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File: 1493738015842.png (312.67 KB, 1175x743, 1175:743, Nyaa Torrents[1].png) ImgOps iqdb

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Nyaa.se is down, rumored to be because the owner was afraid of new EU laws making pirating more dangerous, so it's unlikely it's coming back up again.

Use mirrors like:


to download the things you want before it's too late, the magnets still work but without an indexing site it's on borrowed time.


If you aren't aware already, use the trackers listed on coppersurfer.tk
Handy list.


It goes down regularily.


This time it's Domain got completely delisted, either by the owner or by the company that owns the domain hosting service. So it's probably not coming back this time, at least not right away.


How do you even use that?


I have over 200 episodes of unwatched stuffand a shitload of things to read saved at least.
A lot of the untranslated stuff will be difficult to find and that is the only real loss. Maybe someone will make a new database of untranslated stuff


>unlikely it's coming back up again.

One can only hope.


Is that mirror complete, with everything that was listed on nyaa? I have a lot of stuff that surely some people are looking for, so I'll be looking for things I can put up and seed later today.


File: 1493742193569.gif (487.41 KB, 497x373, 497:373, 1455281121737.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Damn the EU and damn all the bureaucrats that live in their little bubbles, passing stupid laws. Fuck, and there's nothing we can do, I'm just sitting here angry as fuck, because I did not bother do download in advance anything that might have been of interest.


File: 1493742307246.jpg (111.14 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 54eedca1ad9038060430d1e482….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fucking kikes


Looks like sooner rather than later there will only be private trackers.


Add them to each individual torrent where it lists the trackers in your client.


Why would that help with anything? You would only be able to connect to other people that did the same, which is basically no one.


Nah it's outdated, but they're working on updating it.


I've been using Nyaa for 2 years now and I've never seen this happen before.


Boy, am I sure looking forward to the future where I will have to stalk nasty websites for invites or suck penis in a chatroom in order to download Japanese perv-o comics and cartoons.



Is that truly the case?
After all, the demand for public trackers is and will always be huge and there always is somebody who could make profits on the ads.


Agreed, EU are the devil.


I don't even know how to do that. You'd think that a man without friends at least could be allowed to download some anime and watch it. But no, you need friends, a community and so on even to do that. I guess the demiurge will always take away everything you have even if you don't have much.


Don't forget that if you have a bad internet (in these days that 100mbps/30mbp, at least) you're screwed.


It's only really useful if you've got some unfinished torrents you want to get a little boost on. Not saying it'll work 100% of the time but it's worth a shot at least.


File: 1493761403297.jpg (13.85 KB, 400x225, 16:9, zawa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nothing from the hentai side of the side was saved to the mirror. Where the hell are we supposed to go now with as much stuff as nyaatorrents had? I can't think of anything, and I don't have the money to buy all this shit. Fucking slimeball politicians


You don't need good internet or friends on AB. All you need to do is contribute.


Contribute with what?


Here are the alternatives (for you newbs and casuals who still don't know the basics):



There's also that. It's almost impossible to keep a good ratio if you don't have a good internet.



Where do we go for non-translated Visual Novels though?


To chinese trackers. I'm not into VNs so I can't give the links but you can start by googling "<original VN name> torrent".


I've put a couple things I have back up on seed, and the torrents are actually working pretty well even with the tracker down. I have another show downloading just as it was before.


Most of anime on nyaa is also tracked by others such as tokyotosho, so yeah - torrent links should still work, especially the more popular ones.


How exactly do I search for certain titles? There is a backup site, but it isn't working for me. Any help?


I've posted alternative anime torrent sites above. There is a search function in most of them.


File: 1493782739137.jpg (30.86 KB, 768x495, 256:165, Nige.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> Brexit happened, Frexit is possible & the end of the EU is inevitable & foreseeable
> desperate Eurocrats shut down everything instead of improving their megastate because it makes their kike dicks hard
I warned you about that EU, bro! I told you, dog!


content. Either way AB doesn't care for your ratio. It's one of the easiest trackers. Only stupid people and people unwilling to give are punished. Not people with bad internet.


What content? Be more specific.


Not him but you generate a currency you can exchange for ratio by simply having the file set to seed regardless of if anyone is actually leeching it or how much bandwidth you contribute, it's really hard to fuck it up unless you just delete the torrents. Not to mention 1080p bluray releases and airing episodes are permanently freelech, and on top of that there are sitewide freeleches pretty often so a lot of stuff you leech doesn't even hit the ratio that's so easy to build. Guessing this is what he meant, but obviously content can also mean contributing some actual files, I've put up a few CD's.

And forum/social participation etc is not required at all. Only time I posted was with an upload question and even that was after using the site for like 3 years.


Just when I thought that my life will only go worse, it get even worse than what I imagined.


I can't upload anything because of shitty internet and I obviously I don't have access to anything that isn't in the internet already
I can't translate anything because I'm not intelligent or have enough willpower to put years to learn another language and then spend a whole fuckload of time to translate and then upload it
I don't have any friends to pull me through without much effort, which I'm sure is what most of the people there are about
I don't have even enough bandwidth to download 1080p anime, so I would have to download 720p anime which wouldn't be freeleech

What is of me, a friendless person, without anything to contribute, with only the hope that he can upload as much as he downloads because there are days he won't watch anime because he's too depressed?

"Man it up?"


File: 1493799744549.png (118.93 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1493736045605.png) ImgOps iqdb

>anime taken down
>Imageboards outlawed
>Games suck ass and my PC is too weak to handle them anyway
Fuck, it's like they target me. What am I even supposed to do now.


From what I understood, you don't have to "upload" anything, you just need to have the files you download open to seeding, it's the thought that counts.


File: 1493803833955.png (18.48 KB, 581x95, 581:95, 1493803218745.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm fucking down with the EU. It's time to sink this failed political experiment.


yes, but there is pretty no way in


Don't bother with AB for now. They're banning every single new user because "lol refugees" and "lmao you want anime? no get out"


What exactly was the law that the EU is enforcing that made the nyaa owner shut his site down? Is it a felony in Europe to host torrent sites now or something?


Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


I live in Europe myself and I still don't know if pirating is actually illegal or not…


Honestly, the torrent scene is so big that when a tracker goes down, you have the other like… thousands.
I don't see what's the problem. I never even new about the sites posted in the OP and I download like crazy since ages.


Despite watching anime for the longest time I feel a bit lost without Nyaa when it comes to going for older stuff, and Sukebei is dead too so getting VN's will be harder.

I should have got on the AB gravy train when I had the chance but never bothered with all the alternatives available. Now it's going to be next to impossible if they're shutting the door to everyone new.


File: 1493813805957.jpg (30.56 KB, 720x479, 720:479, no step on snek animu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I preffer the loli version


Do you know if AB have a good selection of manga available? Specially old stuff? I don't really care for anime but nyaa had a good bunch of older manga and in batches which was quite nice.


Then where do you get anime from? I obviously can't get on private trackers like AB or Bakabt since they don't allow new registrations but I wouldn't to go there anyway since I don't want to suck other people's dicks to just be able to watch some anime.
Do you know any other public trackers?


*wouldn't want to go there



I already saw those, most of the torrents on there have no seeders.


For you guys who don't have an account in other private torrent sites there's animetorrents that currently has open registrations. It isn't nearly as good as BakaBT or AB but its better than nothing and it has some older series with a decent amount of seeds.


For raw manga and magazines there's http://manga-zip.net/ and http://www.jcafe24.net/index.php.


Get absolutely fucked normans.


You still need friends to get in, and right now not even friends can help you according to >>22881

"All you need to do is contribute!", and have friends, and be in the right place in the right time, and so on.


File: 1493839583200.png (4.05 KB, 729x97, 729:97, search.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Not exactly goldmine and I don't primarily use them for manga specifically, but it's decent enough, here's the results for a search of pre 2000 manga only. Glancing through it a noteable amount of the older ones don't have raws up though if that matters to you.
Even if you can only DL the non-freelech ones as long as you leave them in your torrent client you will have no problems with ratio, the only thing they really penalize is hit and runs. And nobody said you have to actually upload torrents if you are just trying to use the site, I just happened to buy some CD's for myself and realized they weren't up so I uploaded them, it's not like I bought them just for that purpose and I barely got any ratio reward compared to what I get from just having stuff in my client anyway, you don't need to do it.

I don't know what to tell you, the only point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't give up on trying to get in because you think you won't meet the requirements to participate; getting in is going to be the only difficult part. I'd give you an invite if I had any but it is possible to get in via application which is what I did, but there's no guarantee they will be open any time soon. You are probably going to have to wait for the inevitable replacement public tracker and deal with torrenting from HS directly for a while, and jump on applications if they open later so you have a backup if this situation repeats itself later with the next big public tracker. Private trackers aren't exempt from going down either fyi, just look at what.cd


I'v been living under a rock. Should I start worrying about pirating stuff if I live in the EU?


You're the norman if you care about being part of some secret club full of faggots who are proud of seeding torrents.


It mostly depends on the country you live in in and not on you if you live in the EU or not. Some countries like Germany actively search for people who pirate and give them fines of thousands of euros, the UK is now even giving prison sentences for it.
My country's government doesn't really care about people torrenting as at least half of the population does it so they wouldn't be able to combat it anyway.


Ireland don't generally care but i'm paranoid now.



Wait, you have to apply for the privilege to pirate japanese cartoons like a fucking job? That's laughable.


Thanks for the reply wizzie. Yeah I was asking about raws specifically actually, forgot to mention it. Well I guess I'm not losing much of anything by now having an acc in there then. Most of that stuff you can still download through blogs and forums, nyaa was nice mostly because you could download stuff in batches and having everything in a single place.
Thanks again.


The japanese thread on 4shits /jp/ has a link to a shitload of raws.


Can you please paste the link here instead of making people subject themselves to 4shit /jp/ 2017?


As luck would have it I have it bookmarked.


Aren't you going to get leave the EU because of Brexit though? Or was that Scotland?
I think that if you've never read or heard anything about people being arrested for pirating in your country that you don't have anything to be worried about. If you're still scared of getting into trouble with the law you might want to use a VPN. Still though, even in countries with anti-piracy laws there aren't that many cases of people getting arrested for downloading copyrighted content.


From what I remember (this was like 5 years ago now) it just asked you prove you know what seeding is and that you actually have an interest in the stuff on the site. But yeah it is a bit silly, unfortunately it's the only way outside of invites.
No problem.


Northern Ireland is still part of Britain the other 3 quarters of the country are considered an independant republic although it is part of the EU. Brexit means the north will either leave the EU with Britain or join the republic presumably the former. There will presumably be riots whatever happens since the Catholics want to join the republic and the Protestants want to stay loyal to Britain. The north is a shithole that was dependant on now defunct industries like shipbuilding so while I feel we have a right to the land I don't want it.
Sorry for offtopic.


That forum looks icky, but that manga-zip site is very good. Thank you for sharing.


One of the very few good things about living in a latin american 3rd world country is that no one cares if you pirate things because most people pirate everything anyway so it wouldn't be possible to arrest/fine 85% of the the ppopulation with internet access,when I mentioned to my university classmates that I actually bought an office 365 suscription they said I was weird because apparently no one there ever buys office,not students,teachers or staff.


I live in south american and just a few years ago all of the computers at my job used to run on pirated windows XP. It wasn't until recently that they actually changed it for (probably pirated too) Windos 7


Same here in colombia.

In the US if your company runs pirate software you could probably get into big trouble when the audit comes in…here no one cares.

It's kinda nice because I don't have to worry about my ISP sending me "strike" letters and blocking my access like in the US.


goddammit I hate this so much. They are taking everything from us. Piratebay, Kickass, now even nyaa. It was the only anime tracker where you would be able to find everything and even have seeders. Or at least for me it was like this, never any problems with speed.

I know that Avistaz.to has an anime filial site but I never used it as nyaa had everything I needed.


This doesn't bother me too much since I purposefully made it so I wasn't reliant on Nyaa. It's a shame it's gone, but you should have always had in the back of your mind that it wouldn't last forever, and that you shouldn't grow dependent on it.


Well I did save some of my favourite shows just in case something like this would ever happen but I never expected it to happen without any prior warning.


It always happens without prior warning. I can't recall a single case where a site didn't just die suddenly.


It's rough because I got too complacent with it all being in one place and organised like that for so long. It's not like grabbing raws from Share is going to kill me, and subs can be lifted from blogs, but this still feels like a major loss for some reason.

I'm guessing we're going to see a shift in magnets being shared on IRC or something soon if they do start going after torrent hosts. Unless a SA country takes a firm pirate party stance, I don't see them allowing a major hub to form since it could mean sanctions.


Watching little witch is going to be a nightmare now lmao.


They still upload the episodes at asenshi.moe


This site is a slightly better version of the site linked by OP.


File: 1494031245201.png (464.53 KB, 654x696, 109:116, succ babe.png) ImgOps iqdb

You're a damn hero anon.


File: 1494043126602.jpg (265.49 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, screams geometrically.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well since nyaa is down so is the tracker. Can't even get peers.


Yes you can. Use the trackers listed on coppersurfer.tk. I started a fresh download on something, added those trackers, and I got peers and steady download progress.


Use DHT and alternative open trackers.


Nyaa has a bunch of good alternatives. The main thing to wait on at this point is the heavy amount of Japanese users (I checked nyaa's site statistics a while ago and it was something like 97%), and also to wait for the best alternative to reign supreme.
A crisis was avoided, really.


Perfect Dark is also an option primarily for raw anything


File: 1494157263388.gif (882.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

nyaa and sukebei are dead they were the only things i had left in this world life is no longer worth living without them


rutracker has a lot of anime and some more popular games and VNs, though anime rarely has eng subs, so you might want to learn japanese.
pornolab has hentai


File: 1494200061713.gif (1.93 MB, 500x276, 125:69, tumblr_nd1d9cCRk11tk3h3eo2….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I can't read anything on pornolab. It's in some strange foreign language.


File: 1494200288979.jpg (44.92 KB, 439x400, 439:400, 1419454358034.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lol runeshurt


I genuinely loled to this


File: 1494212384349.png (9.84 KB, 955x49, 955:49, 2017-05-07_22-58-46.png) ImgOps iqdb

When do the Japanese get online? I may leave my computer on all night at this point. Been downloading this for 3 days.


you can still get the subs direct from the sansubbers blogs like you're supposed to


File: 1494310954963.png (707.49 KB, 936x5352, 39:223, 1494231191265.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's a guide for it, in case anyone is interested. Keep in mind that you have no control over what's in the encrypted unity folder, so there might be way more illegal stuff in it than just pirated media.

Still, a good alternative to keep in mind.


Thank you, wiz. One day maybe I'll muster enough effort to get into this.


How can non-windows users use Perfect Dark? Last time I tried running the client in wine I could not get it to work.


Are you looking for animated hentai or just doujinshis? Both are extremely easy to find.


hentai games, 3d hentai, artist cg, and hentai movies.



Pirating is bad, I dunno why you would celebrate such a site when you can just buy the material and support the authors.


File: 1494474840590.png (241.2 KB, 481x589, 481:589, Screenshot_20170423-113913….png) ImgOps iqdb

>low effort shitposting


What manga is it from?


If there was a service like Steam where, instead of games, I can buy anime, download it and own it on my hard drive like I own what I pirate, instead of being given a permission to stream it, and if equally as many titles were available with it as there are with torrents, I would literally buy dozens of titles. And I believe that many others would, as well. This is utterly stupid, some rich people out there are wasting such a huge potential, Gaben being the first on the list.



Thanks. My mind thought doujinshi but my hands typed manga


This. Anime is pretty easy to get, at least for now. Nyaa is still a big blow.

But Sukebei? That was a wealth of VN's and games and maybe I'm just not as experienced at acquiring those compared to anime but I can't think of anywhere else reliable to get them from.


>Pirating is bad
Explain why it's bad.


I'm 99% sure he was just trolling.


Yeah. Don't fall for the bait.


Pirating is actually a moral imperative for any non-japanese who enjoys anime. Even if the money you gave to such wretched places like crunchyroll did in fact reach the authors, that would actually be all the more reason not to do it. Just imagine if the japanese started to cater to western audiences because their money became important. I really hope such thing never becomes reality, and my small contribution towards the prevention of such far fetched reality is me pirating anime.


This. The only way for a westerner to pay for anime properly is by online-ordering blurays directly from Japan, or maybe from China to cut delivery costs. I personally would do it if I had the means, and if someday I suddenly somehow become rich (yeah, sure) I'll buy all the anime I've liked so far just because.


Me too. I would love to put manga books and anime CDcases all over my room, provided I live on my own, because my mother would never respect my boundaries.


both pantsu mirrors are gone, what now?



Does anyone know why pantsu suddenly went offline?


Another nyaa mirror has been linked earlier in this thread.


Cartel wars, constant pressure, high traffic, outages due to it, memefansubbers e-celeb drama, etc.


Another alternative, https://nyaa.si/ seems to be run by the cartel. I don't know much about them, do they really have so much "power" that they took an entire site down just because they weren't given certain privileges on it that they were used to on the old nyaa?


Nevermind, it's seem that pantsu is already back.


File: 1495493671705.png (141.81 KB, 345x337, 345:337, 1478671983923.png) ImgOps iqdb

>We have a database of the torrents on nyaa up to April 5 May 1. That means almost nothing is lost.
>Sukebei is safe too, and almost nothing is lost either.
The storm has passed it seems. For now at least.
Pantsu also apparently allows uploads by releasers that were previously banned by the cartel. Like Doki for example.
The cartel's version is also up >>23201
So now we basically have two Nyaas. I hope there won't be too much drama between them. Or that at least it won't affect the work of torrents much.


What's this "cartel" thing? An actual drug cartel? Care to explain?

Yeah.I'm probably a newfag.


Originally, the subgroup Commie began to be referred to as the meme cartel because they liked to fill their fansubs with memes instead of actually doing proper translations. The joke evolved to the point where the various fansub groups were now being referred to as cartels which became exponentially more hilarious with Nyaa's death since some important people in the subbing community are trying to apprioriate themselves the "market" by hosting their own Nyaa replacement (turf wars). As I haven't been an active /a/ user in quite a while now, some of the details might be a bit loose but that's my general interpretation.


Basically a group of fansubbers that often act as if they are bosses of pirating and pushing anime in the west. Or at least are perceived that way by animefag community.

Here's some copypasta for you:


A circlejerk group of fansubbers involved with various subgroups and related services. They have some strong ideas about how things should be done and who should be in charge and regularly weasel their way into relevant groups to push their ideas, or attempt to exclude those that don't. They go out of their way to push non-cartel sub groups out of the picture, and used nyaa as a way to blacklist competition and promote their own work.
Basically, a group of egotists that try to bully competition out of the scene so they can pretend their mediocre work is 'the best available' because it's the only thing available. When CR went legit, they hired up most of the talented members of the fansub scene (hence the death of fansubs). The cartel is made up mostly of the people who were so bad at what they do, CR wouldn't hire them.
Cartel member and notorious shill. He has a script that notifies him whenever he's mentioned on /a/ so he can jump to the defense of whatever autistic crusade he's currently on, hence why mentioning him constantly became a meme. He was involved with pushing 10bit encoding, which was controversial at the time due to compatibility issues and being unfriendly to low-performance pcs, and is affiliated with fakku.
Another Cartel member and shill. He is a mentally ill tranny and a brony. Also an unironic feminist and Hillary supporter. His twitter is a salt mine.


>which was controversial at the time due to compatibility issues and being unfriendly to low-performance pcs
I don't see why that's really an issue, if you own a toaster then you're better off just streaming anime instead of torrenting it.


Not so few people apparently use smartTVs to watch anime, and most of those don't (or at least didn't at the time) support 10bit encoding.


Even my windows tablet with 2gb of RAM and an atom processor can decode 10bit with MPC HC.


Some magnets I grabbed from Nyaa which wouldn't download after the closure are working again without me changing anything. No complaints.


There's still stuff I want to watch yet never got up to.
Bakabt had the best version of an anime I haven't seen in years, but now it's down I might as well just start streaming. It seems people will be more focused on keeping up newer shows while older stuff will be even harder to find.
I dunno, I have to clear my head and swim through all this info. God damn I'm a bit bummed almost


>Bakabt had the best version of an anime I haven't seen in years
What would that be?


The Project A-ko series, [TOMA] version
I went looking for it on nyaa but it was just the first movie and of inferior quality


BakaBT was a treasure trove.

I would hear about an obscure 80s/90s anime somewhere online, decide I want to check it out, and BakaBT would have it with a ton of seeders.

Too bad they went private, I'm not going to bother trying to get an invite assuming they ever even open it up.

I don't think there are any other sites that had as much stuff as they did, with seeders (emphasis on the seeders part)


I have it. I am uploading it to mega for you now.


Thank you very much


Does anyone know where I can find a working torrent for Aikatsu? The ones on pantsu don't seem to get me anywhere, it doesn't have to be the entire series, just the first episode would be nice.



You're a good person, wizard.


I added this torrent back to my client so I can seed. It contains the first 50 episodes.


For good measure here is the first ep on mega.



Just wanted to give you guys notice even though it's late, AnimeBytes opened and closed their applications today like 3-4 times already so you might want to keep checking throughout the day.
Interview questions from the beginning of the day: https://pastebin.com/raw/iiSJB6ug


I'm not sure whether to be laughed or be sad that you need to fill out an application just to download japanese cartoons.


I will never prostrate myself before some macbook-using self-appointed internet fief lord NORMALFAGGOT just to download an anime.


You took the words out of my keyboard fellow wiz. It's a monopolized circlejerk that is a gainst the spirit of the internet.


File: 1512958968331.jpg (34.03 KB, 600x450, 4:3, night out.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So is AB anything special when it comes to their selection of untranslated visual novels? I'm slightly interested in joining but I don't want to jump through all these hoops if I can just download the same shit on public trackers.


Apparently, yes. Though only for older stuff. If it's came out in the last decade, you'll be able to find it untranslated online.


Yes it has a good selection and they're well seeded. It's much better then dead nyaa torrents and baidu/that Korean website.


I used to go on anime bytes and they had absolutely nothing I wanted so its useless for me. Might be good if you like certain things though.


File: 1513030789246.png (39.95 KB, 1216x752, 76:47, vnsearch.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Here is a broad search for VN's, afaik everything has a RAW version.

Anyway AB is not necessary, but it's not bad to have and the application was really easy, you just answer some basic shit as opposed to some other PT's that require a fucking IRC interview or whatever. If you don't like the idea of applications that's fine though, not worth going against your morals.


File: 1513032977705.png (1.99 KB, 970x29, 970:29, pre2kvn.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

And this is filtering for pre-2000 VN


Nyaa.si is down again


use nyaa.pantsu.cat then


>If you don't like the idea of applications that's fine though, not worth going against your morals.
Fuck your morals. If you're posting here then I want you on AB with me. I'm an idiot who had to turn in three or four applications before I got in. Hawk the status of applications, get your answers saved in a document, and pounce when they open up. Be prepared to talk a little about your favourite anime, anime you've watched recently. What really matters is your basic knowledge of torrenting terms. Study up on the subject. The knowledge requirements are not extensive. But be very familiar with what seeding, leeching, and ratio mean. Know your clients. Qbittorrent is the standard now that Utorrent 2.2.1 is kill.


It is a great resource. Get your kneepads and get yourself on the boat. The state of PB right now is the future of filesharing. The corporate state will end it all eventually. If you're not already busy building a career where you can have real money, get your hands into every community you can.



Guys i need help. I need help making a video hentai archive. I tried downloading some stuff from nyaa but i ended up with chineese subs and dupes. Isn't there a sub group like horrible sub that lets me download new torrents from their RSS?

> Gaben being the first on the list.
Then tell me why there is no Steamflix or SteamTunes yet? Because he wants to stick to the videogames and its industry. Anime is not his jam. Ask J-list or something.


>private trackers
>future of filesharing
Yyyeah no. They've been around since forever and since forever they've been ignored by anyone who doesn't want to make a career out of filesharing or isn't a hardcore collector.


God, wasn't that just the best? I thought it would never end. Fucking ZOG corporate governments


>Unless a SA country takes a firm pirate party stance
Which would eventually mean getting the Assange / Argentina treatment


>Yyyeah no
This phrase is looked down on.


Hey guys. Anybody who's sore about missing the boat for AB and then Baka, here's an alternative that hasn't gone private yet. It's not fantastic, but it's something. Protip: their tracker struggles with seeding partial downloads. utorrent 2.2.1 is the only client I've had that has been able to seed incomplete downloads from them.




>Registration Disabled

Just kick me in the balls next time


Jeez, sorry anon. Well, keep an eye on this place. It is a low hanging fruit and a good bet to get your foot in the door.


I made an acount for their site once in the past, they don't have anything Nyaa doesn't have and are no better than any other barely-used public tracker.


There's no guarantee that Neea will be around forever. Four years ago people shat on Baka for that reason, among others. I was lucky to be technologically illiterate, and appreciative of any privately organized effort to help me obtain anime. The only thing that I have going for me in my life is my well maintained accounts on (now) private trackers. ATdotME is not a great source, but consider it an investment that can pay off in years to come as corporatized governments come to ruin everything nice for humanity. Keep your eyes peeled guys, if it is possible without risking myself I'll be back here on wiz/jp/ to pass out invites.


You seem to have this idea of private trackers being invincible. In reality they die far more often than public ones.


I used to have an account on AB, but they banned me for inactivity after 2 months. And that is absolute bullshit, so fuck them. At least BBT doesn't do that.


Almost 100% positive that BBT has an autoprune if you don't log in once every 10(?) weeks


No they don't, or at least not anymore. I once didn't go there for about a year without any consequences.


Niggoy, I am like 99% sure that I have both read and heard people discussing and lamenting pruned accounts on Baka.



How'd you do that?


>11 months
Welp, it means I've been absent for a bit less than a year. Still not 2 months like it was on AB, which is outright tyrannical.


Literally all you have to do is visit the webpage once in two and a half months, nothing else. How is that tyrannical?


Or you can get to power user and become immune to it. AB is the easiest tracker to become a power user, their music section is incredibly lacking, and their raw manga, LN, VNs sections are really lacking too. People say jpopsuki is the easiest tracker but AB is on a whole different level.


is there not even one of you with a baka account? give us some invitations or whatever they're called


I do, but invitations there are available only for contributors and hardcore seeders, whereas I barely maintained 1.0 ratio back when I used it (don't anymore - everything I need is either on nyaa or on my hdds at this point anyway).


well that's fucking gay


The link to the wiki was already posted in this thread; use it.

Hint: http://wiki.bakabt.me/index.php/Sign_up#Getting_invited


What's the fucking point of using a private tracker if unless you have a fast as fuck internet you will need a seedbox to keep a good ratio?

Isn't piracy supposed to be FREE? If you're going to pay or sacrifice your internet connection to download shit you may as well buy the original thing.

Also people says that they like private trackers because of exclusive content,but seriously,how obscure or "exclusive" it has to be to be worth it? If it exists on the internet most likely you can access it for free knowing how to search for it.

So yeah,tell me a good reason why using a private tracker is a good idea.


Private trackers are really wonderful if you're one of those extremely in-depth collectors who need the exact copy of a special deluxe edition of a music album from 1972 released in north korea. Otherwise they're worthless.


I'm >>26810 and I'm power user on two trackers, jps and AB. For AB you're essentially right, there's been literally 3 things on there I haven't been able to find anywhere else and they were early 2000s untranslated VNs. I've barely used my account and just did the bare minimum to get to power user so I don't have to remember to log in. For the average weeb there is zero reason to bother getting an account there. I imagine this is the same for western media as well.

Jpopsuki though is completely different, there's thousands of albums that have never been uploaded anywhere else and even more flac rips that only see mp3 on the open web. So I have two completely different experiences on private trackers.


Extremely in depth serious collectors usually buy the original thing no matter how difficult or expensive,private trackers just allow a "premium top-tier piracy experience" but again,piracy should be free,and renting a seedbox monthly or using your connection to seed almost all the time is far from free

Are you sure that those obscure untranslated VN's are not available anywhere else,have you tried japanese forums and perfect dark?

After all,who stops someone from just downloading shit from a private tracker,and then when it's yours sharing it with the rest of the world with no strings attached?


Not sure about other trackers but I've been using AB for years and its ridiculously easy to maintain a good ratio. Just seed for a few days and you're fine.
It's nice having access to pretty much all anime in high quality and not worry about searching all over for an alternative source.


You really don't need a great ratio. Taken verbatim from the rules on AB
>Your ratio is the amount you've uploaded divided by the amount you've downloaded.
>Our ratio rules are not overly strict or complicated. If your ratio falls below 0.2 your download privileges will be revoked, although you will still be able to upload. Remember that 0.2 is the absolute minimum, and we expect members to retain a higher ratio. Also of note is that all of the user classes above Aka-chan require keeping a higher ratio.

Anything 1080p is automatically freeleech, Seeding even without upload gives you bonus points, etc. you'd have to be retarded to get banned for ratio. I'd have to torrent 14TB to hit that point and all my upload mostly came from the bonus point system which the more you torrent the easier it is to get.

shit, even as a collector it's always nice having digital copies to easily watch. 5 bucks on virtually all private trackers to not get inactive banned is worth it since it pays for itself.


For me AB is just nice for convinience and the ability to look at a history of my leeches etc since it helps keep things organized, and made rebuilding my archive of stuff a lot easier when one of my HDD died. Definitely not necessary to pirate anime or worth obsessing about getting access though.


>Are you sure that those obscure untranslated VN's are not available anywhere else,have you tried japanese forums and perfect dark?
Yeah I try PD as a last resort, I'm sure they would have been on share or pd in the past but both are sort of dead. Granted they might've been on clubbox so you have a point, but the barrier of entry for how to use that site is so large that is may as well be private. My point about jpopsuki stands though


File: 1528205224972.jpg (373.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] 3D Kanojo R….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone here have an redacted invite lying around? I already know I'm not going to pass the interview because I'm too much autistic(Tried once for a different tracker). I can try and upload stuff I got for free from bandcamp in flac in exchange. Or download some albums for me please.


I'm seeding almost 1 TB of anime on AB and it nets me just shy of 2 gb of upload credit per day, passively.

Tons of torrents are freeleech, once every blue moon everything is freeleech.
It's really easy to keep your ratio healthy.
Also the longer you seed a torrent, the more upload credit you get from it.


>seeding almost 1 TB of anime
>really easy to keep your ratio healthy


File: 1529355214186.jpg (233.48 KB, 782x654, 391:327, misaki_pout___n_h_k__by_ro….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fine! I will settle for 128mb/s mp3 bandcamp rips!


I assume you've heard of rutracker?


File: 1529494534296.jpg (526.03 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a4162111118_10.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I even heard about torrentz2. No luck anywhere. W-FU !!!/neoncityrecords/pinkneontokyo/moeshop are probably too obscure music to be torrentable.


Just download it from their bandcamp, there was some easy trick where you can inspect a page and then download the audio files through it.


> inspect a page and then download the audio files through it
Yeah. Just as i said >>27453 here. Also it's without any metadata. I slightly automated this process by using youtube-dl, but it's not as neat as having fully tagged album.flac. I tried to pass recruitment at redacted but got banned from their interview lobby without any message of explanation. Maybe because I delayed typing in !queue command.


>Nyaa.se is down

You can add Thepiratebay to that.


TPB has been going up and down every other day for past year or two. Nothing new.


It was down for a week or so. I started panicking already. Last time i remember it going down was when the original version owned by those 3 dudes was killed by government. After that entirely new crew took over the new version. Other than that I wasn't bothered by its downtime at all.


it's down again, there are talks that it's permanent this time


Christ, how do I get into baka bt?



>m-muh /a/ wars
Literally nobody cares.


My point was: that's not the only open anime tracker out there, contrary to what was implied by >>27754.


i didn't imply that at all, i just said nyaa might be down permanently


If you didn't then >>27755 definitely did. Anyway, all I meant is there's no problem and no need to panic (yet) since there is literally another nyaa that is still up (for now at least). To say nothing of some other trackers.


project gxs is down now, sucks for people like me who prefer direct downloading to torrents


Btw, Cartel's Nyaa is back up again.


File: 1537138968974.gif (850.22 KB, 200x194, 100:97, 1534852244565.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Somebody help me please. Nyaa.se isn't working and I tried op's links to nyaa.pantsu to find megalo boxing, but its not on there and I need to watch it now. Where else can I go to find it?


nevermind I found it on nyaa pantsu but its slow as fuck even though the show already ended… 14 leechers and 20 seeders wtf..


nyaa.si works for me


File: 1561546579708.jpg (97.55 KB, 850x1309, 50:77, 1498803579001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't want a world where you can't try anime before you buy it.


Why the fuck are you bumping this thread?

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