gif (4.84 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 1625809610817-0.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Lets me more ambitious than text based. I can program anything, and I can make art and animations. (not just pixel art, I could learn 3d modelling in a matter of days)


I want to make an horror rpg, what do you think?


if you can do all that, then begin making the structure of a game and invite others to contribute when it's ready.

but for now letting others produce a body of text (dialogue, descriptions, etc) is still smart. unless you are going to make an arcade game you need story and dialogue. anyone can utilize text it is pretty universal and not a waste of time


I'm thinking a game like Oregon trail in a fantasy setting.
I'll prob make it in html5 so wizzies can just paste source into a file and open it with a browser. I'll have a basic engine in 48 hours.


sounds fun

i'll look at the basic source code sometime for oregon trail and give chatgpt all the strings and ask it to flavor it with fantasy. just to start, it should be easy and might produce something interesting


File: 1672284873484.png (271.43 KB, 984x806, 492:403, draftbirds.png) ImgOps iqdb

Some concept art, going to add some sort of bird-raptor like animals to the setting. Going to study ratites (ostriches, emus & such) and raptors more then make more designs. Perhaps they could be used to pull wagons (player will also have choices of horses, oxen, mules, perhaps more. Birds are prob inherently bad for pulling wagons).


File: 1672287415528.png (65.27 KB, 614x512, 307:256, birdsword.png) ImgOps iqdb

blades attached to legs


File: 1672288575133.png (41.68 KB, 614x512, 307:256, hookblade.png) ImgOps iqdb

perhaps… a blade fastened to one side of a bird's hooked beak to make pecking more damaging.


File: 1672289833895.png (41.04 KB, 614x512, 307:256, birdextendedbeak.png) ImgOps iqdb

extended beak+hook would be stronger but the neck probably can't take much more than bird's natural beak+hook


I can see it as a montable animal in our future jrpg game with a beautiful world


In other words, a chocobo.


File: 1672352109322.jpg (54.3 KB, 800x495, 160:99, 800px-Medieval_horse_team.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've become captivated by draft animals. The draft animal system in this game is going to be in depth.


post results when your done


its 2023,let's start this new yearr with a group project and making a video game! together!


We could make some kinda pokemon romhack, that'd be ez.


File: 1672634644381.png (34.4 KB, 875x653, 875:653, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hold on to your panties for this one, wizards:

Minesweeper.. Wizards.. WIZSWEEPER

I can direct, market, sell, and take credit for it, all I need is someone to do the programming, art, modelling, sound design, and Amazon AI integration (for difficulty scaling that finds Facebook friends who are on your same skill level).

I've set up a Gopher protocol Tor rely to proxy the chatbox for a private build of Transformice through. We'll talk there and only there, 04:10 - 05:05 Hawaii time, Thursdays on a day of the month that's a Prime number. DM me on Discord for the NDA. Non-truwizzers will be rejected and reported.


instead of mines, it's pussy. the goal is to avoid the pussies and get to the end without having sex.


File: 1673138710017.png (128.72 KB, 1689x1595, 1689:1595, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

what about first person minesweeper where each cell is a dungeon room

clicking on the cell = entering that dungeon room and looting
flagging a cell = placing a warning over that door

because there is no overhead grid to look at, in order to see how many adjacent cells are bombs, you instead listen. for example a norma minwsweeper cell with 2 adjacent bombs has a 2 on it. in the dungeon version, when you are in that dungeon room you hear 2 shrieks from beyond the walls. like every x seconds two screams or monster sounds can be heard all around outside. and that is how you can play it like normal minesweeper

but maybe the goal is different, the goal is to simply escape and become more powerful by finding better gear, so you only need to locate the strairs going down or something. and then there is a boss room you need to find perhaps. maybe certain rooms require optional keys like zelda which you get from minibosses. maybe at the start of each floor there is a shopkeeper for vendoring stuff and some npcs to talk with


File: 1673276755464.png (16.49 KB, 1738x484, 79:22, game.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have a idea for the gameplay. When you enter a battle against a monster, there is a bar appearing under your character and after you selected either attack or magic, you must click at the right moment to hit your opponent with your attack.
What you see is just a model, the hit range is smaller and miss range wider, also the critic hit range is much more smaller.
I want this idea to be add in a traditional (j)rpg game, what do you think of my idea?


forgot to say;
the thing in black is swingin left to right at hhigh speed and you must click at the right moment


there is a game called GTFO on steam that has a hacking minigame utilizing that exact mechanic. it starts out big, and becomes smaller as you get more right. there is like 3 stages to it, it's just a simple thing


It's also a core feature in many of the Mario role-playing games released over the years.


thank you, what do you think of ir? is it good for a rpg?


sans undertale


I like it. Could be fun to make the difficulty based on your accuracy stat/enemy's evasion stat.


I'll implement it in javascript tonight… Think the zones will be based on a curve's height so there could be various different curves.


i dont have fast reflexes and suck at minigames and quick time events and rhythm/muic stuff where you press buttons at the right time. so personally it doesn't sound fun to me


Looks like you'll have to settle with Let's Plays


This "game" is never happening. I see a bunch of idea guys and ever more unbelievable pipe dreams. If this site had any sense it would run with the only effort put in to date by a real poster which is >>63580 but I'm not holding my breath


yeah probably. without an incentive like pay, it is hard to contribute to other people's ideas. often the original idea is fine but it infaltes into something uninteresting. for example i liked the oregon trail wizard idea, and spent a few hours generating scenarios and events. but the guy decides it should focus heavily on birds hauling wagons around or some shit, like what? not interested anymore


File: 1674584026718.png (232.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, t0bch9uywih71.png) ImgOps iqdb

is anyone here interested in collaborating on a megaman fan game? I have some basic game story thought up and I know a little programming/made some small games years ago by myself in C and java


I think there's programs available to make mega man fangames and mega man romhacks which should make this a lot simpler.


mega man is for crabs


Just play this. The gameplay is fun, the maps are good, and the weapons/setting is all pretty faithful to the series


i remember before i could program, i had no problem making assets and art and stuff. but that is boring as hell now. the most interest part of a game is the programming, solving problems with trying to create code to define the game. but once those problems are gone or the problem isn't interesting… no desire to continue

im sure this in some form can be generalized for other parts of game dev, besides programming. and so i feel the only way for certain people (who will never make a game) to actually make a game, is to do some sort of game jam and rush something out, before you become bored and disinterested with it


so…are we starting?

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