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I literally am autistic and now I just want to swim.I have a job,but refused extra hours,which would let me earn more,to have plenty spare time(I sleep 8 hours, I could work 4 hours +sleep only 4,ive done it before…)but I want to really live "downsized"so I can swim.
>so far I take lessons with a good coach 5 times a week, around 70 minutes each
>My goal is to have 2 Daily classes 6 days a week
Do I need to lift for swim power?I already do basic heavy lifting, for health. what special items can I buy,such as Weight Belt, Water wrist,ankle weights etc?
>how much KM should I swim per hour\per 20 minutes?


>super high functioning 'autist' reporting


>so far I take lessons with a good coach

Then ask him all this shit instead of relying on the board with the least swimmers-per-users in this side of the Demiurge's Dimension


yeah you need to swim wearing anime weighted armor, and then during your big swim day, you take it all off and swim like a dolphin and wow everyone, it's that simple


swimming weights unironically DO exist,but theyre like 1 kilo and 5kilos belt


Go swim faggot, there's nothing to it beside that.


I swim in the river. Been a while.
Why don't you look up books on swimming if you want to optimize so much?


I don't know anything about swimming. I'm pretty sure it's in the same domain as calisthenics insofar as the effort you put in is what you get out. If you're doing it twice daily 6 times a week I'd suspect you're overtraining insofar as this is even possible for a water-resistance type program. Swimming is a full body workout if you're going hard so forget about lifting at the gym


*you probably want to visit free weights once a week just to avoid losing your existing gains


Actually you might be interested in Stewart Smith. He's an ex-seal who writes fitness programs designed to qualify for various mil-type occupations. I can't find the exact download link for a pdf online but you can look around or buy it off amazon/get it from your local library. I have one of his books and it's all extremely punishing calisthenics workouts with minimal use of free weights if at all. There's also plenty of entry to BUDS type guides around you could use


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